Object of my Lust: 2

The Chicken Man


It was one of those burning hot Florida days with no relief in sight. Just to kill the boredom I decided to drive into town and pick up something to eat. It took me a minute, but I finally decided on take-out from a chicken place I liked.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the long line at the drive up window. It would take forever to move, even as efficient as the workers were in this fast food restaurant. I parked and went inside.

He spoke to me, but it didn’t even register. All I could do was look at his intense baby blue eyes. Shit—I was doing everything but swooning and drooling as he said hello. It took me a minute to compose myself and place my order. His striking good looks had caught me unaware. I tried not to stare while I waited for my “to go” order. As soon as I got it, I headed back to my car and turned the air on.

One doesn’t expect to run into strikingly handsome men like him at a fast food chicken place. Flustered and hungry, I decided to move my car to the vacant parking lot behind the chicken place. The bar and eatery in the parking lot behind the fast food chicken restaurant was empty, having been abandoned a year or so ago. More importantly, there was a large tree next to it that would provide shade while I ate… and did other things.

While sipping my drink, I realized another type of need had arisen that had nothing to do with a hunger for food. My dick had started getting hard from thinking of “the chicken man”. I pulled up the lever underneath the front part of my seat, then pushed my seat all the way back and stretched out my legs.

I rubbed the thong of the flip-flops I was wearing between my toes. I’d always liked the way that felt. Unbuttoning my shorts, I slipped my right hand inside and felt my slick foreskin. Pre cum had already started coming out of my dick. After unzipping my shorts, I lowered them and my underwear to my knees.

My hard cock sprung immediately upward. I gripped it tight in my fist. With the pointer finger of my free hand I scooped up some pre cum and brought it to my lips. Thinking of the guy behind the counter of the chicken place had gotten me unbelievably horny. Removing my hand from my dick I got it wet with the water forming outside of my sweating drink. When I returned my wet hand to my hot dick, it made my dick feel cool. The head of my dick grew larger as I squeezed the base of my shaft. And the veins of my shaft protruded more. I’d purposely not started stroking my dick yet.

My car was facing the chicken place and I looked at it, almost trying to find a psychic connection with the guy behind the counter. As I recalled him in my mind, I spoke aloud.

“This one’s for you, Chicken Man.”

Thinking of his bright blue eyes looking at me, I let the palm of my hand glide across the top of my dick’s sensitive head. I moaned. Then slowly I lowered my slick, sticky foreskin with my hand. I ran my other hand through my thick mass of black pubic hair, and down to my balls.

Then I imagine it’s his strong hands stroking my dick while my hands grip his full ass. I lift my hands and pinch my nipples hard, pretending they’re his nipples I’m pinching. Opening my eyes, I look toward the chicken place once more. That’s when I start stroking faster and faster until stopping for a moment to pull off my T-shirt. My large, tan nipples are erect and I tug on them, not bothering to be gentle. While still tugging them with my left hand, I reach down and stroke my dick once more with my right hand. My foreskin moves smoothly up and down over the shaft of my cock.

My entire body is seeking release now, but I’m not ready yet. Picturing him bent over in front of me, my body thrusts itself forward. My dick begins to fuck my hand as if it’s his ass. Harder and harder I thrust. The head of my cock is getting larger as it rubs against the side of my palm. I moan… it’s getting to be too much.

I stop thrusting and move my hand faster and faster, up and down my cock which is now covered in pre cum. It’s coming… it’ll be soon now. I’m breathing hard. It’s coming—I’m cumming… hot loads of thick cream are on my hand and my stomach… even on the steering wheel.

Lifting my cum covered hand up to the window, I look toward the place and say,

“Here’s to you Chicken Man.”


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