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A Single Soul

Chapter 28

Birthday Boys


The party on Saturday was in full swing. Jim and Matt had requested no gifts for them, instead asking for a toy to be donated to the base Marines' Toys for Tots drive. They weren't surprised when everyone showed up with two gifts. None of Jim's brothers or sisters attended, opting to wait for Thanksgiving, but sent checks for them to purchase toys for the drive.

Jim's boss pulled him and Matt aside, "Are you two trying out for sainthood or what," he asked with a smile.

"No sir, just trying to keep the good karma flowing," Matt replied as the Doc joined them.

"Everything seems to be going very well for you both, your boys seem very happy and Travis is a different person," she said.

"Yes ma'am," Jim replied, "Your advice was excellent," he continued as he looked at Matt who understood and just shook his head yes., "The boys gave us quite a surprise today," Jim continued as he guided the foursome away from the party for more privacy.

Once they were out earshot, he told them what had transpired that morning and how they handled it.

"That is wonderful news; it couldn't have worked out any better for you both. It shows the boys are both well adjusted, accepting, and most of all happy with their lives. Well done gentlemen, just another success to celebrate!!" the Doc said.

Just then they heard Frank calling for everyone's attention and for them to gather at the back gate. "I hope the boys will indulge me, but I broke the gift rule. I made my Toys for Tots donation but being the indulgent father that I am, there is something for the guys and their new home I couldn't resist. So if everyone would follow me," he said and went through the gate and out to the dock. Just as they got halfway down the walk, they heard a boat horn and saw Wolf and Udo with MJ and Jimmer on their shoulders coming toward them, all smiles in a twenty foot Chris Craft launch.

"Dad, what have you done," Matt said with his eyes wide.

"Spoiling you guys, now go replace the twins and take your boys for a ride," Frank said. And that's just what they did and after a quick trip the came back and started giving rides to anyone who was interested.

After everyone who wanted a ride had one, Matt and Jim grabbed Frank, "Dad you really shouldn't have done this, we don't want you spending huge amounts of money like this," Jim said.

"Don't worry boys, it was a steal, the benefits of a bad economy. The seller really needed to sell and I got it for half of what it was worth and everybody's happy." Frank said, "Besides, you have all that bulk head and dock space, you needed a boat," he said and laughed.

The party broke up around 1900, and Jim's parents went back to Jacksonville taking Kelly with them to give the guys a break. Matt had one more surprise for Jim. Travis, Wolf, and Billy were going to babysit and already were with the boys in the family room in a video game war. Matt found Jim in the bedroom unpacking his toiletries. "Hey dog face, I have a surprise for you, and we're going next door for a few hours." Jim gave Matt a questioning look but followed him anyway.

When they got to Finn's, they let themselves in and Matt lead Jim up to the master bedroom. When he opened the door, Jim saw Frank and Finn laying on the bed in just their well-worn jock-straps, on the table off to the side was a bucket full of beers and a bottle of Jack and a big tube of lube.

"Happy Birthday boys," Frank said, "but you two look a bit overdressed."

Matt grabbed a bag off the dresser and reached in, then handed Jim his jock and he took his own. "You said you wanted to have fun with Dad, so tonight's the night," Matt said as he stripped and put his own well-worn jock with Jim following his lead.

"This just might be better than getting a boat," Jim said.

Finn and Frank got off the bed and told Jim to lay in the middle on his back. Frank climbed on the bed and straddled Jim's waist, "I heard you have a little Daddy fantasy," and leaned in and kissed Jim hard, "so happy birthday son, Daddy is going to make you feel real good with a little help from his friends," and kissed Jim again..

The four men continued their lovemaking and trading partners ending up with Matt fucking Jim. He was really going strong, driving Jim crazy. "Sorry baby, I'm just too turned on and I'm going to shoot," Matt said and unloaded in Jim, causing Jim to unloaded in Frank's mouth. Then all four men shared a kiss with Frank tasting Jim's cum. Then they collapsed on the bed in a heap.

Frank and Finn got up and got a beer and Jim pulled Matt in for a kiss, "thanks baby that was hot," and got a beer for himself. Fifteen minutes later the three men were back at it with Jim topping Matt and Frank fucking Finn side by side while Frank and Jim sucked face.

Jim pulled away and looked at Frank, "I wish I could tell you how many times I've jerked-off thinking about you," Jim said.

"Same here kiddo, there were a few times before I got remarried that I jerked-off thinking about doing this with you and Matt," Frank said.

"Well I'm glad we finally got to do it," Jim said and then groaned as he shot his load in his lovers ass, with Frank right cumming soon after.

Later that night as Matt and Jim were snuggled into bed and Matt said, "You really enjoyed that didn't you?"

"Yeah I did, and what about you?"

"I thought it was fucking hot for just sex, I like playing around with the other guys," Matt said holding Jim tighter, "but it as much fun as that was, it doesn't compare to when we make love."

"How romantic," Jim said and turned around to kiss Matt, "I agree for straight out dirty sex once in a while it could be fun, but I always want you with me," he said.

"Same for me and that Finn is sure one kinky fucker. I loved it when he was working my feet," Matt said.

"Yeah I told him we'd stop by after our run and let him have them while all sweaty," Jim said with a laugh, "and he made me promise to do it. He wants you and me to rub our sweaty feet in his face while Dad fucks him."

"Okay enough, you're making me get hard," Matt said with a giggle, "now let's get some sleep."

Sunday morning Matt and Jim arrived in the kitchen to find Wolf, Udo, Billy, and Travis all naked, sitting around the table drinking coffee, "well I'm glad we didn't dress for the occasion," Jim said.

"Just like at your house Gunner," Wolf said, "we really save on the laundry."

Just then Frank and Finn walked in wearing just running shorts. "Great, I'm glad you're all up, we need to have a family meeting," Frank said heading over and pouring himself and Finn a mug of coffee.

"Well," Frank started, after dropping his shorts and taking a seat, "now that I'm no longer overdressed, everybody here knows about Travis and Billy's situation. Well, now that Travis is being deployed, he and Billy have asked me to adopt them, so any thoughts?" Frank asked the assembled group.

Travis looked nervously at Matt, "Matt I hope you're okay with this. I mean my parents basically threw us away and with me being deployed, I'm worried about Billy. This will give Frank legal standing and if anything happens to me, he'll be allowed to call the shots," he said with pleading eyes.

Matt got up and walked around the table and pulled Travis up into his arms. "Little bro, we've already made you a member of the family, remember? Well now it will just be official and I'm very happy about it," he said and hugged him tight and then let him go and Billy got up and they hugged.

Billy kissed him on the cheek, "thanks big brother, I'm really glad you're okay about this."

"Well when is it going to happen?" Jim asked.

"Well with an adult adoption it's just a matter of a judge signing off and I have a friend who's a court clerk who pushed it," Finn answered, "hopefully it will be done just before Thanksgiving."

"Great and then we can officially welcome you into the family," Matt said.

"And that's not the only big news," Finn said, "the future William Leo was apparently quite modest about his academic abilities and record. Based on his performance and his scores they have accelerated his acceptance process and he will be admitted in January for the winter term.

"Yeah, and it doesn't hurt that you are an alum and donor," Jim said.

"No, that only helped crack open a door, the young man did the rest himself," Finn replied making sure that Billy got the credit he deserved for being a bright and conscientious student.

"We're taking him up to Philly on the Friday after Thanksgiving and meeting my parents and sister who are going to spend the weekend with us, and then he has an interview on Monday," Wolf said.

"Well it seems we have good news all around," Matt said.

The group's attention was drawn to the sounds of the boys and the dogs heading toward the kitchen, and then they appeared, two naked boys with their little cocks still sticking up a bit and three happy puppies. "Good morning," they both called out in unison.

"Well it's about time you two decided to get your butt's out of bed," Jim said.

"Hey Dad's, can we get a urinal in our bathroom at the new house," Jimmer asked as walked over and hugged Jim and laid his head on the big man's shoulder.

"I don't know sport, the design is done. Why do you want a urinal," Matt asked.

"Because it's hard to pee in the morning with a boner and not make a mess," MJ answered for both of them.

All the men in the kitchen burst out laughing.

"Well you gonna have that problem for most of the rest of your life sport," Jim said, "Try sitting down."

"Yeah I do that sometimes, but I get tired hitting the cold water," Wolf said.

That got a laugh and a bunch of "yeah right's" from the men. Both boys said, "Huh?"

"Don't pay any attention to the big bad Wolf over there," Travis said, "he's just trying to be funny."

"That's why I get my shower first thing, it's all going the same place," Billy added.

"We'll check with the builder and see if it's not too late, but if it is you'll have to figure it out," Matt said.

After breakfast Frank and Finn wanted a meeting with Matt and Jim, so Travis and the twins with Billy, took the Dynamic Duo out for a boat ride. The young boys were in heaven. They had two dads whom they loved very much and four big guys whom they adored and gave them both lots of attention. It was because of all the love and attention they received that made all the bad memories of the last few months quickly fade into the background.

The sat themselves around the dining room table and Frank began the discussion; "Finn and I were having a talk with the builder, Fred Robinson. He's very impressed with your plans for the helping wounded and troubled Marines, and he really wants to help."

Finn took over, "so the three of us came up with this idea. Create a foundation and apply for 503C tax exempt status. Sub-divide a building lot and donate it to the foundation and build the house there. Fred said it would be cheaper and easier to build it as a one story building and he'd like to donate to the foundation. He figures he can build a four bedroom, two and a half bath house with a great room and small kitchen for around a hundred grand. If we need to, we can always add on."

"And he's willing to contribute, so with the five of us if we each put in thirty grand, we can build and outfit the house nicely with some left over upkeep and extras," Frank added.

"I like it Dad, we can call the house the name you put on the sign, Domus Valde Misericordia, and the guys who we bring in will be responsible for keeping up their area if they are able," Matt said.

"I disagree, I'm not against subdividing and creating a foundation, but I am totally against the 503-C. Once we do that we open ourselves to interference from the government and a cluster fuck of laws and regulations," Jim said as everyone turned their attention to him.

"Well there is a considerable amount of paperwork involved and of course the IRS gets in the act," Finn conceded.

"Look, I love my country and serve it proudly, but I've seen what happens when politicians and bureaucrats get involved. Why can't we just keep it simple, let it be just a few guys helping others and do it our way without interference?" Jim added.

"You know, I hadn't thought about it that way," Frank said.

Maybe we could hook up with that program Soldiers Angels, but I'm sure we'll have enough right here at Lejeune," Jim said.

The meeting continued with Finn showing the guys the new plans for the guest house. It was located at the far end of the property providing privacy for everyone. One nice feature they added was a covered screened front porch and of course a ramp to accommodate anyone in a wheelchair.

"There is something we'd like everyone to consider," Jim started. "Matt and I had planned to seek out Marines who had little or no family, or other issues," Matt said with a knowing look. "We just thought there may be quite a few falling through the cracks and in need of an advocate, someone to care, to help them get back into civilian life."

"Your points are well taken gentlemen. Let's stick to sub-dividing and creating our own foundation that doesn't need any oversight. I'm sure Fred will still help.

"Maybe we can get Father Dave to bless the property on Thanksgiving when we take everyone over to see the property," Matt added.

"It sounds like a good plan," Frank replied.

Matt's phone rang. It was Travis, "hey bro, we're down in Surf City and are taking the boys to play mini-golf and to lunch, so don't wait for us."

"Okay, thanks for the call," Matt answered.

He relayed the information. Then Frank said, "Okay you two, go for a run, and you owe Finn four sweaty feet!"

"Oorah, Dad," both men said and headed off for their run.

An hour later the two sweaty studs returned. They found Finn lying naked on Frank's bed. They stripped down; leaving on their well-worn, never washed stained jocks and their sweat soaked socks. Finn got off the bed and asked the guys to get on the bed and lay up against the headboard. He knelt on the foot of the bed and began to sniff and lick the guys feet, sucking their toes through the socks, as the guys kissed and played with each other's nipples.

Frank came in the room, naked and hard with a leather cock ring on, he knelt on the floor behind Finn, "Mind if I join in?"

"Go for it Dad," Matt said, and he did. For the next hour the four men traded partners and worked each other into a frenzy, finally ending in an earth- shattering orgasm for each.

Finally spent, the men lay back on the bed panting, "Now that's the way to end a fantastic weekend," Frank said.

The guys got up and took a quick shower and headed down to the kitchen and fixed lunch, and then took a soak in the hot tub.

When the boys returned home, they were still stoked from the day with the big guys. Travis had taken his camera and had a great shot of the twins standing side by side with Jimmer and MJ on their shoulders, their arms around each other and big smiles on their faces.

"Travis, that's a great shot, would you email that to me I'd like to make a print of that for us and Denise," Matt said.

"I want one too," Frank added.

"Yeah sure, I'll do it right now," Travis replied and headed off.

By 1450 they were all packed up and headed home to get ready for Thanksgiving and spend a few days with Grandmother Bonnie!

To be continued...

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