To the Beat

by Antonio


Because I’d been helping friends move I had missed seeing a Live from the Met Opera movie on the weekend, but they were repeating it on Wednesday. When the day of the movie arrived I was still feeling tired but managed to drag my body out of the house and into the car. My muscles ached a bit but the soreness felt good. I’d been working out more lately and was in top shape to help my friends move. The opera I was going to see was new to me and I didn’t want to miss it.

The multiplex theater’s parking lot wasn’t very full since it was midweek and not a weekend, so I had no trouble finding a space up front. It was only six at night and hadn’t even gotten dark outside yet, so I wore shorts, slip on shoes, and a Polo shirt—I’d brought a jacket in case it was cold inside the theater. My shorts were loose and even with a belt I was constantly pulling them up. There was no line and I was quickly able to purchase my ticket and go inside. The opera would be almost four hours long which meant I needed something to eat for dinner. As I was looking at the snack bar selections a tall man of medium build with brown hair that had a hint of gray on the sides walked up to me and smiled. He was dressed in khaki pants and a blue, button-down shirt. In his hand was a gray sweater.

“Picking up something to eat before the opera, huh?” the man said, noticing I held a paper the ticket taker had given me that had the synopsis of the opera on it. He held up his similar paper for me to view. “It’s a long one, but I’m looking forward to it.”

“So am I,” I said. His comment about “a long one” made me glance down discreetly at the front of his trousers. The opera wasn’t the only long thing in the building, I thought.

I can highly recommend the personal pizza,” the man said then walked up to place his order for one.

It would be a seven-minute wait for the pizza, and the man and I walked toward where our opera would be showing. We’d come back for the pizzas later.

“Not many people come to the evening shows because they get out at a late hour,” the man said. “We might be the only ones in the theater tonight.”

I smiled at that thought, then spoke. “I enjoy these live opera films, although I guess since this production was first shown here last Sunday that today it’s not quite so live.” I chuckled. “I’ve been to the Met a few times and enjoyed it, but you can’t beat watching the behind the scenes and close-ups on film.”

“I’ve been to the Met too and would have to agree with you,” the man said.

We were by the bathroom and I excused myself to use it. To my surprise, the man followed me inside. When we were side by side at the urinals I couldn’t resist a peek his way. His cock was long, cut, and beautiful and he really was peeing. He’d really needed to use the bathroom and wasn’t trying to come on to me. I finished, put the beast away, zipped up, and flushed. While washing my hands I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was tanner than usual from working in the yard and my dark hair was buzzed short, but not crew cut short. The man washed his hands in the sink next to mine and I noticed he had sexy blue eyes. I thought maybe he smiled my way but I couldn’t be sure.

“You were right,” I said upon entering the theater. “We’re the only ones here.”

“That’s how it is in the evening,” the man said, then started walking up the stairs.

I was walking behind him when we both stopped at the same row—dead center.

“It’s the perfect place to sit,” the man said.

“I agree,” I said about to move to the next row when he reached out and gripped my arm with his hand to stop me. His hand was warm and almost electric.

“There’s plenty of room for two.”

I smiled. By the time we’d gotten our pizza and drinks, two elderly people had settled in chairs only a few rows from the front—far from us. The man was right about the pizza being good… and the first two acts of the opera were excellent. The room had grown cooler so I put my jacket on my lap to cover my legs.

“The opera’s great so far,” the man said. “The second male lead is easy on the eyes too.” He gave me a quick look, smiled, then turned back to the screen.

The third act was starting and I was rock hard and horny from the comment the man next to me had made. I adjusted my jacket and while keeping my eyes on the screen began an act of my own.

I pulled down the front of my loose shorts, slipped my hand inside my briefs, and got my thick, uncut cock out. Keeping it and my hands covered by my jacket I pulled my foreskin back and began to slowly stroke up and down. As the music grew faster I stroked my cock harder. The precum leaking from the head of my cock lubed it up, making it slick and sticky. I removed my left hand from under my jacket and held the armrest for a moment.

Without looking at me, the man beside me rubbed his hand against mine on the armrest. His thumb went across the top of my hand softly and it made me shiver. I repeated his move on him and he responded by interlocking his fingers with mine. The man had a strong hand. The music was reaching an even more dramatic point and I clasped the man’s hand hard as I stroked my cock more vigorously than ever. For a second I closed my eyes and that’s when the man made his move.

He reached over, slid his hand under my jacket and took hold of my cock. His firm hand wrapped around my hard cock—I was his. He spread the precum around my sensitive head and I almost moaned out loud. Long fingers spread my precum down the hard shaft of my cock then slowly and tightly his hand went up and down. Then he stopped, removed his sticky hand and clasped it with mine. The man raised my hand to his mouth, kissed it and licked the sticky precum off the top of it. After lowering my hand back to the armrest he put his hand back on my cock and jacked me off to the music.

My eyes were still on the screen, not daring to look elsewhere, until I noticed the man spread his sweater across his lap. His left hand went under it and I saw a familiar motion. I moved closer to him and put my left hand under his sweater. It didn’t take me long to find his hard, thick cock, dripping precum like mine had—only not quite as much as I had.

The singers reached their crescendo in the opera and my body shook. The man looked around, then quickly lowered my jacket. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth as I came load after hot load. When I was done, he spit the load from his mouth into a napkin, then grabbed another napkin and gently wiped my cock clean. After kissing the head of my cock he put my jacket back on my lap. It took some work but I got my cock back in my briefs and pulled my shorts up all the way… then turned my attention to the man.

My hand stroked him slowly at first to go with the music, but as the music’s pace picked up so did my stroking. I pulled the sweater back so I could look at his beautiful cock. It was more long than thick but felt great in my hand. His balls were big and looked heavy. I heard him let out a very low moan as he came. The sweater on his lap caught the thick stream of cum as it shot out of his cock. After wiping his cock with his sweater he managed to put it back in his pants and zip up.

The man looked at me, smiled then interlocked his fingers with mine again. We stayed like that until the opera was over.

“That was a great opera, wasn’t it?” The man said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“And to think there’s another one in two weeks,” The man said, then smiled.


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