Summer School PE Time

I was watching a group of middle school boys playing basketball during one of the breaks they get from there school work. I was sitting up in the video recording booth making sure they were playing and not doing something wrong. As I watching the boys play and run back and forth. I got a bit excited and needed to readjust myself. As I did this I got the strangest thought, no one can see me up here and if no one comes up here, I can take care of my business and no one but me will ever know. At first I just rubbed my dick against my pants but I was not able to get a proper grip on my dick. So I unzipped and pulled my dick out a masturbated for a good long time. Making sure that I did not get my self noticed doing something strange in the booth. As I got close to my organism I pulled out my Kleenex and squeezed all my love juice out of my body. I zipped back up watching all the hot boys going up and down the court, as if nothing ever happened.