I had been curious for awhile. I had seen it in porn. But, of course it then seemed like a myth. A unicorn of ass play. But, eventually my curiosity got the best of me.

I worked up the courage. It wasn't that hard as my ass had been quite accomodating to toys as of late putting up little strain during the initial penetration. And yet, the pertinent question was could my hole spread that much.

I knealed on the bed. Greased the smaller of the two toys. It entered with ease. When it came to the second toy, I questioned how to even gain access to my pleasure chute. After all, it was already plugged. But, I managed to slide the vibrator into my ass.

Naturally, the penetration instantly hardened my dick. There was a slight pain, but the extent to which my hole streatched was definitely arousing. As I shook my booty, the movement of both toys aroused every nerve in my butt.

As I rubbed my nuts, my cock really stirred. I got onto my back, so I could really give rubbing my shaft the focus it deserved. After all, with the dong in my butt vibrating against another plug and my ass walls, anal ectasy was a hands free affair. Having turned my vibrator on full blast, I knew that my jack off session would be short lived. Yet, I also knew I'd be having a real orgasm. Men are sure things. We're good for a cum whenever we masturbate, and it always feels good. But, there is a marked difference between just releasing the poison and a whole body experience. I certainly had the latter.

When the cum escaped my piss slit, it was warmer and more voluminous than your average wank. My cheeks went flush. And a nice tingle coursed through my body. It took a moment to catch my breadth. My hole spasmed along with my dick hugging and releasing my vibrator making sure to deepen the sensations in my hole before I finally unplugged my ass.

I recomposed myself and cleaned myself off knowing that double penetration needn't be a unicorn, but rather, when it comes to my ass, there is definitely room for two.

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