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A Single Soul


Chapter 24

Wolf Pack to the Rescue


The guys were up and dressed and making coffee when Frank and Finn walked in the kitchen. With the `good mornings' out of the way Finn said, "Travis, I was able to contact a fraternity brother who practices in San Antonio. He's going to meet us at the airport. He has a contact in the police department and will be bringing along a police officer."


"Thanks Uncle Finn, but can we bring Billy home?" Travis asked, "I'm afraid my father is going to cause trouble and not let him go."

"Let your lawyer handle this. What I need you to do is concentrate on staying strong and not letting your emotions show, no matter how hard it is when you see your brother. And especially, don't let your father push any buttons, got it Marine?" Finn said.


"Yes sir, I understand."


After a quick breakfast they headed off to the airport. Frank gave Matt a call and filled him in on what was going on and told him he would keep him informed. When Jim returned home from is run, Matt related the story.


"This guy must be one first class asshole," he said, just as M&J were entering the kitchen for their breakfast. They erupted into giggles when they heard what Jim said as Matt shot him a `be careful' look.


"All right guys, Dad used a bad word. Just forget it. Make sure we never hear one of you say it, got it?" Matt said.


"Yes sir," both boys said in unison, both looking properly contrite. They sat down for the breakfast, but as soon as they looked at each other, they broke out in giggles again.


"Okay boys, that's enough," Jim said trying not to laugh, "eat your breakfast and take the pups out for a long walk, then we have some shopping to do." Jim took over feeding Kelly while Matt went for his run. Drew and Nadine were due back Monday so they would be able to start running together again.



After a quick flight to Texas, the guys deplaned and were met by Finn's old friend John Fitzpatrick. Finn made the introductions and his friend looked at the twins and Travis and said, "You really did call in the Marines," as he shook hands all around.


Frank had called ahead and made reservations at a hotel close to the hospital, which also happened to be close the River Walk. They went to check in first, dropped their bags and walked the few blocks to the University Hospital.


John called his police friend ahead of time and he met them at the hospital entrance. On the way to Billy's room, Wolf put a hand on Travis's shoulder and quietly said, "remember Tray, steel your nerves and be strong for your brother."


When they walked in the room, Travis felt his anger building, but he held it together. Happily, Billy didn't look nearly as bad as he expected. The shock was worse for Wolf, not realizing how much Billy looked like Travis. All he saw was his new boyfriend lying beaten and bruised and he had to follow his own advice.


"Tray!" Billy said through his wired jaw. Apparently Tommy didn't know about that injury, "I can't believe you got here so quick!!"


Travis went to his brother and took his hand, then bent down and kissed him on the forehead. "It's because of my good friends. We were able to fly in this morning; I'm going to take you home to live with me, where you'll be safe," he said.


"Dad will never let me go," Billy said, his eyes tearing up, "but I'd love it if I could."


"Don't worry Billy, dad will have nothing to say about this, believe me," Travis said and then he introduced everyone leaving Wolf for last.


Wolf gave him his best smile and said, "don't worry little bro, the Wolf pack is here and we'll take care of you."


Then Finn spoke up, "Billy, we've retained Mr. Fitzpatrick to represent you. If you would like to continue with his representation, all you have to do is say "yes."


"Yes, I would like that, thank sir but I can't pay him," Billy said sadly.


"There is no need to worry about that Billy. It's all taken care of," John said, "so I understand that you would like to retain my services."


"Yes sir, I don't ever want him near me again," Billy said with tears flowing from his eyes.


Travis went and grabbed his brother's hand, "don't worry buddy, he can't hurt you anymore."


While they were talking, a nurse came in and asked if everyone could wait in the hall, while she helped with a bedpan. The policemen stood just outside the door talking to Wolf and Udo. He had only been out of the Navy for two years so the three men had a lot in common. Travis stood with the others discussing the plans for getting Billy out of the hospital and retrieving his possessions.


Their conversation stopped when they noticed Travis's father coming up the hall, followed by his two older brothers. You could see the family resemblance in the faces of the men but that's where it ended. Where Travis and, from the looks of it, Billy, were trim and well-built, the father and two older brothers were all beer belly and bravado.


"I thought I told you I never wanted you near my son again, so I suggest you leave immediately," his father spat at Travis.


"I think you have that wrong, it's you that will be leaving," he said standing up proudly to his father.


"Why you little fagot, who the fuck do you think you are talking to, boy?" his father said moving towards Travis.


Wolf and Udo moved in a flash and placed themselves on either side of Travis and it was Wolf who spoke. "I would say that this young, brave Marine Corporal was talking to a low life piece of shit that beats his children, and I guarantee you, if you ever speak to my friend that way again, there will be hell to pay."


Travis's father stared up at the twins and apparently thought it wise not to say another word, while his loser brothers stayed behind their father. It was then that Finn stepped forward. "Mr. Masters, my name is Finbar Burns and I am Travis's attorney, and this," he said indicating John, "this is John Fitzpatrick who has been retained to represent your son Billy. We understand that Billy will be released from the hospital tomorrow and he has chosen to return to North Carolina with his brother."


"If he leaves, he leaves with nothing," the father spat out.


"Actually that is not how it's going to work," Finn continued. "First you will allow Travis and his two friends, accompanied this nice policemen, to go to your home and pack Billy's clothes and personal belongings. Second you will sign the title to Billy's car over to him, the one he paid for and then hand over the keys. Third you will make arrangements with the hospital to pay all expenses not covered by your insurance, and finally you will leave here now and never come near your sons again."


"And what if I say no," he replied with smirk.


"Then," answered John, "Billy will be filing charges against you for felony battery and also filing a law suit in the amount of five million dollars. You will lose your home, your job and your retirement. That I think should answer your question," John said very calmly.


The man's face turned beet red with anger, he clenched his fists and started to move forward when Travis did the same thing. With eyes as cold as steel he looked at his father and said, "Go ahead you useless excuse for a man, give it your best shot, but I guarantee it will be your last."


The father stopped in his tracks, it looked like someone had let the air out him. What made him stop was anyone's guess, fear or shame but he just looked at the floor and said, "Tell me when you are coming to the house so I'm sure not to be there."


"We'll be there at 1400, and make sure you have left the signed title," he said.


"Before you go Mr. Masters," John said reaching into his jacket pocket, "I have a document for you to sign, accepting responsibility for the medical expenses here at the hospital and any that will occur in Jacksonville. It also states that you agree to keep Billy on your insurance until such time as the doctors there clear him from these injuries. You will also find a notice that states if for any reason you drop this coverage or fail to pay the expenses, Billy will return and I will be filing charges for felony assault. Do you understand these terms, Mr. Masters?"


Travis stood and watched what was transpiring and noticed his brothers staring daggers at him. He actually smiled back at them, daring them to say or do something. His father took the paper from John and read it quickly and then went to the wall, placed the paper flat against and signed it, handing it back to John. Then he looked at his once favorite son and said, "You're going to burn in hell boy."


"Then I'm sure I'll see you again, Dad!" Travis said with a smirk and then walked over and stood next to Wolf who put his arm around Travis's shoulder, drawing a grunt from the father as he turned and left with his two older sons.


"Well that went well," Frank said.


"Actually it did," Finn said, "now we have to convince the doctors to be sure to release him on time tomorrow and that Udo is competent to care for him on the return flight."


Travis went in to tell his brother the good news and held his hand and cried with him. They were tears of relief, happiness, and fear that he was moving half way across the country. It all went away when he thought about being with his brother again and away from his father. Before going he asked Billy exactly what he wanted him to pack besides his clothes.


"How are you going to get my car to North Carolina," Billy asked.


"Billy, don't worry about anything and just rest," Finn said, "We'll handle everything."


As the men were leaving for lunch, Tommy showed up. Travis grabbed him and hugged him, "thanks for calling Tommy, you're welcome to come visit anytime you want."


"Visit?" Tommy asked looking a bit confused.


"Yeah, I'm going to live in North Carolina with Tray," Billy said in his garbled voice but with a smile.


"You are so lucky," Tommy said, "If I ever escape I'll visit you."


The group headed out to lunch leaving Tommy to visit with Billy and after lunch, the Wolf pack headed over to Travis's parents' house to pack Billy's belongings. Frank, with help of John arranged for the car to be shipped back by car carrier so no one had to drive the twenty four hours home. The plan was to pack most of his stuff into the car since he really wouldn't need many clothes for a few weeks.


When they got to the door, Travis rang the doorbell. His mother answered with a scowl but let them in. They walked in and saw his two older brothers standing in the kitchen also attempting to show a look of derision.


"I see you brought your boyfriend," his mother spat out. Udo picked up on what she was attempting to do and immediately spoke up.


"Actually ma'am, my brother is just Travis's very good friend, neighbor, and running partner," he said calmly.


"Humph," was her only reply.


The guys made quick work of packing Billy's clothes and personal things and every trip through the house, his brothers dumb and dumber were watching from the kitchen. On the last past through, Travis asked his mother for the signed car title. She threw the envelope at him. He opened and checked to make sure it was signed properly, folded it and stuck it in his pocket.


"You'll burn in hell for what you've done," she said.


Travis just laughed at her, "Woman, I'll tell you the same thing I told your husband; if that's, true then I'll see you both there."


They took the car to the shipping company and the suitcase to the hotel and then they were off to the hospital to spend some time with Billy. The twins were standing behind Travis and Billy was looking over his shoulder at them and started laughing.


"What's so funny buddy?" Travis asked.


"When you walk in and kissed Wolf hello, how do you know you got the right one?" Billy said.


That sent the three men into hysterics, "What's so funny," Billy asked.


"Once we get home and you're feeling better we will tell you the story, but you shouldn't be laughing with your broken ribs," Udo said.


The twins stayed with Travis at the hospital while Finn and Frank went back to the hotel to "rest" and take a stroll on the River Walk before dinner. Travis tried to explain as much about as his new life with Wolf as he could and help reassure his brother that everything will be fine when they get settled.


"Don't worry little bro, Uncle Frank will help you get enrolled in school. You could go to UNC in Wilmington with Udo, and I'm sure you could find a part time job to help. For tonight please just try to get as much rest as you can. We'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and I'm sure the trip will tire you out," he said. "Wait till you see the plane, it is fucking awesome!!" He kissed his brother and said goodnight and the three headed off back to the hotel. Travis felt a bit uneasy leaving him alone but John had made arrangements with the hospital security that Billy's father, mother or older brothers were barred from visiting.


When they got back to the hotel and entered their suite they found Finn and Frank lounging naked on the couch drinking beer and watching a baseball game.


"Well you two look comfortable," Travis said with a smile.


"Damn straight, you guys ready for dinner," Frank asked.


"Let us grab a quick shower, we'll be out in ten," Wolf said.


The five men enjoyed a lovely alfresco dinner on the River Walk watching the parade of people walking by. Afterword they decided to take a stroll themselves. At one point during the walk Travis noticed that Udo had moved away from him and Wolf and was walking ahead with Finn and Frank.


"Wolf, I have a question and I don't want you to misinterpret it, it's about Udo. When he joins us in bed whether it's for playing around or just sleeping, I truly love it. It's like having two of the greatest men in the world not just one. I wonder though, when he finds a women, are we expected to have her in bed as well?"


Wolf let out a laugh and bumped Travis's shoulder, "no baby boy, I doubt it since he has never brought one of his girlfriends, not even the long term ones, in to sleep with me. No I think it's two things: one he's never come into my bed when I had a guy staying over, so I think he realizes that you and I are going to be together for a long time. He truly likes and trusts you. Number two, I think he's a little bit more bi-sexual than he wants to admit."


When they arrived back at their suite, Udo followed Travis and Wolf into their room and shut the door.


"Look guys," he said as he was gathering up his shaving kit, "I'm going to stay in the other room with Finn and Frank and let you two have some privacy tonight."


Wolf cocked an eyebrow at him but it was Travis who spoke first. He went over and hugged him and kissed him full on the mouth. "Udo, I love having you with us in bed, you're not intruding at all. As I told Wolf earlier I only draw the line at your bringing a woman in for a foursome."


Udo laughed and held Travis tight, "thank you baby bro that means a lot to me and I promise I'll never bring a woman into your bed. Come on guys sit on the bed with me for a bit." Travis jumped on the bed and lay down in the middle of the bed and the twins took up positions on either side and wrapped him in their embrace. Travis found the scent of the two men intoxicating and he was becoming increasingly more dependent on having both brothers sleep with him.


"Tray," Udo started, "I'm not sure if Wolf has told you, but you're the first guy I've ever had sex with other than him. I always thought that our sex play was just part of the twin thing. The other part is that because Wolf and I are so much alike, I find myself loving you too, but only in the brotherly sense so our sex play was just an extension of that. But I have to admit I've enjoyed playing with you and was wondering what it would be like with another man, with whom I didn't have an emotional connection. So when Finn made a joke about how he would love a chance to get fucked by me, I figured what the hell."


"Well you big horn-dog," Wolf said, "See Tray I told you he may be more bi than he thought."


"True big brother, but I know this for sure, what the three of us do is make love and when I go next door it will be for a straight up booty call," Udo said and the three guys laughed, and then entered into a deep three-way kiss. Travis pushed his ass back into Wolf's already hard cock and kissed Udo again.


"Then why don't you just take care of your booty call and come back and sleep with your brothers?" Travis said.


Udo's eyes were actually moist from emotion, "sure little bro, I'll be back later and the Wolf pack will sleep soundly."


After he left Travis and Wolf started to make out, then Wolf pulled away, "that was an incredibly generous thing to say."


"Well I meant every word of it. Now I have something I want from my Daddy," Travis said.


"What is that baby boy," Wolf said with a leer.


"I want you to you to slowly work my ass with your big fingers and get me really hot, and then I want to feel your fat uncut cock up my tight virgin ass," Travis said and then he started to undress Wolf.


"Are you sure about this baby?"


"Hell yeah, now let's get busy," and in between kisses the guys got naked. Travis ran into the bathroom and shut the door; he wanted to make sure he was clean. Once back in bed he climbed on top of Wolf and gave him a passionate kiss and then started to kiss and lick his way down his body until he got to his lover's already hard and dripping cock, which he took into his mouth. Using his tongue to push back the foreskin, he relished the salty taste of his lover. As he continue to work on Wolf's cock, he move around and straddled his chest giving the big man access to his ass, which he started to work with his tongue and fingers. Travis was getting more excited by the minute and finally pulled off Wolf's cock and said, "I'm ready."


He got up and sat on Wolf's belly reaching for the lube on the nightstand, "have you ever had unprotected sex with another guy," Travis asked, "because I haven't and I want to feel you in me."


"No, and I just got tested last month because I had a brief affair with a sailor that only involved oral and me fucking him with a condom, but I was still paranoid," Wolf replied, "but I'm clean."


"Good, now I've looked this up and it says that it's better if I sit down on you first and get used to it," Travis said. Wolf had loosened him up pretty good and he slowly started to sit and push himself down on his lover's cock. The pain was white hot at first but he stopped and waited for it to stop and moved on until he felt his ass hit Wolf's legs.


"How do you feel baby," Wolf asked.


"Full," Travis replied, "but it's starting to feel really good. Get me on my back and start to fuck me slowly," he said, panting.


Wolf sat up with Travis holding his shoulders and maneuvered around until he was on his back. Then he started to move slowly in and out of Travis's ass, causing him to moan.


"Are you okay baby?" Wolf asked.


"Oh yeah, it feels incredible, and when you hit my nut, it makes me see stars! Go ahead, start fucking me harder it feels so good. Come on Daddy, fuck your boy and make him cum," Travis taunted.


And that's what Wolf did, causing Travis to continue moaning. They changed positions with Wolf getting up on his knees and pushing Travis's legs back, then starting to take long strokes and repeatedly hitting his lover's prostate. In this position he was able to reach his cock and suck it while Wolf pounded his ass. As he was moaning around his own cock, he heard Wolf announce he was ready to cum and then felt the blast of hot semen filling his ass, setting of his own orgasm. He flooded his own mouth but didn't swallow, but waited for Wolf to kiss him and they shared his load.


The laid together in post coital bliss, kissing and holding each other, "Tray that was the most incredible experience of my life, being inside you like that and seeing the look in your eyes while we were connected! That was off the charts!!" Wolf said.


"It sure was, and I can't wait to do it again," he said kissing his lover. The next thing they heard was Udo grunting, "I'm cumming," and the two laughed out load.


"We better get cleaned up and move to the other bed. I think we'll be having company soon," Wolf said. And he was right. No sooner had they got back in bed, did they hear the door between the rooms open and Udo climb in bed and spoon up behind Travis.


"Hey guys, hope you had as much fun as I did. Man I shot buckets!!" he said leaning in so the three could share a kiss.


"Yeah, it sounded like it," Wolf said with a chuckle.


"Shit, those two may be older but they sure know how to work you over. By the time they were done giving me a head to toe, and I mean a head-to-all-ten-toes-tongue bath I was ready to cum before I even got my cock in Finn's ass! He even put the rubber on my cock with his mouth."


"I know what you mean," Travis said.


"What??" The twins said together.


So he explained his experience with both Finn and Frank and also Jim and Matt. By the time he was done, all three were hard again and ended up in a three way blow-job. When they came, they shared a three-way cum kiss, then curled up and went to sleep.


To be continued...


To be continued...

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