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A Single Soul


Chapter 30

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer



Well, Thanksgiving passed and before everyone knew it, Christmas was two weeks away. In that short amount of time, a lot happened. Jim had been forgiven! Actually that happened before his sisters-in-law left early in the morning for Black Friday shopping!

The boys loved their trip to Virginia with Denise. She was concerned about MJ's reaction driving past the Dismal Swamp, the scene of the accident that killed his mother and uncle, also injuring him. Seeing a McDonald's she pulled in and told the boys to use the restroom. That detour would prevent them from using the rest stop. Back on the road Denise kept an eye in the rear view mirror. She noticed that when they got back in the car, Jimmer buckled himself in the center seat. As they approached the scene of the accident, she saw that Jimmer had his arm around MJ's shoulder and was talking to him quietly. They passed the scene without incident, leaving Denise very proud of her son.

Not long after the Dismal Swamp, they passed over into Virginia. Denise was explaining to the boys what to expect when they got to the Bay Bridge Tunnel.

"Hopefully it will be a clear day and you will be able to see all the big cargo ships in the bay," she said.

They made their way through Virginia Beach to the toll plaza. The approach to the tolls and the road after were lined with large trees still sporting their autumnal beauty.

"Hey Mom," MJ said, "Where's the bay?"

"You'll see in just a minute," Denise replied. No sooner did the words leave her mouth and the Chesapeake Bay appeared before them, sparkling bright and beautiful in the mid-morning sun. Then they began the almost twenty-four mile journey across and underneath the bay.

"Wow!" both boys said simultaneously.

"Well guys, it looks like your lucky day! The sky is clear and the sun is shining. You will get a good view."

As they drove on the first bridge they could see a super tanker heading toward the bridge at a good clip. It looked as if it would be sailing right into the bridge itself but it was in the channel that was over the first tunnel.

"Whoa, look at that boat," Jimmer said, "it looks like it's going to hit us."

"First of all, young man, that is a ship, and secondly we will be going under it when we're in the tunnel," Denise said.

The boys watched, their mouths open in amazement as they approached the tunnel. The ship was keeping pace, getting closer and closer. Just as they were about to enter the tunnel, the ship made its way over, creating the optical illusion that they would be hitting it broadside. They descended into the tunnel, continuing on their way under the channel, re-emerging at the other end, almost in the middle of the Bay. From this point you could see nothing but water, no land in site. The only things you could see were the two buildings at each end of the second tunnel.

"This is so cool," MJ said, "it's like being in the middle of the ocean."

"Yes it is, this bridge tunnel is an engineering marvel," Denise said.

Then, all too soon, they were through the next tunnel and over the last two bridges. Now they were on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula. Continuing on the road north for about ten miles Denise pointed out a long row of trees in the middle of the corn fields. She made a left and they drove down the more than one mile lane, lined by both maple trees full of color and large old magnolias. The road led to the large antebellum plantation house with the stunning view of the Chesapeake Bay framing it.

The twelve hundred acre farm had been continually planted since 1810. Denise's father leased the farm land to a local farmer and kept just four acres surrounding the house and down to the bay front. Her parents were very kind and understanding with her and especially kind to MJ, insisting that he call them Grandmom and Grandpop, just like Jimmer. Since Denise had unofficially adopted him she noticed his mood was just a bit brighter. Matt and Jim mentioned they no longer saw the occasional sadness in his eyes.

The trip to Philadelphia for Travis and the twins went great. Wolf's parents loved both Travis and Billy; their sister Jasmine was especially smitten with Billy, thanks to his great body, cute face and sexy Texas drawl. Travis and the twins got tattoos on their chests. On his left pec, Travis's said "Welpe" in an old German script. It translates into "pup" and the twins got "Wolf Pack" on theirs, to everyone's amusement, save Wolf's mother.

When the Wolf Pack returned home and appeared for breakfast, M&J thought their tats were the coolest things ever. Jim made it clear, there would be no tattoos for the boys until they were twenty one or else!!

The biggest news was that Jim's parents had separated. Apparently Bonnie could not come to terms with Jim's choices and George would not give up his son or grandsons, and he made it clear, that included Jimmer. He was still in Florida, while Bonnie had moved in with Junior, doing her best "oh woe is me act" for anyone who would listen. Jim could give a shit. The only one of her children to side with her was Junior. The rest all sent very gracious `thank you' notes containing assurances that they had no problem with Matt and Jim and were happy for them.

Kelly was growing like a weed. He was going on six months old, developing more personality every day. He was becoming more and more a Daddy's boy, to both Daddies. One evening Jim had his guitar out and was singing to the baby. MJ and Jimmer were singing along, having a great time. When he was done playing, both boys said they would like to learn to play.

"Well boys, that would be great," Jim said, "but I think you should learn to play piano first and learn to read music. Then learning to play the guitar will be a snap."

"Cool, Dad," Jimmer said, "I'd like to learn the piano too." MJ agreed and Jim said he would look for a teacher. The boys headed off to their room to do homework.

"Well Dad, looks like we're piano shopping," Matt said.

"No, we'll get a sixty one key electric keyboard. It's enough to start lessons on. If they decide not to continue, we haven't wasted a lot of money," Jim said.

"Hey, Dad called. He wants to have a special party New Year's Eve at Finn's. Billy has agreed to babysit the boys at his house."

"What kind of party?" Jim asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A special send off for Travis, it will just be the seven of us."

"This sounds like it might be fun!!" Jim said and laughed.

The weather cooperated and the house was taking shape quickly. They even started work on the guest house. On Saturday, the whole family headed down to check out the progress and stopped at the Back Gate barber shop for haircuts.

When they walked in, Jim noticed a young Marine waiting for a haircut. His name was Derrick Forman. He was African-American, but the black eye stood out even on his dark skin.

He didn't work for Jim, but worked in communications with Drew. Derrick and Jim had crossed paths a few times. There was always something about the young Marine that struck Jim. He was a good looking kid, about twenty years old, not movie star handsome, but what one would call cute, with very sexy bee-stung lips, and of course, a well-honed, muscular body, that showed through his clothes. He was only about five feet, eight inches, with wide shoulders, large arms, an incredibly small waist and an amazing bubble butt. As a result of the recent changes in his life, Jim just had a feeling that the kid was gay.

When he noticed Jim he jumped to his feet, "good morning Gunner," he said.

"At ease Marine, we're off duty," Jim said as he attempted to get a better look at the young man's eye. The kid tried to turn so Jim couldn't see but it was too late.

"Derrick, how many ahead of you," Jim asked.

"Two sir."

"Well, my son will hold your place. I'd like a word with you outside," Jim said. He headed for the door and the young Marine followed him, knowing better than to question him.

Once outside on the wide front porch, Jim turned his back to the street, causing the young man to have his back to the windows. "Derrick, this is off the record, but I'd like to know what happened to your eye," Jim said.

Panic flashed across the kids face. He looked like he wanted to run but stood stock still and said nothing.

"Derrick, its okay, son, you can trust me."

His eyes were glassy and filled with fear. He tried to speak but the fear of breaking down prevented it. Jim noticed and changed tacts. "Look, what are your plans today?"

"Nothing much, Gunner, just going to work out and then hang out."

"Well, why don't you join us? We're going down to the beach. There are a couple of other Jarheads for you to hang with. Our friend has a killer gym and I know the guys will be working out."

"Well I don't know. I mean I don't want to intrude," Derrick said.

"You're not intruding," Jim said.

Just then Jimmer appeared, "Dad, it's his turn," he said, nodding his head towards Derrick.

"Okay Jarhead, head on in. When you're done, I'd really like you to wait for us," Jim said, trying to make the kid feel at ease. Derrick looked at Jim. He knew that Jim knew he was holding back, but he also knew he could trust the man. "Yes sir, I'll wait in my car."

"Good, good we won't be long, these guys work quickly," Jim said.

Twenty minutes later Jim and Matt emerged with the boys and fresh haircuts, Derrick was waiting in his car. Jim walked over, "Okay Lance Corporal, I'm riding with you. We have to make a stop before heading to the beach."

"Yes sir," Derrick said and followed Matt's car out on to 172 and to the new house. When they pulled in the drive way, Derrick stopped in front and read the sign, "House of the Strong and Compassionate." Very cool" the kid said, "But I think I would translate it as "House of the Powerfully Compassionate."

"You read Latin?" Jim asked.

"Yes sir, I had four years of it in high school."

"How do you come up with powerfully instead of strong? Jim asked.

"Well, Valde is from validus, best translated as strong, robust, powerful, and healthy," Derrick said proudly.

"I'm impressed, but you look like you're barely old enough to graduate."

"Yes sir, I'm nineteen, I skipped a year in grade school and was graduated early."

"Then may I ask why you joined the Corps?"

A shadow seemed to pass over Derricks face, he looked down at his lap, "I wanted it to make me into a man," he said quietly.

The answer was almost heartbreaking. Jim felt even more certain he was right about the kid. "Well Marine, it looks like it worked," he said and received a brilliant smile in return.

When they reached the house, Matt was getting Kelly out of the car and the boys were getting the dogs out, as Jim walked up with Derrick. "Alright Derrick let's introduce you to everyone. These are our boys, my son Matthew, Captain Leo's son James and the baby is my youngest, Kelly. The guy holding him is my buddy Captain Matthew Leo, USMC Reserves."

Derrick shook hands with everyone and when it was young Matthew's turn he added, "Hi, everybody calls me MJ," with a big smile, and like his buddy, "and they call me Jimmer."

"Yes, I can understand that. It must get quite confusing with two of each of you," Derrick added, "that is some coincidence with the names."

"No coincidence, Matt and I have known each other since we were eight years old," Jim said without elaborating.

"Hey Matt, we got a boy genius here, he's only nineteen and can read Latin," Jim said and put a hand on the kid's shoulder.

"`Pax huic domui' means peace to this house" the young man said, extending his arm towards the home under construction.

"Really, well that's impressive, any other hidden talents?" Matt asked.

"Well I played football in high school, I was a running back and I play the piano, violin, guitar, and banjo," Derrick answered proudly."

"Really, the boys were just saying they wanted to learn. How long did you take lessons," Matt asked.

"For nine years, sir, along with theory and composition."

"That's great! How would you like a job? We'll give you twenty bucks an hour, each to teach both boys," Jim said as he caught Matt's eye.

"Really?? Yes sir that would be great. I could really use the cash," Derrick answered, clearly thrilled with the offer.

The boys were off exploring and letting the dogs run. They hired someone to fence the property, so the puppies could run free. Having a lockable gate helped stop would-be thieves and mischievous teenagers from prowling around at night with all the building supplies.

As they showed Derrick around the new house, the young Marine was starting to piece things together. Both men never mentioned wives and seemed to be partnered in everything, including their children. They didn't act or look gay but he was getting that vibe. That was confirmed when the boys returned.

"Hey Dads," Jimmer said, "come look! They started digging the pool," and then ran off.

Derrick began to relax, almost positive these guys were gay and really hoped they were. He could use somebody to talk to right about now. As they were walking through the house and Jim was explaining what was what, he made the decision that, if asked again, he would explain his black eye.

As they were getting packed up to head to Franks, Jim quietly asked Matt to call ahead and give everybody the heads up that they were bring company. He didn't want to shock the kid with a room full of naked men.

While they were driving to the beach, Jim started the conversation, hoping to draw the kid out. "So what did your parents think about you enlisting," he asked.

"I have no parent's sir, just my Grandmother. I never knew my father and my mom died four years ago of breast cancer," Derrick answered quietly.

"I'm sorry Derrick, that must have been tough on you," Jim replied. He was certain, he had just found his second stray.

When they arrived at Frank's, Derrick's eyes were as wide as saucers, as they pulled in the driveway.

"Holy shit, sir!" was all he said.

"It's just a house, corporal, no big deal," Jim said.

"Yes sir, but where I come from, a house down the shore like this would cost three or four million bucks," Derrick said.

When Jim heard him say 'down the shore' he got a good clue to where the kid was from. "I bet I can guess where you're from," Jim said.

"Go for it, Gunner."

"I'd say by the way you speak and saying 'down the shore' it would be Philly," Jim said.

"Correct on the first try. I lived in Grays Ferry and went to St. Anthony of Padua and Roman Catholic High," Derrick said proudly.

"Well Matt and I are both from South Jersey, just across the Ben Franklin Bridge."

"Camden? He said with a smirk."

"No, but close funny guy," Jim said with a laugh.

As they were unloading, they noticed a new red Jeep in the driveway. "How much you wanna bet Dad bought our new baby brother a Jeep," Matt said with a smile.

"No bet on that one buddy, it's too easy," Jim said and laughed.

Everyone headed into the house, and when they arrived there, they found the whole crew assembled. It was funny to see them all dressed. Well just sweats and tee shirts, but that's the most clothes Matt ever saw these guys wear except for the initial meeting. Derrick's face, when he saw the twins, was priceless and it was even better when M&J along with Matt and Jim all hollered "no swats".

"You guys take the fun out of everything," Frank said.

"Alright everybody, this is Derrick," Jim said and then introduced him around. When he got to the twins, Derrick said, "I think I know one of you."

"That would be me," Wolf said, "it's good to meet you."

"Dad," Matt said, "whose Jeep is that in the driveway?"

"That's part of your little brother's Christmas present. He's living at the beach now and needs to fit in," Frank said as Billy just beamed.

The afternoon flew by. Derrick and Billy hit it off straight away. They spent most of their time playing video games with the boys and watching college football. Just before dinner, Jim managed to get Derrick alone, in the garage for a talk. He started out talking about teaming up to play a few songs with him on his violin and on the piano and Jim on the guitar.

"Derrick," Jim said, "you are really under no obligation to tell me but I really want to help. So would you please tell me what happened with your eye?"

Derrick looked down at his feet, sighed and then looked up and met Jim's eyes. He quietly said, "It happened in the head. One of the guys in my barracks accused me of staring at him in the showers, but I really wasn't staring, but, well..."

"Alright Marine, I want you listen closely. First of all, you are safe here with me, Matt and everyone else. Second, if this guy ever touches you again or even looks cross eyed at you, I want you to let me know. And that, Marine, is non-negotiable. Finally, you are welcome to visit us anytime you'd like." Jim said.

Derrick's face was awash with emotion, but he held it together and thanked Jim. "Thanks Gunner, you came along just in time. Shit was really starting to get to me. I can be strong, but being on your own, without anybody to talk to is tough."

"Well you're not alone anymore, and I think we understand each other, correct."

"Crystal clear, thank you Gunner," Derrick said and reached a hand out to shake Jim's hand.

"Just one more question Derrick, why didn't you go to college? With your talent and intelligence you could have written your own ticket."

"It was to prove to myself that I was just as much a man as the other guys I played ball with," Derrick said.

"Look son, I'm going to tell you something that Frank told me when I was in high school and I quote, "it's not where you put your dick that makes you a man, it's all about living your life honorably and treating others the way you want to be treated. I told you earlier, you're a fine man and Marine," Jim said, "now let's get back to the family. You have two little boys who will be missing you soon."

After dinner, Jim brought out his guitar and he and Derrick entertained the gang. The boys were enthralled with both their Dad and Derrick's playing and singing. Derrick took the guitar and started singing, 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer' and had everybody in stitches, especially the boys. When he was through, Udo looked at him with a goofy smile.

"I know what you're thinking, man! What's a black boy from West Philly doing singing country," Derrick said with a smile, "Am I right?"

"Yes you are," Udo replied, "you got to admit it's strange. Charlie Pride, Darius Rucker and now you!! I mean a Black Country singer is as rare as a black hockey player."

"Yeah, I took a lot of crap about it, but with all my musical training, it's hard for me to listen to hip-hop and rap. It just doesn't speak to me," Derrick said.

"No man, I understand, our parents won't allow rap in our house," Wolf said.

"Dad, can we go in the hot tub," Jimmer asked.

"Okay, but only for a half hour, then it's time to hit the rack," Matt said and headed out to pull back the cover.

The boys started stripping where they stood and Jim noticed the look on Derrick's face. He said, "If you're going to hang out with us, you better get used to being naked especially in the summer."

"Yeah," Udo said, "its commando almost all the time. We only got dressed today because you were coming."

When Derrick stripped down to join the guys in the hot tub everybody in the room was impressed. The kid was ripped and hung like a horse. Jim could see the twins and Travis eying him with lust in their eyes. He told Derrick and Billy to take the first round with the boys and gave the other three the look that meant stay. They watched them walk out and admired Derrick's muscled bubble butt. When they were alone he said, "Look guys, I'm not sure but I only think he's gay. Either way, back off for a bit...he's a little fragile right now," Jim said.

"We get it bro, we'll be cool," Wolf said, "but he is one fine looking specimen," just before Travis punched him on the arm.

Later that evening, when Derrick was saying goodnight, Frank put his arm around him. "If you're not busy tomorrow, be here at 0900 for breakfast, then its football and food all day."

"Thank you sir, I'd really like that, see you then," Derrick put his hand out to shake Frank's but Frank pulled him into a hug.

"Good, you're always welcome here son," Frank said and let the boy go.

Later, Jim and Matt were lying in bed, snuggled naked under the covers and talking about their day. "Seems you've found us another sparrow," Matt said.

"Sparrow ?" Jim asked, "Did you see that kid's body, not to mention his cock?" Jim said squeezing his lover. "He's got a lot going for him, looks, and brains. With his prodigious musical talent, I think he will do well with teaching the boys."

"Do you think he's gay?" Matt asked.

"He didn't come out and say exactly, but he intimated it. It won't take long for him to come out I think," Jim said, "but I warned Travis and the twins to back off for the time being."

"Good move Gunner."

"I have another good move, Captain," Jim said as he reached over and grabbed Matt's half hard cock and began to stroke it and kiss the back of his neck. His own cock was hard and leaking, wedged in Matt's ass crack.

"Come on dog face, slide that big hard cock in me and prove your love," Matt said.

Jim took a gob of spit and slicked his cock, but when the head of his cock slid in Matt's ass, he found it slick with lube and bottomed out in no time, causing Matt to moan with pleasure.

"Somebody came prepared."

"I just wanted to reward you for being such a good guy."

"Like you're not getting any pleasure out of it," Jim said in between grunts.

"Wait buddy, let me get on my stomach," Matt said, and when he did, Jim re-entered him and propped himself up on the palms of his hands and started to fuck Matt like he was doing push-ups.

"Fuck, Matt, your ass is so hot and tight I can't take much more," Jim panted.

"Come on baby, fill me up," Matt panted and squeezed his ass around Jim's cock.

"Here it comes baby," Jim gasped and he shot ropes of cum in his lover's ass and laid himself on top of Matt, kissing the back of his neck.

"Don't get off Jimmy, I love feeling you in me and on me," Matt said in almost a whisper.

"No more than I do Captain, I could die like this," Jim said and then he began to kiss and lick Matt's neck, "I promise we'll be doing this until we're ninety."

"I hope so, but I won't hold you to it buddy," Matt said.

Jim finally moved over and pulled Matt into his arms and kissed him and said goodnight.

"Get some sleep dog face; we have a lot of planning for Christmas to do tomorrow."

To be continued.

To be continued...

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