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Single Soul

Chapter 21

Love, It's Something That We Do


"What?" Travis all but shouted.

"It was my idea," Matt said, "I thought it would help if you were to sleep with us tonight, the three of us holding each other, and have a great bonding experience," Matt said to what appeared to be a still unconvinced Travis.

"Didn't you ever sleep with one of your friends or brothers when you were a kid," Jim asked.

"No, my father wouldn't allow us to have sleep-overs and we weren't allowed to sleep with in the same bed as our brothers," Travis said.

"Shit, Matt and I slept together most of our lives, naked and spooned to each other. It really wasn't about sex, although sometimes that happened," Jim said with a chuckle, "it was more about feeling close, being connected and, not to sound too girly about it, it was very comforting. Shit, I even had a buddy when we were deployed whom I slept with, it was very cathartic." Jim said.

The guys talked for another half hour and then headed upstairs. On the way to their bedroom they peaked in on the boy's and just as Jim had predicted they were snuggled up together in a deep sleep.

As the men entered the bedroom Jim said to Travis, "You see, that's why those two are so close and trust each other the way they do."

"Alright guys, quick shower and piss and then bed," Matt said. Travis went to his room and did his thing and returned to Matt and Jim's room to find them already in bed under the covers. The sliding door was half open letting in a cool sea breeze.

"Okay bro, lose the shorts and climb in the middle," Jim said as he pulled back the covers and revealed his naked body.

Travis followed the order and climbed in over Jim. Immediately Matt and Jim turned on their sides and wrapped themselves around the man-boy. They both began to tell him how much they had come to love him like a brother and how much the boys loved him and what a good influence he was on them. Travis to the opportunity to tell them how much he loved what they have done for him and how he felt he had a new lease on life.

After talking for about fifteen minutes all three men were hard and leaking. Jim caught Matt's eye and they communicated silently. They moved together over Travis's face and kissed him on the lips at the same time; Travis opened his mouth and joined in the three-way kiss.

When it was over Jim asked, "Travis, you've never had sex with another guy have you?"

"Well I hadn't until the other night."

"I thought you said you and Wolf haven't done it yet," Matt asked.

"It happened before I met him, it was with Finn and Uncle Frank," he said and blushed; he then went on to tell them the story of how it all transpired, and what followed.

"You can really suck your own cock," Jim said with wide eyes, "this I gotta see."

They threw the covers back and Travis gave them the demonstration, first by sitting up and bending down to do it, then getting on his back and bringing his knees down on either side of his head. Jim and Matt were blown away while watching and extremely turned on. In this position his hot little bubble butt was spread to expose his hot hairy puckered ass which both men dove into with their tongues, as well as licking his balls. Travis pulled off his cock and said he was getting close to coming, so the three lay back down together and started back in their three way kiss, while Travis stroked each man's hard-on.

"I really liked it when Uncle Frank fingered my ass and hit my love nut while Finn jerked me off," Travis said.

"Yeah, that is great," Matt said, "but we have an idea, remember how young boys used to imitate Indians by cutting themselves and then becoming blood brothers? Well we thought we'd shoot our loads together mix them up and share them, and then we'll be cum brothers," Matt said.

"Cool," Travis said, but I want you guys to take turns fingering my ass while I jerk off and then I'll shoot it on my stomach, but I want to suck you guys some too."

So that's what they did, and when Travis shot his load on his stomach, Matt and Jim knelt on either side of him and stroked their cocks while kissing deeply aiming them down at the hot stud's navel were his large load lay. It didn't take long for them to add theirs.

After squeezing the lasts drops out, Jim and Matt mixed the three loads together with their fingers and each brought their covered finger to Travis and fed it to him. He sucked at their fingers like a calf at a teat. Then the feed each other a finger coated with the mixture and finished by licking Travis clean and then sharing yet another three-way kiss. And finally they pulled the covers up over the three of them, and the two older men enveloped the younger in their arms, as if wrapping him a cocoon.

They quickly feel into a deep sleep and woke up in the same position hours later when they heard Kelly over the monitor. Jim untangled himself and headed off to tend to the baby and when he returned he found Travis snuggled right up to Matt so he just got back into his position and went back to sleep.


They woke in the morning the same way, each with huge morning wood. They headed off to the bathroom together and pushed down on their cocks and peed together. As they were shaking the off the last drops Jim said, "Now we are truly bonded, pissing together in the morning, that's true closeness."

When they were ready to head downstairs Travis gave each guy a hug and kiss on the cheek, "I will never doubt that we are not brothers again, thank you both." And the three naked guys headed downstairs to make breakfast and get ready for the day; they found M&J lying naked on the couch watching TV.

"About time you guy's, were starving," Jimmy said, and then, "hey Travis, are we going out on the boat today?"

Jim who was carrying Kelly, by the way the only male in the room with clothes on, albeit a diaper said, "listen guys, Travis is now one of my brothers like Matt, so you guys call him Uncle Travis from now on."

"Okay," they both answered, then Matty said, "Uncle Travis, the news said it's going to real hot so can we go swimming before we go on the boat?"

"Wolf thought it would be cool to skip the boat ride, instead we'll go to Wilmington and see the battleship North Carolina," Jason said.

"Awesome," both boys shouted in unison.

Frank came through the door about ten minutes later, "good morning boys, how was your night," he asked.

"Great," Matt said, "by the way Dad, Travis is truly on one of the family now," he said with a sly wink.

"Sorry I missed it, you should have called me and Finn," he said with a wicked smile.

"Well maybe the next time Uncle Frank, I think that would be really cool," Travis said blushing as he said it.

Breakfast over, Matt and Jim went off to get ready for Mass; the M&J team was being excused this Sunday so that could leave at 1000 with Travis. Frank was looking after Kelly until the guys came home with Father Dave for the blessing of the rings.

Travis was in the kitchen about 0945 the doorbell rang. Like the boys, he had yet to get dressed and was standing in the kitchen naked when an equally naked Matty went to the door to answer it, he let Wolf in.

"Hey Wolf, Uncle Travis is in the kitchen," the boy said just as natural as could be and led Wolf up into the house. When they reached the kitchen and Wolf saw Jimmy, and Travis both naked he raised an eyebrow.

"If you're going to visit here get used to it, these guys run a clothing optional house," Travis said with a smile.

"Actually I live the same way, so it's no biggie to me," once the boys made their way back to the family room Wolf moved close to Travis, "but seeing you naked is pretty hard on me, if you get my meaning."

"Yeah well keep it clean when the boys are around," Travis said.

"Straight as an arrow buddy, well as straight as I can be!" Wolf said and then heard, "look Kelly it's the big bad Wolf," a now naked Frank said walking into the kitchen carrying the baby.

"Hey Mr. Leo, great party yesterday sir," Wolf said.

"Thanks Wolf, glad you enjoyed it," Frank said.

"Okay you two hoodlums let's get ready and head to Wilmington," Travis said as he headed for the bedroom with the boys running to catch up.

The guy's had left for Wilmington, Frank was just finishing feeding Kelly, and Finn was getting lunch together for the adults when Matt and Jim arrived with Father Dave in tow. After Kelly ate and they got him down for a nap everyone gathered in the living room for Father Dave to bless the rings.

They had taken the rings off and Frank held Matt's and Finn held Jim's in their hands and Father David blessed them by making the sign of the cross over them.

Then he said, "These rings are symbols of the commitment which binds Matthew and James together. The ring by its shape is a symbol of eternity, without beginning or end. Let it be a true symbol of the undying love that exists between you. The metal is a symbol of purity. Let it ever characterize your hearts and minds."

The guy's took the other's ring and placed them on each other's right hand with the heart facing toward their wrists, and then they gave each other a chaste kiss on the lips and hugged, then with hugs all around.

"Okay, everybody stay right here for a sec," Jim said and ran out of the room and returned with his guitar and sat on the couch. Matt got a funny look on his face.

"What are you up too? Matt asked.

"Matthew, please have a seat next to me, everybody else find one of your own," Jim said, "now with respect to Clint Black, I borrowed one of his songs and made a few tiny changes to make it fit the occasion,

Authors note: It might help if you watched this video of Clint Black singing to help set the scene.

After a couple of tuning strums Jim cleared his throat and in a beautiful tenor voice sang to Matt:

I remember well the day we met
I can see that picture in my head
I still believe the words we said
Forever we'll be friends

Love is certain, Love is kind
Love is yours and love is mine
But it isn't something that we find
It's something that we do
It's holding tight, It's lettin go
It's flying high and laying low
It lets your strongest feelings show
And your weakness too

It's a little and a lot to ask
An endless and a welcome task
Love isn't something that we have
It's something that we do

We help to make each other all that we can be
Though we can find our strength and inspiration independently
The way we work together is what sets our love apart
So closely that we can't tell where I end and where you start

It gives me heart remembering how
We started with a simple vow
There's so much to look back on now
And still it feels brand new
We're on a road that has no end
And each day we begin again
Love's not just something that we're in
It's something that we do

We help to make each other all that we can be
Though we can find our strength and inspiration independently
The way we work together is what sets our love apart
So closely that we can't tell where I end and where you start

Love is wide, Love is long
Love is deep and Love is strong
Love is why I love this song
And I hope you love it too

Jim kept his eyes locked with Matt's while he sang, both men had tears streaming down their faces as Jim continued to sing his song; so lost in each other, it was if they were alone. But as Jim continued on with his serenade of love his voice finally broke and he had to stop and compose himself. After a couple of deep breaths and a cough he continued...

I remember well the day we met
I can see that picture in my head
Love isn't just those words we said
It's something that we do

There's no request
Too big or small
We give ourselves
We give our all
Love isn't some place that we fall...
It's something that we do


When he was through he set his guitar down and stood, Matt did the same and fell into his arms kissing him, "that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, thank you," Matt said as sniffled and lay his head on Jim's shoulder, then he picked it up and pushed back from Jim and said, "and when did you learn to sing?"

"Just one of many, many talents," Jim replied and flashed his trademark smile.

"Along with excessive modesty," Matt said with a light punch in the arm. Just then they heard Frank clear his throat and remembered they were not alone.

"Well if you guys would like to rejoin us it's time for a toast," he said heading to the dining room were Frank had a pitcher of mimosa's on ice ready.

After pouring the drinks he said, "Father David, Finn," "let's stand and raise our glasses to two of the kindest, most loving men you will ever meet; and to this day I have waited for over twenty years. I hope you'll both have double that time together, to Matt and Jim." The three men raised their glasses to the couple and drank the toast and Jim and Matt followed with their drink. Then the five men enjoyed a nice lunch.

Finn stood and addressed the two, "guys, as a Commitment gift your dad and I have engaged a friend of mine, an architect, to design the new house," handing Matt a business card, "call him and make an appointment."

"Thank you," Matt said, "this is quite a surprise".

"Yes thank you, you both have done way too much already," Jim said.

And then the group continued enjoying the afternoon until a crying Kelly interrupted them.

After touring the battleship, Travis and Wolf found a place to get the boys burgers. While the boys were at the dessert bar Wolf leaned towards Travis and quietly said, "Tray, you know how hard it was for me seeing you naked today, I wanted to pick you up and take you to the bedroom right then. You are one hot little fuck," Wolf said smiling at Travis.


"Just a few more days big boy and we'll have our first night together, next weekend we'll have the house to ourselves, Uncle Frank is heading up to Jersey for business," Travis said.

"I can't' wait," Wolf said and discreetly grabbed Travis's hand.

The boys returned with their sundaes and proceeded to devour them, and then it was time to head back up the road.

It was about 1700 hours when they brought two excited boys home and Wolf took off for home, down in the garage the guys had a good long kiss.

"I'd love to stay, but I have a whopper of a headache from the sun," Wolf said.

"No problem buddy, I'll see you in the morning for our run," Travis said kissing him again, "I hope you feel better."

By 1730 Matt and Jim had the boys packed up and were saying good-bye and heading home to Jacksonville since the boys had school in the morning. Around 1800 Frank knocked on Travis's door.

"Come in Uncle Frank," Travis said.

Frank came in the bedroom and saw a beautiful naked Travis lying on the bed, the sight made his cock jump in his pants. Composing himself he said, "Get dressed buddy, Finn and I are going to treat you dinner in Wilmington, casual is fine."

"Okay, be ready in fifteen minutes," he said.

The three men drove the forty minutes down to Wilmington to a very nice waterfront restaurant and were lucky to be seated quickly. Since it was still warm the sat out on the deck overlooking the water and watched the boats. They had a great dinner and were heading home, to leave the outside area they needed to walk through the bar and as they did Travis stopped in his tracks causing Frank to walk into his back.

"What's wrong son," Frank asked.

Travis couldn't talk, he just stared. There standing at the bar was Wolf with his arm around a stunning blond, and they were laughing with a group of people. Frank looked over Travis's shoulder and followed his sight line to observe the same scene and was shocked, he had gone home telling Travis he had a headache. Travis moved toward them in an almost trance like state until he was standing in front of a laughing Wolf.

"Wolf, what's up," he asked.

Wolf just looked at him with an annoyed look, "just having dinner with my new friend," he said and kissed the woman's cheek.

Travis just stood frozen unable to move or speak from the shock until Frank put his hands on his shoulders and lead him away. He led Travis to the car silently and they headed home. Travis didn't say a word the entire ride north to Topsail. When they got inside, Frank asked Finn if he could stay the night and he said of course.

Frank stood in front of Travis and said, "Son, don't go making things up in your head, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for what you just saw, now come on buddy, you're going to sleep with me and Finn tonight."

Tears were running down Travis's face as he undressed in his room and used the bathroom. How could he have been so cold to me, and what about all the things he said to me over the last two days? This had to be a nightmare, that couldn't be man he was falling in love with. He made his way to Frank's bedroom and just crawled into bed between the two men and cried as they wrapped their arms around him. Nothing was said; they just held him and let him cry.

Monday morning Travis woke up and was still a bit out of sorts but decided he needed to pull it together for his first day back to work but decided not to run today. Frank got up and made him breakfast, and by the time he was done he had three text messages from Wolf asking where he was.

"I can't believe he's acting like nothing happened," Travis said to Frank with anger in his voice.

"Maybe you should go talk to him and see what he has to say," Frank said softly.

"What could he say, my headache went away and I decided I was up for a woman. No I have to concentrate on work today not on some lying asshole," Travis said, then he hugged Frank, "thanks Uncle Frank, you and Finn helped a lot last night," he said.

After sending his last text to Travis a very confused and concerned Wolf finished his run and went to work. He couldn't understand why Travis didn't show up or at least answer his texts. Well he figured he would explain during their afternoon run.

Travis surprised himself and was able to put his troubles out of his mind and concentrate on his first week back on the job, although at lunch time he called Matt and quickly explained what was going on an asked if he could hang out with them that evening, he needed to be with his brothers he said. Matt said of course and to come straight over after work.

Matt hung up from Travis and immediately called his dad, to discuss the situation and let him know Travis was not coming home. "I'm kind of surprised Dad, I thought this Wolf guy was really a nice guy. Are you sure it was him and not a look alike," Matt asked.

"So sure I'd swear in court," Frank replied, "well maybe it's better he stays with you for a couple of days, since I'm leaving tomorrow night for Jersey. I'll send him a text and ask him what he needs and bring it up to you guys later today. Oh and by the way, I've explained to Tom why you won't be joining us," Frank said.

"Thanks Dad, I'll see you later."

Matt hung up the phone and stared out the window, he thought about Travis and how far he had come since they met, he also worried how this would affect his recovery and if it would cause a setback. He decided to let it be for time being and figured he'd discuss it with he and Jim that evening. One thing was certain he was going to strongly suggest that Travis not make the same mistake he did and advise him to at least meet him once to discuss it.

The last thought brought back a flood of memories for Matt and, as he sat thinking about all that he and Jim had been through, while twisting the newly blessed ring on his finger he couldn't help it, he picked up the phone and called Jim.

"Hey buddy, is everything okay," Jim asked with concern in his voice.

"Sure it's silly but I just wanted to hear your voice," Matt replied feeling kind of silly for calling but went on to explain what was up with Travis.

"The Travis/Wolf thing has you reliving some memories I think," Jim said softly.

"I think you know me way too well dog face," Matt replied with his heart bursting with love. Just the fact the Jim knew what was wrong without asking was further proof of how strong their love was.

"I'll elaborate on that theme when I get home captain, see you at 1530," Jim said and hung up.

Matt made his way into the kitchen, where Kelly was bouncing in his sit and play. He looked at his miniature Jim who smiled and bounced, holding his arms out as soon as he saw Matt. He went over and picked up the baby and kissed him and held him tight to his chest.

"You're going to spoil that baby rotten," Becky said looking over her shoulder from the sink.

"No, just taking it while I can get it, wait and see when you have your own. In blink of an eye they don't need you anymore and you wonder where the time went," Matt said as he continue to rock his other son in his arms and forgetting about everything and just let the world continue to spin.


To be continued...



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