This is a story about male sex and the usual disclaimers apply: If you are under the age of 18, or reading such material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then please leave this story unread now. There are within the story explicit descriptions of sex, so if you do not like reading stories that are sexual in nature then this story will probably not be to your liking.

The Ultimate Gym Workout

I am 18 years old. a high school senior and decided to join Marlboro Fitness Center and start a basic workout to build up my average body. The gym is in our small Massachusetts town and not many people go to it, which is fine with me, as I do not have a great body to show.

I had just finished my workout and was going into the locker room, when I heard the shower start running. I could see into the shower around the corner of my locker. Boyish interest took over and I saw a guy about my age standing there in his jock, adjusting the controls.

He was alone in the shower and he leaned back and directed the stream of water over the front of his jock, and as the water beat against it he ran his hands over his nipples. He played, pulled, pinched and twisted them and I could hear him moan as he thrust his hips, pushing the front of his jock in and out of the stream of water. I could see his cock getting hard and the head come up under the waistband. He moved a hand down and began massaging, rubbing and pulling at his balls, still within the jock. He moved the pouch aside releasing his balls and at least 7" of hard cut cock.

He looked around apprehensively and seeing no one began to slowly jerk off. His left hand roamed his chest and lowers to massage his balls, as he pulled at his cock. He continued to direct the hot water over his cock and balls bending back, arching the muscles of his back and tightening his ass.

I could see the muscles in his ass relax and contract as he worked his cock, I heard him groan as he leaned over against the wall, his hips moving his cock in and out of his fist.

I dropped my shorts and jock to the floor. I began to jerk off, precum making my hard cock slippery in my now fast moving fist. I beat off watching the guy in the shower, wishing it were my fist or my mouth holding, tasting his hard cock.

He tightened the muscles in his ass and I heard his muffled scream. His first load of hot cum shot from his cock hitting the tiled wall in front of him as his hips and fist worked his spurting cock. Cum continually spurt from his cock striping the blue tiled wall, working its way to the shower floor.

I began to shoot, my cum spraying the front of my locker and dripping down to the carpeted floor. My fist was tight and slippery with cum. I looked again at his tight wet ass, wondering what it would feel like to have it tightly squeeze the cum from my cock. He finished stroking and I could see, as he grabbed the soap in front of him, his hard cock with his balls drawn up tight. He soaped up his hairless body and as he did his cock and balls, massaged the last few drops of cum from his softening cock. I stood there watching. Cum dripped off the head of my cock, my hand still slippery, stroking, as I willed it to shoot again and again. He rinsed off and I quickly reached down and grabbed my shorts and jock off the floor. I wiped the cum off my cock and the locker door with my jock.

I heard the water stop. A few moments later he came into the locker room with a towel wrapped around his waist. I dropped my shorts and jock in front of my locker and went into the shower. I took the same position as he and turned on the water, letting it wash over me. I wanted to give him the same exhibition he had given me.

When I came out of the shower, I was alone in the locker room.

I dried off and picked up my shorts and jock from in front of my locker. The jock was not mine. Mine had been wet with cum and had been replaced with someone else's.

As I held this jock, a note fell to the floor. It read 'finder's keepers, loser's peepers.' Please give me a call. Ask for Jim, and a phone number.

I called.

Grande Putts