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A Single Soul


Chapter 31

Christmas and New Years


Sunday, Derrick arrived at 0900 on the dot, as instructed and was really surprised to walk into the kitchen to find everybody naked, though he was warned. His stomach did flip-flops. If he got naked would he be able to suppress a hard-on? His face betrayed his thoughts because Travis spoke up.


"Don't worry Derrick, you don't have to get naked. We just haven't bothered to dress yet but we will," he said with a smile.


Jim and Matt appeared, although Derrick was disappointed they were dressed. "Oh good Derrick, you're here! Listen, after breakfast, would mind taking a trip to Jacksonville with me? I need your expert opinion on a few things," Jim said.


"Sure thing Gunner, no problem."


After breakfast, Jim and Derrick headed up the road to Jacksonville. Jim wanted Derrick's help picking out key boards for the boys. "Gunner, I'm not sure what your budget is. I feel there is a big difference between learning on a real piano as opposed to an electric keyboard. You definitely need a real piano to get the feeling for sound. A key board may be okay for some practicing but a real piano is important to learn touch."


"Well let's see when we get there," Jim said.


When they got to the store, there was a selection of both quality uprights and keyboards. Jim had never played an electric piano so he played a few songs on both for comparison and agreed with Derrick.


"Do you think they need one of each to practice on?" Jim asked.


"It couldn't hurt, they could tradeoff between the electric and the real to get the feel of both," Derrick replied.


They had a beautifully refurbished mahogany Steinway baby grand for just under twelve grand, "I love this piano," Jim said as he finished a run of scales, "I have to call Matt."


Now Derrick was sure that Gunner was gay and that he and Matt were partners. Their boys call each of them Dad, and why would he call Matt to ask permission? Maybe they could talk on the way home.


Jim came back in, all smiles, and then actually negotiated a lower price with delivery thrown in. Just another sign of a bad economy. They walked out with the baby grand and a first rate eighty eight key electric piano for the original asking price of the piano. While they were driving back to the beach, Derrick took a deep breath and started.


"Gunner, thank you for offering me your friendship and the teaching job. However I need to tell you something first. The fact is, I'm gay and I hope it won't be a problem," Derrick said.


"Derrick, thanks for telling me. I wondered since I know what to look for but I was waiting for you to bring it up," Jim said.


"You know Gunner, last night was the first time in years that I slept all the way through without nightmares. Like you, I had my suspicions and I went to sleep thinking if you and the Captain are really gay, there is hope for me."


Jim looked over and saw a single tear in the kid's eye as he struggled to hold it together. Jim reached over and grabbed his hand. "Don't worry Marine, you'll never be alone again," and that was it, the tears just flowed down Derrick's cheeks.


"Are you okay buddy?"


"Yeah Gunner, this is relief you see, thanks to you and the Captain," Derrick said.


Football Sunday was a success and then it was time for the guys to pack up the boys and the dogs and head home to Jacksonville. The plans were all set for Christmas. Jim's dad was coming up and staying at Frank's. Denise couldn't get home but sent gifts to everyone, including Travis and Billy. The boys were going to open gifts at home and then they were heading down the beach. Christmas dinner was going to be at Frank's. He and Finn were cooking a turkey and a spiral ham and side dishes. The twin's parents and sister were coming down on Christmas Eve and were staying in one of Finn's condos. Jim invited the same co-workers as he did for Thanksgiving. Derrick was spending Christmas Eve at Matt and Jim's and then moving down the beach with them for Christmas day.


The pianos were being delivered early on Christmas Eve day. Matt and Jim had taped brown paper over the door to the living room, forbidding the boys from going in there until Christmas morning. When Derrick arrived on Christmas Eve, he brought his violin. He and Jim had planned entertainment for after dinner at Frank's the next day.


Matt answered the door, "hello Captain, Merry Christmas," Derrick said.


"Derrick, unless you see me in uniform my name is Matt, you got that Jarhead?" Matt said, "And that goes for Jim too, got it."


"Yes si... I mean Matt, thank you," Derrick said.


Matt took him to the guest room where he would be staying, to stow his gear. Since Thanksgiving, Matt and Jim gave up the sham and were openly sharing the master bedroom.


When the boys came home from school, they were thrilled to find Derrick. They immediately coerced him into playing video games until Jim got home. After dinner, Jim and Derrick went into Matt's office to practice the songs they would be doing the next day. They practiced quietly because one of the songs was a surprise and they wanted to get their timing down.


Christmas morning the boys were knocking on their Dads door at 0630. They were dying to get into the living room. After getting the baby and knocking on the guestroom door to wake Derrick, they all gathered at the door. Jim told the boys they could rip down the paper. When they saw the piano and the electric piano they flipped out. Since they couldn't play yet, they begged Derrick to play and he did. He played Christmas carols beautifully while the boys opened their other gifts.


When he took a break, Jim handed him a small box. Derrick looked at the box and then up at the two men, "I thought you said no gifts," he said.


"Yeah, we did but that was from you to us, but we were excluded. Now open it," Matt said.


Derrick ripped open the box and pulled out the envelope. His eyes got huge and he put it back in the box and promptly left the room.


"I'll go," Jim said and went after him. He went to the guest room and found the door open just a crack. He knocked on the door frame, "Derrick, may I come in?"


"Yes sir," sniffle, "I mean yes Jim."


Jim walked in. The kid was sitting on the bed with a wet face but jumped up, almost at attention, as Jim stepped in. "At ease, Marine, we're not at work."


"I'm sorry, I just was a bit overwhelmed and didn't want the boys to see," Derrick said, "but I really can't accept this. You guys are way beyond generous."


"Look, it's only a set of plane tickets and a check. You said your grandmother hasn't been well and we thought you should get a chance to visit. You have leave, right?"


"Yes, but it just doesn't seem right."


"Sit," Jim ordered, and then sat next to the young man.


"This will be the final time I say this. Matt and I have been very blessed and, as time goes on, we'll tell you the whole story. The universe, God, whatever you want to call it, has been very good to us and we just want to share what we have. I think that's why it was given to us. Now I want you to hit the head and wash your face, then come on back with the family." When Jim said family, it set the tears off again and he pulled Derrick into a hug.


"You know Jarhead, you're just going to have to get used to it, because your ass has been adopted! Now hustle, we're burning daylight," Jim said, as he released the kid.


When Jim returned to the living room, Matt gave him a look. "Just happy with the gift," was all he said and then went and sat at the piano and played, with the boys sitting next to him. Matt was standing next to the threesome when Derrick returned. He came over to Matt and hugged him and whispered, "thank you, and God bless both of you."


Arriving at Frank's around 1100, Matt noticed a shiny, cherry red Thunderbird parked in the driveway. I wonder who's driving that, he thought, as he walked towards the elevator with an armload of gifts.


"Hey big brother," Billy said when Matt walked in, "need any help?"


"Sure kiddo, head on down, there are about three more loads," Matt replied with a big smile. He liked being called big brother. "By the way, whose T'Bird is that in the driveway?"


Billy rolled his eyes, "ask Dad," was all he said and he headed down the steps.


When Matt made it to the living room the place was loaded with wrapped gifts. He had just set his down when Jim appeared next to him. Looking at all the gifts, he turned to Matt and said, "yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus!"


Matt turned to Jim and cocked an eyebrow, "you really are embracing being gay," Matt said quietly, "quoting old movies, next thing I know you'll be doing Bette Davis imitations," Matt said.


Jim punched Matt in the arm, "watch it, Blanche, or you won't get your supper," and both guys just howled with laughter.


When Frank showed up, both guys gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek saying Merry Christmas. Then Matt asked, "Hey Dad, who's the red T'Bird belong to?"


"Me," Frank said with a big smile, "it was my gift from Finn," he said and flashed another big smile.


"Wow!" both Jim and Matt said at the same time, "What did you give him," Matt asked.


"A good ride, anytime he wants one," Frank said with a big smile. The boys got a good chuckle out of that.


"Listen guys, find Travis and Billy and meet me in my room. I need to see you guys in private before the guests get here," Frank said.


They did as he said, leaving Kelly with the twins, and M&J helping Derrick set up the electric piano. When they walked in the room, Frank asked them to have a seat on the bed, which they did all lined up at the foot.


"I wanted to give you boys your main gift in private, Billy your Jeep was your adoption gift. Travis will get his when he returns." Frank said and then handed each man a card, "go ahead open them."


The guys opened the envelope, each one containing the same card, For My Son at Christmas and inside was a check for ten grand; all four mouths dropped opened!


"Before you guys say anything, besides 'thanks Dad' just remember: it's my money and I'll do what I want with it. All four of you are my sons so you all get the same, capice?"


Travis and Billy were still staring slack-jawed at the checks. Matt and Jim still looked a bit surprised. "It's not quite the gift limit, but you won't have to count that as income." I want you all to use it in good health. Now let's go, we have a party to take care of." They all hugged, kissed, and thanked Frank and headed to their rooms to put their gifts away. Matt and Jim were putting theirs in the overnight bag when Billy and Travis appeared at the door. They both had funny looks on their faces, asking if they could come in.


"Sure bros, what's up?" Matt said.


The boys came in and shut the door, and then Travis spoke, "Matt, we really feel funny about taking these checks from Dad. He's done so much already and we don't want to take from you two and the boys," he said.


"Well first, you're not taking anything from me. Second, if you don't want to take the checks, then you need to tell Dad yourself. Fair warning, he won't like it," Matt said.


The boys stepped up and both hugged Matt and then Jim. "The best Christmas gift ever was meeting you two," Travis said, "you've saved my brother and me. We'll never forget it." They ended in a group hug and then Matt pulled away.


"Okay ladies, we better get moving before the old man comes looking for us."


Everyone gathered in the living room to exchange gifts. Kelly was too young to open his packages, so Jimmer and MJ helped him. The big gifts were from Frank to Travis and Billy and Jimmer and MJ. He gave Billy a seventeen inch MacBook Pro with maxed out 8GB memory and all the bells and whistles, "that's for school," Frank said. He gave Travis an Ipad to use on his deployment. Frank, Finn and Matt and Jim chipped in and bought him a GSM phone (global satellite) for him to use while deployed. The rest of the guys gave him items he would need for his deployment, from a state of the art back pack to toiletries. And for M&J the big gift was a Wi with a slew of games and clothes. Everybody got gift cards for clothes including the twins and Derrick.


By the time the rest of the guests arrived everybody was in high spirits and after dinner Jim called everyone to attention. "Ladies and Gentlemen, and Udo," he said and got a big laugh, "we are lucky to have met an incredibly talented young man, who will be teaching our boys piano. He has agreed to entertain us today, and allow me to join him. May I present Derrick Forman." Derrick walked up with his violin and took his seat behind the piano.


They started with the Zac Brown Band song, 'She's Walking Away', which featured Derrick's violin playing and allowed the guys to sing a duet


After a rousing round of applause they moved to Lari White, 'Wishes', another chance for the violin and this time, Derrick sang in a beautiful voice, filled with heartbreak and hope. Again more applause as the guys were really putting on a show.


Then they moved on to the Bellamy Brothers, 'When I'm Away From You' another chance for a duet. While Jim was singing, he kept eye contact with Matt and winked at him, their symbol for `I love you.'


Finally they got to a few Christmas songs and the crowd was really into it. When they finished a jazzed up version of Jingle Bells, M&J started to call out for Grandma Got Run Over by a Riendeer, So they started and Jim just faked his guitar part but he knew the words. The guests got really into it and sang along and when they were through, they stood and gave them a loud round of applause.


One of the co-workers, whom Jim had invited, came up after they were done singing. "Yo Gunner, you two need to enter the "Show Us Whatcha Got" singing competition at the base, he said.


"I don't think so," Jim said.


"Well I do," Frank said, "you two are incredible, who knew?"


"Well, we'll have to talk about it," Jim said.


Christmas day was the highlight of the year. Everyone had a great time and the next thing they knew, it was New Year's Eve. Billy and Derrick had developed a tight friendship in the short time they knew each other. Derrick decided to keep him company while babysitting. Everybody had a great dinner before the two couples plus Udo, excused themselves about 2100 for their private party.


"See you guys in the morning, and if the devil pup gives you any trouble, don't hesitate to call," Jim said.


"We'll be fine bro," Billy said with a wink, "just have fun and don't worry about us."


When they got to Finn's, he sent everyone to their rooms to get dressed or undressed for the party. When Matt and Jim entered their room, they found on the bed two leather jock-straps, two leather cock rings, and arm bands, and two leather harnesses with wide straps, along with a photo of a hot stud already dressed in the gear, meant as a guide for putting it all on.


"Oh look, a costume party," Jim said and broke up laughing.


"This is going to be interesting," Matt said.


"What is all this shit?" Jim asked.


"Dad told me all about it. Seems it was Finn's idea to have a leather fetish party, so he picked it up the last time he was up north. The leather drag, as Dad called it, is one of Finn's many fantasies, along with a hot group sex scene. Dad arranged this as part of his Christmas gift," Matt explained.


"Now this is what I call a New Year's Eve party," Jim said, as he started to strip.


In Travis's room there were three piles with name cards on each. They were the same as the other guys, except that Travis's harness had thin straps and his had a cock ring connected to it.


"Kinky!" Udo said, "I think we're going to have fun tonight, but how does this shit go on?"


Travis was gathering his pile, "Come on, let's take it down to Matt and Jim's room, they can help," he said.


The three guys took their leather gear, and naked, headed over to Matt and Jim's room for help putting it on. The five guys had a good laugh while getting themselves ready and all ended up hard as well. They headed down to the family room, as the note instructed. When they got there, they found that Finn had moved the furniture back and spread plastic covers with sheets on the floor, the fireplace roaring. There was a leather porn video playing on the big screen. Finn was standing in the middle of the room dressed like the other guys and Frank was there as well but his gear included leather chaps with no jock strap and a wide stainless steel cock ring and large nipple clips and a leather hat.


"Holy shit Dad, you look fucking hot," Jim said followed by a chorus of, "damn straight," behind him.


Frank was carrying a bottle of Jack and a stack of shot glasses, "okay boys, let's do a shot and get the party started," Frank said.


After the shots, Frank said, "all right guys, this is Travis's special going away party and also the fulfillment of one of Finn's gifts. Now let's sit back and enjoy the movie a while and get some ideas."


The guys all grabbed beers from the cooler set up in the corner of the room. They grabbed seats to watch some of the movie. The movie was hot and within five minutes all five men were stroking their hard cocks.


"Alright, this is Finn and Travis's night so they get choose what we do," Frank said, "Finn, what's your pleasure?"


Finn didn't bother to answer. He was on his knees in a flash, grabbing one of Travis's feet. He spent the next twenty minutes moving from man to man before Frank told him they need to move on before everybody blew a load from jerking off.


The sound of moaning and hot sex filled the room; Frank finally slid his cock into Travis and started to fuck him, causing him to moan around Wolf's cock that was in his mouth. Matt had stood and stuck his cock in his Dad's mouth and Frank took him down to his pubes.


"Fuck Dad, this is so hot, fucking one son and sucking the other," Matt said, moaning loudly as Jim moved behind him and to eat his ass.


Almost two hours later, Wolf was the last to deposit a huge load in Travis's ass. The guys fell into a heap of hot, sweaty naked bodies and started a five way make out session. Then they got up for drinks.


"Okay boys, its twenty minutes till midnight and then round two," Frank said.


"Yeah Dad, after the big ball drops, how about I drop my balls in your mouth," Jim said and laughed.


"You're on son, and maybe I'll give your hot hairy ass a good tongue job," Frank replied.


"Oorah Dad, that's what I call a good way to ring in the New Year."


After the ball dropped and the guys all exchanged kisses, they ended up back in a heap of sweaty, moaning flesh. They kept exchanging partners until they ended up with Travis on his back. Kneeling round him, they were jerking off and talking dirty.


"All right guys, I want you all to shoot your loads on my face," Travis said as he lay there masturbating himself. And that's what they did, each one shooting on his face and in his mouth before inserting their cocks in his mouth for him to lick clean. Then finally, with Wolf fingering his ass, Travis shot a huge load onto his stomach and chest. The guys scooped the cum off his face mixed with his own and everybody took a finger and licked the mixture clean.


As everyone sat back and caught their breath Wolf said, "I've watched a lot of gay porn, but I have never seen anything as hot as what we just did."


"Roger that big guy," Jim said, "and Dad, for an old man, you are one hot fucker!"


"I'll show you old," Frank said, as he flew across the floor and threw himself on top of a laughing Jim. That caused everyone getting into a long five-way suck off. Finally, everybody drained of cum, they headed off to bed with their partner and in Jason's


Meanwhile next door, Billy and Derrick let M&J stay up and watch the ball drop. The boys dropped themselves shortly after. The guys helped them upstairs and then went to check on Kelly. On their way back downstairs, they checked on the boys who were already cuddled up and asleep. They made their way downstairs and grabbed themselves another beer.


They were talking about Billy heading to Philly for school and Derrick going to visit his Grandmother, "why don't you drive up with me, I'm taking Travis's car. Then you can save the other ticket and fly up and drive back with me in May," Billy said.


"Hey that would be great, are you sure?


"Yeah man, I like hanging with you, and you can take at least one day and show me around the city," Billy said. Then he noticed a dark look cross over Derrick's face.


"Look Billy, I think there are a few things I need to tell you if we're going to be friends," Derrick said, looking a bit nervous, "but you should know I'm gay."


Billy looked at him and burst out laughing which made Derrick just a little mad and it showed on his face.


"Wait," Billy said, "I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you. It's just that I don't know why you're worried about telling me. My brother's gay, for God's sake!"


"Wow, thought, so but I wasn't sure. You mean he and Wolf are boyfriends?" Derrick asked.


"Yup, Wolf's practically my brother-in-law," Billy said and laughed. "Look Derrick I like you and your fun to hang with. I really don't care how you get off."


"Thanks buddy, I feel better now that I told you," Derrick said, "and yeah, I'll check and see if I can change my leave."


"Good," Billy said standing up and started to strip, "come on, let's go in the hot tub," he said dropping his sweats and standing naked looking at Derrick. "Well what are you waiting for, afraid to get nekid with me?" Billy asked and laughed.


"No, I just don't want you to be embarrassed when you see the big boy in my pants."


"Shit, I've already seen Junior, but just remember, some of us are growers not showers," Billy said and laughed as he shook his cock at Derrick.


"Well I guess we'll never know," Derrick said as they were headed to the hot tub.


"Why not, I'll get it hard and compare if you want, I'm not afraid of that," Billy said, "I'll even show you how much I shoot."


"Yeah right, big straight Texas boy is going to jerk off with another guy."


"No man, I'm not kidding. When I first got here and had the broken ribs and my arm was in a cast Travis, Wolf and Udo all gave me hand jobs because I couldn't jerk off. But now, I'm like Udo, still straight but enjoy a walk on the wild side now and then," Billy said and laughed at the look on Derricks face. He intentionally left out the numerous blow jobs he received, not wanting to reveal too much too soon.


"Shit man, I'm the gay guy and I've never had sex with another guy."


"Well tonight's your lucky night, we can jerk each other off," Billy said and put his arm around Derrick as they made their way to the hot tub.


Twenty minutes later, the guys were in Billy's bed stroking each other's hard cocks to a great orgasm. After they wiped up Derrick said, "Thanks man that was awesome."


"Anytime buddy, look, just sleep in here with me tonight," Billy said.




"Yeah, we're buds, it's no biggy, and I like the company," Billy said and turned over and said goodnight.


Early New Year's Day, Jim and Matt made their way over to be there for Kelly, and were surprised when they walked by Billy's room and saw Derrick in his bed. They weren't cuddled, just kind of close.


"Well there's a story here," Jim said.


"Let's wait and see what they tell us," Matt replied.


Everybody was up and at breakfast by 0900, and then hung out and watched football. Udo and Wolf did the cooking for dinner. The main dishes were their father's recipe for Hopp'n John, which had black eyed peas in it, a good luck dish from the south, roast pork and sauerkraut, from their German mother.


During dinner Billy said, "Dad, Derrick and I have an idea," then went on to tell them their plans and asked if it was okay.


"Sure, I think that's a great plan, that way you'll have company on both trips," Frank said.


Then it was already 1800 and Matt and Jim packed up their crew, said thanks and goodnight and headed up the road, with no idea of what the New Year had in store for them.



To be continued...


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