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I got up from bed feeling drowsy, wondering what the day had in store for me. Putting on my white briefs, loose boxers and a white V-neck T-shirt I slipped into my flip-flops and went to brush my teeth. After breakfast I turned on my computer determined to get some new writing done.

The e-mail account I used to receive comments and input on my writings had some new mail. Probably more junk e-mail I figured. My thought couldn’t be further from the truth. The e-mail was from a grateful reader. The stories had made an impact on him and he wanted to share that fact with me. He’d sent something as a form of his appreciation; nude pictures of himself. The first such thing I’d ever received from a fan and I must admit the pictures had an effect on me.

My heart was beating a little faster as I looked at the first picture sent to me by a perfect stranger. I looked at his first picture with a close up of the large mushroom head of his cock. It was so close to the screen I opened my mouth and imagined sucking on the juicy head while squeezing his meaty chest and nipple that was also visible.

There were more closeups of his thick cock peering out from his dark pubic hair and my mind tried to conjure up how it would smell. Inhaling deeply, thoughts of a manly, musky smell came to mind. His slight belly and beefy chest was lightly covered with sparse hair, I twas a body needing to be squeezed and chewed on.

My hand made it’s way to my left nipple which I began to trace my finger around until it got erect. All the while I pictured sucking and chewing on his nipples which were prominent in his pictures. In one of the pictures he had his white T-shirt pulled over his head so that his chest pushed out prominently. I copied the move with my own shirt, and then began pulling on my nipple.

While my thumb and second finger pulled on my left nipple, my left hand made its way to the fly of my boxers and then underneath to the briefs. I reached in and took out my uncut cock and gave it a couple of strokes before putting the left pointer finger in my mouth. After getting it wet I traced along my nipples with it. My cock was needing attention again and I lowered my hand and began stroking it.

The man in the pictures had a friendly smile beneath a dark beard and mustache. I wanted to push my cock through the computer screen and use it to part his lips. Stroking my cock with one hand I used my other hand to scroll up and down the computer screen and look at his pictures. In two he looked friendly and then there was one where he was wearing glasses. I love a man in glasses. He had all my attention now as I jacked off to the pictures in front of me.

Looking at the closeups of his cock made me want to lick the screen, when what I really wanted was to lick around the head. I wanted to tease the slit with my tongue until his pre-cum would ooze out and I could taste it before taking the entire cock into my mouth. My tongue would lick the length of his shaft until I’d begin sucking up and down on it. My nose and mouth would be close enough to his ass that I could…but I wouldn’t go there. He hadn’t sent me a picture of his ass, though it was probably as sweet as the rest of him.

That smile and that body were getting to me and I was incredibly turned on. I got out a rubber cock ring a friend had given me and put it on my hard cock. I loved the way it made the veins on my shaft pop out and the head get big. Leaning back in my chair I jacked off with my right hand and ran my left hand around my chest and nipples. I pulled hard on my nipples before reaching for a bottle of lotion and applying it to my cock. It wasn’t something I usually did but it helped to heighten things even more. I gripped my cock tightly with my slick hand and began pumping it hard. Taking turns pulling on each nipple with the free hand I groaned loudly and finally came hard while looking at my new fan’s face.

Will there be a second part to this writer’s story? Who knows maybe I’ll get some new pictures from him or some other grateful fan.


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