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A Single Soul


Chapter 18


The Healing Begins



For the next hour, Frank watched Travis playing with the boys; he was showing them how to dive off the spring board, and he was demonstrating how to do flips. The two boys were in heaven, they always enjoyed themselves with him and their dads, but with this young Marine showing them so much attention they were over the moon. It was clear to Frank, that there was something special about the boy.

Matt, Jim and Finn had gotten out and were talking house plans and architects, so Frank asked Travis if he would help him in the kitchen, and of course, he agreed, hopping out of the pool and drying off. He saw that Frank was staying naked, so he did the same and followed him into the kitchen.

"I have to tell you Mr. Leo, this is one amazing house," Travis said.

"Thank you Travis and I want you to feel at home here, but before we start working on dinner, I wanted a chance to talk with you privately," Frank said leading the boy into the family room where he sat and motioned for the young man to sit next to him.

"Travis, I hope you don't mind but Matt shared some of your story with me," Frank started, and he immediately saw Travis stiffen, "hold on son, there's no need to be alarmed. I just wanted to share a few things with you about myself that I hope will help you feel more at ease." Travis relaxed and smiled at Frank.

"Now you might not know this, but I was Marine and served in Nam, after that I came home and worked as a State Trooper until I retired, in all that time I was married, first to Matt's mother and next to a wonderful woman whom I lost less than a year ago," Frank continued while he was looking directly into Travis's beautiful blue eyes. He could see the boy looked a bit confused.

"But I want to be honest about my sexuality and so while you're staying here you will notice that, just like the old song says, Finn and I 'kind of have a thing going on'." The boy's eyes got as big as saucers.

"Travis, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Matt when he was a teenager, it's not where you stick your dick or who you love that makes you a man; it's how you live your life, living it with honor and always keeping your word makes you a man. The other thing is always treat people the way you want them to treat you, and you will never go wrong. Now I've spent a lot of years reading people, and I can see what a good man you are, and when you're here with me or with Matt and Jim, I want you to always be happy and proud of yourself because being a Marine or a member of any of the other services is something to be proud of," Frank finished.

Travis's eyes were glassy with tears, "Thank you sir; this is the best I've felt in a long time, even long before the problem with my dad. I always hated that I was gay, and I did try to change, but I never found girls attractive. But you guys have helped me feel better about myself and at least now I know I can talk to someone who understands."

Frank hugged the boy, "Travis; you can't change who you are, just be the best person you can be. You can call on me day or night, and I'll do whatever you need even if it's just to listen to you bitch, and so will Matt, and Jim so just know you don't ever have to feel alone again," Frank said and released him, "so come on kiddo, let's get dinner started."


Wednesday Matt was finally able to start running with Jim again; they kept it to three miles so Matt wouldn't overdue it his first time out. Running together was something that Matt enjoyed immensely, they ran virtually in silence, but somehow they still seemed able to communicate. With the new property decided on, along with the discussions about the design and size of the new house, Matt's biggest concern was Jim telling his parents. Matt had a nagging feeling that Jim' mother was a potential problem. As they were slowing for the cool down Jim broke the silence.

"You know I think I should give my parents a call, I want to tell them about the new property and us living together, it might be best to ease them into it," Jim said.

"You know you really have to stop doing shit like that, I was thinking about your mom earlier," Matt said as he bumped Jim's shoulder.

"Maybe we could invite them for our birthdays, and by then I can work in some hints along the way during our weekly phone calls," Jim said.

"That could work; we can have them stay with Dad, then they can stay for Thanksgiving."

"Good plan, I'll mention it," Jim said.

They were just getting to the driveway when they encountered Andrew also dressed for a run, "Morning Gunner, Matt, big news; I got my orders yesterday, and I'm staying here at Lejeune; I'll be working in communications, so we may be crossing paths," he said.

Matt and Jim just looked at each other and smiled, and acknowledging that they were thinking the same thing.

"That's great, Jarhead. If you're interested, I know of a house for rent, and it's furnished," Jim said with a smile.

"Really, where," Andrew asked not catching on.

"Think about it, Jarhead, you're living in it," Jim said with a laugh.

"That would be great if the price is right, but where are you going?"

"Well Matt and I just bought a piece of land and are building a house; it makes sense since he works at home and the boys get along so well, we thought combining households might be the best thing to do," Jim said.

"Maybe you and Nadine could come over after dinner, and we can talk about it," Jim said.

"Yeah that would be great," Andrew said and waved as he headed off for his run.

"Does this mean we're officially a couple," Matt asked as they walked up the drive.

Jim put his arm on Matt's shoulder, "Matty, I'm never letting you get away again so you better get used to it." Jim said, making Matt weak in the knees.

"I love it when a plan comes together," Matt said as he bumped Jim's hip.


Down at the beach, Travis had gotten up at 0630 and ran his eight miles on the beach; it was great way to start the day with a run and watching the sunrise. As he ran he took time to think about the last few days, and how he went from feeling lost and alone, to being surrounded by so much unconditional love from people he just met; and he decided that the universe was sending him a message, again, and this time he was going to pay attention.

When he got back to the house he found Frank and Finn having coffee in the breakfast room, Frank reading a newspaper and Finn on the laptop and both comfortably naked. Travis's face must have registered a reaction so Frank said, "I told you yesterday we spend a lot of time naked."

"That's fine, I'll join you after my shower," Travis said heading off to his room. He stripped off his gear and headed into the shower, the picture of the two hot naked men fresh in his mind, and his cock was on the rise. Once in the shower he lathered up his cock and started to stroke it imagining the two hot muscle daddies naked on the bed in a hot sixty-nine like he'd seen in the movies. He had discovered from movies how sensitive a man's nipples were. So as he stroked his cock, he worked one with other hand, he could feel his orgasm building; it had been awhile since he had a good stroke session and he wanted it last. Working on the head only, he was imagining Frank's hot uncut cock in his mouth and licking his big hairy balls, and that was it, he blasted a huge load of cum on to the shower wall.

Finishing his shower and shave and with his balls drained he headed back to join the other guys naked and no longer worried about popping a boner, he grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the men at the table.

"Travis, if you have no plans today how about a boat ride," Frank asked.

"That would be great Mr. Leo, I love boats."

"You know what son, why don't you just call me Uncle Frank, I'd like that."

Travis just stared at the man for a moment as he fought back the tears that came to his eyes, "thanks sir, that would be great," he said, but they came anyway, but they were happy tears. Frank got up and walked over to Travis and asked him to stand, when he did, Frank drew him into his arms and held him.

"Travis, you need to start letting all the old shit go and move on, just let us in, we want to help," Frank said, he nodded his head to Finn inviting him to join them in a bonding hug. Finn joined in and he and Frank surrounded Travis with their arms holding him tight.

"Travis, just let us hold you, let us help you heal, you are a very special and valuable person, you need to start believing that and once you do you can accomplish anything." Frank said.

Travis did feel it, it was if a warming balm had been spread over his body, and he relaxed, it wasn't sexual it was just bonding and feeling accepted for who he was.

As the guys broke apart Travis went beet red because he had started to get hard, Frank noticed and laughed, "Don't worry son, at your age a slight breeze does that."

"Yeah, it sure does," Travis said with a smile.

"Okay, let's get breakfast over with and get on with our day," Frank said.


Matt and Jim rushed through their shower; Matt had to run a training class at the base and didn't want to be late. Becky was feeding Kelly when Matt walked into the kitchen and the baby started bouncing up and down when he saw him. Matt went over and kissed the baby.

"See, he likes me more than his dad," Matt said to Becky.

"Dream on Captain, he was just practicing for my entrance," Jim said as he came into the kitchen and poured himself coffee.

"I'm sure gonna miss this exceptional repartee y'all have when I leave," Becky drawled.

"We can always Skype with you when you're missing us," Matt said.

"Gee thanks, will I get paid when we're doing it," she laughed.

"No your enjoyment will be your pay," Jim said.

"Thanks, I'll pass," was her reply.

After a busy morning Jim was eating lunch at his desk and decided to call his parents. He really wasn't looking forward to this but he knew it had to be done. He had tried not let on to Matt, but he was a little concerned; his mother could be a bit of a bridge playing tight ass. She was very concerned about her social standing; and he wasn't sure how his new life style would go down with her.

"Hi Jimmy," his mother said as she answered the phone, "is everything all right with the baby," she asked.

"Sure, Kelly is fine and growing like a weed, and Matty is enjoying his new school and his new best friend," Jim said, "if Dad is around put him on speaker," he asked.

"I'm here Son," his father said, "what's going on."

Jim went on to fill his parents in on what had happened since they were there for the party and about the mix up with the Conway's.

"That was a very nice thing to do Jimmy," his mother said.

Then it was time for the big story, he explained about the property and the plans for building the house.

His parents listened without comment as he explained where the property was, the size and the good deal they got from Frank. When he was finished his dad was the first to speak.

"Are you thinking about a dock out on the water," George asked.

"Yeah, one of the first projects will be to bulkhead the entire frontage as soon as we get county approval."

"This sounds lovely Jimmy, but what's going to happen when you start dating again, and if you want to get married, won't it be awkward with Matt living there," his mother asked.

Before Jim could even start to answer his father said emphatically, "Bonnie just leave it."

"What I was really calling for was to invite you guy's up for my birthday and maybe you could stay until Thanksgiving," Jim said.

"We'd love to come up to see the baby and for your birthday, but we'll have to talk about Thanksgiving later," his mom said.

"Great, look I have to go my lunch hour is over, talk to you soon," Jim said and hung up.

Well, one thing was clear; his dad had figured it all out and his mother was still on page one. Oh well, Jim thought, dad would get her sorted out.

When Jim got home from work, he found Matt feeding the baby, "and how was your day," he asked rubbing Matt's shoulder and then kissing the baby.

"Great, and what about yours," Matt asked.

"Had an interesting conversation with my parents today, we'll talk about later it's nothing serious, let's get dinner ready, remember Andrew and Nadine will be over after dinner," Jim said.

"What do you think about offering Nadine the nanny job; Becky only has four weeks left but said she could use extra time to pack if we found someone," Matt said.

"Sure, it might be just the right fit. By the way, where are the dynamic duo," Jim asked.

"In their room doing homework, so what happened with your mom," Matt asked.

"How'd you know it was mom?"

"Just a hunch, so spill," Matt said.

"When I told her about the new house she wondered what would happen when I started dating or got married again, dad told her to leave it but you know her she'll keep nagging." Jim said.

"So how do you want to handle this little conundrum?" Matt asked and snickered.

Jim walked over and leaned down; he licked Matt's ear and whispered, "I'll tell you later baby, your dog face has all the answers," Jim said and walked away laughing.

Over dinner the boys were telling their dad's about their day at school, "Hey guys, do you understand what we were doing looking at the land yesterday," Jim asked.

"Yeah, that's where we're going live," Jimmy said.

"Right on the first try, so what do you think about all of us living here until the new house is ready," Matt asked.

"Cool," both boys said as they bumped fists. "Can we still share a room in the new house," Jimmy asked?

"Well, we planned for you to have your own rooms, but you can still share until you decide you want your own room, is that okay," Jim said and the boys repeated their fist bump and said, "Cool," again.

After dinner Andrew and Nadine arrived, and they discussed the house rental, Jim told them that he would leave the furniture and contact the landlord and set up a sub-lease leaving his deposit, so they wouldn't have to come up with the cash, and they really liked that idea.

"Nadine," Matt asked, "are you planning to work."

"I'm going to look for something part-time at night so Drew can babysit, daycare is so expensive that it's almost not worth going to work," she said.

"Well we are losing our nanny and were wondering if you would like the job, we need someone from 0700 to 1400 and sometimes taking the boys after school when I have to go to the base for a training seminar," Matt said and then went over salary.

"This is a great offer guys, can you let us talk about it tonight and get back to you tomorrow," Nadine said.

"Sure, take two days if you need, it's a big decision." Matt said.

Later after everyone was gone, and the boys in bed Jim made his nightly trip to Matt's room. He crawled into bed; he had been waiting all night to kiss him, and he did.

"Okay, before we get to the fun part, let's go over the 'mom' problem," Matt said.

"Well this is what I'm thinking, we've decided that we're going to make a life together, correct," Jim said.

"Correct," Matt said and kissed Jim.

"Well I don't want to do the 'hey we're here and queer thing' and make a big announcement. Frankly, it's nobody's business and I thought we could just move on with our lives raising our boys and loving each other. I'd just rather not make an issue about it, if someone asks we can decide to tell them, but if we make an announcement, we're just opening ourselves up to questions and comment; and I don't think it's really anybody's fucking business." Jim said firmly.

"James Flannery you amaze me, that is exactly how I feel about it and it was a very romantic way to say it, but what about your mom, not to mention your brothers and sister? I mean all I have is dad and my stepbrother, and they know," Matt said.

"Now here's my plan, what would think about inviting the entire Flannery clan down for Thanksgiving, we'll just send out invitations saying Jim and Matt invite you for Thanksgiving, and that's it, let them draw whatever inference they want" Jim said.

"Sounds good, but how come your name is first," Matt asked and pushed Jim's shoulder.

"Because I'm the stud," Jim said and rolled over and pinned Matt to the bed, " and I'm going to prove it," Jim started to kiss his way down Matt's body spending a little extra time working Matt's nipples and then down his stomach and started on his cock. He loved pulling back the skin and getting that first unique taste of Matt's flavor. After a few minutes sucking Matt's cock he moved down and started to lick Matt's balls and grabbed his leg and pushed them back exposing Matt's hairy ass and dove in.

As Jim was tongue fucking him, Matt was begging to be fucked, and that's just what Jim did as he slid his spit-slicked cock into his lover's hot, tight ass. The two men kissed passionately and kept eye contact the entire time Jim was working his magic on Matt's prostate. Keeping the eye contact made their lovemaking almost a religious experience, as if they spoke to each other through their eyes, and it was as if they could see into the other's soul.

Jim was taking Matt to new heights of passion, and all too soon Matt could feel Jim's cock begin to throb, and he knew he was about to have his ass filled with Jim's hot load; and that was it, with a grunt Matt felt Jim unload deep in his ass as he shook from the violence of his orgasm.

They kissed deeply as they came back down to earth, Jim was starting to pull out, and Matt stopped him, "stay in for a while baby; I love feeling connected to you like this." So they maneuvered themselves onto their sides, and Jim held Matt in his arms and kissed his neck, their breathing started to sync up and Matt was starting to drop off to sleep, and Kelly started to fuss and that ended the guys' tender moment.

"Time to take care of my other man," Jim as he got out of bed, "but it won't be as much fun."


About the same time down at the beach Travis and Frank were sitting on back deck watching the boats go up and down the river. They had spent the day doing the same thing and then gone out to dinner with Finn who had called it a night because of an early court date. Travis was giving Frank the story of his life, explaining his love of baseball and gymnastics and of course, the Corps.

"The boys really enjoyed you teaching them to dive, maybe you could start helping them with their baseball; they think you're a god as it is and their dads really don't have the time between work and the baby," Frank said.

"I would enjoy that, I'll talk to Jim and Matt on Saturday," Travis said, "well Uncle Frank, I think I'll hit my rack, last night was the first peaceful night sleep I've had in a long time, and not only the great bed but the quiet is fantastic."

"Well I'm glad you're enjoying it," Frank said as he stood and hugged the boy, and he was surprised how tightly the kid hung on.


Thursday morning Matt was working in the office when the doorbell rang, Becky had taken Kelly for a walk, so he went to answer it and found Nadine and Drew, as they were now calling him. "Good morning guys, come on in," Matt said.

"Thanks, we won't keep you, but we've talked it over and also with mom and dad. We would like to accept your offer, both of them," Drew said.

"Does it matter to you if I come here with Jewel, or you bring Kelly to us," Nadine asked.

"You do whatever you like; it can be at your house everyday or switch up; it really doesn't matter to us," Matt said, "when can you start?"

"I was living with Drew's parents, so we just need a week to go home and pack our clothes and a few items, we can be back in a week," she said.

"Great, I'll let Becky now so you guys can meet, and she can give you the rundown."


In North Topsail Beach, Travis walked naked into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee and joined Frank on the deck.

"Good morning Uncle Frank," he said taking a seat and powering up his laptop, "You know, I really like this being naked; it just feels so natural," Travis said.

"I agree; Matt and Jim used to spend most of their time naked too; we all liked it but had to give it up when I got re-married, most women don't like hanging out nude," Frank said.

"Well I'm glad it's an all-male house; I could get used to this," Travis said sitting back and spreading his legs, his ample cock, still with a bit of its morning plump visible as his balls hung low against the seat of the chair. Frank sat drinking his coffee while watching Travis work at his computer, the thought that his parents could disown him over something like sexual orientation was just baffling to him, and he was deeply concerned for the boy. One thing Frank had always prided himself in, was being a good judge of character; and maybe he was a bit prejudiced, but he felt that if the kid could make it this far in the Marines and keep his secret, he was solid. He wanted to help the boy and getting him out of the barracks would be a good start.

"Travis, I was thinking, why don't you head up to the base today and see your Sergeant and ask him if you can get a housing allowance and then move in here? I have plenty of empty bedrooms, and I think it would do you good to live out off base. But I won't take any money, so you can use it for your car payment," Frank said.

"Do you really mean that," Travis sat bolt upright in his seat and then jumped up and ran over and hugged Frank, "thank you, thank you so, so much; I won't get in your way, oh man this is so great," the boy was so excited he was rambling.

"Calm down son, I don't want you having an accident while you're driving," Frank said as the boy rushed into the house, "and don't forget to put clothes on," Frank hollered after him.

When he got to the base, he met up with his Sergeant and was surprised how fast he approved it, they needed space in the barracks for the lower ranks returning from deployment and the new guys that were just coming in for training. It would take time for the paperwork to go through and since he didn't need the money he could move out while he was on leave.

Travis filled out the paperwork and packed his clothes. Marines living barracks were discouraged from having a lot personal belongings due to space restrictions, so it was a quick move. With his car packed, the last stop was the base post office to change his address and pick up any mail he might have. Flipping through the usual junk, he was surprised to see a letter from his brother Billy, who was just a year younger than he. He started to panic, but took a few deep breaths and shoved it in his pocket; he'd read it when he got back to the beach.

To be continued...

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