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Chasing the Ultimate Masturbation Sensation

By Paul S. Stevens

Disclaimer Note: Even though the technical aspects of this story are real and factual to the best of my knowledge, this story is not intended to be used as a `How To' manual. Anyone attempting to engage in these techniques does so at their own risk!

From as far back as I can remember I've always had an acute awareness of my penis and vigilantly kept a firm grip on it day and night. My mother told me that when I was a baby, she had a difficult time keeping me in diapers because as soon as her back was turned, I was pulling them off and playing with myself. The majority of my baby pictures were of me smiling broadly without a stitch of clothing on. I knew way back then that my little pee-pee (as it came to be called throughout my childhood years) was a great source of amusement and entertainment.

As soon as I could crawl, I started getting myself into trouble. My mother hated to bring me to any social gatherings because I had a strange attraction to women's nylon stockings. My mother would get so embarrassed because I would seek out the nearest young lady who was wearing stockings. As she stood around socializing with the other ladies, I would park myself at her feet and fondle the enticing fabric covering her legs. I unconsciously associated this silky sensation with sexuality. I would begin by gently touching and fondling them sweetly. Then I would gradually become more aggressive to the point where my mother had to physically isolate me from the ladies.

At about this same time, I was given a brand new baby blanket. It was made out of the same silky nylon material that generated that same sensual sensation against my skin. Soon, I discovered I could rub my blanket across my penis and merge my two favorite sensations together into one. I remember not being able to fall asleep at night until I gave myself an infant orgasm. I would rub my blanket against my penis until I got that small innocuous reward. Needless to say, just like the Peanuts character `Linus', that blanket and I became inseparable. I continued to have an ongoing relationship with my blanket for the next several years.

When I turned eight years old, my mother decided that I was too old to be carrying around that unsightly old tether from my past any longer. Without consulting me, she decided it was time to give it the old heave-ho and plotted its demise. When I discovered my blanket was gone, I cried and carried on for days. I continued to fuss so much over it that my mother promised to buy me a new blanket to replace the one she'd thrown out. She did as she promised but the new one just wasn't the same.

At nine years old, I had my first sexual experience with another boy in my neighborhood. We were playing around one day, grabbing at each other's crotches until things escalated to the point where we sought out a secluded spot in the backyard behind the garage to play a round of `If you show me yours, I'll show you mine'. Once the snake was out of the bag `so to speak', there was no putting it back in. This was the first major turning point in my life. In retrospect, I can say that my entire adolescent sexual development sprang from this one modest incident.

A number of different boys that liked to play `sexy' with me came in and out of my life until I was fourteen. Shortly after that, I got my first paying job in the grownup world that gave me a little money to play around with. Once I began to earn a consistent wage, I became a consumer extraordinaire. After buying my first stereo system, I acquired some in-store credit and was able to buy some things on a `Lay-a-way' program. I immediately purchased a big screen TV and a videocassette recorder. At the time, very few people owned a VCR let alone a big screen TV. In a few short months, my purchases were paid for and I became quite popular with all my friends.

Shortly after that, my father (who got fed up with all the noise) built an add-on room connected to the back of the garage that was set apart from the main house. It had its own private secluded entrance and was outfitted with an air conditioner for the summer months and a heater for the winter. As soon as the last of the construction was completed, my dad moved me right in so the family could regain their quiet homey existence once again. By my fifteenth birthday, my sexual journey had begun and my private room played host too many sexually explicit encounters.

When I was sixteen, I ventured out into the adult world and tried to fit in. There was an adult bookstore in town that I visited frequently. Even though I was underage, I got away with purchasing several gay magazines. The counter clerk was a real `hippy' type with his tie-died shirt, sun glasses and long straight hair. He was barely of legal age himself and was always perpetually stoned. He got used to seeing me around and never questioned my purchases. It was here that I bought my first sexually related hard core items.

My first purchase was a novelty item called Spanish fly. The buzz around school was that it was considered an aphrodisiac that made you feel extra sexy and turned on. The uninformed gossip was that it was made from an emerald green beetle found only in Spain. Well, that turned out to be false. Real Spanish fly derived from this beetle was largely poisonous and unobtainable by an inexperienced teenager like me. The stuff I bought from the adult bookstore was mostly a mixture of cayenne and chili peppers that was supposed to be mixed with hot water to make a broth that was to be consumed. It was my first in a long line of disappointments that would prove to be totally bogus.

When masturbation became a more serious matter for me, I went through a series of experimentations to find out what kinds of easily obtainable household items would make adequate personal lubricant substitutes. I had known about and used Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which remained my primary staple throughout my early teenage years. I would always fall back to that intimate friend while I experimented with other choices that would generally end in an unsatisfactory failure. The problem with Vaseline was the clean up afterward. It left a very greasy feeling that did not wash off easily with soap and water. Nonetheless, it was better than dry handing it, especially for someone who was as tightly circumcised as I was. Then I tried some other Vaseline related products. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion was a nice alternative. It was light and slippery and smelled nice but its viscosity content was too low. It would dry out quickly, making it necessary to use a lot of it to get the job done.

There was a small stretch of time where I experimented with different kinds of soaps in the shower and the occasional public restroom. Shower Gels were nice and a bar soap called Coast was fresh and clean smelling. As I experimented more, I wanted to try something that had a little bit of grit to it and I had heard of a soap called Lava. This was a mistake. Even though it delivered the anticipated results I was after, the pumice hidden in the lather took the skin right off the surface of my dick, leaving me sore for days. A few public restrooms were experimenting with soap dispensers that dispensed a light foamy soap that was particularly effective for masturbation. If I was at a fast food restaurant, I would take an empty drink cup with me into the restroom and pump it full of this foamy soap and go into an empty stall. The problem with that was making sure the soap lasted all the way to orgasm. There was nothing worse than having to put my pants back on to go to the sink and get more soap. Once I got back to the stall to finish what I started, it would be like having to start all over again.

Once I exhausted all my creative ideas, I heard somewhere that all the famous porn stars used Albolene (a moisturizer used primarily as a make-up remover). I was not impressed with this product at all. It was almost as bad as using mom's Crisco from the kitchen.

Once I was old enough to get my hands on some authentic, genuine, personal lubricants, there was no turning back. At first, I had a love affair with Astroglide. It was a super slick, colorless, tasteless, odorless, long lasting lube that felt absolutely amazing to my dick. About this same time, I experimented with some of the other products on the market such as Stroke-29, Boy Butter, Pjur and Eros in both water based and silicone based formulas. They all had their merits and were largely subjective. After having trouble finding the larger less expensive bottles of these products in the stores, I switched to ID Glide that came in an economical quart sized pump. I found that this was the most cost efficient solution and did the job most adequately. It remains my lube of choice to this day.

My next purchase was a penis pump. This item held a lot of fascination for me. To think that you can put your average sized dick in a cylindrical tube, pump the air out and emerge a while later with a bigger, fatter, longer dick was a dream come true. Once again, it was a total disappointment. The item I purchased was nothing more than a novelty item. I finally got my money's worth out of it when I took it to a party and passed it around, mocking it with tasteless humor. During this time, I also acquired a variety of other different items such as dildos, masturbation sleeves and cock rings. The cock rings were fun to play with and helped maintain a stiff rigid boner that would last all night. I learned how to manipulate the largest ring to where I could slip both of my balls through it and then pull my penis through, keeping all my junk in a nice tight package. Over time, the fascination for these objects waned and eventually, I threw them all out.

When I turned eighteen and old enough to obtain my first credit card, I was able to purchase some real items from the Internet that were far from the simple little worthless novelty items that were sold at my local adult bookstore.

My first serious purchase was a professional penis pump called a MegaVac. Dr. Joel Kaplan's medical grade machine came special ordered from my specific penis measurements that had to be meticulously performed. I had a great time learning how to use this real piece of machinery. It came with the pump motor, two sizes of cylinders (stage one and stage two) with pressure gauges for monitoring the pressure and all the tubes and connectors necessary for real results. Again, even though the gains were readily apparent, they were not permanent. Once I understood this, I was okay with it and enjoyed the recreational aspects of pumping. I learned that pumping was fun and a `pumped up' penis feels unbelievably sensitive to the touch and gives a feeling of having a physically bigger harder member, even though it would revert back to its original state the following morning. After experimenting with this unique device, I learned exactly how long and what pressure setting it took to yield the perfect `pumped up' penis, obtaining maximum sensitivity in the shortest amount of time.

Note: There are hard core pumpers who practice extreme pumping who can yield long term gains in both length and girth.

The next thing that caught my attention was the Venus 2000. This is a real masturbation machine that is undeniably decedent. It's similar to the penis pump as it has an engine that drives a cylinder.

This cylinder is covered with a synthetic skin that feels remarkably like real human tissue. It has two controls. The first control affects the pumping speed that ranges from eight strokes a minute, all the way up to three hundred strokes a minute. The second control adjusts the amount of sucking force applied. This thing can have you spewing your load with an unrelentingly slow and agonizingly deliberate pace, driving you to the brink of insanity, or it can have you propelling your sperm into outer space at warp speed that absolutely takes your breath away. The MegaVac and the Venus 2000 were both expensive toys but worth every penny I paid for them.

Note: The extreme speeds that the Venus 2000 is capable of, can and will induce equally extreme vocal eruptions of ecstasy.

One night, as I was browsing the Gaytube site for some interesting videos to watch, I came upon a video that was labeled, "Cuming with Poppers". As I played the video, I watched this guy masturbate normally. As his orgasm approached, he momentarily stopped, grabbed a small unassuming bottle from his desk, unscrewed the top and inhaled once into each nostril. He then proceeded to shoot his highly enhanced load, devastating himself with cum. Then he continued, inhaled a second time and shot another equally potent load on himself. If that wasn't enough, he repeated the procedure a third time resulting in a triple cumfest, the likes of which I'd never seen before. Two minutes after watching this video, I was searching for poppers on Google and made my first popper purchase.

When my package arrived, I was undressed in under a minute and trembling with excitement. I began to masturbate with great anticipation. As I felt the first indications of an orgasm, I popped my first popper and entered into an alternate universe. I felt the amazing sensation of raw sexual power course through my veins. An electric rush of erotic tingles overtook my senses and I built up a pressure behind my balls so massive that I thought I was going to shoot half of my brains out right along with my semen. Then my penis propelled my creamy load so forcefully that it looked like I was urinating rather than ejaculating.

The difficulty I had in discovering what this elusive little piece of paraphernalia was all about and where to go to obtain it was proof that it was the real deal. It was almost like it was an underground top secret piece of contraband that wasn't exactly prohibited but heavily masked in secrecy. This little unassuming blue bottle was destined to become an essential part of my masturbation arsenal.

Note: Poppers got their name when they were first introduced to the public. They came in small pre-measured glass ampoules that made a popping sound when crushed to release the liquid inside. Today, there seems to be a debate about whether poppers should be considered a drug or not and many warn strongly against their use. Amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate (the active ingredients in poppers) are non-addictive since they dissipate and flush out of the body completely in a matter of minutes. The latest research indicates that over the last twenty years, the use of poppers has been proven to be safer with far fewer side effects than had been previously believed.

Caution: Although the use of poppers has been proven to be harmless when used properly, the following warning should still be observed:

Warning: Poppers should never be used with MAOIs (a class of antidepressant drugs prescribed for the treatment of depression) or sildenafil citrate (found in products for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) because when used in combination with these products, they can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. The opposite is also true. Don't use poppers with supplements like Herbal Viagra (which contain Yohimbe) since this could cause an unsafe elevation in blood pressure.

As I grew more fluent with the computer and the Internet, I began to seek out more information on what other kinds of products were available that I didn't already know about. Even though my two machines (the MegaVac and the Venus 2000) have been fun to own and play with, my next purchase ushered me into the realm of serious sex play. I'm talking about the world of `Electrical Stimulation' or `e-stim' for short. This is definitely not a cheap novelty item. This is the driving force that blows away everything else that's on the market today.

Many people fear being electrocuted and imagine their balls catching fire and instantaneously combusting. I admit that I too had my doubts and misconceptions about spending the big bucks on something so audacious and misunderstood. Fortunately, in this case, my dick made the decision for me and I've been an avid e-stim supporter ever since.

The heart of the e-stim system begins with the ET-312 by `eros|tek'. The ET-312 requires a minimum of two single pole electrodes to make a complete circuit. It can expand to use multiple electrodes and can even deliver complex tri-phase configurations that boggle the mind.

There is a multitude of different electrodes available on the market. The ET-312 can utilize simple medical electrodes called `Tens Pads' that can be placed in a number of sensuously erotic locations on the body. These inexpensive pads have a conductive adhesive surface that works amazingly well for e-stimming. They're basically designed to be used once and then discarded. For the serious e-stimmers, there are dedicated electrodes designed specifically for the e-stim systems.

For the penis, there are several designs such as cock rings, coronal stimulators (with or without amplifiers) and urethral inserts. For the testicles, the choices range from ball stretching electrodes to bound and tied CBT (cock and ball torture) boards. There are several anal electrodes as well, like dildos, anal probes, torpedoes and prostate stimulators that come in a single or dual pole configuration. These range from `very small' to `extremely large'. These amazing electrodes can be equipped with high efficiency vibrators to further stimulate this incredibly erogenous zone. There are websites that offer CR (conductive rubber) in a variety of shapes and sizes that are designed for the DIY (do it yourself) crowd that can be configured in so many ways that the possibilities are virtually endless!

The ET-312 is called the power box. It is the brains and brawn of the e-stim system. It has dozens of preset algorithms that deliver a wide range of options. You can set it to: stroke, suck, pulse, climb, tickle, pound, alternate, invert, throb, thrust and flutter just to name a few. All these presets can be combined with many of the other fun settings available such as: ramping, random play, high and low frequency surges, thump, sweep and buzz as well as a number of other indescribable sensations.

The ET-312 is unique among all the other e-stim systems. It is one of the few power boxes that have an audio input capability. The other boxes have a microphone built in which is worth little more than to shock and zap you when spoken or yelled into. This audio input is designed to be used with any type of `Wave' or `MP3' audio device. There are hundreds if not thousands of e-stim routines available and freely downloadable from several e-stim websites. This is where hundreds of e-stim users worldwide come up with originally insane routines that they create themselves that can make a user cum in any number of specific ways.

When you think about the abundant stimming routines built into the ET-312 along with all the countless free audio routines available on the Internet, the possibilities begin to grow. Then you add to that, the scores of electrode styles available and the limitless electrode placements on the body and it all gives way to a lifetime of experimentation that's just waiting to be explored. All that's necessary is a little imagination and a simple flip of a switch!

As an example, using two dual pole electrodes, (one dual pole electrode on channel A and the other dual pole electrode on channel B) the ET-312 can run the `stroke' program on channel A (connected to a dual pole penis electrode) and the `throb' program on channel B (connected to a dual pole anal probe). This configuration can deliver a double whammy that simulates a variable speed stroking of the penis and an ass pounding throb in the ass that can put a guy, even with an extreme case of erectile dysfunction, into total ecstasy.

I admit that it took some time for me to figure out what worked and what didn't. There is no right or wrong way to configure and enjoy electro sex. What feels great to one person can be ineffective to another. The number of ways you can configure a setup is nearly endless. Part of the fun of e-stimming is the road to discovery, finding out what works for you. Trying out new electrodes and power box settings can be both exciting and scary. You just don't know how strong or weak it will be. That's why the rule of thumb is always start off on a low setting and then ramp it up to where it's both comfortable and sensual at the same time. The ET-312 can be as gentle as a lover's kiss for the faint-hearted or as robust as a kick-ass cock pounding that could satisfy even the most hard core torture lover.

After experimenting with several different types of electrodes and ET-312 settings, I've zeroed in on what I've found to be the most consistently achievable, off the scale, over the top, mind numbing super human orgasm achievable.

Augmented by a few additional items, I've honed in on the ultimate masturbation sensation. It is deceptively simple and elegant and can be performed several times a day, each time just as explosive as the previous one.

Note: The electrodes of the e-stim system need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use to be consistent with safe sex practices. Anything traversing more than an inch down the urethra of the penis needs to be sterile. A special bio-static lube called `Surgilube' should be used in lieu of standard lubricants for these special types of applications.

Here's what I do:

I clear at least an hour of time that I can be undisturbed. I use the bathroom to ensure I'm completely evacuated. I make sure my body is clean. I assemble the following items in my arsenal:

The ET-312 power box.

Two dual pole electrodes with their required connectors.

A personal MP3 player with my favorite stimming routine loaded.

Ample personal lubricants (ID Glide and Surgilube).

The MegaVac (connected to the primary stage-one cylinder).

A Bottle of Ecstasy Pop (pre-loosened for one handed use).

A box of Kleenex or something for quick clean-ups.

A bottle of alcohol.

A small TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) Jelly-Flex cock ring.

A single latex type rubber glove.

Wireless head phones for privacy (if I'm not home alone).

I start by putting on an appropriate porn video of my choosing into the DVD player to put me in the right frame of mind from the very beginning. I submerge my clean urethral probe into the bottle of alcohol to give it an additional sterilization while I go about my session preparation. I wire up the electrodes and plug them into the ET-312 and configure them into the appropriate channels.

I begin step one with the anal probe first. I lube it up and coax it into place while I focus on the necessary relaxation techniques to easily allow its penetration. Once it's in place, I turn on channel `A' on the ET-312 at a very low setting and begin my first wave of stimulation.

While I'm getting anally buzzed, I prepare for step two. I liberally lube up my cock and my stage one MegaVac cylinder and pump up for five minutes. I turn off the pump just long enough to put on a stretchy cock ring and resume pumping for an additional five to ten minutes (depending on how aroused I am). At this point I begin slowly ramping up the intensity on the anal probe's channel to get a real deep `throb' going. When I'm finished pumping to my satisfaction and my cock is plump and ready to go, I turn off the MegaVac, set it aside and prepare for step three.

I put on the rubber glove and remove the urethral insert from the alcohol bottle being sure to keep the body of the electrode sterile. I apply an ample amount of Surgilube to the insert with my gloved hand and slowly sound the probe down into my cock (sounding or cock-stuffing is a form of urethral play that involves the introduction of either soft or rigid items into the meatus of the penis). At this point, my cock is rock solid and the cock ring is working to keep things hard and ready at all times. I go in about half the length of the seven inch probe and turn on channel `B' until I can begin to feel the rolling undulations of the ET-312's stoking program. Then I continue to immerse the insert down into the center of my cock until it reaches the optimum depth. For me, the optimum depth is where the majority of my cock is stimulated and both of my balls come alive with the most delightful tingles. Once I've located my urethral sweet spot, I ramp up the intensity of channel `B' to where it matches the intensity of channel `A' and then the real magic begins.

Note: At this time, I could proceed in two ways. One, I could just let the ET-312 take its course and over the stretch of time allow it the give me a complete hands free orgasm. This technique is very slow and deliberate and can take up to two hours to reach orgasm. Despite the substantial time investment, it is the ultimate experience that can be had and the relentless climb to a hands free orgasm that the ET-312 delivers has no equal. The last half hour of this type of session could have anyone hanging on the edge of an explosive orgasm and often times will include an anal orgasm, penile orgasm and prostate orgasm all rolled into one that can elicit a state of euphoria so ethereal that it could change the way you think about masturbation forever.

The second way, which I will describe in detail here, includes an active participation in the process by combining intermittent masturbation in conjunction with the e-stim program. This method allows me to control the sensations I have by edging over and over again, torturing myself with denial. Each time I come close to the edge and then stop, my final orgasm intensifies and my ejaculations grow stronger and more intoxicating.

Now that I'm all pumped up and wired in, it's time to board the rollercoaster. From here on, it's all a matter of manipulating the ET-312 controls (with my free hand) and employing my favorite masturbation techniques (with my gloved hand). I lie down on my side and get comfortable and prepare to enjoy the ride.

At the beginning, virtually anything I do feels awesome. For the sake of variety, I cycle through the many preprogrammed routines built into the ET-312. The thing about this method is, I never know what setting I'll end up choosing to lock onto for the remainder of my session. It all has to do with what kind of mood I'm in and how much time and patience I'm willing to put into it.

I've found that these two particular electrodes work exceptionally well for me:

One - The anal torpedo has two conductive surfaces that cover two thirds of the total area, covering a large portion of internal tissue. This causes the anal muscles to contract, creating a milking effect on the entire anal region. Each time the muscles contract, it pushes the torpedo up closer to the prostate where it delivers an extra surge of erotic sensations to that glorious male `G' spot like nothing else I've ever found.

Two - The penis sounding electrode can be a bit intimidating. Its total length is seven inches long. The first three inches is the positive pole and the remaining four inches is the negative pole. When the ET-312 stroke program is applied to this electrode, it feels like my cock is getting jerked off from the inside. With the probe stroking me from the inside and my own hand stoking me on the outside, it elicits a sensation that almost defies description and can only be achieved with this combination of devices.

Sometimes I get so tuned-in to the sex scene I'm watching that I become synchronized to the action on the screen. Once this happens, I turn on my personal MP3 player and select the e-stim tracks called "The Cum Protector". This is a series of stim routines that are designed to bring the user to the brink of explosion without allowing an orgasm. The Cum Protector is a two track routine that is eight minutes in length. The way it works is, the user places the first track on repeat mode. Each time that part one repeats, the user ramps up the intensity by one notch. This makes each subsequent repeat more intense than the last. I personally find this routine so effective that I rarely use anything else anymore. I've been known to repeat track one as many as nine times before I finally reach my tolerance for denial. When the user has repeated track one as many times as he could endure, the user will then advance the player to track two where the routine concludes by bringing on an indescribable climax so intense that screaming in ecstasy is irrepressible.

As I begin to ride "The Cum Protector" for myself, I begin to identify with the actors in the porno I'm watching and I begin to feel the sensations that I imagine they're feeling as they fuck each other wildly on screen. I begin to feel sensations so intense that I become sexually empowered. Things start feeling so good that I start thanking God for giving me the greatest set of balls in the world. One of my favorite things to do at this point is to take my five fingers and roll them around the flared rim of my enlarged cock head. It feels so good that I wish I could share this unbelievable feeling with every boy on the planet. At this point, I discover that I'm talking to myself as I'm climbing the pinnacle peak of pleasure. I start saying things like:

"Oh God this feels so good. I've got such a great cock. Of all the cocks in the world, I have the very best one! Oh man! I love my cock! I love my balls! I can feel my sperms coming alive. This is sex, this is the best sex, I am sex!"

At this point, my arousal level is so high that I really mean every word I'm saying here. I am now being taken on a cosmic journey as the bundle of erotic nerves that dwell down deep within the inner most recesses of my reproductive tract awaken and stir to life. These hidden nerves that are normally inaccessible through regular intercourse will induce a wicked sensation that most men will never experience. When these indescribable sensations are combined with external stimulation (such as penis stroking, testicle massage, nipple play or any number of other erogenous zone stimulations) it can deliver a cocktail of forbidden waves that result in an explosion of endorphins. For me, this feeling is so galactic that it can only be compared to being present at `The Birth of the Universe'.

Now, I've driven myself to the brink of climax and it's time to launch into the finale and reward myself for the immense patience I've endured. I advance my MP3 player to track two of "The Cum Protector" where there will be no turning back. The first five minutes of track two are identical to track one. It's the last three minutes of this track that changes dramatically and will take me beyond the confines of the ordinary and catapult me into the extraordinary. I can immediately feel the gates of my climax open and without exaggeration, I could actually feel the millions of sperm traverse the vas and fill my tubes in preparation for ejaculation. This is the signal I've been waiting for and now I'm ready to pull out all the stops and pop the poppers!

At this crucial juncture of my two hour session, I have moved into the all or nothing phase and I've wound myself up so tight that I'm compelled to keep the tension high or lose control. Subsequently over time, I've learned how to unscrew the cap of the Ecstasy Pop bottle, hold it between my fingers and cover one nostril while I inhale a long drag. Then I switch sides, inhaling into the opposite nostril and then re-cap the bottle, all without missing a single stroke with my other hand.

The Popper's sexual effects are nearly instantaneous and within three seconds I could feel it course through my body. I get a rush of sexual supremacy so concentrated that every little touch becomes amplified. At first the heightened sensations are doubled and then even tripled as they grow in intensity. I get this incredible sense of awareness that I am a male, an alpha male, the most male a human can be. It feels like there is nothing better in the universe than to be a man, possessing and controlling my seeds of life that I can do with what I please. Knowing I have a lot more seeds of life within me to control and knowing that my body is continuously creating an almost inexhaustible lifetime supply, gives me a feeling of super human virility. I become eternally thankful that I was born male with these amazing male attributes that make me feel that I'm well hung at the center of my chi.

Now, as I watch the actors on the screen, I surpass being synchronized with them and I become one of them. No longer am I just a guy at home alone, e-stimming my brains out and jacking off to some lewd porno. I begin to identify with the triple X action and I can actually feel each kiss, each groan of ecstasy, each pelvic thrust of my cock as my balls slap against the imaginary ass of my screen partner.

My orgasm, which has been building relentlessly for close to two hours, is now slipping past the point of no return. I begin to stroke my cock more slowly now to allow this indescribable sensation to last as long as humanly possible. I can feel every muscle in my body tighten as I prepare to crest the summit of the most opulently magnificent orgasm a man can experience. I start to moan passionately and then scream uncontrollably in blissful ecstasy as these wild sensations swell beyond my highest tolerance levels.

If I'm not home alone, this is the most difficult part of the entire journey. Being allowed to release this erotically explosive tension vocally can add significantly to the pleasure of the orgasm. Whenever I try to suppress this energy, I'm not always successful. The escalating force that has been building behind this orgasm is so immense that the resulting release borders on the very limits of human endurance. The massive surge of neural synaptic activity is so great that it rips away any hope of maintaining any bodily control.

I'm now grunting and taking short quick breathes of air like a pregnant mother might do in the final stages of child birth. I feel the muscles in my groin begin to pull and stretch like a taut rubber band of a cocked slingshot that's poised and ready to fling the contents of my balls out of my heaving body. I am mere seconds away from launching my super-rich, abundantly fertile sperms toward their final destination.

Everything so far has been teetering on the very edge of explosion and now my body has arrived at the point of no return. Everything has come together flawlessly, working in perfect harmony to achieve the unbelievable conclusion that is now unstoppable. The initial round of my multi-phase climax begins with an anal orgasm.

During the anal orgasm, my anal sphincter muscle seizes the intruder buried deep within me and clamps down on it, gripping and squeezing it so tightly that it pushes the conductive surface of the torpedo firmly against my prostate, sending multiple waves of chills that makes every hair on my body stand on end.

Now that the anal electrode has made physical contact with my prostate, a stream of tears begin to roll down my face and a burst of unintended giggles consumes me as a mind blowing prostate orgasm takes over. It releases a rush of pleasure so electrifying that it sets fire to every fiber of my body from head to toe. As my prostate gland contracts and compresses under the embrace of the electrical current, it induces the smooth muscles to engage, escalating the sensations right off the scale.

The final stage in my series of cascading orgasms culminates in a penile orgasm that ignites a flash of arousal so intense that my cock expands an additional quarter of an inch as it hardens into a column of solid steel. As I delicately stroke my engorged cock, time seems to slow down, allowing the flow of lingering tingles to float in space. I begin to imagine I could stop time all together and hover here in a state of perpetual orgasm until I've satisfied my insatiable hunger and ravenous thirst for sex and the ultimate orgasm.

Once I've cycled through all these individual orgasms, my body stiffens and I begin to enter the emission phase, the final stage that ends with the releasing of my precious seminal cargo that's been simmering and stewing in my balls since before I began my journey. Because the penis sounding electrode is lodged down deep into my urethra, the ejaculating semen is essentially blocked and has nowhere to go. I begin to feel the warm sensation of my semen expanding and spreading throughout the tubes and vesicles of my reproductive tract as I shoot my hot prolific load internally. Every muscle in my body now quivers in ecstasy as the last of my orgasm ends with an abundant pouring of endorphins within my cranium.

This type of climax is so strong that it takes me back to my prepubescent years when my dry orgasms were so extreme, they would nearly cause me to pass out. Now that the series of cascading orgasms has run its course, I bask in the afterglow of the most gloriously sublime and sexually gratifying activity I know of.

At this time, the ET-312 is still stroking and throbbing me as "The Cum Protector" track begins its gradual decline in volume which causes the electrical current to diminish steadily as it fades to zero. I continue to slowly move my fingers around my swollen cock head, lightly stimulating myself until I eventually begin to drift back down to earth. The audio track continues to play its long fadeout, ultimately coming to a complete stop.

I cease all activity and turn off my power box as I gradually come to my senses. I reluctantly exit the extraordinary realm of erotica and return to the work-a-day world of the here and now. I slowly remove the sounding probe that's been lodged deep in my urethra and a steady stream of hot thick white heavy cream oozes out of my softening dick, releasing the only remaining physical evidence that anything has transpired at all. Lastly, I remove the anal torpedo and do a quick clean up. I spend the next several minutes recovering from my experience by lying still and reflecting on the last two hours of carnal delight I've developed into an art form.

As I'm relaxing, the last of the DVD I've been watching also comes to an end as everyone concerned experiences a spectacular finale as each one of them, including myself, has satisfied their needs. Their fleeting sexual exploits have all come to a spectacular end and everyone returns to their normal life once again. As I turn off my DVD player, I'm already thinking about my next session and what set of lucky players would have the proverbial pleasure of joining me on screen when I embark on my next sensational journey as I continue "Chasing the Ultimate Masturbation Sensation"!

The End

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