Object of My Lust: 1



It’s dark and gloomy outside… a typical Florida day. There’s rumbling in the sky above and rain will surely follow. I’m safe inside my home, sitting at the computer, and bored as all get out. I have a story to finish, but I’m not in the mood. No story, no money… but fuck it. If I’m not in the mood, I’m just not in the mood.

Instead of writing, I decide to surf the net. My old bookmarked sites bore me—there’s nothing new. I’m sick of the sameness of it all. Yes, I’m in a mood and I know it. The obnoxious child in me wants to stomp his feet and pout, but I’m not going to allow myself that indulgence—at least not today. Maybe I’ll go on an Internet manhunt. Out there amongst the thousands of photos and sites on the computer there might be someone who’ll inspire me. After all, writers do need to be inspired from time to time.

Not long into my search I spot him on a porn movie site. He’s not my typical type, but the scene being played out catches my eye. The actor is very much into what he’s doing, so much so that I’m getting incredibly turned on watching him. Reaching down into my boxers I wrap my hand around my cock that is growing harder as the scene progress. The lead guy can really kiss—he’s passionate and consumed by what he’s doing. His co-star is a pale and slim guy… not much to look at.

Men with receding hairlines have always turned me on and this guy is no exception. His body is tan and nicely filled out… what I can see of it—he’s dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. The guy is barefoot and I’m wishing my tongue could go through the screen to lick his feet. Before long he is eating the other guy’s ass like he was a starving man. I was so caught up in the scene my cock was completely hard without my even stroking it. The lead actor stopped what he was doing and stripped out of his clothes. His chest and ass are hairy and he has numerous tattoos—things I would normally say are not for me… but this guy is incredible. He’s enjoying every second of what he’s doing, as evidenced by the way his eyes light up.

My boxers were below my balls now and my hand is slowly stroking my now dripping uncut cock. But I’m not ready to cum, so I grip the base of my cock tightly causing the veins to pop out even more than they already were. The head of my cock is so engorged, it almost hurts. My fingers pinch my nipples hard and I can’t hold back anymore… the next move the lead actor makes sends me over the edge and I shoot a huge wad of sticky white cum all over my stomach. Who is this guy? I had to know, and searched through the comments accompanying the video to find out his identity. At last I find the name, which I’ll abbreviate to J.D.

The weather has only gotten worse outside, but the video session left me more than sufficiently inspired to write. After finishing three chapters of the first novel in a brand new series, I take a break and get a snack. But, I’m hungry for more of J.D.

Searching on the net I find pics of him and sites dedicated to him. I think He is the hottest man on the planet and I’m lusting after him big time. My body grows hotter the more I see of him and my cock starts to rise once more.

There’s no need for a video or anything more than just a picture of him. A closeup of his hairy ass is driving me crazy. I strip off my T-shirt and boxers. My hand is once again wrapped around my dark, Latin, uncut cock. I cup my heavy, hairy balls while I look at that perfect ass in front of me. Then the picture of his face and eyes catches my attention. My eyes close and I picture doing any number of things with this man I’ve never met.

As my fingers trace around my large, tan, nipples I picture him sucking on them, then tugging hard on them with his teeth. Oh, yeah, that’s the waydon’t stop. I’ll do anything you want. My hands make their way to my ass, squeezing it, then slapping it. They pretend it’s his ass I’m feeling… and spreading. Drifting into my thoughts, I picture my mouth on his ass, my tongue in his hole, licking it—fucking it with my eager and willing tongue. God, I want that hole! My finger explores my own hot, tight, virgin hole and I pretend it’s his dick. I’ve never been fucked, but I’d let him fuck me.

This stranger has me more horny than I’ve been in a very long time. My hand leaves my ass and I stroke my foreskin, which is slick with precum. I’ve never liked the taste of cum, but I would suck every drop of it from his cock. The fingers of my other hand begin pinching and twisting my nipple, then pulling hard on it. I yank harder on my cock, feeling like I could almost rip it off. Knowing I’m alone in the house, I don’t bother to keep my voice low, instead I moan loudly. My cock seems bigger than ever, my head is so engorged it’s as if it could explode. Right before I cum I look at the picture of him—his face, his eyes… his perfect ass.

One loud moan, one last tug, and it’s over. As I shoot a stream of hot cum onto my stomach, I shout his name—the name of my object of lust.


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