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A Single Soul


Chapter 26

A Mothers Parting Gift



Monday morning Matt and Jim skipped their run to bring Kelly over for his first day at Nadine's. Heading over, they met Drew in the driveway as he was leaving for his first day on the job.


"Hey guy's, good to see you but I have to run, I don't want to be late the first day," Drew said.


"No problem, we'll see you this afternoon and if it's as hot as they say it's going to be, come over for a swim, just come through the back gate," Jim said.


"I might just do that, thanks guys," and he got in his car and headed off.


Nadine met them at the door and welcomed them. "Hi Nadine, ready for your first day with the devil pup," Jim said. Kelly was always a happy baby and today was no exception. He was bouncing up and down in his stroller, babbling baby talk.


"Always ready for this beautiful baby, any instructions," she asked.


"His bottles and cereal are in the bag and of course diapers and wipes. We don't use any antibacterial soaps on him and he needs at least a half hour out in the sun, and there's some 30 sunblock in the bag but he needs the sun," Jim said.


"May I ask why no antibacterial soap," Nadine said.


"My father-in-law is a pediatrician and he believes that being too clean and germ free is what is causing all the allergies in children. Their bodies aren't building any immunity. The lack of sun causes a vitamin D deficiency. That's how we raised Jimmy and he rarely ever gets a cold," Matt said.


"My mother was the same way," said Jim, "she always said you need to eat a pound of dirt before you're six to be healthy."


"That's interesting, I'll have to look in to this more," Nadine said.


Jim and Matt kissed the baby goodbye and headed across the street, Jim to work and Matt to his office. Around 1000, Matt was checking his email and noticed one from an insurance company. He opened and read it and almost fell of his chair. The email informed him that his mother had been killed in a car accident in Hawaii this past June. He was the beneficiary, and they had been looking for Matt for months. There was a universal life insurance policy, already paid up and accumulating dividends, including the double indemnity. He was to receive 1.4 million dollars!! He read the email about four times and then forwarded it to his dad and Jim. Then he called his father.


"Wow Matt, I had forgotten all about those policies! I was awarded the policies in the divorce, provided I continued to pay the premiums and you remained the beneficiary. When I finished paying them off, I forgot about them," Frank said. "I'm sorry about your mom," he added.


"Yeah thanks, but seeing's how it's been what- more than twenty five years since I've seen or heard from her- I'm really not all that broken up about it; and actually I kind of feel funny taking the money," Matt said.


"Bullshit, I paid for those policies for your protection, she didn't. If I had thought about it, I could have cashed it in long ago and given you the money, as it turns out it's a good thing I didn't," Frank said.


The call waiting beeped and the screen showed Jim's number, "it's Jim Dad. I'll see you later okay."


"Sure son, see you tonight," Frank said.


"Holy fucking shit," was all Jim said.


"What an opening," Matt said and laughed.


"My God Matty, this is incredible, it's like a movie. I mean I'm sorry about your mom but that's a lot of money," Jim said.


"Well I'm not going to say I'm all broken up about someone who abandoned me more than thirty years ago, but my dad is right. He paid for that insurance and I'm entitled to it and the good news is we will be completely equal now in the building of the house."


"Matt," Jim said sternly and quietly, "we were always equal, whatever I have is half yours. I've told you that!"


"I know, and I'm winking at you now, and same goes with me," Matt said.


And then it all came rushing at Matt...all the feeling and hurt that he had held in since his mother left. At the time he pretended as if it didn't really bother him. He tried to be grown up about it but today at almost forty years old he felt like an abandoned child, unwanted and unloved by his mother. What did he do that made her not want him...?


"Matty, are you listening," Jim's voice broke through into his thoughts.


"Yeah, I'm sorry I was just lost in thought for a second."


"I'll be right home Matt and I'll bring lunch," Jim said, "and no arguments."


Matt was still sitting at his desk still staring at the computer screen when Jim came in the door and was kneeling in front of Matt and he hadn't even noticed.


"Matt," Jim said grabbing his hands, "are you okay?"


"Yeah, I've just been thinking about things."


"Come on buddy, let's go lay down for a bit and rest. Then you can tell me what's on your mind," Jim said and pulled Matt to his feet and lead him to Matt's bedroom. He stripped off his uniform and helped Matt out of his shoes and then pulled him into bed and wrapped himself around him. The caring act brought Matt to tears.


"What's wrong baby, why are you crying? I'm here, just tell me," Jim said softly kissing the back of Matt's neck. Matt then began telling him things about his mother's leaving that he never told even his dad or, for that matter, ever admitted to himself. Matt cried the entire time. When he was finished with his story and all cried out, he turned to Jim and kissed him.


"Thank you Jim, you knew just what I needed and I love you for it."


"Just another one of my superpowers buddy, Jim said. Now let's go eat and have a swim. Before you know it the Dynamic Duo will be home. Or would you rather a quickie?" Jim said.


Matt put his hand in Jim's shorts and said, "Does this answer your question," Matt said. "You bet dog face," and the two made sweet love to each other for the next hour. When Jim finally shot his load in Matt's ass he leaned in and kissed him. "My God I love you," Jim said.


"Good, because I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with someone who didn't like me!!" Matt said.


The boys came in from school and found their Dads in the pool. Nadine had called earlier and said Drew would be bringing Kelly over and also going for a swim. The boys were stripped and in the water in minutes, while the dogs ran around the pool barking at them. Jim was standing on the diving board when Drew came through the gate pushing Kelly in the stroller. He noticed Jim naked and stopped.


"Sorry, I thought Nadine called and said I was coming," he said as if he was intruding.


"She did, but this is an all-male house and we like to swim commando, we'll put trunks on if it bothers you," Jim said.


"No need Gunner, I love it too, just don't tell the wife or God forbid my mother. They are both quite modest," he said as he stripped down. When he pulled off his shorts both Jim and Matt tried not to stare but the boy had at least six inches of fat uncut cock and balls that hung seemingly to his knees. It seemed that even the boys noticed his endowment and Drew noticed the stares. He dove into the pool and swam over to where Jim and Matt were standing in the shallow end.


He stood next to the two men and laughed, "go ahead and make your jokes, but you know you're jealous of us black boys," he said.


"Yeah right stud, some of us are growers not showers," Jim said.


The five guys spent the next hour swimming. The boys were having a ball enjoying the attention of their Dads and Drew. It was getting to be about four-thirty when Frank and Finn showed up. Matt caught the look in Finn's eye when he saw Drew's cock and laughed to himself. He thought of Finn jerking off later that night, thinking about Drew's big black cock filling his ass.


Drew said goodbye and thanks, dressed, then headed home, while Frank and Finn stripped and joined the boys in the pool. Matt's assumption was correct, because the quick glance he got of Finn's cock showed it was definitely chubbed up a bit. Frank was having a ball with Jimmer on his shoulders and MJ on Finn's, having a chicken fight. Matt and Jim stood next to each other in the shallow end, Jim seemingly lost in thought.


"What's on your mind, dog face?" Matt asked.


"Don't get mad but I was perving on Dad," Jim said almost blushing.


"I'm not mad, I think it would be hot for the three of us to play around together; I know he would. We'll have to talk to him alone at some point. I think the first time should just be the three of us in a sort of kinky family bonding scene," Matt said with a wink.


"I like the way you think Captain," Jim said and winked back.


"Okay, everybody out of the pool and get dressed, we need to get dinner over with before the architect gets here," Jim said.


"Jimmy, do you and Matty want to help me get the pizza and drinks ready while your Dads feed the baby," Frank asked.


"Papa," the newly named Jimmer responded, "we don't use our baby names anymore, I'm Jimmer and that' MJ," he said boldly.


"Well excuse me, somehow I missed you two getting to be such big guys," Frank said and laughed as he chased and then caught both laughing boys as he picked them up and threw them back in the pool, much to their delight.


"Okay, Jimmer and MJ, would you like to help," Frank asked again with a smile.


"Yes Papa," both boys yelled out and climbed back out of the pool, heading into the house their little stiff cocks leading the way.


Frank looked over at his 'sons' and said, "I can't believe how much they take after both of you!! You two were hard morning till night!!"


"Yeah," Jim said, "and we're pretty much the same today, just with a bit more control as adults."


"And afternoon delights," Matt chimed in.


After dinner the boys went to their room to work on homework and the four adults sat down to discuss the newest development.


"Matt, I'm going to set up a meeting with one of our tax attorneys to handle this. You need to position yourself, just right, to avoid paying a huge chunk to Uncle Sam," Finn said.


Jim needs to have you draw up power of attorney for each of us, and also for the boys and one for Denise, when they are visiting her and, of course, new wills." Matt said, "good thing I inherited this money or your bill alone would bankrupt me," Matt said and laughed.


"Don't worry buddy, you get the family discount."


They went on to discuss their ideas for the house and budget for the project. Finn said, "listen guys, I think you need to consider a mortgage for half of the cost of the project. You'll need the deductions for income taxes and if the government succeeds in removing the interest deductions, you could always just pay it off," he said. "I think that you should keep this place and buy Jim's and rent them out, actually. I think it would be best to form an LLC with you two as owners and have you own all three properties but the tax guy will know the best route.


When the architect arrived they showed him Matt's rough drawing. "Yes, I've seen this design in Florida quite often. The pool area is typically covered by a screen room and all the sliders are floor to ceiling which is a quite an effective way of bringing the outdoors in. Since we sometimes get snow, screen rooms are out," he said making a few quick sketches on his pad, redrawing what Matt had done, then turning it around to show them.



"Well I've already walked the property and noticed there is fairly good slope from front to back heading toward the water. What I was thinking is this: building a smaller first floor," turning the sketch around to show them. He went on to explain his vision of the house and the many special features he had in mind, including a Lanai off the master bath.


Then he added, "I would also suggest that the building with the extra bedrooms be moved about a hundred and fifty feet to either side so you won't obstruct your water view."


"Wow," both Matt and Jim said. "What's a lanai??" Jim asked.


"It can be a generic name for an enclosed patio, in this case there will be a six foot wall enclosing a garden area around 6x4, with a sliding glass door from the shower in each master suite bathroom.


"Cool," they both said, "how long will the plans take," Matt asked.


"It will take about three weeks for the first draft and then we can tweak it. I'm thinking it will be about at least five thousand square feet not including the out building and pool house to do it properly. With the pool and geothermal heat pump, and solar panels for electric, I would estimate total cost as planned to be about 1.5 million if that's within your budget."


"Perfect," Jim said while he shot Matt a glance, meaning don't argue with me and ended it with their message wink. "How long will it take to complete."


"If we have a mild winter and break ground in November, you can be moved in mid-June by the latest."


"Thanks, we looking forward to seeing your plans," they said standing and shaking hands.


When they were alone Finn spoke up, "I think if Frank works as general contractor and using the builder I used to build my house we can shave off a good twenty percent, and you've seen the quality of my place," he said.


"That sounds good to us," Matt said.



Back at the beach Udo was going to train Travis on how to wash and shower Billy, so he could cover for him while he went on a date Monday night. Billy was feeling better, only after one day, and when they had him in the shower and Travis had just finished washing his butt, as Udo gave instructions. When he got Billy to sit down, Travis noticed his brother's hard-on.


"Looks like little brother isn't so little anymore," Travis said and laughed.


"My other nurse at least gave me a happy ending," Billy said with a smile.


"Really," Travis drawled, "I thought you were straight," Travis said and grabbed his brothers cock and stroked it.


"I am, but the hand job felt great, I can't wait for my first blow-job."


"Really," Travis said as he knelt in front of his brother, "you think you'd like a blow-job," and he blew some of his hot breath on Billy's cock head.


"Oh fuck man, don't tease me," Billy said pushing his cock up towards Travis's mouth.


"You really want this?"


"Shit yeah, if this big man can play with his brother so can I," and he pushed his cock up into Travis's warm mouth. Travis took all of his brother's cock down to his pubes as Billy let out an, "oh FUCK that feels so great!!!"


Udo got hard watching and had taken his cock out of his pants and started to jerk off, watching the scene in front of him. Billy noticed and turned and with his left hand tried to stroke his cock.


"Whoa, little bro, you sure about this," Udo asked.


"Yeah, I'm so fucking turned on and I want to try it," and continued to stroke Udo's cock. Meanwhile, Travis was working on his cock. Travis looked up and noticed his brother stroking Udo's cock and almost came in his pants. He re-doubled his efforts and Billy shouted, "I'm going to cum," and did, filling Travis's mouth with a huge load of cum. While Billy continued to stroke Udo's cock, Travis put his mouth on it and finished him off.


"Shit Tray, that was great," Billy said, "now give me your cock and let me help you get off."


Travis stood and pulled out his hard cock and let him stroke him. "Oh fuck bro, I can't believe you're doing this, but it feels great," he said and then Udo moved in and kissed Tray. Billy saw the kiss and it got him hotter and he increased his efforts.


"Okay buddy, pull off I'm going to cum," Travis said but Billy just kept going until Travis came all over him.


They got Billy set in bed and Udo excused himself to go study. Travis climbed carefully into bed to lie next to his brother and put his arm around his shoulder. "Are you okay with what we just did," he asked.


"Yeah, to tell you the truth, I've always wanted to do that with you. I know I'm basically straight but I love you and I thought if a big stud like Udo can play with his brother I could too. But I won't be out looking for a boyfriend." He laughed and leaned into Travis, "but I could see myself playing with you guys if you'd let me," he said.


"Anytime baby bro, I'll do anything to make you happy," he went to kiss Billy's cheek and he turned and let him kiss his lips.


"Wow, you're trying everything today," Travis said.


"I want to be as close to you as I can be for the rest of my life. You've saved my life and I owe you big time, and this is fun," Billy said and he pointed down to his cock which was hard again, just as Wolf walked in.


"I see my new baby bro is trying a walk on the wild side," he said.


"Yeah, I think he's looking for another blow job," Travis said.


"Well allow me," Wolf said climbing on the bed between Billy's legs, he pulled the boys shorts off and licked the head of his cock, "not only does he look like you, baby, he even tastes like you," Wolf said and went back down and sucked him all the way into his mouth.


"Holy fuck," Billy said. He was moaning, as Wolf deep throated him. Wolf pulled off, "Billy can you lay flat on your back and raise your knees if it's comfortable," he said, and Billy did what he said.


"Yeah, it feels fine," Billy said.


Wolf went back down and started to lick the boy's balls, "Oh fuck, that feels incredible," Billy moaned. Travis was pinching his brother's nipples and then Billy really flipped out when Wolf went down and started to put his tongue in the boy's ass.


"Oh fuck man, that feels fucking amazing," Bill moaned as he pushed his ass back into Wolf's face.


"Feels good, doesn't it buddy," Travis said.


"Fuck yeah, oh Wolf your tongue feels amazing."


"Then hold on buddy, this will blow your mind," Wolf said and he took his huge middle finger and slowly worked it into Billy's ass as he sucked the boys cock back into his mouth. Billy tensed and then relaxed at Travis's urging and when Wolf hit his love nut he almost came on the spot.


"You're going to make me cum, Wolf."


"Um," Wolf moaned around his cock and aimed for it again and that was it. Billy blew another huge load into Wolf's mouth, then he came up and kissed Travis and fed him Billy's cum. Travis had his cock out again. Wolf move down and in just three strokes had him firing off again. Wolf gave Billy a light kiss on the lips, and said "welcome to the family, bro!!"



That night Matt and Jim lay holding each other reviewing the day. "Do you really want to play with me and dad," Matt asked.


"Damn straight, I've told you that I used to beat off to that fantasy. Has he ever fucked you?" Jim asked.


"No, just fingered me while he sucking me off and me him. Why do you want him to fuck you," Matt asked.


"Yeah, I think it would be hot to have you both breed me, it would really be special," Jim said and almost blushed.


"How about we include Finn, he is really hot and has nice thick cock, and by the way loves to get fucked," Matt said with a cocked eyebrow.


"Fuck yeah man, that will be so fucking hot," Matt said and kissed Jim, "How about I breed you now?"


"Aye, aye Captain, I love feeling your cock in me and he pushed back into Matt and the two men made love for a second time that day.


To be continued...




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