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A Single Soul

Chapter 20

Band of Gold, Infatuation and Other Oldies


It was a busy day for Matt, getting ready for the weekend party kept him on his toes the whole day. The plan was that they were going to spend Friday and Saturday night at his dad's so he had to pack clothes for everybody, as well as the liquor he picked up at the package store on base. The food was being prepared by a local caterer, whose specialties included a whole roasted suckling pig and barbeque chicken, with all the fixings. He also arranged for Becky to stay at Frank's, so she could take care of Kelly in the morning, while Matt and Jim took the Conways and the boys fishing.

Matt was surprised just after lunch when Jim's brother-in-law Sean called to say his mother had been found incompetent to stand trial and was placed in a psychiatric hospital for at least five years. He gave Sean his sympathies and promised to have Jim call him later that evening. As soon as he hung up, he called Jim at work to tell him the news about his former mother-in-law, before he forgot in all the confusion of packing up.

"Well I guess we won't have to be worrying about her for a while," Jim said.

"Thank God, listen when you call him back why not invite him to Thanksgiving along with his dad, I'm sure they would enjoy seeing the boys and they wouldn't feel so alone," Matt said.

"You're a good man Captain and that's a great idea. I'll call him on the way home from work," Jim said before signing off.

Matt sat in his chair and played with his ring, twirling it around his finger; he had to laugh about it but somehow it made him feel close to Jim just touching it. The thought that Jim put into buying the rings was just amazing; he was doing everything he could to prove his love; and tomorrow's blessing was even a bigger step.

When the boys got home from school they were already pestering to get going, Matt asked them to take the puppies for a long walk, to tire them out and also give him time to finish up his work. Before he knew it, Jim was walking in the door and the boys had returned so they piled into the car and headed to the beach.

Becky would be arriving around eight that evening after going to dinner with a few other wives, whose husbands would return the same time as hers and they were planning a poster-making day and a welcome home party. It was a common sight to see welcome home banners for individual Marines hanging on the fences lining the base, where the buses with returning men entered along Western and Marine Blvd's. There were also houses on the beach, which families had rented for welcome home celebration/vacations.

When they got to Frank's, as soon as the car was unloaded the boys wanted to go over to Uncle Finn's to play video games, leaving the adult's time to talk freely. Jim and Matt showed Frank their rings and told them their plan for Sunday and of course he approved and congratulated the guys.

Just as Jim started to feed Kelly, Travis came down in his running gear. He said hello to everyone and was gone in a flash.

"Was it something we said," Jim asked with a smirk.

"Nah, he's got a hunk of a running buddy that he's infatuated with, guess it's good jerk-off fantasy material," Frank said.

"Well it's good that he's meeting people and making friends, it will help keep his mind off the family thing," Matt said.

"He was in such a hurry he forgot to tell you he got a letter from his little brother, seems he doesn't share his father's opinion and reached out to Travis telling him he'd always love him and made arrangements to keep in touch," Frank told the guys.

"Now that's really good news, he won't feel so alone. Let's face it no matter how much we include him and care for him we're still not blood," Jim said.

"That's true," Frank said, "but sometimes our love can be just as good because it is unconditional and freely given and not a requirement of blood relation."


Travis and Wolf met and began their run. They were talking about different things: sports, work and working out and then Wolf asked about Travis's family, and again he was evasive about the subject. Wolf decided he wouldn't ask again and not talk about his family in case it made Travis feel awkward. There was definitively a story there and he figured at some point Travis would tell him about it. When they got back to the crossover Wolf again stopped to talk.

"Hey Travis, do you have plans for tomorrow? I thought we could hang out," Wolf said.

"Yeah, but I was going to ask you to come to our place tomorrow, we're having a pig roast and barbeque that way you can meet my friends, and maybe go water skiing if you like to," Travis said.

"Thanks, that sounds like fun, we're still going to run in the morning right," Wolf asked.

"Affirmative, have to work off the food and beer we'll be having later, but I'm sure I'll be skipping Sunday morning," Travis said with a big smile, "see you in the morning," he waved and went up the steps.

Wolf watched him go up the steps, 'man does he have one hot ass on him, I would love to get into that', Wolf thought. Wolf had known he was gay since high school and while he had sex with a few guys he kept it pretty much under the radar, especially since he had joined the Corps, even though his family knew. He really liked Travis, he was hot, athletic and smart and he was just the right height. Wolf liked short guys, especially with a hint of a cute Texas drawl and there was also something sad and vulnerable about Travis that made Wolf want to protect him and comfort him. Well he'll just have to take it slow, he's not even sure if he's gay or not. He was getting a vibe and hoped he right.


Saturday at 0600 the Conway men, minus Junior, arrived Junior was coming with the women of the family later for the party. Going on the fishing trip, was Fred and his father, Drew, Jim, Matt, and Finn. Travis sent his apologies for dumping Drew but went for his run with Wolf. When the run was over and they were saying goodbye at the stairs Travis said, "You know where I live right," he asked.

"Yeah, it's the big mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac," Wolf said with a smirk.

"No, it's just the white house with the blue roof," Travis said and gave Wolf a light punch in the shoulder.

"Watch it stud, you don't want to pick a fight with me," Wolf said.

"Hey, I can hold my own," Travis said.

"I bet you can, and do," Wolf said and busted out laughing.

"Oh, a wise ass ha," Travis said and smiled, "just be there at 1300 and don't be late."

As Travis made his way home he was thinking about the Wolf's comment and thought 'man I'd love to have him hold mine and me his'. He had a big time crush on this guy and he was getting a vibe from him as well.

The fishing trip went well, Fred and his dad had a great time and caught quite a few fish that they cleaned as soon as they got back and Finn wrapped them and put them in his freezer. The caterer had arrived and had everything set up and the guests started arriving including Jim's boss and his wife. When she saw Travis she smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"Travis, it's good to see you and you're looking very well," she said.

"All because of you Doc, introducing me to Matt and Jim was a true blessing," Travis said and he blushed, "I have a whole new lease on life, living here with Uncle Frank and I even had a letter from my younger brother."

"Travis, I'm very happy for you. You deserve to be happy," the Doc said. He continued to stand and talk with the Colonel and the Doc until he saw Wolf come through the gate; he excused himself and went over to greet him.

"Hey Wolf, I'm glad you made it," Travis said as he reached to shake his hand when Wolf pulled him into a bro-hug.

Looking over Travis's shoulder, Wolf said, "shit Tray, why didn't you tell me you hung with the brass? You're standing there with my boss's boss and his wife and there's my boss over there," motioning at Jim across the pool. He seemed a bit upset.

"Calm down buddy, follow me," Travis said and he headed up the steps to the kitchen where he introduced him to Frank and Matt and grabbed two beers.

"We'll be right back Uncle Frank, I just want to show Wolf around," Travis said.

He showed him around the main floor and then took him upstairs and showed Wolf his room, when they went in, he closed the door and turned to Wolf.

"Wolf, please don't be upset with me. I was afraid to tell you about Jim and his boss because I thought you wouldn't come and I like hanging with you and..." Travis was explaining with nervous and glassy eyes.

Wolf stepped forward and pulled him into a full hug, "it's alright Tray, I was just caught off guard," Wolf said.

Travis couldn't help it, it was the second time he had called him Tray and he had tears leaking from his eyes. Wolf noticed and Travis stiffened.

"Hold on buddy, come sit down and tell me what's going on," Wolf said leading him to the bed.

"Okay, listen I'm sorry but the only person who calls me Tray is my little brother, and see he's the only one who talks to me; so if we're going to be buddies and hang out I need to tell you a few things."

"We are buddies Tray, and I like hanging out with you, so you can tell me anything," Wolf said still with his arm around Travis's shoulder.

"The truth is I'm gay," Travis blurted out and then went on to tell him the whole story about his father disowning him and then the accident and having to see doc, and meeting Jim and Matt and Frank giving him a room so he could move off base. When he had finished his story, Wolf still had his arm around Travis's shoulder.

"Well you're still here, so I guess you don't hate me," Travis said.

Looking him right in the eyes Wolf said, "Why would I hate you Tray," and then he moved in and kissed right on the mouth. At first Travis was taken aback but after a minute the two men were wrapped in each other's arms and kissing deeply.

"Well we both got surprised today," Travis said as he pulled back.

"I've wanted to do that since the first day I met you," Wolf said with his eyes sparkling and a big smile on his face.

"Me too buddy, but we better get back to the party before they come looking for us," Travis said.

Wolf stopped him just before he opened the door and kissed him hard again. "Tray, I really like you and I know you're new to this, so we'll take it slow but you really get under my skin, in a good way," and then kissed him again.

Back at the party Jim introduced Wolf around to everyone from the Conway family, to Finn and Father Dave and finally to the Colonel who sensed Wolf's anxiety and told him just to relax and enjoy himself.

A little later Jim and Matt had maneuvered Wolf alone into a corner. "Wolf, we're both happy you and Travis are friends, and you should always feel comfortable here and at our home when you're with him. When you're here I'm just Jim and I want you to relax and be yourself, and that goes for the Captain here to," he said tilting his head towards Matt, "and that, Marine, is an order," Jim said.

"Thank you sir, I mean Jim," he said trying to relax.

After everyone had their fill of lunch, Fred Conway called out for everyone's attention.

"We are all here today enjoying this wonderful party because of the incredible kindness of our new friends Jim and Matt and of course Frank. Everyone has heard the story of how we met and the continued kindness they have shown my son and his wife. If there were more people like these guys the world it would be a much happier place. So let's raise a glass to the three finest people you ever want to meet, Jim, Matt, and Frank. Everyone raised their glasses for the toast and gave a hearty "Oorah" and then went on with the party.

Wolf and Travis took Drew, his brother and Matty and Jimmy, otherwise known as the Dynamic Duo out for a boat ride and then came back and played in the pool with the young boys, who were bored and badly in need of attention. Travis wasn't much of a drinker and Wolf was going very easy, since he was new to the crowd, so playing with the boys was a good distraction. He couldn't keep his eyes off Travis and every time their eyes met, both of them smiled brightly.

Father Dave had joined Jim and Matt who were talking with Frank. Fr. Dave nodded his head toward the pool and said, "Seems like love has blossomed," indicating Travis and Wolf.

"Is it that obvious," Frank asked.

"Only to those who know what to look for," Father Dave said with a sly smile and the three of them just laughed as the light bulb went off in Frank's head. Dave plays for their team!

Everyone was gone by 1700, including Becky, so that left Jim to feed Kelly. While he and Matt were working on that, the Dynamic Duo were over at Finn's playing video game with Travis and Wolf, their two new best friends. After Kelly was fed Matt called Travis on his cell and told him to ask Wolf if he would like to hang and have dinner with the family,. Matt heard a hand go over the phone and Travis came back on saying, "thanks Matt, he said he'd love too."

Kelly was bouncing around in his sit and play while Frank and Finn were watching baseball on TV,

"Dad would you guys mind watching the baby for a bit, Jim and I have a few things to discuss," Matt said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Yeah, go ahead, but no talking with your mouth full," Frank said with a wink.

Once in their room the guys were on each other, trying to eat each other's face off, and while stripping their clothes off.

"I've been wanting to do this all day long buddy, every time I got near you and caught your scent my cock chubbed up," Jim said as he kissed down Matt's neck, chest and then he sucked his hard leaking cock into his mouth.

In no time at all they found themselves on the bed in a sixty-nine position and brought each other to a mind blowing orgasm much too quickly, then they moved around and kissed deeply sharing each other's essence.

"Next time we have to make it last," Jim said.

"I could have gone on, but I didn't want you to feel bad," Matt said and rolled away laughing as Jim tried to climb on top of him and wrestle him for making fun of him.

"We better get downstairs. The tribe should be over soon looking for dinner," Matt said.

When they got back to the family room Frank looked at them with a smile, "seems like a quick discussion to me," he said.

"Yeah well we weren't sure how long an old man like you could stay awake," Matt said and laughed as he moved out of his father's grasp.

"I'll show you old, anyway call the boy's over for dinner and tell Travis to invite Wolf," Frank said.

"Already did that Dad," Matt said as he dialed the phone to call Travis.

Travis sent the boys ahead saying he and Wolf would clean up the soda cans and would put everything away, then no sooner were the boys out the door than Wolf had Travis in his arms and bending his head down to kiss him.

After a few minutes of tongue swapping they came up for air. "I sure like holding you Tray, I could get used to it real quick," Wolf said.

"Affirmative, but I think we should take our time and get to know one another," Travis said as he stood on his toes to kiss Wolf again. Wolf moved his arms around Travis again and slowly slid his hand down the back of Travis shorts squeezing the boys tight bubble butt.

"Ummm", Travis groaned through his kiss. Wolf was pushing his hard cock against Travis's stomach and Travis's was rubbing on Wolf's leg. Travis pulled free; he was so excited he was panting.

"Buddy, if we don't stop right now I'm not going to be able to," Travis said panting as he stared at the incredible hunk in front of him.

"Come one Tray, let's just get off real quick," Wolf said with pleading eyes.

"Sorry handsome, as hard as it is," he grabbed his own hard cock for emphasis, "like I said, let's get to know each other better first. One week is all I'm asking; then and we can have fun," Travis said.

Okay Tray, you're worth a week's wait, but man I am going to blow a huge load when I jack off tonight," Wolf said and then he grabbed Travis for another quick kiss and headed off next door.

They made it next door just as everyone was sitting down to dinner. Jimmy looked at the two and said, "Hey what took you guys so long? We want to eat."

"Sorry little buddy," Wolf said and rubbed Jimmy's head, "Travis doesn't move very fast."

Travis gave him a `fuck you' look. Jimmy beamed from the attention of the mountain of a man that is now calling him `buddy'!

After a great dinner which everyone enjoyed, Wolf apologized for having to leave but it had been a long day. Travis walked him out and in the privacy of the garage the two men embraced and kissed deeply. In no time at all they were both hard and panting.

"Tray, you sure you still want to wait? I've never wanted anyone like I want you," Wolf said and then took his tongue and licked down his neck.

"Wolf, I told you I'm new at this and I'm kind of fragile about all this right now. It's all new to me, I mean about being out and all. I want you just as much, but I need to ease into this," Travis said.

Wolf leaned in and kissed Travis again. "Well I've never had a real boyfriend or lover for that matter. I just never met anyone whom I thought was worth the trouble; but you cowboy, you're all I think about anymore!! I just want to make you happy."

Travis looked into Wolf's eyes and raised an eyebrow, "you want me to believe that you, the statue of David come to life, have never had a lover or boyfriend? I think you just want to get me in bed and are using your best nice guy sweet talking," Travis with a smile.

A flash of anger crossed quickly over Wolf's face. "Listen buddy, there is not one thing I've said here that is untrue. I've got it bad for you and like I said, I'll wait for you as long as it takes. There are so many things I want to tell you and ask you and do with you," Wolf said with his expression softening.

Travis looked a bit embarrassed for questioning Wolf's motives and very contritely he said, "Sorry, it's just hard for me to believe that you want my scrawny ass," Travis said.

Hugging Travis he said, "Tray you need to believe me, you are the man I want, don't doubt me; by the way you are not scrawny but you do have a fine ass!" Wolf said and quickly kissed him.

"Okay big boy, I believe you! Hey can you come over around noon tomorrow, Jim asked if we could take the boys out on the boat for a few hours, they have business to take care of without the boys being underfoot," Travis said.

"Sure, but how about we take them down to Wilmington to see the USS North Carolina?" Wolf said.

"Great idea, the boys will love that, so be here at 1000, because my cute ass is staying in bed and not running in the morning."

"Okay, see you then baby," Wolf said and then he was gone.

Travis stood for a minute just staring into space. Was this really possible? Just a few short weeks ago he thought his life was over and now he has this great circle of supporting friends and a super hunk Marine who wants no one but him. How does this happen he thought...can it be real? The speed at which these relationships developed gave him pause, could they be real or did these men have other motives? Now he was being paranoid, he thought. He needed to talk to the Doc one more time to sort this out and help him learn to trust again.

When he returned upstairs he met Jim in the kitchen who put an arm around him, "looks like my new baby brother found somebody to play with," he said squeezing Travis tightly.


"On the contrary young man, I thrilled for you and I know from work that he's a great guy and he is one hot fucking stud. Just listen to your big brother and take it slow," Jim said quietly as he looked Travis in the eyes and saw the sadness again along with tears forming. He pulled Travis into the pantry and closed the door.

"What's wrong buddy, what's with the tears?"

"Nothing is wrong, it's just when you said I was your little brother it just made me, well it kind of got to me. I've come along so far with you guys, then moving in here, then Wolf, in such a short period of time!! I just find it a bit overwhelming sometimes," Travis said. "I need to start controlling my emotions better. One minute I'm fine then the next, I'm afraid it's all a dream or that maybe I'll do something that will make you and Matt dump me like my father did."

Jim pulled him into a tight hug, "that's okay, baby bro, we would never do something like that," Jim said as the door opened to reveal Matt.

"What's the matter, you have the biggest stud on the island panting after you and now you want the second biggest," Matt said with a smile.

"Second biggest," Jim said incredulously.

"You have to admit he is huge," Matt said.

"Yeah but that's not the only requirement for being a stud. That little bit of information has yet to be revealed," Jim said grabbing his crotch for emphasis.

"Our new baby bro just needs some reassuring. He's afraid that he might do something that would make us cut him lose," Jim said.

Matt stepped closer and hugged Travis from behind making it a three-way hug, "Travis, you've wedged yourself into our hearts very quickly, and you're just going have to trust us," he said.

Later that evening Matt and Jim were upstairs putting Kelly down for the night. "What's on your mind baby, you seem very deep in thought," Jim asked.

"I was thinking about Travis and his trust issues, and I had an idea but I'm not sure what you will think about it."

"Well run it up the flagpole and see if I salute," Jim replied.

"Like I said I was thinking about Travis and his trust issues, and I thought we might have him sleep with us tonight, you know naked and entwined together, telling him how much we care for him, how safe he is now and how we want him as our brother, kind of male bonding thing," Matt said as he tried to read the reaction on Jim's face.

"Are you suggesting a three-way," Jim said wiggling his eyebrows.

"No, I mean not really, but if it kind of went that way we could jerk off together or something, that could be another part of the bonding."

"We could become cum brother's," Jim said and laughed at the look on Matt's face, "we could shoot our loads mix them together and feed it to each other."

"Actually, as crazy as that sounds, it just might make him feel more secure, but I have another question," Matt said, "what's your take on us sometimes bringing in another person to play with?"

A wicked smile broke out on Jim's face and grabbed Matt in a hug and kissed him, "baby, we really are made for each other," he said as he rubbed his cock on Matt's leg. "I would love it, but we would have to limit our choices, one of my big fantasies would be the two of us with your dad, but we could mix it up and include him and Finn and Travis and Wolf. You know, now that you mention it, I would love to watch Wolf fuck Travis," Jim said still grinding his cock into Matt's leg.

"If you don't quit that you're going to shoot in your pants," Matt said as he tried to pull away.

"Alright," Jim said letting go, "I'll save for tonight and our brother bonding experience."

When they went downstairs they found Travis watching TV with M&J, the new nickname Travis gave the boys. Noticing Matt and Jim he said, "Frank said he was going over to visit with Finn and not to wait up."

"Speaking of waiting up, I think it's time for the Dynamic Duo here," Jim said nodding to the boys, "to hit the rack, it's been a long day and we have another tomorrow."

"Ah, come on Dad," Matty whined, "just a little longer."

"Not a chance guys, you both look like you're ready to fall asleep right now, so march," Matt said.

The boys got up with a pout on their face kissed all three men goodnight and made their way upstairs. Once alone Jim looked at Travis and said, "little brother we're going to bed too, and you're coming with us," and he grabbed Travis's hand and pulled the stunned young man after him.


To be continued...



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