Art History 201

By Benji Bright

A quickie about something I wished I’d done when I was still in school. If you like this and want to read more/want to get in touch: my site, The Erotic Ledger (, email me—Benjibright (at) gmail (dot) com, or follow me on twitter—@benji_bright

Half the class was asleep, but the teaching assistant was undeterred. He kept droning on about renaissance painters in the darkened lecture hall while slides flashed by leisurely from the projector. Kevin shifted in his seat and stretched his back to keep focused. There were a dozen places he would rather be and art history wasn't really his thing. He was a senior on his last liberal arts credit, what could be easier than looking at pictures a couple of afternoons a week?

It was boredom, more than anything, that caused Kevin's mind to wander. His fraternity's end of the year blowout was coming up and that meant liquor, music, and nearly naked bodies. Kevin grinned and settled back into his seat. The party from last year was still considered legend: it'd ended with a few of the brothers finding the fraternity president "accidentally" locked in a closet with both a male and female stripper. Whatever the story behind it, the president swore nothing had happened, but the fact that he turned bright red whenever it was mentioned said something different.

The current slide showed a modern interpretation of bacchanalia. There were bodies in various stages of celebration and undress. It wasn't so much the image that arrested Kevin's interest, but the parallels. The things he expected to see at the year-end party lined up with the raucous images before him. Not as many togas, but a similar level of tits, ass, and other bare parts.

Kevin's hand cupped his denim-covered groin experimentally and he slid down into the chair a little. He looked around covertly and found that out of the fifty or so students there were a precious few paying any attention to the lecture and absolutely no one paying attention to him. He slid down further into the chair, obscuring his lower half below the desk above him. He had an entire row to himself—aside from a guy facedown on the desk snoring lightly a few seats down—and he'd sat at the highest level of the staggered hall, so there was no one above him looking down. As long as he was careful...

He unzipped his jeans slowly and quietly. Anticipation had already fattened his cock and it thumped against his jeans as he pushed his hand in through the fly.

You know what time it is, he thought in the general direction of his dick. He stifled a snicker. Who talks to his dick?

The thin cotton of his underwear was already damp over his junk from general summer sweat and a few other juices his wandering hormones had brought to the party. He gave his cock a squeeze and the feeling was so tasty that his breathing stuttered. He made himself stay cool and continued tentatively. He was pretty hard now and he ran his hand over the length of his enclosed dick. It felt fucking amazing.

Kevin was enjoying the feeling of the slow, teasing handjob when he heard someone clear their throat to his left and tried to yank his hand out of his pants, but the ring on his middle finger got caught on something and he couldn't. He looked over to his left and found his sleeping classmate wasn't sleeping anymore. His head was still on the desk, but now it was turned in Kevin's direction. Kevin's heart jumped to a couple thousand beats a second. He'd been caught.

Then something interesting happened. The guy, who Kevin had maybe seen around a few times but didn't know his name, pressed one finger to his lips in a gesture that called for quiet. Then he pointed down at his desk. Kevin followed his finger's trajectory. He had to slide his chair out a little to see around the long, curved desk, but when he did he saw that this guy had his dick out in his hand. Kevin's eyes widened and the guy just smirked then put his head back down on the desk, pretending to sleep.

Kevin didn't hesitate to put his hand back into his jeans and worked his cock with a little more vigor than before. He had to pretend to watch the lecture so that he didn't arouse suspicion, but every once in awhile he glanced over at his classmate. He couldn't see too much without wheeling his chair back into the aisle, but he could definitely tell that the other guy was jerking his dick under there. Fucking hot.

Though Kevin didn't have the gumption to take his dick out and whack it in the relative open, he still gave himself a pretty good time. His hardon felt good in his hand and he even opened the button on his fly to give himself better access. He jerked off through his boxer briefs and rubbed the growing wet spot at the head with his thumb. He heard his breathing grow irregular, but kept it quiet and no one paid any attention to him beside the other guy in his row, who occasionally snuck glances over at Kevin without turning his head too much. Kevin gave his tacit encouragement for the other guy to watch him by sliding out from under the desk as much as he dared. In return, the guy kind of tilted his seat toward Kevin a little, giving a better show of his cock and the work his hand was doing with it.

Kevin cursed under his breath when he saw the guy shudder and start to cum on the floor. He blew under the desk, and over his own legs too, but most of it ended up on the ground. Kevin came less than a minute later, loading his underwear full of cum.

The other guy let his dick hang, dripping for a few minutes, before stuffing it into his jeans. Kevin couldn't help but watch. He'd been thinking of skipping the next few sessions of this class, but he was beginning to have a change of heart.