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A Single Soul

Chapter 22

Someone Worth Fighting For


Travis went for a run and then swimming with the boys before dinner. After dinner, he helped them with their homework, trying to keep his mind off Wolf. Very quickly, he found that he was falling in love with the big man. Now it seemed right not to sleep with him. After the boys went to bed, he talked with Matt and Jim about what had happened. The guys just let him talk and get everything out.

"Alright men, it's time for bed. Come on little bro, let your big brothers hold you tonight," Jim said.

Once everyone had attended to their nightly rituals, the three men climbed into bed with Travis in the middle. Matt lightly kissed Travis on the back of the neck and said, "Travis, only you can decide what to do. I'd like you to think about this: I lost twenty two years with the person I loved more than anyone or anything," Matt said, reaching over him to hold Jim's hand. "And that's because I didn't fight for him. If I had just talked to him, everything would have been different. So just think about that before you write him off completely. Now let's get some sleep."

Travis sleep so soundly between the two men, he barely noticed the interruption caused by a fussing Kelly, who, at three months, was sleeping surprisingly well at night. When he got up in the morning, he gave both guys a quick peck on the cheek, saying `thanks' and was off for his morning run.

Meanwhile at the beach, Wolf stood for a third time at the base of the dune crossing, waiting for Travis. He was starting to panic and get angry at the same time. After the way he had opened up to him and told him his feeling and how much he cared, he just disappears? That was just fucked up and he wasn't going to take that. He sent another text message: Tray buddy where r u i'm getting worried, and of course it went unanswered. Frustrated he went on with his run just to burn off some of the anger and frustration and while running, decided he was going to do something about it. He cut his run short and went right over to Travis's house and rang the doorbell.

A naked Frank opened the door, "Mr. Leo, I'm sorry to bother you sir but I'm really worried about Tray. He hasn't shown up for our runs and hasn't answered any of my texts," Wolf said all in one breath.

Frank opened the door and let him in, "Come in Wolf, I don't need someone driving by and seeing me naked at the door," Frank said and headed for the kitchen. "Has he left for work yet sir, may I speak with him," Wolf said looking like he was ready to cry.


"No, he's not here. I have to say I'm surprised you are this upset after the way you treated him Sunday night."

"Sunday night," Wolf said with a very confused look on his face, "I didn't even speak to him Sunday night."

"Come on son, I saw you standing with the hot blond at the bar. I heard what you said to him when he came over to speak to you," Frank said with a bit of edge to his voice.

A wave of emotions swept over Wolf's face, first confusion, then recognition, finally anger and rage. "Udo," (pronounced 'Eww-Doe) he shouted, "I'm going to fucking kill that son of a bitch." Wolf shouted.

"What are you talking about Wolf," Frank asked.

"My twin brother, straight twin as a matter of fact, he has a sick sense of humor and likes to play pranks. When Tray went up to him thinking it was me, that fuckhead didn't correct him. That's why he must be so upset with me." Wolf was talking fast and was on the verge of hyperventilating from anger.

"Okay son, sit down and calm yourself. We'll get this all worked out."

"You're right sir, after I beat the shit out of my brother," Wolf said, still red faced with anger.

Frank talked him down, and once he was calm he asked, "One thing I don't understand Wolf. Why would you have never told Travis you're a twin, let alone a mirror twin?"

"When we first met, every time I brought up his family, he was uncomfortable, evasive even, and changed the subject. I figured something had happened, and he didn't want to tell me about it. So I stopped talking about families, his or mine. Later when he finally did tell me all that had happened, I never really had the chance to talk to him about my family. First it was the party on Saturday, and afterwards, we had the boys on Sunday. My plan was to tell him about Udo while we were running yesterday," Wolf said with tears in the corners of his eyes. "Now it's all fucked up."

"No I think we can work this out. Can you get your brother here by 1700," Frank asked.

"Even if I have to cuff him and drag his sorry ass, yes sir."

"Fine, don't text Travis again. He's doing okay and is staying up at Matt and Jim's. I was stopping by on my way to Jersey to drop off some clothes for him and say good-bye to the boys, so this is what we'll do..."

Travis had another good day at work. He thought a lot about what Matt told him in bed the night before. He decided that later after he got home from work he would call Wolf and set up a meeting, so they could talk it through. He had decided that Wolf was the man he wanted. Like Matt said, at least he needed to fight for him, or he would always wonder how things would have turned out.


That evening everyone was home. M&J were in the family room doing homework. Jim was feeding Kelly and Matt and Travis were working on dinner, when the doorbell rang. The dogs started barking. Jimmy shouted, "I'll get it," and ran to answer the door with the three dogs in tow. Matt wondered who it could be. He was expecting his dad, but he would have just walked in.

"Dad," Jimmy said with a confused look on his face as he returned to the kitchen, "There are two Wolfs at the door."

Everybody turned and all at once said, "What?"

"Wolf is at the door, and there is another guy who looks just like him there too," the boy said, annoyed that they appeared not to believe him.

Matt looked at Travis and said, "Wait, I'll go."

When Matt got to the front door, he was almost struck dumb. There were indeed two Wolf's at the door. It appeared that they were twins, mirror twins, in fact. He opened the door and looking from one to the other said, "Wolf?"

The man on the right spoke, "that would be me Captain Leo, and this is my brother Udo, the trouble maker. Is Tray here, I'd like for him to explain what happened."

"Sure Wolf, come on in," and he led the brothers into the house and to the kitchen. The looks on everyone's face when they saw the twins, especially Travis, was priceless.

Travis stood stock still staring. It was hard to read his face. There was confusion, relief, anger, and love all mixed together. Then Wolf spoke, "Travis, Gunner this is my brother Udo, and he has an apology for you, Travis."

The other man spoke in the exact same voice as Wolf. "Yes Travis, I'm very sorry for not identifying myself Sunday night. It's just a stupid practical joke I've played on Wolf since we were kids, but this is the first time it's ever hurt anyone. Again, I am truly sorry," Udo said and reached his hand out to shake Travis's.

Everyone was still standing and staring. Finally Matt said, "Boys, how about you guys take the dogs for a good walk, dinner will be ready in forty-five minutes." The boys just said, "Okay Dad," and left with the dogs. They knew it was adult talk time.

Again taking charge, Matt put his arm around a still stunned Travis and said, "Travis, why don't you and Wolf go into my office and talk. We'll finish getting dinner." Travis just shook his head yes and led Wolf back to Matt's office.

Jim looked over at Udo. "Udo, that's quite an unusual name," he said. He really wanted to chew this guy a new asshole for the trouble he had caused Travis and Wolf, for that matter.


"Yes sir, my father has a strange sense of humor. Udo means 'power of the wolf' and Wolfgang means wolf path'," he said.

"Interesting," Jim said, "so I see that, sadly, you've inherited your father's strange sense of humor," Jim said without a smile.

"Correct sir," Udo answered, getting Jim's message loud and clear.

As soon as the door closed behind them in Matt's office, Wolf pulled Travis into his arms. The big man had tears in his eyes already. "Tray baby, I'm so sorry for what that piece of shit did to you. I've been so torn up worrying about you since yesterday morning. You have to forgive me," Wolf pleaded.

Travis looked at the big hunk of man, completely open and vulnerable. That showed Travis a lot about him. "Of course I forgive you. It had nothing to do with you, and you had no part in it. I just have one question. Why didn't you tell me you had a twin brother, especially since you two are identical?"

Wolf relaxed and just held Travis tightly for a moment and said, "Let's sit," indicating the couch. They crossed to the couch and sat. Wolf never let go of Travis's hand.

"When we first met, every time I brought the subject of family you became evasive and clearly upset. I figured I'd back off the subject for a while until I got to know you better. Then when you finally told me your story it seemed we were so caught up in the weekend with the party and taking care of the boys that I truly forgot about it until Sunday when I went home and laid down. Udo was getting ready to go out and asked where I had been for the past few days. That reminded me that the next morning when we ran, I would tell you about Udo.," Wolf let it all flow in an almost stream of conscious manner, hardly taking a breath.

"And when Mr. Leo told me what happened I almost threw up, I was so upset. Tray, I can't lose you baby!! You're the guy I've been waiting to find since I was fourteen years old. I won't lose you because my brother is a fuckwad," Wolf said with the sincerest look in his eyes. Travis looked into his deep brown eyes; his heart pounded in his chest, and his pulse raced. He leaned in and kissed Wolf passionately. The big man wrapped his arms around Travis and held him tight while their tongues dueled in each other's mouth. When their kiss ended, Travis rested his head on Wolf's shoulder.

"I was going to call you after dinner and set up a meeting and talk it out. You coming to me means so much more," Travis said. "By the way, how did you find me," he asked suddenly looking up as he asked the question.

"This morning I went to your house looking for you. I had to explain the situation to a very icy Mr. Leo, and then he hatched this plan." Wolf said with a smile, "so we're good baby?"

"Yes, better than good," Travis said giving him another quick kiss. "Let's go join the others before I can't control myself any longer."

Matt, Jim, and Udo watched the two guys return with apprehension. All three wondered how their talk went. Travis walked over to Udo, who was leaning against the counter and looked him dead in the eye. "I'll forgive this time, but you better not fuck with me like that again because I have two big brothers over there who will kick your ass," Travis said with a smile, but the message behind it was clear.

Udo looked at him and then down at the floor, "Travis, I'm truly sorry. I wish I could take it back, but I can't. But I can guarantee I'll never play that prank again."

"It's amazing," Travis said looking back and forth between brothers, "I really can't tell the difference."

"Yeah, we are exact copies in every way except for two things. He's straight and..." looking at Udo, he said, "you deserve this, turn around and drop them." Udo looked embarrassed, but he turned and dropped his pants revealing his bare ass, which, by the way, looked, like his brother's looked, as if carved by Michelangelo. Wolf pointed to his left cheek then smacked it, "he as a strawberry birthmark and I of course am perfectly unblemished," he said with and laughed.

At that moment, Frank came in the back door and saw the massive stud bent over showing his bare ass. "Guess I'm just in time for the floor show," Frank said causing everyone to crack up.

Over dinner the brothers told their story, of course edited for the boys who were fascinated by the twin giants. Both enlisted at the same time, Wolf in the Marines and Udo in the Navy. He went on to become a corpsman in the Marines. Udo decided not to re-enlist last year and was finishing his nursing degree at UNC, Wilmington. He wanted to get married and settle down. His goal was to work with wounded soldiers. Their parents supported them "entirely" in their decisions. Just code for saying they knew Wolf was gay and had no problem with it. They had a younger sister Jasmine (pronounced in the German manner Yas-mean) who was studying at William and Mary. Their parents lived in Round Hill, Virginia. Their father is a retired Army Colonel, and their mother a school teacher.

After dinner, the twins gave in and played one round of video games with M&J, while Travis helped with the dinner clean up. The boys were so cute you could hardly say no. While they were loading the dishwasher, Frank drew Travis in close and said, "I didn't bring you any clothes like you asked, so you'll need to go home tonight."

He hugged the man, "thanks Uncle Frank; you are a very wise man," holding on for a moment.

Twenty minutes later everyone said good bye, Frank heading north to New Jersey and the twins and Travis heading south to the beach. This was the trip that Matt had planned to go on with his dad to see his half-brother Tom. With all the changes in his life, he sent his apologies and stayed home.

Wolf had driven his car,. As they were heading to the cars, Udo said, "Wolf, why don't I drive your car home, and you can ride with Travis?"

"Good thinking little brother," throwing him the keys, "I'll catch you later."

"Little brother," Travis asked.

"Yeah," Udo said, coming close to Travis and Wolf and saying quietly, "see I took an extra hour and a half coming out, and that's how I always knew he was gay. He rushed out while I took my time and enjoyed it, and have spent my life trying to climb back in," Udo said and let out a hearty laugh.

"You are one sick fucker, little brother, sick, just sick," Wolf said laughing as well.

"I may have to re-think this relationship," Travis said.

"Oh no, baby boy, you're not going anywhere," Wolf said and steered him to his car.

While driving home, he reached over and grabbed Wolf's hand, "thank you for coming and fighting for me. You have no idea how much it means to me."

"I've already told you baby boy, you are the one for me. I'm not letting you get away so you better get used to it," Wolf said.

They rode most of the way in silence, each lost in their own thoughts about what had transpired over the last two days. While they were crossing the high bridge to the island, Travis broke the silence.

"I know I told you we had to wait until Saturday, but would you like to stay with me tonight?" Travis asked quietly.

"Thank you Tray," Wolf said and lifted Travis's hand up and kissed it. "We don't even have to do anything. It would be enough just to hold you all night," he said.

When they got home, the guys made their way to Travis's room and started stripping on the way to the shower. When Wolf dropped his pants, and Travis saw his already hard cock for the first time, he whistled, "Shit man, I'm from Texas and that is what I call a Texas-sized cock!" Wolf walked over to Travis and took his rigid cock in his hand, "and this is about the prettiest cock I've ever seen," and knelt down and drew him into his hot wet mouth. Travis just moaned with pleasure as Wolf worked his cock but then he pulled himself away.

"Hey, why'd you pull away, wasn't I doing a good job?" Wolf said making a pouty face.

"No, I mean yes you were doing a very good job. You were going to make me cum. So let's get a shower and get to bed; I want this to last at least an hour," Travis said heading into the bathroom with Wolf hot on his heels.

After their shower, the two new lovers lay on the bed and kissed passionately. Travis tried to roll Wolf on his back but Wolf stopped him, broke from the kiss and said, "Oh no baby boy, this is all about you tonight. I'm going to make love to you like no one ever has!" He started to kiss and lick his way down Travis's neck and down to his chest where he spent extra time on his nipples. He then licked his way over to his arm pits and coming up for air he said, "I can't wait to do this to you after we run; I want to lick the sweat off of every part of your hot stud body," Wolf panted. He then went back to work, licking every exposed inch of Travis's flesh he could reach until he sucked his cock all the way down his throat in one motion, causing Travis to groan loudly and grab his head.

Leaving Travis's cock, Wolf started to lick and suck Travis's balls as he pushed his legs up and then started to lick and suck on his perineum and finally to the prize he had been waiting for, Travis's puckered pink hole. He drove his huge tongue in so deep and fast it made Travis almost shout, his pre- cum was dripping down on his face, and he was moaning and panting like a whore.

"Watch this big boy," he said to Wolf as he raised his head up and started to suck his own cock.

"Holy fuck," Wolf said, "That is the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen," and drove his tongue back into his lover's ass.

The moaning was getting louder and Travis was beginning to pant; Wolf pulled away and lowered Travis's legs, "you're cumming in my mouth, and that's an order Jarhead," and started to suck his cock again.

"Anything you say Sargent," as he put his hands on Wolf's head and started to rub his high and tight haircut. While Wolf was sucking his cock his started to work a finger into Travis's well lubed ass and work it in and out, aiming and hitting his prostate. Travis groaned with pleasure as Wolf fingered his as and sucked his cock at the same time.

"Another one," Travis panted, "use two, I want you to fill me up Sarg."

And that's what Wolf did, and within minutes Travis was saying, "I coming baby, you're going to make my head explode," he said and shot a huge load into Wolf's mouth. He swallowed, and saved some, then moved up and shared it with Travis with a kiss.

"Now I hope you believe me when I tell you it's you I want," Wolf panted. Travis moved down and started to suck his lover's cock, not getting much in his mouth but using a suck and stroke motion that had Wolf shooting in minutes. He repeated Wolf's move before he collapsed on top of him. Wolf wrapped his arms around him, holding the smaller man tight.

"I promise you baby boy; we'll take it slow, but now you know I want you," Wolf said.

"Well to quote Longfellow, "If I am not worth the wooing, I am surely not worth the winning."

"Well how very high brow of you baby, and I agree. This is as far as we go until you tell me I've 'wooed' you enough," Wolf said and kissed Travis again before wrapping his arms around him and spooning him tightly. "Let's get some sleep buddy, we have to run in the morning, and you've missed two days."


"Yes sir, I'm half asleep already," Travis said, and both men drifted off in minutes, content and sated.


Back in Jacksonville, Matt and Jim were snuggled in bed after an easy lovemaking session. Jim started laughing. "What's so funny dog face," Matt asked.

"I was just wondering how long it's going to take before Travis becomes the meat in a Wolf/Udo sandwich," and laughed out loud.

Matt pinched his nipple, "you're a sick fuck, you know that?"

"Come on, you have to admit that would be a very hot scene," Jim said.

"Well if you're nice to them, maybe they'll invite us."

"Really, would you go," Jim asked turning to face Matt.

"Well it's not like we haven't already had a threesome with Travis, and I don't know, but it's just sex, and it's us together so I don't see a problem with it. Now if you ever did anything without me, I'd cut your nuts off," Matt said.

"You are so cool baby, and I love you so much," Jim said and kissed his partner, "it's amazing how much alike we think."

"Yeah, we're both perverted horn dogs," Matt said and laughed.


Travis woke up completely wrapped in Wolf's arms and just luxuriated in the feeling. He knew he could get used to this very quickly. He also knew that as great as it felt, he needed to take it slow and not get hurt. Then he felt Wolf kissing his neck and he knew he was dead in the water.

"Morning baby boy, ready for our run?"

"No, I want to stay wrapped in your arms," Travis said and pushed his ass back into Wolf's very large morning wood.

"No chance Jarhead! I want you to keep that body of yours, so drop my cock and grab your socks. We need to run and get to work. After work tonight we can run and have hot sweaty sex," Wolf said and smacked Travis's butt.

"Okay Daddy, I'm going," Travis said as he hopped out of bed.

"Oh baby boy, I like it when you call me Daddy!" Wolf said as he tried wiggling his eyebrows.

"Well I will, but only in bed, and when we're alone," he said as he hit the head for a morning piss, joined by Wolf who started to piss as well, and Travis giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing really, I guess it's just a good way to complete an intimate night by pissing together in the morning," Travis said.

"True that, baby boy," Wolf said as he shook his cock and headed for the bedroom to dress.

The guys hit the beach for their run just as the sun rose over the ocean. It seemed to Travis the perfect metaphor for the new relationship he had formed with Wolf. They also saw ships on the horizon, meaning guys were returning home; little did they both know what that would mean to them.


To be continued...

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