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A Single Soul


Getting to Know George


After the five men had a quick swim, they all got out of the pool and dried off. Staying naked, it was time for another round of beers. They all sat down so George could tell his story. It was a glorious sight, five well-built men sitting nude, laying back in their chairs, legs spread and their cock and balls hanging low on the seats. Matt was just a little too turned on by this sight and worried he might pop a boner in front of George.

"Well guys, you all are my family now so I thought I should fill you in," George started. "As I told Jim upstairs, Bonnie has filed for divorce, and frankly, I am damn relieved. When you get right down to it, our marriage ended years ago. But because I really did love her and my kids, I stayed."

"George, you really don't have to explain anything to us," Matt said.

"First off, off Matt, from now on, please call me Dad, and second I really want to tell you my story. It will make me feel better, and I think maybe you will all enjoy it," George said with a sly smile.

Now that got everyone's attention. Matt and Jim gave each other a look they was the what the fuck is he going to say look.

"Well it all started about fifteen years ago, Bonnie had decided that she was no longer interested in sex..."

"DAD," Jim interrupted, "are you sure you want to be telling us this?"

"What's the big deal, we're all adults. Anyway as I was saying, she decided no sex. Well, hell, I was only forty-seven years old; I was still jerking off at least once or twice a day," George said, and then laughed at the looks on both Matt and Jim's faces.

"Well, she told me I couldn't watch porn and jerk off because that was like cheating. That is truly twisted logic! She cuts me off and then calls jerking off cheating. Of course I didn't argue. I just started going to that old movie theater on Rt.42. They turned it into an adult theater, showing full-length porn or else I went to an adult bookstore down the road, watch a few movies and beat off. Then one time I was in a booth watching a movie and stroking my cock when something caught my eye. When I looked, I noticed a hole. I hadn't seen it when I came in but there was a finger gesturing to me! It didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on, and it kind of spooked me, so I zipped up and got out of there."

Jim was strangely aroused by his father's story so far, but he needed a break before he became totally hard in front of his dad. The other guys didn't matter, but he wasn't sure how his dad would react to him boning up.

"Time out Dad, I'm going to the cooler. Would anybody else like a refill?" Jim asked, and everyone raised their hand.

"I'll help," Matt said and followed Jim into the garage refrigerator.

"Fuck man," Matt said when they got out of ear shot, "he's going to give me a boner if he keeps this up."

"Don't I know it; that's why I called for a break," Jim said and laughed. The guys filled a cooler with ice and beer and carried it back out to the pool deck. After everybody got their refill, George resumed telling his story.

"So anyway, between working out at the gym and adult bookstores, I worked out my sexual frustration. Then one Saturday afternoon I was in the theater. After paying, I went to hit the head before finding a seat. When I went into the mens' room, I panicked. In there was a guy that I knew from my old job and also from the gym, the same one you went to Frank, Mans World. His name is Tony. When he saw me, he just said, 'hey George' like we were meeting at the mall. When he noticed my face, he quietly chuckled. 'Don't get all uptight man, we're all here for the same thing... watch some porn and if we're lucky get a blow-job'. Well I was floored!!" George continued.

"What are you talking about, blow-jobs? I said. Again he laughed. 'Man all you have to do is stand, leaning against the wall, stroking your cock. I guarantee you'll have a hot mouth around your cock in minutes'. Well I was totally blown away by that, pardon the pun, but intrigued. Then he said, 'come on man, follow me, I'll show you how it's done'. I was so horny I let my cock lead me on and followed him into the theater. Once through the doors he made an immediate left and stood with his back against the wall. It took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but once they did, I could see to my left and right, guys were lined up against the walls. Well,I stood there next to Tony watching the movie. It was pretty hot and I was hard in no time. Next thing I know he bumped my arm and when I looked over, I saw he had taken his hard cock out and was stroking it. Funny thing is, when I saw it, my cock jumped in my pants. So he whispered, 'go ahead man, take it out, that's the only way you'll catch a cocksucker', so I did." George paused and finished his beer, and Matt took a moment to glance around. Everyone, including George was a bit chubbed up!

"Anyway," George continued, "we hadn't had our dicks out two minutes before this young guy came over and knelt down in front of me. He looked up at me for approval and all I did was nod my head `yes'. He swallowed me whole. Well, fuck, in all my life, I never experienced anything like that. I was enjoying the blow-job. I looked to my left and saw that Tony was getting the same treatment. It felt so fucking good, I shot my load in less than five minutes," George stopped and laughed, "I was pissed that I blew so soon."

Jim was sitting there listening and staring at his father in utter disbelief. This was something that he never expected to hear from his father. There he sat, with a hard cock, staring at his dad's equally hard one. When he looked around, he noticed that everyone was hard and felt a little better. Then George noticed the look on Jim's face.

"Don't worry, son, the story still gets me hard too," George said and reached down and stroked his cock, "shall I go on, or am I embarrassing you?"

"No, go on!! It's just that you have never seen me with a hard on and vice versa, and I was just a little..." Jim said but was cut off by George's laugh.

"You may have never seen me hard, but I caught you quite a few times beating your meat; I just backed away real quiet and let you be," George said with a smile.

"Fuck," was Jim's reply as everyone else got a good laugh, "alright Dad go ahead and finish your story."

"Well anyway, I started going there two or three times a week. I started to really get off on other guys watching me jerk off and watching them, of course, I always got a great blow-job. Then one day I ran into Tony in the steam room at the gym. We got to talking about the day at the theater and the next thing you know we were both hard. Then the door opened and this twenty-something muscle boy walked in and we quickly tried to cover up. He said, "that's alright guys, jerking off doesn't bother me," and he sat down and grabbed his cock and before you know it, we had a three-way jack off right in the steam room. I shot one of my biggest loads ever."

By now, all five men were hard and leaking. Finn broke the silence, "George, if you keep this up, I won't be able to stop myself."

"Go for it man, I already told you I loved a good circle jerk," George said as he winked at his son, "unless I'm embarrassing you, son."

"No Dad, I'm just a bit surprised, but I am enjoying it," Jim said pointing to his hard cock sticking up between his legs.

"Well the muscle boy invited us to his place for what he called a 'beer & jerk' party, so Tony and I went. It was about fifteen guys at this guy's apartment. He had porn playing on the TV and coolers of beer. Everybody got a bag for their clothes. It was pretty much watching porn and each other while we jerked off," George continued while he got up for another beer.


"Well we all came about the same time and took a break. Then the host announced that next up was a game. He explained that everybody would pick a number out of a hat. After looking at it, we would get blindfolded, putting the number back in the hat. When everybody was blindfolded, the host announced that he would pick a number. Whosever number was called, would take off his blindfold and have to suck all the other guys. If you didn't want to play, you could leave now. Well, nobody left. I thought what the hell, how bad could it be. We picked numbers, and he called one. It wasn't me. So I stood there stroking my cock waiting for my blow-job, which I got. It was fucking great!!!"

"Did you go to more parties?" Jim asked.

"Sure did, right up until we moved to Florida. Funny thing is, my number never got called. If I had to guess by the feel of the blow jobs, it was always the same three guys sucking," George said.

By now, all five guys were stroking their hard cocks. Finn spoke up, "what do you guys say...if we're going to have a good stroke session, how about a fat cigar to go with it?"

They all agreed. Soon the five men were puffing on fat stogies, stroking their cocks, watching each other intently. Matt was really enjoying watching his lover sitting next to his father as they stroked, as he stroked his own cock. Finn was enjoying the stroke session and spending most of his time looking at George's feet. With the stogies stuck in their mouths, and while stroking their cocks the guys continued to exchange jerk-off stories. Jim changed the subject.

"Dad, jerking off with you is so fucking hot, I still can't believe it's happening," Jim said.

"Same here buddy, jerking off has been my favorite activity since I was twelve years old. I would've loved to share this with you sooner, I just never had the balls," George said, "fuck man, I'm getting close."

"Come on Dad," Jim said, "get over here and shoot your load on my dick," Jim said.

"You got it boy, you want to feel Daddy's hot cum on you," George said as he stood and walked over to his son. Jim slouched down in his chair and spread his legs so his dad could walk between them.

"Fuck yeah Dad, blast that hot cum all over me," Jim said as he continued to pound his cock. In the meantime, the others got up and stood around Jim, as his dad stood between his legs. George was jerking off like crazy, his large ball sack smacking back and forth. Then he grunted and shot a huge load all over Jim's cock and balls. The other three guys had moved over with George and one by one fired their cum loads all over Jim. Jim then shot his load on top of the others, using his dad's cum as lube. When he was done shooting, George pulled him up and hugged him tight.

"Jimmy, I have always wanted to have a j/o session with you, but this is way better than I ever imagined it would be," George said and then he pulled Jim closer and hugged him tight. It was so hot that Jim started to get hard again. Pulling away, George laughed,

"Boy, you'd think you were sixteen again, getting hard this quick."

"Dad, it's all you. Wanting to play with you is one of my deepest secret. I've never even told Matt."

"Well I'm glad we finally got to do it," George said.


Later that night in bed, Jim and Matt were talking over the events of the day, getting excited again. "What are you trying to do, Captain, get me hard and take advantage of me?" Jim asked.


"That doesn't even hold up when you're willing," Matt said, "but no, I was just thinking about your dad. That sure was a hot scene this afternoon. Can't wait to do it again."


"Oh sure, you want to dump me for my old man?" Jim said as he began to tickle Matt.


"No, just was thinking about doubling my pleasure," Matt replied and then kissed Jim. I was just thinking, what do you think about asking him to move up here with us? We have plenty of land for him to build a house of his own."


"Yeah, that might be a good idea," Jim said pulling Matt tighter and kissing the back of his neck, "you are really a horn-dog, you just want him closer," Jim said and laughed as Matt threw an elbow back at him.


"That's not the ONLY reason," Matt said, "but it is a happy coincidence," he said.


"Well, we can take him with us tomorrow when we go check the house, and ask him."


"Good plan buddy, now let's get some sleep, it's going to be a long day tomorrow," Matt said and gave Jim a big kiss.


Saturday morning the boys returned from their boating/camp out around 900 hours. Wolf and Udo were already at the house waiting for Billy, who grabbed his already packed bag and the three headed off to Virginia for Easter. After saying good-bye they were halfway out the door when Billy turned and came back in.


"Dad, I almost forgot to tell you; Travis sent me an email saying he was calling here on Tuesday at 1700 our time, we'll be back by then."


"Alright, you guys have a good time and drive safe," Frank said.


"Dad, why is Billy driving all the way back to Virginia, when he just came back from Philly," Jim asked.


"I can answer that," Derrick said as he poured himself a cup of coffee, "he's got what we call in my neighborhood a bad case of jungle fever," and burst out laughing.


"What the Jarhead is trying to say is that your little brother has a big time crush on Wolf's sister Jasmine, and from what Wolf said, it's reciprocal," Frank added.


"And she is smoking hot, so hot she even turned my head. I made the mistake of bringing them over to meet my grandmother, who keeps asking why I don't date her," Derrick said.


"Why didn't you?" George asked. Everybody in the room just looked at him, "what?" he asked.


"Dad..." Matt started, but Derrick interrupted, "that's okay Matt, because Mr. Flannery, girls just don't do it for me."


The proverbial light bulb went off for George, "Oh, I'm sorry Derrick, I just thought..."


"No worries Mr. Flannery, actually I like it when people get it wrong. It makes me feel a little safer at work," Derrick said.


"Well there is nobody in this room that fits the stereotype, but I'm glad I haven't offended you," George replied.


After breakfast, the boys had their music lesson on the keyboard and after that, Derrick helped them with their studies. Matt and Jim had also started to pay him to tutor the boys in Latin. They thought it would help them with their studies since Jimmer had expressed a desire to be a dentist like his mother. Of course for the time being, what one wanted the other also wanted. The surprising development was how quickly MJ was picking up the piano, and really loving it. Derrick was beginning to call him the little prodigy.


While Frank babysat Kelly, Matt and Jim asked George to take a ride and check on the house. Matt had recently made a few changes, one of which involved installing a central vacuuming system. He wanted to see if it had been installed correctly before the drywall went up.


As they made their way up the driveway to the house, George complimented the guys on the progress and the look of the house. They parked in front and made their way inside and showed George around.


George had started college studying architecture until Peggy became pregnant with Junior. After leaving school, he went to work in construction and was finally promoted to the position of estimator. The job entailed taking the plans for a project from a prospective customer and compiling a bid from the company to present to the customer. So, George new construction, and began to inspect, giving his approval of the work that had been completed.


They headed out the back of the house and down to the dock. While they walked, Jim said, "Dad, Matt and I were wondering if you would like to move up here with us. We have plenty of property here for you to build a house. Actually, we thought you could build over on the left there, into that stand of pines."


"Well, thank you boys. You know, I think that might be a good idea. I'll let your mother have the house in Florida. That should keep her quiet. So then, I can come up here and join your nudist colony," George said with a wink.


"Matt will love that Dad, he really enjoyed perving on you last night," Jim said.


Even with Matt's permanently tanned skin tone you, could see him blushing beet red, "Shut up, dufus!!!" he said as punched Jim's arm.


"It's okay Matt, I really enjoyed what we did last night, and truth be told, I wouldn't mind just the three of us getting to play alone," George said.


"Well Dad, maybe we can make Matt the meat in Flannery sandwich," Jim said, then laughing, he began to run as Matt chased him towards the stand of pine trees. George stood, watching the boys and laughed, especially when Matt caught Jim and pulled him to the ground. As the guys rolled around and wrestled on the ground, George walked over.


"Maybe I should leave you two alone," he said.


"Hell no Dad, if anything we want you to stay," Matt said while he continued to hold a squirming and laughing Jim down on the ground.


"Well thanks for the offer Matt, but maybe later; don't want to risk poison ivy on my dick," George said.


Matt let Jim off the ground and gave him a big hug and kiss. Afterward, the three men discussed George's move and what kind of house he would build.


"I have always wanted to build a log cabin home. Would that be okay with you boys?" George asked.


"Dad, we'll build you whatever you want," Jim said, "We just want you here with us."


Later that day, they returned home and began to prepare for their Easter celebration. Matt and Jim boiled two dozen eggs for the boys to decorate. Meanwhile, Frank and George were at Finn's house filling plastic eggs with quarters, dollar bills, and even a couple of fives. While they were working, he told them about the events of the afternoon and the boy's invitation to move up with them.


To be continued...


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