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A Single Soul

Chapter 19

The First Day of The Rest of My Life



 After Travis left for the base, Frank gave Matt a call to let him know that he had offered a Travis a room so he could move off base.


"That's a great idea Dad," Matt said, "getting out of the barracks will be wonderful for him, it will give privacy and most of all enable him to try and have some kind of social life."


"Just what I thought, it would be a sin to leave him all alone in the world; but on a purely selfish note, I like having him here. He makes me feel young again like when you and Jim were always around."


"Well I think it's really great Dad, I told Jim the first night we met him that I thought we were getting another little brother, seems I was right," Matt said and then changed subjects and continued.


"Hey Dad, I'm glad you called there's something Jim and I would like to run by you," Matt said.


He went on to tell his father what had happened with Jim and his parents the day before and then told him how he and Jim felt about telling people about their life. Next he explained how they planned on handling the situation and about the Thanksgiving idea.


"Do you think Finn would block out that time on the condos and rent it to us without using the realtor, that would help with the overflow and prevent any of them staying with us," Matt said.


"I'm sure there won't be a problem, but I'll run it by him tonight, and by the way I think you guys are handling this perfectly. When it comes down to it your right, you owe no one an explanation."


"Hey, by the way have you heard from Tom because I haven't in over a month and that's not like him," Matt said. Tom was Matt's half-brother, although they had been close as step-brothers after his mother and Frank met again and married, he had seen little of him since the discovery of the family secret that he was really Frank's son.


"Actually yes, I forgot to tell you but it seems that he's having some marital problems, with both his kids away at college it seems the little women got the twenty-something year itch and he caught her having an affair. He's doing fine but just a bit preoccupied at the moment," Frank said.


"Wow, now there's a shock, and because I don't want to have to see Father Dave for confession I'll say no more," Matt said and laughed. He could hear "Uncle Frank" being shouted in the back ground and assumed Travis was back.


"Well son, got to go. It seems like your new little brother needs my help, I'll call you later," Frank said and hung up. When he went down to the garage and found Travis unloading his car.


"Wow, that was quick," Frank said to Travis, surprised to see him ready to move in.


"Yeah, Sarg said I could move out now since they need the space for all the lower ranking guys who are returning, and because I didn't need to have my first check I could leave today," Travis said beaming with joy, "Is it all right if take this stuff up in the elevator, I'd like to get done in time for another run this afternoon, the way you've been feeding me I need a little extra work," He said with a smile.


"Yeah right, there's not a once of fat on your body, boy," Frank replied.


"Correct sir, and I mean to keep it that way," was Travis's cheeky answer.


Frank helped him get everything upstairs and unpacked, working together they had everything stowed in little over an hour and then he left Travis alone to read the letter he had mentioned from his brother.


Travis went out on the deck off his bedroom, he had chosen a riverside view because he liked the sunsets and watching the boats. It was September and the parade of yachts heading to Florida for the winter had just begun on the inter-coastal. Sitting on a lounge chair he took a deep breath to steel himself before he opened the letter and then ripped off the end of the envelope and began to read.


Dear Tray,

I hope you're doing fine, I've been so worried about you since you left that I had to write. Dad said we're not supposed to contact you but FUCK him. You are, and will always be my big brother and I don't care who you sleep with because you're more of a man than most people I know especially dad.


Since I'm still living at home I can only use the computers at school so I'll put my Hotmail address at the bottom, but if you want to use snail mail put your envelope in another and send it to my friend Tommy's address without your name in the return address, his parents are friends with mom and dad so I don't want to chance it.

Please write or email soon, I need to know you're all right, and remember I'll always love you bro.





Tears streamed down Travis's face and dropped down on the paper as he read over at least three times. He and Billy and always been very close and he figured he could count on him, he was hoping it would happen this way so there would be less chance of his father finding out. Pulling himself together he changed into his running gear and headed out. When he stopped on the way out to tell Frank about the letter and Frank hugged him.


"Travis I'm so happy for you, and this is just the beginning so just keep thinking positive," Frank said and let the boy go.


"Thanks Uncle Frank, I'm heading out for a run and will be back in about an hour."


Travis did his warm-up stretches in the driveway and started his run making his way to the private dune crossover to the beach and headed south. Setting a medium pace he headed down the beach. One thing he had noticed since he arrived was that there was a large population of Sailors and Marines living on the island in year round rentals. Today was proof, he must have passed ten or so men and women, who were obviously military, as he ran. There was one in particular that he noticed, he had seen him each time he ran, and right now he was about a hundred feet in front of him.


He was tall, he looked like he was at least six five, and was just one mass of muscle. This guy made Matt and Jim look like lightweights. Travis continued to run, following the muscle god ahead of him. Usually his runs were his time to think things through and work out problems, but running behind this guy kept his mind on one thing, finally having sex with a man and the man in front would be his ideal.


As they moved down the beach and passed under the fishing pier and Travis knew that was a two mile mark, checking his time he adjusted his pace which brought him closer to muscle hunk. As they were approaching Travis's turn around point he was thrilled when the hunk turned as well. When they finally made it back close to Travis's crossover they both slowed for a cool down which brought them alongside each other.


Travis nodded a hello, and the hunk spoke with a deep voice, "Hey man, what's up?"


This guy was wicked handsome, he had deep brown eyes and curly hair, his skin was a light mocha and it was obvious that he was mixed race, and his high and tight meant he was definitely a Marine, but it was his smile when he spoke to Travis, that almost made him swoon.


"Just running off the extra dinner's I've had the last few days," Travis said.


"There's not an ounce of fat on you," he replied with his killer smile.


"That's because I'm running twice a day," Travis answered back. They were just approaching his crossover and he came to a stop, and so did the hunk who stuck out his hand to Travis.


"Hi, I'm Wolf, you're living in the high rent district I see," the hunk said indicating the cross over Travis was headed to.


Travis took his hand and shook it, it was like touching an exposed wire, it sent a shock down to his toes. Almost getting lost in the big brown eyes, Travis replied, "Hi, I'm Travis, I just moved in with a friend's father who had an extra bedroom."


"Yeah, I've seen those houses, I'm sure he has more than an extra bedroom or two. Me, I live down the road in the low rent town houses," Wolf said with a laugh. "Seems like we're running on the same schedule, I've seen you a couple of times, maybe I'll see you tomorrow and we can run together."


"Sure, that would be great," was all he could choke out and he turned and headed up the steps and towards home. In all the years he had known he was attracted to men, this was the first time he was ever hit by the thunderbolt. What really got Travis was when he said he had noticed him a couple of times. Well he didn't want to read too much into it but it would be something good to jerk off to tonight or maybe something better. And how about that name, Wolf, he surely looked like a big bad Wolf!



Fred Conway had come over earlier in the day to invite Jim, Matt, and the boys for dinner. "The wife is cooking up her Creole specialties so we hope you can come," he said.


"Thanks we'd love too, well I least I do but I'm sure Jim will agree, and I know the boys will love the chance to play video games with your guys," Matt said.


"Six o'clock sharp and don't be late, Jewell does not like her dinner sitting," Fred said.


When Jim came in Matt greeted him a kiss, "the boys are walking the pups, dog face, so we can make out for a few minutes," Matt said. The two stood kissing and grinding their crotches together.


"Okay big boy, dial it back a bit," they broke apart and Matt told him about the dinner invitation.


"Great, I love Creole food, let me just grab a shower," Jim said with another quick kiss.


They rang the doorbell exactly at 1800 as instructed, and were ushered in and treated like kings for the rest of the evening. The menu was a chicken, shrimp, and an Andouille sausage jambalaya dish, along with chicken and sausage gumbo, fried grits and fried catfish and chicken fingers for the boys.


The food was delicious and even the boy's ate heartily. When everyone had eaten their fill, Junior took the boys to play video games and the adults sat drinking coffee and talking about the party on Saturday. Jewel asked Matt and Jim to help her in the kitchen with dessert, and they both knew that it meant she wanted a minute alone with them.


"Thank you for helping me, but I'm sure you both know I just wanted to speak with you alone," she said with a smile. "What you have done for my family is above and beyond and I'll never be able to thank you enough, but there is one thing I can do," Jewell said.


"We only did what we thought was the right thing, we've never expected anything in return," Jim said.


"I believe you Jim, but you see I was born in New Orleans into an old Creole family with a little bit of what the voodoo people call 'the sight', and I can tell you most seriously I've seen your future and you two will have a long and loving life together, and will be doing great work together. Now even though I've seen what you'll be doing I will not share that because I don't want interfere. I can only say that from what I've seen, it is an honor to know you both," she said and then kissed both men.


The guys looked at her with a look of both amazement and disbelief.


"Boys don't doubt me, now help me carry these plates in please," Jewel said.


Dessert was Banana's Foster which was a big hit with everyone, and by nine everyone was saying goodnight and talking of plans for Saturday's fishing and party.



Travis, Frank and Finn were sitting on the deck drinking a few beers and just doing what Frank called "shoot'n the shit" and Travis was telling them about meeting Wolf and, of course, the other two were teasing him about maybe getting his first blow job.


"Well I kinda have had a blow job before," Travis said.


"How," Frank asked, "you said you've never had sex with anyone."


"Well I was a gymnast, and well...," he stopped as he turned deep red.


"Wait, you mean you can suck your own dick," Finn asked with wide eyes.


"Yeah, I've never told anybody that, but sometimes I do," Travis said still red with embarrassment.


"Now I'd pay to see that," Finn said.


"You don't have to pay, I'll show you for free," Travis said with the help of the three beers he had drunk.


"I'd love to see it," Frank said, "but I think we need to talk first."


"Sure Uncle Frank," Travis said with a worried look on his face, hoping he hadn't crossed a line.


"Get rid of he worried look Son, I just want you to understand that if the three of us play around it comes with no strings, it's just three friends getting off and it's not love. Also you shouldn't ever feel you need to do something that would make you uncomfortable," Frank said.


"Got it sir, but I would love for you guys to teach me a few things, I only know what I see on the net and I'm dying for real life experience," Travis enthused.


"Then let's go kiddo, I wanna see you suck that hot cock of yours," Frank said getting up and heading for his bedroom.


The guys were still dressed from going out to dinner. By the time they reached Frank's bedroom they had stripped and all three were hard. Travis sat in the middle of Frank's bed and stroked his seven and half inch hardon a few times then bent over and started to lick and suck the head while Frank and Finn stood at the end of the bed stroking their hard cocks and watching. Then he pushed his ass further down on the bed, placed his left arm down for leverage and swung his legs up over his head and swallowed his cock using his right arm to push his cock deeper in his mouth.


Frank and Finn had never seen anything as hot as this, the boy had an incredible smooth bubble but with just the right amount of hair in his crack, as he sucked his cock his asshole spread open looking good enough to eat. After a few minutes he stopped and repositioned himself, spreading his legs wide he put his arms behind his knees pull them up and leaning forward to again engulf his hard cock, leaving his large ball sack hanging over his puckered hole.


"Buddy, is it all right if Finn and I get in on the action, I just have to eat that hot ass of yours," Frank panted.


Pulling off for a minute Travis answered, "Go for it guys."


And that's what they did, for the next hour the two older men gave Travis what he had been waiting for, lesson's in male on male sex. Frank took a long time working his tongue and finger into Travis's ass and massaging his prostate while sucking his cock and at the same time Travis was working on Finn's hardon. Travis pulled off and said he was close so Finn dove down and started to suck his cock along with Frank and when the boy shot they shared his huge load. Then Frank and Finn knelt on either side of Travis and jerked off until they shot all over his face and into his mouth, of course they had to lick him clean.


"That was fucking awesome," Travis almost shouted.


"And we didn't even get to the good stuff," Frank said.


Back in Jacksonville, Jim and Matt lay together holding each other tightly after another round of amazing sex with Matt on top. Tonight's romp included wearing their unwashed jock-straps and a few kinky fantasies.


"I hope Jewell doesn't see this action in her visions," Jim said as he nuzzled Matt's neck.


"Got that right, dog face, but even if she could I'd still do it again," Matt said.


The two lovers fell into a comfortable silence as they snuggled together in the bed. Jim's heart was still beating wildly, and not from the hot sex he just shared with Matt. He was about to take a huge chance with Matt and he was very nervous. So taking a deep breath he figured, what the fuck, full steam ahead. Looking into Matt's incredibly handsome Amerasian face he started.


"Matt, this may not be the best time to ask you this but what would you think of having Dave bless our relationship this Sunday after Mass? I thought we could do it at dads with just Finn as a witness. We could get Travis to take the boys for a ride on the boat and give us some privacy," Jim said.


"Are you serious," Matt asked wide-eyed.


"As a heart attack, Captain," Jim replied.


"My God Jim, you are serious," Matt said and he sat up and turned his back to Jim.


"Matt, what's wrong baby," Jim said putting his hand on Matt's shoulder.


"Nothing, I'm just a bit overcome at the moment, but yes I would love it," Matt said turning to look at Jim with glassy eyes.


Jim jumped out of bed and went to his room and returned with a black velvet box, he opened the box to reveal two gold rings.


"Oh wow Jimmy, these are..."


"They're called Irish Claddagh rings, the heart is for love, the hands for friendship, and the crown for loyalty and when we wear them on our right hand with the crown pointing to our wrist it means our heart has been captured, and on the left hand the same way means married," Jim said.


Jim took one of the rings out of the box and said, "Matthew Francis Leo, will you be my partner for life," Jim asked.


"Asshole, you're going to make me cry," Matt said and then kissed Jim, "I would like that more than anything in the world."


Jim took the ring and placed it on Matt's right hand crown to the wrist, and Matt took the other and did the same to Jim.


"When did you buy these," Matt asked.


"Right after Linda died, I knew somehow we were going to be together and I bought them thinking if I had them, these would make it happen," Jim said with a shy look on his face.


Matt grabbed him and pushed him on his back kissing him deeply, "I love you more than you'll ever know," he said, "I don't want to ruin the moment but I do have one request. Would you mind if we kept them on our right hand and let Dave bless our friendship and commitment to each other and not call it marriage," Matt asked. Jim had a confused look on his face, so Matt continued.

"See, you're a widower but as far as Dave and the Church are concerned I'm still married, so I don't want to put Dave on the spot.


"Very good point Captain, but it really doesn't' matter what we call it, we still have each other," Jim said and kissed Matt.


Friday morning Travis made his way to the beach crossing for his morning run, with thoughts of the fun he had had the night before with Frank and Finn and remembering the scene made his cock hard in jock-strap; he was so deep in reminiscing that when he came down the steps to the beach he almost ran over Wolf who was standing there doing stretches.


"Wow dude, are you awake yet," he said with a big smile.


"Sorry man, my mind was a million miles away," Travis said, now his cock got even harder being next to this big stud, he was also surprised that he was there waiting for him.


"Alright then focus and let's get this run over with," Wolf said taking charge. They ran at a slow/medium rate so they could talk, and Wolf lead the questioning and Travis was careful how he answered not wanting to reveal too much. Travis steered the conversation to sports and working out and away from any questions about his family. Then Travis asked about his name.


"That was my father's sense of humor, my mother is German and my father is African American, his last name is Power and thought Wolfgang would be a great name, you know, Wolf Power," he laughed, "well until high school I went by my middle name Kurt until one of the frosh football coaches started to call me Wolf Power, all the time, and it stuck."


"Good thing they didn't name you William or you would have been Will Power," Travis said, laughing at his own lame joke.


When they got back to the cross over Wolf stopped with Travis at the steps. He looked like he wanted to say something, and Travis was surprised at how much direct eye contact Wolf sustained, then he said, "Are you running tonight?"


"Yeah," Travis replied, "same time."


"Great, see you then," Wolf said with a huge smile and headed off to his crossover.


Travis said to himself, "boy I can't wait."


When he arrived home he found Frank at the kitchen table drinking coffee and he told him about Wolf waiting for him and their discussion and their plan to run tonight.


"Do you think he's gay," Frank asked.


"Not really sure Uncle Frank, I sure hope so but I'll just play it cool and let him make the first move," Travis said then added, "with my limited experience I think it's the best plan, but either way he seems like a cool guy to hang with."


"Agreed," said Frank, "see how the run tonight goes and if you'd like, invite him for the cookout tomorrow afternoon," he added.


"Thanks Uncle Frank, I will," and he headed up for his shower, and while he was lathering up he kept picturing Wolf's hot body and stroked his cock until he shot a load onto the shower wall.


To be continued...


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