Enjoy this true account of me stroking my cock outside.

There was something about that summer. The cool comfortable temperatures. The low humidity. The sunshine. Maybe it was a confluence of the three. Whatever it was, I was drawn outside more than ever.

Of course, as a young gay man, jacking off is a huge part of my life. There is something instinctual about the ritual of rolling down my pants and jerking off. Ever since I was 14 years old, without fail, it was something I did at least a couple times a day whenever the mood struck me.

The fresh air and sunshine did nothing to distract from the urgent throbbing in my pants that occurred so often. In fact, the pleasant conditions only served to take me to an uncomplicated state of calm that allowed my sexual energy to skyrocket. Devoid of the mental chatter of a young man in the world, my subconscious contentment and the most primal elements of my existence shined through

Senses tingled as I took in all of nature's splendor, and my arousal became quite literal. Breezes flowed through my shorts as I walked along the trail fluttering across my groin stirring up my sexual energy with their rotation. Coupled with the pleasant warmth of the sun, it wasn't surprising when the desire to masturbate outside surfaced.

I was no stranger to the practice having done so a couple times in high school. But, those times had an innate urgency with which teens often approach their self-pleasure. That urgency stemmed from fear of being caught, which evolved into a natural tendency to do the deed as quickly as possible. Although that kind of voracious cock handling was fulfilling in my younger days, I had moved on to

really savor building up an orgasm, just taking in every sensation of my frequent self-love sessions.

Convinced that a wank in front of mother nature would really get my rocks off, I began scouring the marsh trail for the perfect place to drop trou. It had to be accessible. Free of brush where too many bugs could hide or branches and grasses might brush up against and irritate my skin but far enough off the trail where I could be free of prying eyes who may be inclined to call the police.

My stirring cock confirmed the sight my eyes beheld. The perfect spot. A cleared off-shoot from the main path. Grass cut short. Tree cover over head. I knew that was the place. I nonchalantly veered on to the little path. And when I knew I was out of sight, I began to disrobe. I first removed my t-shirt. Having no blanket, I laid my shirt on the ground flat. I then kicked off my shoes and socks. I pulled my shorts down without a hint of subtlety. And finally, I dropped the pair of skimpy Tommy Hilfiger briefs I was wearing that day down to my ankles before stepping out of them.

For a moment, I let the breeze waft over my body as I stood there completely naked. Then, never too keen on masturbating standing up, I plopped myself down on my shirt, my bare ass against the white cotton. At that moment, I wished I had brought a blanket, so I could lay back as I'm one to do when masturbating. But, with no blanket, I accepted that I'd be sitting up for the duration of my session.

Not discouraged, I took to the task at hand. As the sun beat down, I placed my right hand upon my semi hard penis. It twitched in my hand in positive response. As I stroked, I could feel my penis harden.

Achieving a full erection, my hand began moving my intact foreskin up and down at a moderate pace as I like to do. As precum was produced, I took the index finger of my right hand and swirled the wet globules along my sensitive penis tip. Sensations shot through my body as I did that. I sucked the precum off my finger. Not one to taste my own seed for most of my sexual life, I have lately begun to indulge in my own precum and cum, licking it from my hand. And to my surprise, I liked the taste. Having sufficiently tasted my precum, my hand returned to stroking my cock.

With my cock fully engorged, the good feeling of stroking myself began to multiply as my cock became as stiff as a board. My foreskin continued sliding over my rock hard cock in a way that could only have one outcome.

Throwing my head back, my cum trickled out in three squirts reaching my navel with an enthusiastic initial ejaculation and then finishing with two more volleys into my right hand and my bush.

After licking my hand and rubbing the rest of my cum, like dirty hands on pants, into my skin, I took a brief moment to basque in my situation: completely naked, moistened with cum, still semi hard and outside in broad daylight.

I then collected myself. Upon standing I first put on my shorts before slipping my shoes back on. For whatever reason, I stuffed my briefs into my pocket. I then picked up my shirt, shook out the dirt, and slid it on. Upon donning the shirt, I was again fully clad in accordance with all rules of modesty and local ordinances.

I walked back to the trail. After a cursory glance to make sure no one saw me emerge from my makeshift masturbation den, I took off in the direction of my car finishing my nature walk as if nothing happened.

I'm 24 years old. I'm gay. And, I'd love to hear any comments or positive feedback. You can email me at uwguy20@yahoo.com

I hope you all enjoyed this story. And the next time you're outside smelling the roses, slide your pants down and coax out a load or two!