John's Story of Horse Breeding Experience

by Skibuck <>


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This story is a true story from my personal experience.


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John's Story of Horse Breeding Experience


I had learned to jack when I was 12 but couldn't cum then, but by 13 I could. I was having a love affair with my dick, walked around with a constant hard-on, and was jacking 5 times a day! I spent that summer working on a farm owned by a friend of my dad's. I was like a ranch hand but because I was young I did the best I could, got along with all the adult guys and everyone treated me just like one of the gang. It was great, a summer I'll never forget.


But there's another thing about working that summer I'll never forget either. I loved horses and had ridden since I was 9. They had a magnificent stallion that looked just like a horse we used to board there, and I made friends with him. He liked it when I'd visit his stall and I always brought along a few carrots. This was a working farm but they also boarded horses and raised and bred them. So a few weeks later, one afternoon a truck pulls up with a horse trailer behind and the driver and the owner of the mare parked. He got out and greeted Mike, one of the owners of the farm along with his dad. The guy went to the horse trailer and opened it and brought the mare out and into the barn. Mike had become a friend to me over the two years I'd known him. He went and brought out the stallion I told you about.


Well the barn is very long, with horse stalls along one side and the other side is all open. Mike gave riding lessons and you would ride your horse from one end of the barn, turn around, and ride back. So the barn was very long, and the riding area was very wide.


Anyway, they brought the mare into the barn and had her stand in the center of the barn right in front of the main entrance to the barn. Then Mike brought the stud in and let them begin to get acquainted. Of course the mare was in heat. The stud got her scent as she got his, and they both started to get all excited.


Now the horses are in the center of the long barn and I'm standing directly across from them in an entry-way like a large room just inside the main door leading into the barn from the parking lot. So I have a first-row seat on the 50 yard line. Then I'm watching as the stud starts to get hard. Well I don't know if you've ever seen a stud hard, but it's a really huge cock! And huge is a total understatement! I swear, it was an easy three feet long, and as big around as a man's forearm, I shit you not. Now I already liked boys, meaning I loved dick and I loved sucking them and fucking a cute boy's ass, and everything two boys can possibly do. So this stud throws out a cock like that and PING! I'm totally hard in 2 seconds! When I was 12 I had 6" and now at 13 I was 6-and-a-half, which on a boy my size with hardly any pubes, made my hard dick look huge! The boys in the locker room and showers at school always liked to catch a look when they thought I wouldn't see them. I don't know why, but I was bigger than most all the boys my age.


So like I said, I have a good-sized dick for my age and size, meaning that as I stood there with a full har-don, it was noticeable. No way to hide it, ever. I tried putting my hands in my pockets to help, but nothing did. So the stud is - it's not a whinny, that's for mares I think. But he's making all sorts of snorts and noise. He is throwing a total fit! He wants this mare so bad, he's rearing up and everything. Both horses are wearing a harness on their heads with a lead attached so Mike and the other man could hold them, especially the mare to keep her in place.


They bring the stud around behind the mare, she's dancing around playing hard to get, I guess. The stud rears back and taking a great leap, came down on her back, forelegs on either side just behind her neck at her withers. His huge ass muscles start trying to shove his huge cock into her. I'm so hot I can hardly stand it, my hands are still in my pockets and are playing with my stiff cock! The stud makes several thrusts but can't find her vagina which is all swollen and wide open waiting for him. So Mike walks around, gloves on, and he grabs that cock and guides it into her. They do that so the stud won't possibly injure her with his wild thrusting.


Now he's inside her! He fucking starts goin' to town, thrusting, fucking, his powerful hindquarters thrusting himself into her, withdrawing back, thrusting in again, drawing back, thrusting all the way in again - my God I was so completely transfixed, I was somewhere out there in LaLa Land! I'm dripping pre-cum all inside my briefs and I'm about to shoot any second. Then it's like time all-of-a-sudden stopped and everything was like in slow-motion. The stud was cumming! He had his three-foot-long cock so far inside her, there wasn't an extra inch left to go in. His powerful ass-muscles kept straining to cram himself further and further into her, but he was already in all the way. It was the most exciting, the most thrilling, and hottest thing I'd ever seen. Well Mike let the stud stay inside her a while, I guess to ensure that the sperm would get to the ovaries and fertilize the egg. Gradually the stud got soft and he pulled out and was totally flaccid. And that was the end of that!


But now I had another problem. I had three more hours to work to do, but I'd not only made a wet spot on my pants from all the pre I had leaked, but then I had tossed a huge load and now my pants were soaked and were really looking bad! The stud was being lead to his stall, the mare was on her way to her trailer, and I'm trying to think fast what to do. In just that instant Mike turned around and looked at me! He looked me in the face and saw what must have been a horror-stricken look! My eyes were right on him as I saw his eyes move from my face to my chest, to my waist, and to my crotch. And they stopped, not going anywhere else. Now I knew I was totally fucked. Oh, My God! I turned red as a beet and wished I could find a hole to crawl into and I'd pull the hole in after me! And then out comes this roar of laughter! Mike starts totally cracking up, laughing uncontrollably! I sure as hell didn't see anything funny about any of this! He came over to me, grabbed me and pulled me into the biggest hug and he said, "Josh, this is great! You're one hell of a kid! I did the same damned thing when I was your age as I watched my first breeding! Nothing to be ashamed of kid, it's normal. But this'll stay just between us, ok?" And I said, "Yes, please." I felt better and very relieved in an instant. Mike lead me into the laundry room where there was also a shower. He said to strip and give him my underwear and pants and he gave me a towel to wrap myself with. As I got in the shower, he put my stuff in the washer and then the dryer, and it wasn't long before I had 'em back, clean and warm from the dryer. He had me relax on an old sofa that was in there while he finished a few things. He came back for me in about ten minutes and then we went back outside and went back to work for the rest of the afternoon.


To this day, I remember that day as clearly as if it happened yesterday.