Object of My Lust:3

The Man in the Park


The weather is cool outside, there’s even a nice breeze. I had finished my walk on the trail that went around the lake at the park down the street from me. It was such a great day weather-wise that I had brought my laptop with me and had decided to do some work. I’d found a comfortable bench under a shady tree and was busy doing research on the Internet when he came into view.

He was jogging in very short, thin shorts and a tank top. His sandy-blond hair was slightly damp and his tank top, what there was of it was sweaty. The man looked top be in his early twenties and had a slim but toned body. I waved when he got close and he waved back and smiled.

“Nice day to be out, huh?” the man said.

“It sure is,” I said.

He lifted his tank top to wipe the sweat on his face and I could see the six-pack abs on his tan stomach.

“Back to the grind,” he said, then winked at me with one of his bright green eyes.

I pretended to go back to work on my laptop, but it was impossible. How could one work with a perfect specimen of manhood doing the exercise station in front of him? Over the top of my laptop I watched him grab hold of the highest metal bar out of three and pull his body up. As he did pull-ups my eyes stayed on his round ass. When he finally stopped, he looked back at me, smiled, then waved me over.

“It’s crunch time, it sure would be great to have someone hold my knees down for me … if you’ve got a minute or two.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, then quickly shut down my laptop, put it back in its carrying bag, and walked over to the hunk with the bag on my shoulder. “Hi, I didn’t want to leave my laptop back on the bench.”

“That’s understandable. My name’s Steve.” He wiped his hand on the front of his shorts then shook my hand. “I’ll make this quick so you can get back to work.”

“Not a problem,” I said, as I watched him lie down on his back and bring his knees up.

After placing my bag on the ground I put my right arm under Steve’s knees to hold them down. His legs felt warm and slick.

“That’s great… thanks,” Steve said.

He pulled his tank top down and because the sides were scooped low, both his prominent and erect nipples came into view. I wanted to suck them so badly, but didn’t dare make a move. His shirt rose up as he went back and forth—his face was so close I could feel his breath. The bulge in his pants was pretty big, but I doubted he was hard. It took all my concentration not to get hard. Finally Steve stopped, jumped, up, and patted my back.

“Thanks, pal,” Steve said. “If I can ever do the same for you—and I’m around, just holler.”

While he jogged away I kept my eyes firmly pointed toward his ass.

After picking my computer bag up, I walked down the exercise path to a more private bench.

At this time of the day there weren’t many people around, in fact Steve was the only other person I’d seen at the park besides a mother with a stroller who was leaving as I walked into the area. The bench I’d moved to was in a secluded corner with tall bushes and trees around it. Lovers frequently used the spot for their liaisons. After positioning the laptop bag just right in my lap, I lowered the stretch band of my shorts, then my underwear so my cock was out and free.

My uncut cock was already slick from precum as my hand started gliding down its full, hard, length. My other hand pinched my nipples through my shirt—alternating between one then the other. I slipped out of my deck shoes, so my bare feet touched the ground. Thoughts of Steve popped into my mind, those abs, that perfect ass. Picturing my tongue in that ass, sweaty or not, was causing me to get even harder. Then I pictured myself in front of Steve again, but this time on my knees, lowering his shorts. His hard cock bouncing in front of my face, his balls heavy and waiting for me to—”

“Lucky for you, we’re the only two in the park,” a familiar voice said.


To be continued in Object of My lust:3 Part 2 of The Man in the Park






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