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A Single Soul


Chapter 27

Suffering Sanctimony



Jim lay awake looking at Matt sleeping beside him. Sometimes it amazed Jim how beautiful Matt really is. His father's Italian heritage and his mother's Chinese roots made him so incredibly handsome. His almond shaped eyes and bronze toned skin often took Jim's breath away. While he was staring at his lover and marveling at his beauty, Matt woke up and was eye to eye with Jim.

"What are doing buddy," Matt asked.

"Just drinking in the beauty that is Matt Leo," Jim said with a smile.

"You just want morning sex," Matt said with a smile and pushed Jim's shoulder.

"No baby, I'm serious! You are one handsome fuck, but I'll take the morning sex too," Jim said and threw himself on top of Matt.

Forty minutes later Matt and Jim were dropping Kelly off across the street before their run. Nadine opened the door. She looked sick as a dog.

"Are you feeling okay Nadine? If not I can keep Kelly today," Matt said.

"I'll be fine, no thanks to you two."

"What do we have to do with it? You didn't eat at our house last night," Jim said a little defensively.

"No, but you gave us that ocean front condo back in September and Drew gave me a new baby," she said with the best smile she could muster.

"Congratulations," the guys said and both kissed her cheeks.

"The baby is due in June, so I'll have to give you my notice now, but you'll be moving then anyway, right?"

"We'll work that out. Kelly will be a year old by then and I'll be able to handle him myself," Matt said.

"Well that makes me feel better. I'll see you this afternoon," Nadine said taking the baby. Matt and Jim left for their run.

Today was the day that invitations were to be sent out by email for Jim and Matt's birthday party and also Thanksgiving weekend. The party would be held on Saturday November, 15th. Although it was after their birthdays, it was closer to Thanksgiving and made it easier for Jim's parents to stay. As planned they just said `Jim and Matt invite you to their birthdays and for Thanksgiving'. They were waiting for the response from Jim's parents. That would not change anything but they were curious about his mother's reaction.

Halloween was the next day, and the Dynamic Duo were chomping at the bit with excitement about their costumes and trick or treating. They were going as Batman and Superman, their version of the Dynamic Duo.

The work had begun on the house. They wanted a name for the property but hadn't come up with one yet. They were working on it while everything else was coming along great. The bulkhead was complete and the footing was poured for the house. If the weather held they were going to start the framing the first week of November.

Billy was healing nicely. The wire came off his jaws but he still had bands inside, thankfully only for two more weeks and his ribs had healed. Travis and Wolf were more in love than ever and they were spending every night together, alternating homes. One afternoon Travis arrived home and found Frank and Billy at the kitchen counter going over a college application. Since Finn was an alum of the University of Penn, he talked Billy into applying. He agreed to do it but held out little hope of being accepted to an Ivy League school, not to mention the financing. They looked up and said hello to Travis and noticed the look on his face. It was blank and he was white as a sheet.

"Tray, what's the matter," Billy asked.

"My unit is being deployed," he said and plopped down in a chair, "we ship out to Afghanistan on January 5th," he said without emotion.

Both Frank and Billy got up and hugged Travis, who just continued to stare straight ahead. "I don't know how I'm going to tell Wolf," was all he said.

"Travis, don't worry about that. He's a Marine too, and he understands what it's all about," Frank said. He hugged Travis tightly, "you just need to take care of yourself."

When Wolf came in, all he needed to do was look at Travis and knew something was wrong. He went straight to him and pulled him into his arms, "what's wrong Tray," he asked.

"We're being deployed, Jan 5th, I'm ready for it, that's what we've trained for. My only problem is leaving you. I can't bear the thought of being away from you for a year," he said quietly.

"It will be fine baby boy. You'll carry me in your heart, and me you, because we love each other so much. Now let's make the next eight weeks a happy time, okay buddy," Wolf said quietly, holding his lover tightly.

"You're right Daddy," Travis whispered in his ear, "we have to start working on code words for when we Skype or email."

Later that night, Wolf had just finished plowing Travis' ass and Udo had cum in his mouth. The three men shared a kiss. "Baby boy, were going to make love to you every morning and night until you deploy and that should hold you," Wolf said.

"Just make sure I can walk or I'll be in big trouble," he laughed.


With the baby down for the night and the boys in bed Jim and Matt were in the office going over a few business items, one of which was the upgraded plan for the guest house. The builder Finn had recommended, and they hired, was also a former Marine. Matt learned after being in the area for four years that it was populated not only with active duty Marines from the base but huge population of former and retired Marines. It was not uncommon to find them at almost every turn.

When the builder learned the purpose of the guest house, he was impressed and gave them quite a break on the price and threw in a bunch of extras enabling them to make five bedrooms, all with ADA approved bathrooms and an elevator.

Matt left the room for a minute and came back with a fairly large box that he handed Jim. "It's an early birthday present for both of us from Dad. He said we could open it right away," so Jim did. Inside was a painted 3' x 2' sign that read,

Domus Valde Misericordia

The James Flannery & Matthew Leo Family

Semper Fidelis

The note in the box said that the translation of the Latin was "House of Great Mercy and Compassion and, of course, the Marine motto "Always Faithful". The Latin was painted in gold and the names in navy blue. There was a globe and anchor in the middle under the Semper Fi, also in gold.

"This is so fucking cool," Jim said, "and I'm first because I'm the best looking!!"

Matt punched his arm, "you're first because it's alphabetical, you dufus!"

"Yeah right, you know it's true," Jim said and laughed as he jumped out of the way of another punch.

"We have to make sure it's up when we take everyone there for our birthday and Thanksgiving," Matt said.

"Aye, aye Captain. How about having the circle just inside the driveway with a flagpole. This can be on the front of a brick column with a light fixture on top. It can hide the spotlight on the ground to shine up on the flag," Jim said.

"That sounds really great, let's see if the builder can have it done right before Thanksgiving. That way it will be up when we bring everybody to see the place. I was thinking that we really should have the entire property fenced, nothing fancy, just plank fencing, like you see on a horse farm with wire behind it to keep the dogs in," Matt said.

"Good idea. Let's have Dad check into it," Jim said.

"Now how about we hit the rack, we need to work out tomorrow. I want my man to stay looking studly," Matt said.

"My sentiments exactly Captain. You are starting to look a bit soft," Jim said.

"I've got your soft right here buddy," Matt said grabbing his crotch and laughing. Then the two men headed off to bed.

Halloween was a big success and the days flew by and before the guys knew it, Friday, November 14th was here. That's the day before Jim's parents arrived for their party on Saturday. The boys had delayed their birthday celebration until the party on Saturday, but had special sex on each of their birthday nights.

They were moving Kelly's crib and changing table into "Matt's" room for the visit and Jim's parents were going to be sleeping in "Jim's" room. He hadn't really slept in it since he moved in. He abandoned the pretense of going back to the room early in the morning, in case MJ came looking for him.

The party was being held at Frank's house and again, he arranged for a caterer to handle the food. They simply needed to show up at 1500. The guest list included all the guys, of course, and Father Dave along with Drew and Nadine, Jim's boss and his wife and the infamous blond that Udo was still dating. They also invited the contractor building the house and his wife and four guys from Jim's office, so it was about thirty people they expected.

They expected Jim's parents around 1700 so Jim took a half a day off and was home at 1300 and found Matt in the middle of cleaning the kitchen. He walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around him, "come on Captain, how `bout heading in for a little afternoon delight before the parents arrive."

"You got it dog face, and let's make it loud and dirty," Matt said as he grabbed Jim's hand and headed off to the bedroom.

Jim's parents arrived right on time. Matt was feeding the baby when they came in. Jim's mother came over and kissed Matt and fussed over the baby while Jim helped his dad with the bags. Just then MJ came in to the kitchen and said, "Hey Dad, what time is dinner?"

"1800 sharp, so why don't you and Jimmer feed the puppies now and then get cleaned up," Matt said. He noticed the look on Bonnie's face when MJ called him dad but didn't acknowledge it.

"Jimmer?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes, the boys informed us last month that they were too old to be call Matty and Jimmy and gave each other new names, Jimmer and MJ," Matt said.

"Well they are growing up fast," she said evenly.

Bonnie went to freshen up. When she came back, Jim was fixing his father a drink and offered one to his mother, who accepted. "Jim, I wish you would have let us accept Frank's invitation. I feel bad forcing you out of your room."

"It's okay Mom, we decided to change the arrangements since it will give you more time with the boys," Jim said.

Then it started after the first sip of her cocktail, "I see MJ, as he is now called, is calling Matt dad."

His father shot her a look and just said "enough Bonnie."

"It's okay Dad," Jim said, "the boys also refer to each other and Kelly as brothers; I really don't see the problem."

"Oh no, it's not a problem, just an observation," she said as she had been chastised.

The rest of evening was uneventful and everyone retired by 2200. When the boys went to bed, Jim and Matt snuck into the room to speak to the boys, reminding them to wear shorts in the morning to breakfast! "Okay Dads," the boy's said in unison and laughed, "We'll be good."

Later on, the guys were sharing the bathroom and discussing the evening, "your mom tried to start some trouble, but your dad shut her down," Matt said.

"Yeah, but I'm sure she's not done," Jim said.

"I think you handled it perfectly as you left her with nothing to say," Matt added.

"Yeah well you know her, even with nothing to say she manages to say something. It was dad that nipped it in the bud," he wrapped his arms around Matt and kissed him. "Nothing matters baby, we love each other; our boys love us; that's all that matters, Jim said. "Let's hit the rack. Tomorrow will be a long day."

On Saturday morning, Jim was feeding the baby, Matt was making breakfast and Jim's dad was drinking coffee, talking to the guys about the new house. Bonnie appeared in the kitchen followed by the three dogs who ran to the back door, Matt following to let them out. "James," she said in an agitated tone, "do you two allow the boys to sleep together in the same bed," she asked.

"Yes, is there a problem with that," Jim asked. Before she could answer, he asked, "and why were you in the boy's room?"

"As I passed the boys room, I heard one of the dogs crying. I opened the door to let him out, and saw them curled up together. Frankly I don't think it's appropriate," she said.

"Bonnie!" George said sharply, "you need to mind your business."

"This is my business, he is my grandson," she said sharply.

"No Mother, with all due respect, Dad is right. It's none of your business. He is my son and my responsibility. They started sleeping together after his deranged mother and her idiot brother kidnapped him and almost killed him. Then his crazy grandmother also tried to kidnap him and shot my friend. It's as innocent as comforting each other yet you seem to want to make more than it is," Jim said with restraint. "We have a saying around here. When talk gets nasty, we say, `put your hands on the curb and pull up!' "


"It's just, well I..." she started and was cut off by her husband, "Bonnie you've said quite enough. You're a guest in their home and should remember that," George admonished her.

"Mom, I'm sorry, but the doctor thought it was one of the reasons he's done so well, given all he's been through. I'm sure if Jimmer wasn't there he would have been in bed with me. He's just a little boy after all and has been through quite a bit," Jim said much more calmly.

"I'm sorry, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking," she said not too convincingly.

The boys showed up a few minutes later, unaware of what had occurred, or so the adults thought. After breakfast, the boys were off to give the dogs a long walk, hopefully tiring them out for the party. Bonnie took the baby out for a walk in the stroller. Jim and Matt were in the gym in the middle of their work-out when George came in.

"Hi guys, I hope I'm not interrupting," he said.

"No, not at all what's up," Jim said.

"I wanted to talk to you boys alone, I'm really sorry about this morning," he said.

"No problem George," Matt said, "yeah Dad, it's not a problem," Jim said.

"Well thanks but that's not what I wanted to talk about. Just between us, I want you to know I'm happy for you and hope you're both very happy together," George said.

"Dad?" Jim said.

"Look boys, I knew about you when you were kids, and I can see it in your eyes today. I also noticed the rings and I'm really happy for you, truly happy. You are both honorable men and are doing a great job with the boys. Now your mother is another story. She has her hang-ups and keeps after me but I refuse to discuss it with her. I told her if she has any questions, she should ask you herself. I really don't care one way or the other. And by the way, I'm sure you haven't slept one night in that bed she thinks we kicked you out of Jimmy!!!" his father said, laughing.

Jim and Matt were blown away. Jim went to this dad and hugged him, "Thanks Dad, it really means a lot to both of us to hear you say that," he released him and Matt hugged him as well.

"What should we do about Bonnie," Matt asked.

"Nothing, it's none of her fucking business, and quite frankly, I'm tired of her sanctimony. As I said, you boys are doing a great job with your kids and your careers. All she's worried about is what her bridge club will say," George said, sounding surprisingly bitter.

"Well thanks Dad, we really appreciate your support," Jim said.

Bonnie was holding the baby in the family room when Matt walked in freshly showered. When Kelly saw him, he started his baby talk and reached out for Matt, bouncing in his grandmother's arms. "I guess I see where I stand," Bonnie said with a weak smile.

"That's not true Bonnie, he's just that he's use to me," Matt said.

"He's right Mom. Kelly would have done the same thing if I was holding him," Jim said from the entrance of the family room, where he watched what happened. "Since Matt works from home, he sees Kelly the most."

"I thought you had a nanny, Jim," his mother said.

"We do," Jim said putting the emphasis on the 'we', "but that's for only five hours to give Matt time to get some work done, and when we move in June we won't have Nadine anymore."

A tight "I see," was her only response.

The family had a light lunch around 1200 to hold them over until the party. Jim's parents had taken the baby for a walk and Matt and Jim were in the bedroom packing up Kelly's things and getting ready for the party, when the boys appeared at the door, "Dads," they both said together, "can we come in?"

"Sure guys, what's up," Jim said.

"Why was grandma saying that stuff about me and Jimmer sleeping together?" MJ asked.

Matt and Jim looked at each other, as if to say, are you going to handle it, but Jim took it. "Well guys, some people think that two guys shouldn't sleep together, even brothers," Jim said.

"Does she think we're gay or something?" MJ said.

Jim gave Matt a look like 'what the fuck' and then said, "What do you know about being gay?"

"We had a thing at school about bullying and that we're not supposed to pick on gay kids," Jimmer answered.

Deciding to just let the gay thing go for the moment, they stuck to the bullying point. "Well guys, you know what we've told you: you are to treat people the way you want to be treated. That's all you need to worry about," Jim said.

"We remember Dad," both boys said in unison.

"Then why does she think it's wrong for us to sleep together?" Matty asked.

"Well she thinks boys shouldn't sleep together," Jim said.

"That's dumb," said Jimmer, "I only starting sleeping with MJ because he had bad dreams about his mom. Anyway, you guys sleep in the same bed." That last bit of information got their attention!!

"Okay, well this is how it is, guys. It's fine if you guys want to sleep together and it's fine if we do too. But sometimes you need to keep things about your family private. Like you guys sleeping together, and how we all hang out and swim naked, not because it's wrong but people get the wrong idea about things. People don't understand."

The boys were listening intently. Matt and Jim could almost see the wheels turning in their little heads as the listened to Jim and absorbed what he was saying. It wasn't that he wanted to teach the boys to be deceitful he wanted to teach them discretion.

"You know how when Marines go on a mission, they have to keep everything secret," both boys nodded their heads `yes'. "Well this is how we protect the mission and each other. So that's how we have to be about our little family. Just remember, you guys sleeping together is just fine. It's because you're brothers and you're helping each other. If you keep it in the family, you will never have to worry about what other people say," Jim explained. "Do you guys understand?"

"Yeah Dad," the boys answered.

"By the way," Matt asked, "how did you guys know we slept in the same room?"

"Oh," Jimmer started, realizing what he had let slip, "one night Duffy wanted to go out and I let him out the back door. When we were coming back, your door was open a little bit and I saw you in there, Dad," Jimmer said. Matt and Jim looked at each other, unsure what to say.

"Yeah Dad," MJ said, "It's okay if you have bad dreams like me! Jimmer and me are good at keeping secrets."

"Well dog face, it looks like we have two little spies on our hands, who need the tickle tortured," Matt said, putting both arms around MJ and starting to tickle the laughing boy.

"Right there with you Captain," Jim said, as he did the same to Jimmer.

The four were laughing, rolling around on the bed, as the men tickled the boys. The kids were laughing so hard, crying for their dads to stop. Matt happened to catch the sight of Bonnie standing in the doorway looking disapprovingly at the four of them.

"Would you please keep it down, the baby is asleep," she said and turned and walked away.

After catching their breath, Matt spoke, "Boys, you are the best sons in the world!" He kissed both boys and Jim did the same. "Now what do you say we get ready for the party!"

The boys went to their rooms to get ready and Jim closed the bedroom door. "Well that was interesting," he said to Matt and took him in his arms and kissed him, "I think we handled it rather well, don't you?"

"Yeah I do, but I wish that the school could have just handled the bullying thing without bringing up the gay part. They could have just told them what we did, saying it's not right to bully anyone," Matt said.

"I agree. I understand it's important to stop bullying, especially of gay kids. It's just that I would rather wait a bit before I have to start explaining sex to the boys. I think that's our job," Jim said. Why couldn't they just have said "NO bullying for any reason."

"Well the boys didn't seem too interested in the gay part at the moment, so maybe we can wait a bit," Matt replied. "I was hoping to wait until I saw the first hair sprout on their dicks before I brought it up."

"Good plan Captain that gives a couple of years."

"I sure hope so, because when they start beating off and if they are anything like you, they'll be at 24/7," Matt said.

"Me!" Jim exclaimed, "remember buddy, you were right there with me," he said and laughed as he pushed Matt back on the bed and kissed him deeply. They could feel their cocks getting hard against each other's legs when there was a knock at the door.

"Boys," Bonnie called out, and they leaped to their feet, panting and red faced.

"Coming," Jim called out.

"Well almost," Matt said. That broke them up!!

To be continued...


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