A Single Soul


Chapter 23

The Look of Love

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Travis wasn't sure how he made it through the workday. All he could think about was Wolf, making love to Wolf, and sleeping with Wolf, being held by Wolf...he was almost obsessed. Wolf treated Travis with so much tenderness and love that it almost overwhelmed him. He really had to concentrate on his work and as he drove home, all he could think about was kissing Wolf and going for a run. The best part would be when they got back to the house all hot and sweaty.


When he pulled in the driveway he saw Wolf sitting in his car waiting for him. As he pulled into the garage Wolf got out of his car and walked into the garage. Travis got out and Wolf grabbed him and kissed him deeply. When Travis pulled back he looked deeply into Wolf's eyes and said, "Are you really Wolf or Udo playing another prank?"


Wolf walked over and pushed the button to close the garage door and when it closed he turned and dropped his pants and presented his bare ass, "Satisfied?" he asked.


"For now, I'll give you my final answer after we run. Come on big Daddy, let's hit the beach," Travis said and headed into the house to change.


The guys completed their run and made their way back to the house, leaving their shoes and socks in the garage. They sprinted up to Travis's room where Wolf pulled his new lover into his arms. "Tray baby, I love the smell of you when you're all hot and sweaty and as promised I'm going to lick you clean. He proceeded to remove Travis's shirt off and licked his pits clean, taking time to inhale the masculine scent and taste. Then he moved down his lover's body pulling his shorts down as he went and stuck his face in the pouch and inhaled the erotic musk. Next he started to lick Travis's jock-strap for a moment, before pushing him back on the bed and licking his way down one leg to tongue bathe one foot before moving over to the other and repeating his travels back up to Travis's bulging jock pouch.


"Fuck Wolf, you're going to make me cum without getting a chance to touch you," Travis moaned.


"All in good time Tray, we have all night and I want this to last," Wolf said as he pulled Travis's cock and started to suck, "this is all I've thought about today."


"Oh shit," Travis groaned, as his lover expertly deep throated him and hummed around his cock. After a few minutes of the skillful fellatio, Wolf moved down to Travis's balls, lifting the young stud's legs and started to take long swipes with his tongue. This was driving Travis almost over the edge and as he panted and moaned he called out to Wolf that he was ready to cum.


Wolf pulled back and let Travis's legs down and crawled on top of him, "okay Tray, you can work on me for a while," he said and rolled onto his back.


Almost two hours later, the two muscle hunks laid in each other's arms, in an almost dreamlike state, the result of mind blowing orgasms they gave each other.

In between soft tender kisses the guys talked about things that new lovers always find interesting. Then Wolf sat up and pulled his lover up into his arms. "Tray, I've told you before that you're the man I've waited for and that is true! So from this day forward, I want to tell you everything and hope you do the same. There can be no secrets and we have to learn to trust each other one hundred percent, just as if we were in battle."


"I can live with that, so what do you want to know?"


"Well I need to go first because I have a big one to share and it's best if you know from the start," Wolf said held Travis closer as he laid his head on the big man's massive chest.


"I'm sure you can understand that Udo and I being identical twins are really close, but there's something that nobody, and I mean nobody else knows. Like I said Udo is straight, and he only dates women, and lots of them, but he and I have been having sex since we started puberty. As we've gotten older the sex has become less frequent, and a lot of times he just wants to crawl in bed with me and we sleep snuggled up together like we did when we were kids. It's a security blanket kind of thing, and I just don't want you being freaked out about the incest thing."


"Freaked out, no, more like turned on!! Shit man I'd love to be the meat in that sandwich," Travis laughed.

"Seriously, you don't think you'll be jealous," Wolf asked

"No, you've shown me how much you care about me by coming after me. By telling me this now at the beginning, it shows me that you are putting our relationship first. The most important reason is I had a friends growing up who were identical twins and I know how tightly bound they were so it doesn't surprise me," Travis said, looking into Wolf's eyes the entire time. "From my point of view, the very thought of having one of you to play with makes me hard as a rock, but two, now there's a reason to hang around."


Wolf rolled Travis on his back and kissed him deeply, "you're a little fucking horn-dog aren't you baby boy," he said and kissed him again, "maybe I'll just have to repeat our earlier performance just to satisfy you, not only are you hot and sexy but you're kinky too!"


"No kinkier than any other man on the planet," Travis said, "you know gay or straight, we're all pigs when it comes to sex."


"But Tray, on the serious side I just need you to know there may be times when he will want to sleep with me and I with him it's just something we've never out grown. I don't want it to a problem for you if he crawls into bed with us some night. It's the intimacy we share that I'm afraid may be a problem for you."


"No, I don't see it being a problem as long as when he comes to your bed, you don't kick me out, just include me and I'll be fine," Travis said, "and I really do understand, like said I had friends in school who were identical, they were almost psychic."


"Yeah we have that too. I'm glad you're cool with this, it will make things a lot easier and save us a few arguments."


"Okay Daddy, let's get some dinner and then I'll tell you all my secrets," Travis said and headed for the shower.


They had just gotten out of the shower when Wolf's cellphone rang. It was Udo on the way home and wanted to know if they were interested in pizza for dinner. He was on speaker so Travis just shook his head yes saying, "Yeah bring two, I'm hungry." They told him to park in the garage and come straight up and use the elevator.


The guys headed down the kitchen to make a salad and of course stayed naked figuring there was no reason to get dressed because Udo was coming. While they were working on the salad Wolf grabbed two beers, "here Tray, we should celebrate, but only three because we have to work tomorrow."


"Yes Daddy," Travis said mocking his boyfriend, and then grabbed him and started to kiss him causing both of them to start to get hard.


"Better give it a rest baby, Udo will be here soon and we want to at least get dinner in. If I know my brother he'll want to experiment, he always wanted the toy I had. You cool with that?"


Travis kissed him again, "I'm cool with anything as long as you're with me."


They were just about finished fixing the salad when they heard the elevator and Travis saw the door opened to reveal the mirror image of his lover. Udo walked in and saw the two naked men and his eyes got wide.


"What the fuck guys, you did remember that I was coming?" Udo said.


"Get used to it brother," Travis said, "this is a basically a nudist camp, including Frank, Matt, Jim and even the boys."


Udo put the pizzas on the counter and started to strip, "cool, Wolf and I rarely wear clothes except in the winter, and then only sweats and a shirt," he said now naked like the others. Travis walked up and hugged Udo who hugged him back.


"Welcome to my home," Travis said, "and remember let's forget how we met and let this be the start of our friendship."


Udo squeezed him tight, "thanks, that is very generous of you and I'm glad my brother found you. I think we're going to be good friends too."


Wolf walked over and joined the hug and kissed Travis, "thanks Tray, this means a lot to both of us," and then he kissed his twin deeply. Udo looked surprised but when Wolf pulled back he said, "It's okay bro, I've already explained things to Tray and he's cool."


"Yes bro," Travis said, "I don't ever want to come between the two of you, actually I'm kind of honored that you guys are letting me into your relationship."


"Wow," Udo said, "this is one special guy you found."


"I told you he was the one I was waiting for," Wolf said kissing his new lover.


It was a still a very warm September night so the guys took their dinner out on the deck and enjoyed the setting sun. Udo went off to grab another round of beers and Wolf was smiling at Travis.


"I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes," Travis said.


"Really!?" Wolf replied.


"Yes baby, it's amazing in such a short time how I can read you, or maybe it was just a lucky horny guess," Travis laughed.


"You might be right on both counts, but just don't say anything."


"Say anything about what," Udo asked returning with the beers.


"Nothing, just new boyfriend talk," Wolf answered.


After dinner Travis asked if anyone wanted to join him in the hot tub. "Just try and stop us," the twins said in unison.


They lifted up the lid and got the jets going and raised the temperature, "Lets jump in the pool while it heats up," Travis suggested and ran and jumped into the pool followed by the twins. After about a ten minute swim they moved to the hot tub, Travis got in first and the twins sat on either side of him. Travis reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand causing Udo to flinch with surprise while Travis kissed Wolf and then Wolf grabbed Travis's head and turned to his twin and Travis locked lips with Udo.


"Are you guys sure about his," Udo asked.


"Yes we are, it's not going to be an every night thing but I want to get off to a good start," Travis said, "and not to mention I would be the envy of every gay guy in the world sleeping with the two hottest men in North Carolina."


Travis stroked the twins cocks and moved back and forth kissing both men, "okay boys what do you say we take this to the bedroom after a dip in the pool," Travis said and the three guys headed to the pool with their hardon's leading the way.


When they got to the bedroom the twins asked Travis to lie on his back. They kissed deeply and knelt on either side of Travis and kissed again. Then they leaned down and together kissed Travis and started to lick down his body until they reached his cock. They started to lick it together and alternately kiss each other.


"Watch this bro," Wolf said as he lifted Travis's legs and started to lick his balls and Travis started to suck his own cock.


"That is fucking hot," Udo shouted and moved down to suck his brother's cock. An hour later the three guys laid entwined on the bed with Travis in the middle panting and laughing about what just happened.


"We hope you can stay the night bro," Travis said.


"I'd love to, thanks," Udo said and kissed him on the cheek.


"We get op at 0530 to run and you're going with us," Wolf said.


"Okay, it will be worth it," Udo said.


Travis turned and faced Wolf and wrapped his arms around him as Udo spooned him from behind.


Wolf kissed Travis, "thank you Tray, now I know I love you," he said quietly, and Travis's heart melted.


When he woke in the morning he was still in the same position he had fallen asleep in. He had never slept so soundly or deeply. The three men got up and pissed, then headed for their run and off to work while Udo went home and went back to bed since had no classes that day. Later that day he sent a text to Travis, "it's good to have a new brother, U." was all it said and it made his day.


Travis had been exchanging emails with his brother regularly since he received the letter and today he sent one telling him all about Wolf and included a picture of the two of them that Udo had taken and closed by saying he hoped they could meet up soon and how much he missed him.


The rest of the week flew by and Frank returned Friday evening. Wolf had stayed every night but Udo had not made a repeat visit. He was busy with the new girl that Travis had seen at the bar. Travis and Wolf had made a special dinner for Frank's return and invited Finn. The day had been a hot one and when Frank arrived around 1800 and found the three guys in the pool.


"Now there's a welcome sight to come home to, three naked studs in my pool," Frank said as he stripped down and jumped in.


Jim and Matt had put Kelly to bed and were checking M&J's homework while the boys got to watch a half hour of TV before their bedtime.


"I talked with the architect today," Matt said, "he wants to meet with us to go over our vision for the house so I set an appointment for Monday night if that's okay with you. I figured we could use the weekend to talk about what we both want and need along with figuring the budget."


"That works for me Captain, but I have a feeling we will be arguing by Sunday," Jim said with a smile.


"Let's not go there dog face, I think we can come to some agreement without coming to blows," Matt says.


"Why, I like blows," Jim said quietly and wiggled his eyebrows.


"What would your mother say if she heard you talking like that," Matt teased.


"Now there's somewhere I really don't want to go," Jim replied.


"All right boys, times up so hit the rack," Jim called out to the boys who came in and kissed their dads and switched and kissed their 'Uncle's'.


"Hey Dad," Jimmy said to his dad, "Matty and I were talking and we want to know if we can call both of you Dad. See, he's like my brother and Uncle Gunner is like my other dad and we all live together like one family so well, is it ok?" the boy said with his arm around Matty's shoulder.


Matt and Jim looked each other and smiled, seems like their boys were moving things along for them. Matt raised an eyebrow and Jim just shrugged.


"Well I'm honored Jimmy that you want to call me dad," Jim said, "but if your real dad and I are in the room together and you want him just say Daddy and we'll know who you're talking too, same for you Matty."


"Cool," the boys said and bumped fists, then they went to their new 'dad' and gave them a hug and a kiss and said, "goodnight Dad," again and headed off to bed.


Once they were gone the two men looked at each other, "wow, didn't see that coming, but Denise did say she thought that the boys understood more than we thought," Matt said.


"Same here buddy, but I think it's good. It means they are happy with their new life and adjusting well, I just can't wait to see the look on my mother's face when Jimmy calls me Dad. I hope someone has a camera," Jim said and then broke up laughing.


"Let's just hope it doesn't cause a scene," Matt said.


"You know Matt I'm so happy with my life now I really don't give a shit. Let's hit the rack early buddy," Jim said and winked at Matt. The wink was their code that meant 'I love you', as the two Dads went off to bed.



Back at the beach the guys were cleaning up the kitchen when Travis's phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and looked a bit confused, it was his brother's friend Tommy calling.


"Hi Tommy what's up," Travis said, he listened while the guys watched his reaction to the call. He went pale white and started to shake. Wolf ran to him took the phone and explained who he was and he got the rest of the story.


"Thanks for calling Tommy, if you get in to see Billy tell him we will be there by tomorrow afternoon," and closed the phone and pulled his lover into his arms. Travis was just holding on and shaking while Frank and Finn looked on, waiting to hear what happened.


"Tray's brother is in in the hospital; his father beat him pretty bad for being in contact with him. He has four broken ribs, damage to his right eye, a broken arm, missing a few teeth and a concussion, it seems he was showing his friend an email with a picture of the two of us, the friends little brother walked in and saw it and told his mother; the rest is history."


"It's all my fault, my fault for sending him emails," Travis cried as Wolf held him.


"No baby, it's not your fault, it's you drunk ass father's fault; you had nothing to do with it," Wolf said trying to calm his lover down. "I'll call and make reservations and we can fly out tomorrow," Wolf said.


"That won't be necessary, our firm has a share in a corporate jet, almost always free on Saturday's just let me make a call," Finn said.


Frank went over and took Travis in his arms and looking at Wolf said, "You better run home and pack buddy, I have a feeling we'll be leaving here early tomorrow," he said as he led Travis to the family room to sit.


Travis willed himself to stop crying, but he couldn't believe his father would hurt Billy like this. All he was doing was communicating with his brother and that didn't warrant being beaten almost to death. He had to figure out a way to get Billy out of there; maybe he could apply for an emergency separation and go back home. No, that's not it, maybe it would be better to get Billy here and take care of him. The thoughts were running through his head at lightning speed, and the more he thought the angrier he became, but he could also feel Frank holding him and he began to focus on what he was saying and slowly he calmed down and began to understand more of what the man was saying.


"Travis, you need to calm yourself, this is not your fault. We will fly out there tomorrow and bring your brother home here, don't worry son your father will never hurt either of you again," Frank was saying.


"It's all set," Finn said as entered the kitchen, "we leave at 0800 tomorrow and will be landing by 0945 central time."


"Thank you Finn, I'll find a way to pay you back," Travis said trying to pull himself together.


Finn sat on the other side of the young man and put his arm around him, "Travis I don't want you to give that another thought. In the few short weeks you've been with us you have shown me more love and respect than my own children, so all I need you to think about right now his getting yourself calmed down and ready for tomorrow. We will confront your father and I need you to be the strong Marine that you are and show him no weakness," Finn said.


"Your right Uncle Finn, thank you," he said and gave the man quick hug, "I need to call Tommy back and find out what hospital he's in and tell him what time we'll be there," Travis said heading to the kitchen to retrieve his phone.


When Travis called him "Uncle" it made Finn's heart swell. Frank could see the effect it had on him and hugged him, "welcome to the family buddy, you're all in now," he said.


Before he contacted Tommy, Travis went to ask Finn if there was room for Udo, "he was a Marine corpsman and is finishing a nursing degree, he might be able to help with bringing Billy back," he said.


"If he can go there is plenty of room, sounds like a good idea," Finn replied.


He called Wolf and asked if Udo could come along and to help transport Billy back. He said he would track him down and get him over here. Next Travis called his NCOIC and explained his situation and asked for three days leave which he was granted. Then he sent Tommy a text and asked him if he could call him back in private.


When Tommy called he told Travis which hospital Billy was in and that his dad was in jail at least overnight. "Travis, I'm so sorry that my mom did this. I swear these people are all nuts and I can't wait to get out of here," the boy said.


"Tommy, it's not your fault. Now look we'll be at the hospital by no later than 1015 so if you can get in to see Billy early let him know were coming. Tell him not to tell our mother or brothers," he said and then said goodnight.


Fifteen minutes later Wolf and Udo showed up both carrying a tech-pack and looking ready to kick ass. They came over and surrounded Travis in a hug. "It's going to be okay Tray, we'll take care of him," Udo said.


"Okay men, how about we turn in early, it's going to be a long day tomorrow. Udo grab your gear I'll show you one of the guest rooms," Frank said.


"That's okay Uncle Frank, he'll bunk with Wolf and me, it's a twin thing," Travis said with a shy smile.


"Fine with me boy, good night then," Frank said as they headed off to Travis's room. When they were up the stairs Frank turned to Finn and said, "Wouldn't you love to see that threesome, just thinking about gives me a boner!"


"Who knows, maybe as a Christmas gift they may let us watch," Finn said and laughed, "listen buddy, how about staying with me tonight, I've missed you and want you to make me moan like a whore."


"Now that's what I call an invitation," Frank said and leaned in to kiss Finn.


"Come over in about a half hour, I need to make some calls and see if I we have any connections in San Antonio, I think I have a fraternity brother who practices there," Finn said and then grabbed another kiss and headed for the door.


The guys were getting ready for bed when Frank knocked on the door, "come in," Travis called out.


Frank opened the door and stuck his head in, "just wanted to tell you I was staying next door tonight. Finn and I will be over for breakfast at 0700 so no running in the morning."


"Okay, thanks Uncle Frank," Travis said as the man closed the door and left them alone. The twins climbed into bed, naked as usual, with Travis in the middle. They wrapped their arms around him and almost completely encased him with their two bodies, then moved in together and joined in a three-way open mouth kiss.


"Don't worry baby, the Wolf pack (Wolf's new name for the three of them) will take care of things. We'll bring your brother back and keep him safe."


"He's right baby bro, I have plenty experience with injuries like his. We'll have up and running in no time," Udo added.


"He's right baby, now let's get some sleep and no worries, just sleep," Wolf whispered in Travis's ear.


As Travis lay wrapped in the twin's arms he thought how it was funny that in less than a week he was able to tell the twins apart, not just by voice but how they touched him and kissed him. Holding Wolf at this moment wasn't a sexual thing, it was just love. He found himself very comfortable having Udo with them. It made him feel special that they allowed him into their very intimate brotherly relationship, one that they had shared since the womb; and wondered what would happen when Udo found a wife. He doubted that she would be as absorbed as he was but he knew in his heart the three them would be bonded together for quite a long time. With those thoughts and all the anxiety caused by the events of the evening, he surprisingly fell quickly into a deep sleep. Again, he was surprised when he woke in the morning still in the middle of his pack feeling safe, secure and loved and ready to face whatever the fates had in store for him.