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A Single Soul


Chapter 25

Healing, Change and the Growing Family



On Sunday morning, as Jim and Matt were in the kitchen feeding the baby and talking over their plans for the house, the boys came strolling in, naked as usual. "Good morning Dads," both boys said together, causing Matt and Jim to smile. Then they went over and kissed their baby brother and tickled him as they did every morning. Kelly reacted to his brothers by bouncing in his seat.

"Jimmer, grab me a bowl please," Matty said while he sat at the table.

"Who?" The Dads said at the same time.

"That's me," Jimmy said, "Matty and Jimmy are baby names, so MJ started calling me Jimmer and I'm calling him MJ. We already told everybody at school," Jimmer said proudly.

"Whaddaya think Captain, they do sound like big guy names," Jim said with a smile and a wink.

"I agree, okay Jimmer and MJ, since you have big boy names now, how about helping out and taking the devil pup out for a walk in the stroller after breakfast. Dad and I have some business to work on and the walk helps put him to sleep," Matt said.

After breakfast the boys got dressed and Jim strapped Kelly in, "okay guys, up to the corner and back twice and don't cross the street, got it?" Jim said.

"Yes sir," they answered.

"Do you have your cellphones?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay guys, be careful with your brother and if he's asleep when you get back, don't wake him, just come inside and get me," Jim said.

"K, Dad," the boys said and off they went.

Back in the house, Matt was at the sink rinsing dishes, when Jim came in and grabbed him from behind and kissed his neck. "No way dog face, we have work to do," Matt said as he turned and kissed Jim, "as much as I want to we have to go over these plans."

"Man, I never thought the honeymoon would be over so quickly," Jim said with a smile.

"It ain't over by a long shot buddy, but we have work to do, now move."

They went to Matt's office where he pulled out a sheet of paper with the floor plan of a house sketched out on it. "This is a rough sketch of Denise's sister's house down in Florida. You see when you come in the front door it's basically one large room. You're looking right into the kitchen, and that's a breakfast bar and work counter going across, creating a separation point," Matt continued. "All the area to the right is family room and over on the left is more of a formal living and dining area, separated by a floor to ceiling stone two-sided fireplace."

"This is looking pretty cool," Jim said.

"Now there are six bedrooms four and a half baths total, two master suites. You can see from the main house the bedrooms extend out and make the house the shape of a U, one master suite and two other bedrooms and a bath on each arm, and two other full baths. We just need to figure out where to fit in my office and a good sized laundry room," Matt said.

"Maybe we could make it more in the shape of a V and have a pool in the middle, and maybe a sliding glass door from the bedrooms out to the pool area," Jim said.

"That would be cool, and a separate hot tub," Matt said and wiggled is eyebrows.

"Are we going to continue to pretend to have separate bedrooms," Jim asked.

"I vote no, but it's up to you. I think your dad will be fine but your mother won't approve," Matt said.

"I'm not looking for her approval, and I think we should just do it," Jim said and kissed Matt's neck. "I never want to be away from you again, baby."

"Somebody really wants to get laid tonight," Matt said with a grin.

"Yes I do, but I meant every word of that."

Matt stood and pulled Jim into a hug, "I know, and I appreciate it," he said.

"I had another idea to throw at you," Jim said stepping away and going back to the drawing. Taking a pencil, he drew a horizontal line out at the end of the V. "I was thinking, I really like having the gym and the extra bathroom and shower for the pool. Now, the way we accumulate strays, maybe we could put a few bedrooms out there as well."

"What are you planning, dog face," Matt asked with a knowing smile.

"Well, I was thinking, just like we helped Travis, there may be other opportunities to help other young Marines, who are having problems. Not just sexual preference problems but it could be just about anything, maybe even get involved with Wounded Warrior projects," Jim said. "In fact I was going to talk to you about this, but when the old man leaves in two years I was thinking of transferring over to the Wounded Warrior Regiment. He said he would do his best to get me in," Jim said.

"I think that's wonderful Jimmy, you really are a good man," Matt said and gave him a big hug.

They were interrupted by MJ, "Dads, Kelly is asleep and you said to come get you," he said and headed out of the office.

Jim looked at Matt with a question in his eyes, "just ignore it, I don't think it even registered with him," Matt said as they headed out to get the baby.


Meanwhile in San Antonio the guys met for breakfast. Travis and the twins were already seated at the table when Frank and Finn walked in. When they sat, Travis broke up laughing.

"Somebody looks like he's walking funny this morning," Travis said.

"Yes, and it was well worth it, I envy you Travis," Finn said with a big smile.

"Don't worry, Uncle Finn, after all you two have done for me, I'll share my guys with you anytime you want," he said.

"Yeah, I'll gladly volunteer," Udo said, drawing a laugh from everyone at the table.

Later the five men were at the hospital waiting for Billy's release. The doctor showed up and reviewed Billy's situation with the men, especially Udo. There really wasn't much they could do for the broken ribs besides rest. The jaw would be wired for about six weeks followed by another few weeks with bands inside his mouth. No solid food for at least eight weeks, and his arm stays in the cast for at least six or seven weeks.

"Don't worry Doc, we'll take good care of him and make sure he follows orders," Udo said.

"Yeah, I don't think I'd argue with you either," the doctor said.

An hour and a half later they were taking off. Billy sat wide eyed looking around the private jet and couldn't believe how, in less than seventy two hours his life changed forever. He lost his father and mother, was reunited with the brother he loved dearly and adopted by four men whom he knew he would be indebted to for the rest of his life. All these good feeling were dimmed, just a bit, when he thought about the time it would take to heal and get his life on back on track. For now he just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

When they arrived at Frank's house around 1700 hours, Billy couldn't believe the place and as Wolf and Travis were helping him out of the car and into the elevator he whispered to his brother, "This is like a fucking mansion bro."

"Yeah it kinda is, but Uncle Frank doesn't like to make a big deal about it," Travis said quietly.

They set him up in the room next to Travis and left them alone for Udo to get him settled him and give him his medicine.

"Billy," Udo started, "you know I'm going to be your nurse right? The boy nodded yes. "I'm going to become pretty familiar with your body and you don't need to ever be embarrassed. I was a medic in Marines and there is nothing I haven't seen. I just want you to be relaxed and happy." He bumped fists with Billy on his good hand, "and one more thing, don't get stuck inside your head man. If you need to talk I'm here for you."

"I do have one question," Billy said looking down, almost ashamed to ask. Udo sat on the bed next to him.

"Look at me Billy," he said, "we're going to be like family you know, since our brothers are all but married. So just consider me another brother."

Billy nodded yes, but he still looked down, and almost in a whisper he asked, "Does it bother you that Wolf is gay?"

"No, not at all! Look little bro, as Frank says it's not where you stick your dick that makes you a man. Our brothers are two of the most honorable men I know and that's all that matters," Udo said.

"Thanks Udo, I just need to get the shit out of my head that my parents put in there," Billy said.

"Look buddy, just let all that shit go, like you said, and just concentrate on healing so I can take you to meet some chicks. They'll be all over your Texas ass," Udo laughed. "Now there's a phone if you need to call me."

Frank called Matt and Jim and to let them know they were back and told them he would be up tomorrow night to meet with them and the architect. He had some ideas he'd like to throw in, if it was okay.

"Sure Dad," Matt said, "we'd love your input," Matt assured him, "so how's the patient?"

"Sore but resting. Udo has him all settled in and gave him his pain medication, but he'll be fine. We didn't find out until we got there he also had a broken jaw. It wasn't severe and will only be wired about six to eight weeks. The worst part is the liquid diet."

"Well, you let us know when you think he's up for visitors, and we'll see you for dinner tomorrow night. Here say hi to the dog face," Matt said handing the phone to Jim.

"Hi Dad," Jim said, "How was your trip?"

"Quick and enlightening, I'll fill you guys in tomorrow night."

"Hey Dad, see if you can bring Finn, I have some questions about the financing and our budget," Jim said.

"Will do, listen I have to run, kiss the boys for me," Frank said and hung up.

Just after he hung up with Frank, M&J came into the kitchen looking for something to eat. Jim swooped down and surprised both boys by picking them up together and hugging them and planting a big kiss on each boy's cheek.

"Dad!" both boys whined in unison.

"What's wrong, you boys getting too big to get a hug? By the way, the kiss was from Papa," Jim said putting the boys down.

The boys must have thought they hurt his feelings because they both hugged his waist, "no Dad I think you just surprised us," Jimmer said.

Jim was touched and he kissed both boys again and squeezed them. "Good, I hope my two best buds don't ever get too old to kiss and hug me."

"We won't Dad, don't worry," MJ said then added, "so what's for dinner?"

Matt, watching the scene from the doorway, burst out laughing. "See how fast they're growing up, dumping you for food, and before you know it, girls!!!"

"Jimmer already has a girlfriend," MJ said with a big smile.

"No I don't," Jimmer screamed, red with anger, or was it embarrassment?

"Yes he does and her name is Mary and she has blond hair," MJ teased.

"Shut up," Jimmer turned an even deeper red and he pushed MJ, knocking him down and ran from the room. MJ sat there looking stunned, as were Matt and Jim. In all the time the boys had known each other, they had never even argued over a toy or said a cross word to one another. Matt knelt down and hugged MJ.

"Are you okay buddy?"

"Yeah Dad, I don't know why he got mad. I was just teasing him," MJ said.

"Let me talk to him first, okay," Matt said and the boy just nodded yes.

Matt knocked on his son's door and heard a muffled "come in." When he entered the room he saw the boy curled up on the bed crying. He went over and sat next to his son and rubbed his back.

"What's wrong Jimmer, why did you get so angry," Matt asked.

"Don't call me that, that's a stupid name."

"But you said that's what you wanted to be called. Why are you so mad at MJ," Matt pressed.

The boy was crying and Matt pulled him up and hugged him. "Because he promised not to tell, it was a secret," his son cried.

"I see, well you have every right to be upset. But you should never have pushed him like that. Jimmy, he's your best friend, you guys are as close as brothers, think about that." Matt said as he rocked his son, "would you at least let him come in and apologize and talk it over with him?"

"I guess."

"Okay, you stay here and I'll go get him. Remember buddy you need to treat him the way you want to be treated," Matt said and left the room. He returned a few minutes later with MJ and walked in with him and over to the bed.

"I'm sorry Jimmer, I was just fooling around," the boy said looking at his feet.

"It's okay, I shouldn't have pushed you," the other replied.

"Look guys, I'm going to go help Dad with dinner, you guys talk about this and make up, okay?" Matt said.

"Okay," they both said in unison.

Matt joined Jim in the kitchen and started to help him with dinner, "first fight, remember ours?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, you threw the ball and broke the Newman's window, ruining their dinner and ran away, and I go blamed," Matt said.

"Boy you really do remember everything" Jim said and laughed.

They finished fixing dinner and the whole time they were working, they didn't hear the boys. Jim went to call them in for dinner and was back in a flash, "Matty, come look," he said. When they got to the boys room they look in and found the two lying on the bed holding one another, fast asleep. They backed out of the room and closed the door. Jim took Matt in his arms and kissed him.

"What was that for," Matt asked.

"Because I love you and for doing such a great job with our boys," Jim said and kissed him again quickly. Then he knocked on the closed door and said, "come on guys, dinners ready."

When the boys came into the kitchen their dads pretended they hadn't seen them in bed. "Well did you two get it all worked out," Jim asked.

"Yeah," the both said in unison and bumped firsts, then took their regular seats next to each other as if nothing ever happened.

They said grace and started to eat and Jim couldn't hold it in. "You know, guys, today was the first time we've ever seen you argue and it probably won't be the last time now that you guys are growing up. But one thing your dad and I won't tolerate from either of you his hitting, that's not cool. If you get angry and argue, just leave each other alone for a bit and then come back and talk it out. That way you won't say things you'll regret. Do you understand?" Jim said.

"Yes Dad," they both answered in unison.

"Good, I'm glad to see you've made up, you boys always do the right thing and we're very proud of you," Matt said.

The boys were beaming and both said, "Thanks Dad."

"Okay troops, Nadine starts tomorrow so we had to make a few changes. I'll be taking Kelly over to her in the morning, and some days she will be here when you get home from school, so make sure you wear shorts! I'm sure she doesn't want to see you bare butts and pee-pees flopping around," Matt said.

The boys were cracking up laughing, "What's so funny," Matt asked.

"Dad, we're not five years old, we don't call them pee-pees anymore," MJ said.

"Well, what do you call them," Jim asked winking at Matt.

"Cocks," MJ replied. "Dicks," Jimmer threw in.

"Well Matt, it seems our boys are growing up after all. Okay then, men, no flashing your cocks at Nadine," Jim said and the boys just howled with laughter.

After dessert the boys helped their dads with the dishes. Once the baby was down for the night, the four guys snuggled on the couch together with the dads on either end, and the boys in the middle. They watched a movie, but half way through, the boys feel asleep with MJ's head on Jimmer's shoulder and Jimmer's head on top of MJ's. Matt and Jim looked at each other and smiled, then stretched their arms across the back of the sofa and held hands. It was the picture of a happy family in the 21st century.


Billy joined the rest of the guys for dinner. Udo made him a shake for his dinner and added a bit of baby cereal to it to give him some bulk in his stomach. Everyone had a great time at dinner, getting to know one another better and Billy seemed very happy with all the attention.

"Billy, Travis tells me you were quite the student, honor roll and advance placement courses all through high school. What were you studying at the University of Texas," Frank asked.

"Electrical and Computer engineering, I just started my sophomore year," he replied.

"But your only nineteen," Wolf asked.

"He skipped eighth grade," Travis added.

"Wow, I'm taking care of a boy genius," Udo laughed.

Billy turned red with embarrassment. "Some genius, couldn't get away from my crazy old man and save my ass," he said.

"That's enough of that," Frank said, "nothing that happened was your fault and you remember that, got it?"

"Yes sir," Billy replied.

"Okay then, well you'll miss the remainder of this semester but we'll spend the time finding the right school for you," Frank said.

"But I," Billy started to say.

"I don't want to hear another word out of you young man, you're mine and your brother's responsibility now, so you'll do what we say, got it?" Frank said.

"Yes sir," Billy said.

"Yes who?"

Billy looked at his brother who nodded and he said, "Yes Uncle Frank."

"Good boy, welcome to the family," and he got up and kissed the boy on the forehead.

Billy had tears in his eyes and Frank just smiled, "its okay son, this is an Italian family, tears are okay. In fact they happen quite often," he said and hugged him lightly.

"Duke or North Carolina State are two of the top engineering schools in the country. We'll have to look into them," Finn said, "but my alma mater, University of Penn is up there as well."

Billy's head was swimming! This was like a dream until he moved the wrong way and he felt the pain in his ribs and remembered how he got there. He quickly pushed that thought out of his mind and focused on his new life.

Later after dinner, Udo was getting Billy ready for bed. He had him sitting on a shower chair and was washing him. That afternoon Frank had installed a hand held shower head to make bathing easier. Udo had Billy stand and was washing his ass and talking to him about just about anything to help keep his mind off the embarrassing situation. But when Billy sat back down his cock was hard as a rock and sticking straight up and his entire body went red.

"Dude, don't give it another thought, I've seen more hard-ons than I can count. You can handle it after I get you in bed," Udo said with a chuckle.

"No can do, I'm right handed and have never been able to switch hit," he said with a smile.

Udo didn't say anything. He just got a hand full of conditioner and grabbed Billy's cock and started to stroke it. Billy jumped a bit and said, "I thought you were straight."

"I am mostly, but haven't you and your brother ever traded hand jobs?"

"No way, we were afraid to even jerk off at home with our old man," Billy said.

"Well this is just something brothers do, so sit back and relax, Udo said.

Billy never felt anything so good, especially when Udo tightened the stroke around the head. "Oh man this feels so fucking good bro, I really need to blow a load, go faster," Billy said.

"No way buddy, I'm going to make this last and take you to the edge a few times," Udo said.

And that's what he did, bringing Billy to the edge three or four times and then backing off. Billy was panting at this point and Udo finally brought him off. The boy shot a massive load of cum that splashed against the wall. After he rinsed and dried him off, he helped Billy into bed.

"You're not going to tell anybody about that are you?" Billy asked shyly.

"No little bro, but you can if you want to," Udo said, and bumped fists and said goodnight.

As Billy lay trying to fall asleep, he thought about the hand job he just got. He knew he still liked girls, but he'd take a hand job from a guy anytime if they felt that good.

To be continued...


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