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A Single Soul

Chapter 32

Love Interrupted



Following a wild, but fun New Year's, life returned to normal. The boys went back to school on January second. Everyone got together on the fourth to have a going-away dinner for Travis. Everyone went out of their way to keep the party upbeat, for his sake.

One by one, everyone hugged Travis good-bye before they went home. When they did get home, Udo was staying with Frank, to let Wolf and Travis sleep alone for their last night. In the morning, when it was time to head out, Wolf hugged him before leaving the bedroom.

"Listen baby boy, I want no tears. This is what you've trained to do. So be strong and be proud and do your job. I'll be right here waiting for you when you get back," Wolf said and kissed Travis deeply.

"Well, when you get horny, you can still play with Dad or Finn, and Jim and Matt. That will be okay with me," Travis said, looking up at his handsome lover.

"No baby boy, I'll wait. Well maybe I might relieve a little pressure with Udo," he said and kissed Travis again.

With the good-byes all said, Frank drove Travis to the base and dropped him off. When they were pulling in, Frank said, "Travis, you're a strong, well trained young man. Now, all I want you to concentrate on is doing your job and staying safe. Do you understand?"

"Yes Dad, don't worry, I'll be fine."

"Good, just remember that I love you very much and so do your brothers. When we get out of this car, I want no tears. You need to remain strong and alert at all times," Frank said.

"Yes sir," was Travis's only reply.

They parked, and Frank helped him get his things out of the trunk. After a quick hug, Frank drove away before Travis could see the tears running down his face. As he made his way off the base he thought about how quickly Travis and Billy had worked their way into his heart. For many, there would be questions and assumptions; however he knew in his heart that his love for the boys was pure. It had occurred to Frank long ago that he had been truly blessed throughout his life, he had wonderful parents, a wonderful son, and a great career, and it took great pleasure in sharing it with these two wonderful boys who hadn't been as lucky in with the parents they had received. As he drove away, all the anxiety of sending his new foundling son off to war melted away knowing he sent him off felling loved.

A few days later, it was Billy's turn to leave. With the car packed solid, he and Derrick left for Philly and his new life at the U of Penn. It was about a nine-hour trip, and he was glad Derrick was along for company and to share the driving. Better yet, Derrick knew exactly where Billy needed to go. Before he knew it, he was moving into his dorm room and starting a new life, and Derrick was off to visit with his grandmother.

When he arrived, Derrick was shocked at his grandmother's appearance. She had aged considerably in the year since he had last seen her and he could see she wasn't herself. He was certainly glad he made the trip. Intuitively he spent as much time as possible with her, reminiscing and sharing all the good news about his life and his new friends. As he left her after their last visit he felt peaceful knowing he had made her feel happy and proud of the man he had become, and most of all that he had found a new family and that he was happy that it would allow her to feel at peace as she moved to her reward in the afterlife.

Slowly the sadness of Travis's deployment lightened and everyone went on with their lives. The boys started their piano lessons, and were doing quite well. Derrick was a great teacher. The boys work hard to please him, and of course, their Dads. Derrick too became a frequent visitor at Jim and Matt's, spending most weekends with them. He became friendlier with Drew and Nadine as well, and joined Drew running on the weekends he was there.

Wolf and Udo also visited frequently at both Frank's and Matt and Jim's, and they all tried to be together whenever Travis sent an email with a date and time for a phone call. He sounded like he was doing well, about as well as one would expect in a war zone, but well, none the less.

Ash Wednesday was the following week; Matt called Fr. Dave to find out which mass he had pulled for the day. As luck would have it, he was saying the one at 800.

"That's great Dave. Jim and I are bringing the boys down to my Dad's. He and Finn are throwing a Marti Gras dinner, would you like to join us? Matt asked.

"Yeah, thanks, it sounds like fun."

"Great, be there by 1800. If you'd like, bring your gear and you can spend the night. We'll be up early to take the boys to mass at 800," Matt said.

"Sounds like a plan; by the way, what are you giving up for Lent?" Dave asked.

"Not sure. Jim said it should be a choice between sex and watermelon. Which one do you think we should pick?" Matt said with a chuckle.

"I'll leave that to you guys. I will only remind you that watermelon is out of season," was Dave's reply, and Matt could almost see him grinning as he said it.

While Matt and Jim where preparing dinner, Denise called to speak with them about the boys' summer vacation. She wanted to take them for four weeks, two of which they would be spending at a sleep-over camp. It was a unique place and offered many structured activities, including baseball workshops and music lessons. This was perfect! The other two weeks they would stay with her and visit the sites around San Diego and make a trip to Disneyland, as promised. They thought it was great, but decided not to tell the boys until just a few days before they were to leave.

Later that evening, after a short but pleasant visit with the pastor in Holly Ridge, Dave said `good night' and went to his room. He'd be up early tomorrow to make the rounds at the local hospital, after taking the 630 Mass. He was tired but strangely wound up. He thought about those four men he'd become friends with and their boys. Thinking back to last week when he was holding the baby, Kelly. Something happened to Dave as he held Kelly but he couldn't put his finger on it. Something definitely happened.

He took his shirt and slacks off, carefully hanging them in the closet. He stood in front of the mirror and liked what he saw. Dave admired his body as he checked himself out. His mid-rise Calvin Klein briefs came up just short of his navel, highlighting the `treasure trail' disappearing beneath the elastic waistband. He noticed that he was chubbed a little and he knew why. His mind went back to Matt and Jim and he had to wonder what an encounter with them would be like. "Forget it", he thought, "that ain't gonna happen." Still, it was a great JO fantasy and his crashing orgasm brought tremendous release and calm. He slept like a baby.

The Marti Gras party at Frank's was great. It was just Frank, Finn, Jim, Matt, and the boys, and of course Fr. Dave. The food was plentiful, from shrimp, to steak, and Frank's homemade lasagna, and of course good wine for the adults. It was all capped off with a huge King Cake for dessert. After clearing the plates, the boys were pleading with their Dads, they wanted to go in the hot tub.

"Alright, guys, go get it started and we'll join you after we get Kelly settled," Jim said.

The boys whooped it up and stripped naked were they stood, forgetting that Fr. Dave was present.

"James Leo!" Matt said loudly and sternly, drawing a questioning look from his son, "are you forgetting we have a guest?" he said pointing to Dave. "Go get your swimming trunks."

The boys gathered their clothes and headed off to their bedroom to get their trunks. Matt turned to Dave and started to apologize, explaining that since it was an all-male household, going commando in the pool and hot tub were normal. He decided to leave out the general nudist camp atmosphere in warmer weather.

"So why are you making them wear suits now? Dave asked.

"Actually, out of deference to you, we thought we'd just wear trunks, we wouldn't want to shock you," Matt explained quietly.

"Really, do I look that delicate," Dave asked, laughing.

"No, no, it's not that," Jim said. "It's just that you're a priest and we thought it would be respectful for us to wear clothes while you're here. That's all".

When the boys returned wearing their trunks, and not looking very happy about it, Dave stood up. He said, "There's an old saying that goes like this: when in Rome, do as the Romans". With that, off came his clothes where he stood and he said to the two shocked and amazed little boys, "Come on boys, let's hit the hot tub!"

Frank said he'd watch the baby so Matt and Jim both started laughing and stripped their clothes as well. "This is more like it"!! Dave said. Both boys whooped and hollered as they saw the three men heading to the deck, laughing like schoolboys.

During mass the next morning, the lector was proclaiming the second reading, from the Prophet Jeremiah (18: 1-12). This section of the text dealt with having one's life rearranged, being reshaped to face new challenges. It reads, in part:

This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: "Go down to the potter's house and there I will give you my message." So I went

down to the potter's house, and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was mis-shaped in his hands;

so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as it seemed best to him."


Then the word of the Lord came to me. He said to me, "Can I not do with you, Israel, as the potter does?" declares the Lord. "Like clay

in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand!"


That passage hit Dave like a ton of bricks! He was up front, in the raised Presider's chair, facing his congregation. It was all he could do not to jump up and punch the sky with a loud "YES!!!" That's what was happening to him. He'd felt for a few years that something was missing, that he needed more and that somehow he felt strangely out of place, out of sync. He was being reshaped, just like Jeremiah proclaimed. But what did God want of him? What was he supposed to do with the rest of his life? He was 41. What would he do? Where would he go? The answer came quickly.

So lost in thought, Dave almost forgot to proclaim the Gospel. His homily sort of lost its edge. He seemed distracted, like his mind was elsewhere but he got through his message in less than 7 minutes. After Mass, standing in the back of the church, he greeted his people, calling each by name, shaking hands, hugging the women who hugged him. Dave was a very popular priest. Toward the end of the line stood Jim and Matt, with Jimmer and MJ in tow, it wasn't until the last minute that Dave spotted Matt holding a gurgling, cooing Kelly. Dave picked up Kelly from Matt, kissed the baby on the forehead and beamed. Jim and Matt smiled at one another as Dave handed Kelly back to Matt.

"Thanks for dinner last night, it was wonderful," Dave said with a big smile.

"Yes it was," replied Matt, we'll talk later, and they headed off, Jim to work and Matt to take the boys to school. As he was driving he kept picturing Dave naked the night before and his cock got hard in his pants. Damn, he is one hot fuck, as he reached down and gave it a squeeze, I'm going to have to talk to Jim about this, he thought as he drove up Rt. 17 to take the boys to school.

That night in bed, Matt was spooned up against Jim with his hard cock in Jim's ass crack. "So what did you think about naked Dave last night?" Jim asked.

"I thought it was a damn shame that he is a priest. I think you and I could have fun with him. Looks like he has a pretty big cock, for an Irishman," Matt said and started to laugh as Jim flipped him over and pinned him to the bed.

"I'll show you a big Irish cock," Jim said as he moved up and stuck his cock in Matt's mouth. Twenty minutes later both men were lying on their backs panting.

"Well maybe someday we might get lucky, you never know he might decide to leave the priesthood," Jim speculated.

"I don't know about that dog face, he seems pretty content."

"Well I always thought he was eyeing us, especially when we were naked in the hot tub," Jim added as he snuggled into Matt and prepared for sleep.

"You may be right baby," Matt said as he yawned, "goodnight baby."

Lent flew by and it was a warm Wednesday morning in April and Easter was just over a week away. Matt was at the new house going over a few things with his dad and the builder when his cell phone rang. Looking at the screen, he noticed it was the boys' school and answered quickly. It was the secretary asking that he come down to the school. She told him that Jimmer had been involved in a fight. After finishing the call, he told his dad what was going on and headed back to Jacksonville. When he pulled in the parking lot he saw Jim heading across the parking lot and honked. It figures that both boys would be involved.

As Jim and Matt were walking in, they were discussing what they thought was going on. They went to the principal's office where they saw the two boys sitting. When they saw their dads, a look of panic came over them. Jim and Matt walked over and sat next to them.

"Don't worry boys, everything will be fine." Jim said, and then he went to the secretary and asked if he and Jim could speak to the boys in private before they met with the principal.

"Well this is highly unusual, but I guess you can wait in his office. He will be back in about ten minutes she said and escorted them into the office.

Once the door closed Jim said, "okay boys, tell us what happened."

"Well there's this kid, he's in fifth. He's the brother of a guy in our class that was at our birthday party. Ever since he's been calling us faggot boys with faggot dads. Well, we've been trying to avoid him, but today he caught us in the hall and started again and pushed Jimmer down. So I punched him and then when Jimmer got up, the guy's friend went to hit him. Jimmer hit him before he could get to him. It wasn't our fault Dads. He's been saying these mean things for months, and well, we decided we weren't going to take it anymore. There were guys there who saw it all but Mr. Davis said it didn't matter." MJ got it all out with barely taking a breath.

"Okay boys, thank you for telling us," Matt said and he and Jim hugged their sons. Just then the door opened, and the principal walked in. He introduced himself and asked the boys to wait outside. Moving across the room and behind his desk, he asked Jim and Matt to have a seat. He then proceeded to inform them that the boys were involved in a fight, and regardless of who started it, they would be suspended for three days under the school's zero-tolerance policy.

Jim's blood pressure shot up immediately. "Excuse me, are you aware of the circumstances that lead to the altercation?" Jim asked.

"Well yes, but as I stated, our school has a zero-tolerance policy regarding fighting."

"So you're telling me that this boy, who has been bullying our sons since November, and then today, physically assaulted one of them, is going to receive the same punishment?" Jim asked incredulously.

"Well yes, our zero-tolerance policy is meant to prevent..."

"It's meant to prevent you from having to do your job. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. How will this policy prevent further problems, if the bullies know the worst that will happen is they receive the same punishment? Secondly, it also deters children from protecting themselves when they are attacked for fear of being punished themselves," Jim continued. The principal sat stunned as the big Marine shared his opinion.

"Mr. Davis, did you speak to any of the boys who witnessed the event," Matt asked intervening to give Jim time to cool down.

"Well yes, but under the zero-tolerance policy..."

"Excuse us for just a moment," Jim said cutting of the man in mid-sentence as he got up and cocked his head at the door indicating that Matt should follow.

When they got to the outer office, Jim said quietly to Matt, "this is bullshit, how do you feel about pulling them out of here and sending them to Infant of Prague? Dave has had nothing but wonderful things to say about the school."

"If the boys are willing, I agree. What a wonderful policy, punish the victim." Matt said. They walked over to the boys and knelt down and quietly spoke to them.

"Boys, your dads are not happy with what the school is doing. We would really like to move you to another school; however, it's your decision. You will have to make new friends," Matt said.

"Where would we go Dad?" MJ asked.

"To Infant of Prague," Jim said.

"Oh yeah, we know a couple of guys from Cub Scouts that go there," Jimmer said.

"Fine, then you are both okay with this?"

"Sure Dads, this place sucks," MJ said before he realized what he had said.

Jim and Matt chuckled, and Jimmer giggled. "Okay men, go to your lockers and get your backpacks and bring all your books here to the office and give them to the secretary," Jim said and then he and Matt went to speak with Mr. Davis. They knocked and were told to enter.

"Mr. Davis," Matt started, "we've sent our boys to clean out their lockers and bring their books to your secretary."

"That won't be necessary; they are only being suspended for three days," the principal said.

"No sir, you don't understand. You may be suspending them unnecessarily due to your ridiculous policy, but we are removing them from your school ," Jim said holding back what he really wanted to say.

"Please have their transcripts ready for us to pick up after your Easter vacation, or if they are electronic just email them to the Infant of Prague School," Matt said.

"I'm sorry sir; we refer to it as Spring Holiday. We don't like to offend anyone," the principal said weakly.

"Yet another reason to leave," Jim said.

"I wish you would reconsider. Your boys are two of our brightest and well liked students."

"Wonderful, and you are repaying their hard work by suspending them because they stood up to a bully, no thanks," Jim replied and then he and Matt turned and headed out to find the boys.

"But it's the school's policy that..." Jim and Matt ignored the principal and left his office. They found the boys in the outer office with their backpacks.

"Did you turn in your books," Matt asked.

"Yes sir," both boys answered.

"Okay then, let's head out," Jim said, and they all headed to the parking lot. Matt said, "Maybe we should stop at IOP on the way home and get things started."

"Good plan Captain," Jim said, and they got in their cars and drove off. They stopped at the boys' favorite barbeque restaurant for lunch and then off to IOP School.

They met in the parking lot and went into the school office. Jim asked to speak with the principal. After about a ten minute wait, he and Matt were shown into her office. They explained what had happened and their intention to enroll the boys at her school. She told the men she would love to have the boys and picked up the phone and asked her secretary to check for incoming records. When she told them that transcripts had arrived, Matt was amazed.

Both boys had wonderful academic records and would be placed in the schools AP program. She gave them school uniform information. The principal also gave them the books the boys would be using and list of chapters that the students were currently working on. Matt explained that he would be reviewing with the boys, so they would be up to speed when reported to school after the Easter Holiday Vacation.

Back in the parking lot Matt said, "Well guys, since you're off for the next three weeks, what do you say we go home, pack up and move to the beach until then?" He asked, giving Jim a look as if to say 'sorry is that okay with you' and Jim just smiled and winked at him.

The boys bumped fists and off they went. When they got home, it took about an hour to get everything packed, including the dogs and Kelly. When Matt went over to pick up Nadine, he gave her a check for the next two weeks which she tried to refuse.

"Look Nadine, it's true that we're friends, but this is business. Jim and I don't expect you to lose two weeks' pay because we decide to take off for an unplanned extra two weeks," Matt said.

"Well thank you both, this job really helps us to save a bit of money since we don't have to pay daycare. I'm truly going to miss it when you move."

"Well maybe once you get settled in with the baby, we'll talk and perhaps work something out. For now, enjoy your time off."

They had called Frank to make sure it was okay, and of course, he was thrilled. "It's a bit lonely with the boys gone. It's amazing how fast I got used to having them around," Frank said.

"Well we'll keep you busy for the next three weeks, Dad," Jim said.

So off they went. Jim took Kelly and Matt took the boys and the dogs. He wanted to stop by the house and finish what he was doing when he was called away.

While they had been packing, Jim asked Matt about inviting his father , George, to the beach for Easter. They agreed, so Jim said he would call his Dad. The other part of the discussion was about their tendency to be naked most of the time.

"I think we should just tell him, but I don't believe he will have a problem with it. We should talk to Dave about it too since the weather is warming up" Jim said.

On the drive down Jim called his dad. "Hey Dad, Matt and I were wondering if you'd like to come up for Easter," Jim said.

"That would be great Jimmy, when do you want me?"

"Anytime you'd like..." Jim went on to explain what happened with the boys, and that they were staying at Frank's until the boys had to be back at school. Then he went on to fill him on the nudist lifestyle that developed.

"Well it's not any different from when you boys were young," George said.

"How did you know about that Dad?" Jim asked.

"Frank had told me when it started, he didn't want me to think anything funny was going on, and actually, I was envious. The reason I never mentioned it was I didn't think there was anything wrong with it then or now."

"Well great, then just remember, you'll need to pack half the clothes you normally do," Jim said and laughed.

"Well this is great news; I've been a bit bored lately, so I'll be there in two days."

"Great, and listen Dad you can stay as long as you like, no need to rush off."

"Thanks Jimmy, I'll give that some thought," George said before hanging up.

Matt completed his business, gathered up the boys and the dogs and headed for the beach. As he drove over the high bridge to the island, he was once again treated to a sight he never tired of, the huge homes that had been recently built on the beach directly across from the foot of the bridge. The island was so narrow that, looking out from the top of the bridge, it appeared that the houses were popping up out of the ocean.

When they got to Frank's, the boys help unload the car and took their suitcases up to their rooms. Fifteen minutes later, as Matt and Jim stood in the kitchen naked, the boys appeared, "Papa, can we go swimming?" MJ asked.

"Sure, but only for an hour, then we'll be going down to the Beach Grill for dinner," Frank said.

"Okay," they both said and ran out to the pool.

"I'm going to join them while Kelly is still sleeping," Jim said.

"Right behind you, dog face," Matt said .

Later, that night when the guys were in bed talking about the day, Jim was telling Matt about his conversation about his dad.

"Oh baby, that's cool. Now I get to perv on your sexy dad too," Matt said.

"You think my dad's sexy?"

"Fuck yeah; he's just an older version of you. I would love to have him fucking me while I suck your cock."

"Well buddy, I don't know about that, but can you feel the hard leaking cock pressing against your ass? If you'd like it can be in your ass in just a minute," Jim said pulling Matt tightly to him and kissing and licking Matt's ear.

"As much as I'd love that, we need to talk about the boys," Matt said as he reluctantly pulled away from Jim.

"What about the boys?"

"The faggot boys, with faggot Dads thing. I was thinking we should have a talk with them about our relationship," Matt offered.

"They seemed completely unfazed buy it and I really think they know everything anyway. They are two smart boys, but how `bout we talk to Dave and see what he thinks before we say anything?" Jim said.

"Okay, I can live with that," Matt said as he pushed back into Jim's still hard cock, "but what I can't live without is this!" He said as he pushed back harder on the leaking cock.

The two lovers made slow passionate love, with Matt pushing Jim over onto his back and swallowing his cock, getting it good and wet. Then he straddled his hips, slowly sitting down on Jim's rock hard cock and riding him slow and easy while the two kissed and licked each other. The feeling of Jim's cock in his ass as it hit his prostate made Matt moan with pleasure. Jim had to kiss him to quiet him down since the boys were in the next room. Then Jim maneuvered them on to their sides, holding one of Matt's legs up and started to drive deeper and deeper in his hot wet ass. Matt turned his head and kissed Jim.

"Come on Jimmy, fill me with your hot cum, I want to feel you shoot," Matt said as he panted from excitement.

Jim pulled out and told Matt to lie on the floor on his back and lift his legs. When he was in position, Jim climbed over him and slid his cock back in Matt's hot ass with one move, then up on his hands as if he was doing push-ups. He started to pump Matt's ass with rabbit thrusts all the while with his face down, kissing Matt as the two moaned as quietly as they could. The loudest sound was Jim's balls slapping Matt's ass.

"I'm almost there baby," Jim panted and Matt groaned in reply.

When Jim was ready to shoot his load, he pulled out and aimed his cock at Matt's well fucked ass and covered it in his cum. Then he slid back inside, causing his body to shiver from the combination of his cum and the heat of Matt's ass, as it squeezed his pulsing cock.

When he pulled out, he told Matt to get on his knees and move up so he could finish him off with his mouth, and when he received his hot creamy reward, he moved up and shared it with Matt.

"Do me a favor buddy," Jim said when he pulled away from the kiss, "try not to wash under the foreskin to well, I love the taste your cock head," Jim said.

"Sure thing buddy, anything for you. But you are one kinky fuck!" Matt said as he kissed Jim and headed for the bathroom.

Jim's dad arrived Good Friday afternoon while Matt, Jim, and the boys were at church. Frank got him settled into a room and then they met in the kitchen for drinks.

"George, I'm glad you came," Frank said, "but I wanted to explain a few things before the boys get home."

"It's okay Frank, I know they're a couple."

"No, well yes, that's true. What I wanted to tell you is that since Peggy died I've made a few changes in my lifestyle. It seems I have an attraction to men, Finn to be specific and we've been a couple for a few months."

"Good for you man, you know Frank, you and I have known each other for years and I'm really sorry we weren't closer. The thing is, between work, the kids and the wife, I never had time to have my own friends."

"Well George, we have plenty of time. I'm just glad you're with us, and I hope our little nudist colony doesn't bother you. By the way, there are never any PDAs in front of the boys by our sons or Finn and I."

"No, in fact I'm looking forward to it. I'm a new man since the separation. By the way, I'll be telling Jim later but it seems like the separation is going to be a divorce," George said.

"I'm very sorry to hear that."

"Thanks, but she has become very inflexible about so many things, Jim for one thing along with sex. I'm not going to give him or any of my children up because of her narrow minded religious fanaticism! Besides, I would really like to get laid once in awhile. The funny thing is, before we were married she was the ultimate good time girl, if you know what I mean. Then after the kids, she turned into a saint," George explained.

Just as he finished, Matt and Jim along with the boys returned home. The next few days were going to busy for everyone at the house. Derrick had flown up to Philadelphia the previous week, for a quick visit with his grandmother for a few days. She was now in an assisted living facility. He drove back with Billy who would be home on spring break for three weeks; they had just arrived the day before.

Billy and Derrick continued to become closer friends. They were in contact daily with phone calls, texts and email. Frank was happy about the friendship; it seemed to be helping Billy while Travis was deployed. Then there was his budding relationship with Wolf's sister Jasmine. Billy made a few trips to see her at her home on weekends. The plan was for him to drive up with Wolf and Udo on Holy Saturday and spend Easter with the family, and of course Jasmine. But first he and Derrick were taking the boys on an overnight boat camp out.

Jimmer and MJ were excited to see Papa George as they now called him. After everyone said their hellos, Frank took the floor.

"Okay boys, you guys need to go up and pack for you trip with Uncle Billy and Derrick. You'll be leaving at 1600, and also the puppies need a good walk, so get moving."

"Alright Papa, we don't have much to pack," Jimmer said.

"Well make sure you take a bathing suit," Matt added, "you'll be in public so no swimming commando."

"Okay Dad," both boys said in unison as they headed off to complete their assignment.

Later that evening after dinner, the boy's along with Billy and Derrick headed off on their boat camping trip, the adults decided to go for a swim and a soak in the hot tub after dinner. Finn had joined the family for dinner. He and Frank were, for all intents and purposes, living together by then.

George asked Jim if he could help put Kelly to bed. He wanted a chance to speak with him alone and tell him about the divorce. When Jim finished changing the baby and putting on his pajamas, he handed him over to his father so he could feed him his bottle. George sat in the rocker and put the bottle to the baby's mouth. Kelly, now at ten months old, had developed a ravenous appetite and he was growing bigger every day. As the baby sucked away at his bottle, George started his story.

"Jimmy, I wanted to tell you this alone, but your Mother has filed for divorce," George said.

"Man Dad, I'm sorry about all this," Jim replied.

"Son, there is nothing for you to be sorry for; this is your Mothers doing. I'll explain it all later, but I wanted to tell you privately how much I love you. I'm very proud of you and your family. That includes Matt as well," George said with a smile.

"Thanks Dad, I love you too, and it means a lot to me hearing you say this."

"You know Jimmy, when you guys were young I always felt bad that I wasn't around enough for you, well especially the three oldest. But with five children and one on the way, I really had to hustle to make a living. It wasn't until your senior year that I got the estimators job and things eased up. But I'm sorry I missed your games, I was always so very proud of you."

"You know Dad, if you had told me that ten years ago I wouldn't have understood. That whole fiasco with Linda happened because I was so involved at work that I didn't notice what was, or should I say, wasn't going on," Jim continued. "I understand it now, and you have more than made up for the time we missed when I was a kid."

"Well, one thing that always made me feel better was you had Frank. I didn't have to worry about Junior, he was always a momma's boy, and still is."

Kelly had finished his bottle, Jim took him and burped him and put him in his crib. They left him alone and headed out of the room.

"Come on son, lets get naked and go for a swim," George said, "and I'll tell you the guys the whole story."

"Okay Dad," said a surprised Jim as he headed for his room to drop off his clothes.

When George and Jim entered the kitchen together naked, Matt's cock started to twitch in his pants. George was one hot man for his age and Matt's mind went immediately to being the meat in a father, son sandwich.

"Well guys, what are you doing dressed," George asked the group, "I thought we were going swimming?"

"Just waiting for you," Frank said and he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants, "grab some beers and lets go."

Once everyone had a dip in the pool, George asked everyone to get out and have a seat. He had a few things to tell them, and boy were they surprised when he did.

To be continued...

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