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A Single Soul

Chapter 16


Time To Say Goodbye



Sunday morning, Matt awoke with his hard cock pressed firmly into Jim's ass and his arms wrapped tightly around his lover. He could feel the beating of Jim's heart, and a wave of complete contentment swept through him. He pulled Jim closer and nuzzled the big man's neck.

Matt simply couldn't get enough of Jim's scent, whether it was fresh from the shower, sweaty from a run, or first thing in the morning. Whenever, it always made his cock throb.

Jim came immediately awake and said, "If we hurry, we might be able to suck a load out of each other before the devil pup wakes up," while pushing his ass into Matt's morning wood.

"Then a little less talk and a lot more action, doggie, cuz I'm ready!" Matt said as he flipped Jim over to face him, swung himself into a sixty-nine position and swallowed Jim's cock in one fell swoop.

The two men were quickly becoming good again at the stroke and suck method they had developed as teens; soon, they were both straining, and shooting large loads into each other's mouth. They each smiled from the experience, moved back up to face each other and shared the remnants of each other's creamy load. Enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms, and right on cue, they heard Kelly fussing over the monitor.

While Matt was feeding the baby and Jim was cooking their breakfasts, Matt brought up the conversation from the night before. "If I understand where we left things off last night, before you so rudely interrupted me with your dick, that is," he said with a smile, "we'll be moving in together, correct?"

"That's what I want,' replied Jim with a smirk at Matt's comment; "but, we need to make a few decisions first. So, let's start a list." Jim began to rattle off the issues.

"First, should we tell the boys, or not?"

Two, should I re-up?

"Three, what about buying the house?"

"And, finally, do we wanna stay livin' here or build a new place?"

"No matter what, living with you is what I want, too," Matt said, as he looked into Jim's eyes.

"As for telling the boy's about us, I think we should give `em a year or so before we do that."

"And let's keep separate bedrooms, in the meantime. We'll just have t' make the best of the situation and keep sneaking around for awhile," Matt sighed with a chuckle.

"The re-up thing is your call," he continued. "Your personal life has changed a lot. Will you feel comfortable about all of it, if you stay active in the Corps?"

"As for the house, I think you should pass on selling it, for now at least."

"And, yeah, I really love this place; but, it sure might be nice to find a few acres we like and build something that we've designed ourselves ...and, no arguments! I pay half of a new place, or it's no deal," Matt said with finality.

Jim walked over to him and tickled Kelly, making the baby smile. Then he kissed Matt, "I love it when you get all `Captain Leo' on my ass," he said. Matt swatted his butt.

As the guys were packing up Kelly and the dogs for a trip to the beach, Fred Conway, his wife Jewell and the rest of the family that included his father and mother, his son and his granddaughter baby Jewell, all dressed for church. Matt and Jim watched as the family walked over to say good morning.

"Headed off to church, I see," Jim remarked.

"Vacation is no excuse for missing Mass," Jewell Conway said firmly. My kids don't agree with that; but ... since I'm the boss that's where we're going," she said with a bit of smugness, and an eye roll from her youngest son.

"That's where we're headed, too," Jim said. "Except we're goin' down t' Matt's dad's place at the beach and then on to the church in Surf City."

"Have you heard from the happy couple, yet?" asked Jim, referring to Andrew and Nadine.

"No; but, then, I didn't think we would," Fred answered with a wink.

"By the way," said Matt, "we were wondering if your family would like to join us next Saturday at the beach. I saw Ed's fishing poles and I thought maybe we could go surf fishing, or off the pier down there; or, we could go out in my Dad's boat. Of course, the ladies could always come down later in the day, if they want to," added Matt.

"That'd be great! We'll get together one day this week and make some plans," Fred said, as he and his family walked away.

On the road to Frank's house, while Kelly babbled in the back seat, Jim and Matt discussed what they would like, if they did decide to build a house.

"Well, I think that there's no doubt we should plan on Matty and Jimmy sharing a bedroom, then one for the baby, two for us, and a guest bedroom. So, that's five bedrooms, right there; and, of course, the kids would want a pool," Matt said.

"And, we really do need to build another gym," Jim added. We could build it separate from the main house, and maybe put an apartment on top to use for guests. That way, too, we could have a bigger one than the one we've got now."

"I'm thinking about looking around for some land around Snead's Ferry," put in Matt. "I bet we could find a few acres that are private, so we won't have to worry about snooping neighbors, especially with our little nudist colony in the summer," Matt said, and laughed as he added, "You know, it's gonna be very interesting when our boys hit puberty!"

"It shouldn't be that bad," remarked Jim, "at least they won't have the usual hang-ups about jerking off, like most of their buddies probably will. Although I think we'd be wise t' stress to them that they do it in their room."

The first thing Frank did when they walked into his house was to grab Kelly from Jim and plant a big kiss on the baby's forehead. He handed the baby off to Finn, grabbed Jim and hugged him, "And how's my favorite son-in-law?" he asked.

"Fine, Uncle Frank."

"From now on, Jim, I expect "Dad" from you, not Uncle Frank, I've been waitin' years for you to call me that," he declared.

Jim was a bit overcome with emotion at Frank's words. He held tightly to the man whom he had admired for so many years, inhaling Frank's masculine scent that he had become so addicted to as a teenager. Startled at himself, he felt some embarrassment wash over him.

He stepped back from Frank and said, "Thanks, Dad; you have no idea how happy you've just made me."

"Well, that's what I'm here for, to spoil my boys and grandsons," Frank said.

"Okay, Dad, you can let him go now; it's taken me twenty-two years to land that guy, and I'm not interested in sharing right now," Matt said.

"Does that mean I get to share him in the future?" Frank asked with a lecherous smile.

"Hmmm ... I'm not real sure `bout that; maybe we'll talk about it later," Matt said with a laugh and a wink.

They left Kelly and the dogs with Frank and headed off to Mass. Father David's sermon was about love, patience, and trust. On the way out of the church, they shook hands with the Priest, and Matt said quietly, "Are you free for lunch, Dave?"

"Sure thing, thanks; I'll see you guys at Frank's in about an hour."

After lunch, Matt, Dave and Jim took the boat out for a cruise up the river. They found a quiet cove and anchored, so they could all talk. Matt and Jim told Dave what had transpired with Denise; then they explained the decisions they had made together, and asked Dave's opinion.

"Well, guys, I'm glad things have worked out for you two, especially with regard to Denise" Dave said. "I think your amicable split will be so much better for Jimmy, and I agree with you both about not telling the boys for awhile about your relationship. Of course, you never know; they just might figure it out on their own."

After dinner with Matt's Father and Finn, the two men headed home and settled in for a quiet night. Kelly was content and asleep by 2000 hours. Matt and Jim, aware that this was their last night of real freedom for awhile, took advantage of the situation and enjoyed a long, sensual and intense lovemaking session. When Kelly woke them around midnight, they repeated it.

Monday morning, Jim went alone on his run, because Matt still was not cleared by the doctors for running. Becky showed up on time, but looking a bit distracted. When Jim returned from his run, she asked to speak to both of them, together.

"I told you my husband was coming home in a few weeks; but I just found out he'll be here only for a week, and then they're assigning him to Pendleton.

So, this means we'll be moving out to California, and I'll have to quit helping you guys. I'm really sorry; I feel like I'm letting you down," she said with tears in her eyes as she held Kelly. "I'm sure gonna miss this beautiful baby ... and, of course, the rest of you," she said with a grin.

Matt hugged her. "Well, we'll miss you, too; but it's something you just have to learn to deal with in the military."

Later that afternoon, Jim's CO called him into his office and explained that both he and the General had seen the article from the press conference and they were both very pleased with the results. Then he changed the subject, telling Jim to close the door and sit.

"Jim, I know you haven't signed your re-enlistment package; and I want to discuss something with you that might help you with your decision," his CO said.

"Well, sir," explained Jim, "you're aware of the changes in my life in the past few months, and now I'm not sure how they're all going to fit in with my life in the Corps."

"Gunner, we'll keep this is strictly off the record, okay? His CO asked.

Jim nodded in assent, "Yessir."

"I've already told you how much I value you, Gunner. Now, I only have two years until I retire and, quite frankly, I need you here. You make my life easier, Gunner, believe me."

Then he looked Jim directly in the eyes and said knowingly, "and if your reluctance about re-upping has anything to do with your relationship with Captain Leo, you should know, right now, that it makes absolutely no difference to me."

"Sir?" said Jim, startled.

"Look, Gunner, my baby brother was just like you, if you get my drift; and, like you, also a Marine. Three years ago, he was killed in Iraq." he continued, his eyes misting over and his voice trying to choke with emotion.

"So, it only took me one day with you and Leo, and I knew. I want you both to know that you have my full support in your relationship."

"Sir, I don't really know what to say," stammered Jim; "except; first, I'm very sorry for your loss. And, Sir, I appreciate your concern and support. Whether or not to re-up is something Matt and I talked about only yesterday. Sir, if you could give me a day or two to talk it over with Matt, I'll get right back to you with my decision," Matt said.

"Well," replied his CO, "I want you to know right now that I promise I'll make it worth your while."

"Sir, working for you is payment enough," Jim said with a grin.

"Enough with the ass-kissing, Gunner," said the CO, grinning himself. "You know," continued the CO, "sometimes you remind me so much of my brother; he was a smart-ass, too!"

"But, one more thing, before I let you go."

"As you know, my wife is a psychologist at the base hospital ...Well, this is something that is highly unorthodox; but, she's asked me for help ... and you know how that works," he added, slightly rolling his eyes.

"It involves what we just discussed concerning your similarities to my brother. It seems she has a patient, a twenty-year-old Marine, who, her office thinks, tried to commit suicide. They can't prove that as a fact; but, even so, they want him in for treatment. He'll be on suspension for the duration of his treatment. This young man was a multi-sport high school star, and he's been a model Marine. While home on leave, his father found something on his son's computer that revealed the boy's sexual preferences and it sent the father over the edge. The result is, his Father has disowned him and forbade any of his siblings to have contact with him."

"I think I'm reading you, Sir. What do you have in mind?" Jim asked.

"Well, if it's okay with you and Captain Leo, my wife would like to give him your name and phone number. She'd like for the boy to be able to call you; and, maybe, you and Matt could invite him over, to get acquainted with you and Matt, maybe have dinner and meet your boys; just generally hang out for awhile."

"This boy is alone and he's scared, Jim. He needs to be around people who understand him. Look, Jim, I know this is a lot to ask; but, this boy has touched my wife deeply and he would probably make a fine Marine. She thinks you and Matt might be a great help to him."

His CO's repeated use of Jim's first name did not go un-noticed. It was completely unheard of for a CO to do this when addressing a subordinate; but, it conveyed to Jim a message of trust and friendship.

"Of course, Sir; I'm honored that you both think that much of Matt and me. I know I can speak for him when I say we'd both be happy to help," Jim said.

"Thanks, Jim; my wife and I are both grateful," said his CO. "She has a session with him this afternoon. I'll let her know it's okay to give him your cell number."

"That will be fine, Sir. Will there be anything else, Sir?" Jim asked.

"That's it, Gunner, and thanks, again."

When Jim got home from work, he related the conversation between him and his CO that afternoon. Matt's only comment on the re-enlistment was that it was totally Jim's decision; but, he wondered what they could do to help the young Marine.

"Well, I'm sure she's hoping that maybe we can be positive examples of gay Marines, maybe even act as a surrogate family for the kid," Jim added.

"Maybe we can help, we'll just take into the family and just possibly change his circumstances," Matt replied.

Denise and the boys were scheduled to arrive home soon, so Matt drove off to pick them up at the airport. Jim had just put Kelly in his play seat and was setting the table, when his cell rang. On the caller ID, he read the name `Travis Masters'. This has to be the young Marine my CO was talking about, Jim remarked to himself.

"This is Jim Flannery."

"Gunner, my name is Travis ...well ... Dr. Burns gave me your number and said that I'm supposed to call you. It's just that... well, sir ... I'm not real sure why," the young man stammered.

"Travis, I'm glad you called. Look, you got any plans for dinner tomorrow night?"

"Well, no, sir, ... I'm on suspension; so I've got lots of time," Travis replied.

"Good! Would you like to join us for dinner, say around 1700? And I won't take `no' for an answer, by the way," said Jim, and then gave the boy directions to the house.

"Thank you, sir. I'll see you then," said Travis.

Matt returned with an exhausted Denise and two stoked boys. The three adults let the boys excitedly ramble on about their adventures. They filled their Dads in on everything that happened, from the plane ride to Florida, to the rides at the park, and even the flight back home. Jim and Matt listened patiently, while Denise watched and smiled.

"And Mom said she'd take us to Disneyland next summer when we go to visit her in San Diego," Jimmy said.

"Yeah, and we get to fly on a big jet on that trip," Matty added.

Matt looked at Denise and smiled; it seemed like the weekend did the trick for Jimmy, at least for the time being, at least, looked as if he was handling the divorce fine. The fact that she had included Matty in the adventure only seemed to make it more so.

After dinner, Denise excused herself and went tired and reluctantly to do laundry and pack. Before she left on the trip, she had gone through the house and collected everything that she wanted to keep, mostly personal items, the guest bedroom set, and a few other odds and ends she had collected over the years. A moving company would be arriving in two days to pack everything up and take it out to California.

Matt came into the bedroom and hugged her. "Thanks, Denise; Jimmy seems to be handling this better than I thought he would, and you seem to be very happy, yourself, kind of lighthearted; but tired, of course," Matt said.

"Well, he is a smart boy and, fair warning; I think he understands a lot more than we think, Matt."

Denise continued. "What really helps is he has his buddy, Matty. I swear Matt; if those two could take a dump together, they probably would! Every morning, I found them snuggled together, sleeping soundly. I don't think it's anything sexual, just more of a comfort thing.

They've both had a lot happen to them over the last few weeks, and they've become each other's constant `security blanket," she said. "I'm so glad they have each other. Jimmy was my biggest worry when I made my decision to tell you about me and ask for the divorce.

"As for the relationship between you and me, I bet you're feeling much better about yourself, after coming to terms with something you've struggled with for years," Denise said, with a thoughtful look on her face.

Then, she smiled, "So tell me, what are your plans about you and your `stud-muffin?" she asked with a giggle?

"Most of them ... I don't think you'd wanna hear," replied Matt with a grin.

"We've decided to live together, but maintain separate bedrooms for awhile. We thought we'd give it another year or so before we tell the boys about us. And, we've decided to sell this house, buy some land down by Dad, and build a bigger house," Matt explained.

"Sounds like a good plan. Is Jim gonna re-enlist?"

"His CO is begging him to stay another four years. He even told Jim that he's already figured it out about Jim and me. He aslo told Jim his younger brother was a gay Marine who was killed in Iraq three years ago. He said he sees a lot of his brother in Jim. Besides all that, his CO said that Jim makes him look good. The CO figures, if Jim stays, his last three years to retirement will go a lot easier," Matt finished.

"Matthew, there is still one issue," Denise said, sounding serious and causing Matt to stiffen slightly. She continued, "I'm not comfortable with not paying support. Leaving Jimmy on my medical won't cost me anything extra. I just don't feel like it's fair that you should be paying everything."

Matt relaxed and thought for a moment. "Okay, I understand; how `bout we do this," he offered.

"We ask Finn to figure out what would be the typical amount that you would normally be expected to pay; then you put that amount into an interest-bearing account every month, instead of sending it to me. We can use that money for Jimmy's travel expenses when he visits you, wherever you are, and maybe some extras along the way, like lessons in something, or electronics that he wants. That'll keep you involved. Whatever is left when he turns eighteen, you can just give the amount to him.

And that's my final offer, by the way, Denise. I don't want you to do without. Remember, you and I have a very wealthy son, thanks to Peggy; and my overly-generous father is doing extremely well. How's all that?" Matt asked with a smile and a look that said he wasn't budging.

"I like that idea, Matt. Talk to Finn and let me know."

She hugged Matt and kissed him. "You know, I'm gonna miss you; we've had a wonderful life together. But, I think we're both going to be even happier with our new lives."

"Hey, we'll always be bound together by our beautiful son, and you know my Dad won't let you go. So, what say we just treat each other like brother and sister from now on, and stay one big family? We have so much shared history; it'd be a shame to drift apart and lose all that," Matt offered with a genuine smile.

"That's wonderful! Thank you Matt," she answered, then gave him a hug and kiss.

After the boys went to bed, the three adults sat in the living room and talked about their futures. Denise told Jim about Matt's ideas.

"Well, I think that's great," Jim said, "I'm very grateful that you included Matty on the trip, and I think it'd be great if we stayed together as a family. Boys need to feel like they've got a mother. And knowing that you're willing to help with my boys, as well as your own son ... well, I'll be forever grateful," Jim said.

Next morning Matt went into Jimmy's room to wake the boys; he wanted them up in time to say good bye to Denise. When he opened the door, he saw the two sleeping peacefully and comfortably holding each other, Matt paused for a moment, fondly remembering how he and Jim did the same thing when they were that age. He was startled out of his reverie by Jim's big hand suddenly resting on his shoulder.

"Looks like we won't ever need a top bunk," Jim said, looking fondly at the two sleeping boys.

"Let's just let it be. They'll probably grow out of it on their own," Matt said, as he shook the boys awake.

After a big breakfast, Jimmy and Matty each gave Denise a going-away present. They had both bought picture frames at Disney World and put photographs into them. Each was one of the boys and Denise.

"These are lovely boys; they'll go right on my desk," she said, hugging each of them. "But, how did you get those pictures?"

"Dad sneaked the card out of your camera last night and printed the pictures," Jimmy said, obviously proud of himself.

"Well, thank you, both." "Now, I have to get going, or I'll miss my plane."

And with that, everyone was on the move: Denise to the airport, Jim to work, and the boys back to school, leaving Becky to clean up the kitchen and entertain Kelly. Denise drove her car to the base, where she would leave it, to be shipped to San Diego later. Matt drove the boys to school.

Later that morning, back at home, Matt was working on his latest writing project for work when the phone rang.

"Hi, Dad: what's up?" Matt asked his father when he answered the phone.

"I was at the Food Lion picking up supplies for Saturday's party and I grabbed one of those Real Estate magazines. There's a listing that just might be what you're looking for. I emailed you a link to the listing, so you could check it out."

Matt opened his email and navigated to the listing while his Dad continued to talk.

"How'd everything go with Denise?" Frank asked.

"Oh, great! The boys had a super time; I think she did a wonderful job with Jimmy on the trip. He seems to be handling everything very well. `Course he has Matty help him through it. Now that I think about it," he mused, "I think they're helping each other through the changes over the last few months. When I went in to wake them up this morning, they were sleeping together, just like me and Jim used to do."

"They'll be just fine," Frank said, "they have each other and two great Fathers to care for them."

"Hey, Dad, this listing looks really interesting, seven acres that back right up to the river ... might be a bit out of our price range, though" Matt said.

"Don't worry about that, just yet," said Frank. "Do you think you guys can come down tomorrow after work and take a look at it? I can set up the appointment."

"Okay Dad; I'll talk to Jim tonight. He can go straight from work to the place, since he's already close to it.

"Good; I'll make the arrangements and call you in the morning," Frank said.

Later that afternoon, the boys arrived home from school, took the dogs out for their daily walk, and then quickly jumped into the pool.

Matt was preparing dinner and Jim was feeding Kelly when the doorbell rang. "Must be Tracy," Jim said.

"It's Travis, are you getting senile dog face," Matt said smiling and enjoying Jim's mix up.

"I'll show you old, later tonight!" Jim said, swatting Matt's butt as he walked to the front door.

Standing in the open door, Matt stared at a boy who looked to be only about sixteen years old, although with what appeared to be a very toned body, sandy hair, and beautiful, but very sad, blue eyes.

This couldn't be the Marine; this kid looks like he's still in high school! Thought Jim.

"Gunner, my name is Travis Masters," said the said angel.


To be continued...



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