This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 1 New Beginnings

by Donn Thomas

It had been a long flight across country, when finally the "No Smoking" light came on and the pilot announced the planes decent into Phoenix International. Until then I was in a daze staring out the window and listening to the head phones playing a toned down rock track over and over.

Phoenix, Arizona looked sort of brown from the sky, not much to look at, but as we drew closer I could see that it was a sizable city. It was August 2nd 1968 and the plane was going to take right off again for Tucson, my destination, so I sat staring at the mountains in the distance and the people outside the plane. I wasn't looking forward to being stationed in Tucson. Got a lot of ribbing about it being in the desert and being stuck there away from everything. The Plane took off again for a short 110 mile trip to Tucson, 60 miles from the Mexican border and as far as I was concerned at the end of the earth.

It seemed like the plane just started to go up when the pilot announced that we were arriving in Tucson, I looked out the window and saw one tall building in the middle of nowhere and a very small airport. A bit of depression set in but then at the same time a little excitement about the unknown.

After getting off the plane and walking into the airport, they didn't even have those ramps that the planes pulled up to, I found a cab and asked the driver to take me to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The Cabby said "going to the bone yard, huh?" Now my spirits were soaring. What kind of a base would be called a bone yard, I thought. As it turned out it is the largest U.S. storage area for phased out planes.

The next day after processing in, I reported to the Jet Engine shop and found out that my schooling was just a preliminary, and now I had to go to classes here to finish my Jet Engine Mechanic training. Well that was for the first half of each day. The second half I was sent to work at the test cell. What that is, is a rack in the desert with a large cement wall in a half circle behind it. The jet engines were secured to the rack and then run up to full power, while we crawled all over it looking for any type of leaks or loose parts. Actually it wasn't a bad job, and was sort of amazing watching the power of fighter engines and B-52 engines run up to max. power with flames shooting 10-12 feet out the ass end.

I was in class for about a week when the instructor announced that the shop lost its clerical position and so they didn't have a clerk. He said that there was a lot of typing to do and wondered if any one in the class had any typing experience. Well knowing better to volunteer for anything in the service, no one raised their hand, no one that is but me. Sometimes I do things without thinking.

"How much experience do you have, airman?" he asked. "Three years, high school, with a certificate for 80 words per min. Sir" I replied. Well he liked that and told me that instead of reporting to the test cell for work that I would go right into the office after class.

After spending the afternoon in the office, they seemed to like me and asked if I wanted to have the clerk job, mentioning that the offices were the only places in the shop with air conditioning. Well after working out in the open on hot jets for a few days in 90-100 degree weather , I jumped at it. That was the end of me being a mechanic for the next two years.

About a week after I was there I decided that it was time to go out and explore the city. I saw that there was more to it than I thought from the drive from the airport to the base. I didn't have a car so I got up early Saturday morning and started walking out the main road into the base, once outside I started hitchhiking.

Another GI picked me up and asked where I was headed, I said "I don't really know, first time off base, any suggestions?" He told me about a park near the University where bands played every weekend and it was sort of a free concert. He also said that he wasn't going that way but would drop me off on Speedway and to ask the next ride to drop me off at Himmel Park. He dropped me off at the corner of Speedway Blvd. and said "good luck", I thanked him and almost immediately got a ride. The next guy dropped me off at the park. The second guy that gave me a ride seemed a little strange, a little over friendly, just before he dropped me off, he said "concert or cruising?" I told him I was going to the concert, wasn't sure what he meant by "cruising".

I was always sort of a loner, and so going to the concert by myself seemed comfortable to me. I sat in the back of a grassy field and watched and listened and after awhile dozed off laying there. I started waking up and before opening my eyes felt someone looking at me. I opened my eyes and was noticeably startled by a guy sitting cross-legged (Indian style), next to me. I was quite embarrassed after I realized that I not only was startled but woke up with a hard-on as usual. I rolled onto my stomach to hide it and he just started talking and introduced himself. "Hi" he said, "my name is Jim", I told him mine and we talked for a while. About nothing really, sort of a nonsense talk, one of those where nobody knows what to say. Then he asked if I wanted to go for a drink. "Cant", I said, "I'm only 18. He said that didn't make any difference at his place, so I went. I didn't know anyone and he seemed friendly.

We got to his house and I was very impressed, I asked him how he kept it so neat, he just laughed. He directed me towards the living room and he sat across the room from me on a lounge type chair while I sat on the couch. "What would you like to drink?" he asked. I just blurted out "a beer would be fine", since that's all I had ever had. He told me that he didn't have any beer but would mix me a drink. I was stuck now, I never drank hard liquor before. I thought a minute and asked for the first thing that came to mind, "screwdriver?", I asked. He nodded and went to the kitchen and returned with two screwdrivers, this time sitting on the couch right next to me. I was thirsty and drank it down like it was a glass of juice and put the empty glass down, he quickly got up and got me a refill. Now I have to remind you I got up early that morning and went right downtown, I didn't have anything to eat and was certainly not a drinker. Halfway through the second one, which by the way tasted considerable stronger than the first one, I started showing signs of getting a buzz. He put his hand on my knee, I downed the rest of the second drink.

Now here is where my naiveté comes into play, and in all seriousness, this is the truth. "Are you Gay?" he asked. My stupid answer, "no, not yet but one more drink and I will be", I didn't even associate the word gay with homosexual, I associated it with happy.

He very quickly got up and grabbed my glass and fixed another drink, this time it was vodka, with a little orange juice in it. I took a big gulp and could feel the burning going right to my head. He started rubbing my leg and said "I notice you are circumcised" I looked down and , yes by now I was very aroused and there was a perfect outline of my cock down the leg of my pants. This was also the first time I went anywhere not wearing any underwear. I bought a new pair of white Levi's and the Air Force boxers didn't feel comfortable, and I didn't have any briefs that fit me since I had lost weight in basic and hadn't bought any new ones yet, so I didn't wear any.

He said, "why don't you finish your drink and we'll go into the bedroom", well even though it was very strong down it went, and he led me by the hand into the bedroom. I stood there just looking at the bed, I had never had sex before. Before I knew it he was naked and started kissing me and taking my clothes off, first my shirt and then he softly ran his tongue down my chest to my navel and back up again and started kissing me again while undoing my pants, I started pulling down my pants and he turned me around with my back to the bed and gave a push, he went right to it sucking my cock and balls, when in just a few seconds I shot. So much for taking my time. I didn't lose interest though and stayed hard, and took my boots off and then taking the pants all the way off. He seemed very happy that I was still getting undressed, as if I was finished and that was that, and now he saw that he had another chance. I pulled him on top of me and we started kissing again. He was very nice and said, "I know its your first time and you probably don't want to do to much but could you jerk me off?" "No", I said, and rolled over on top of him and proceeded to give my first blow job, I did it just the way he did sucking him and licking his balls. He stopped me and said that he didn't want to cum yet if I could do it again, I smiled. He rolled over on top of me and went down on me again, this time I seemed a little more in control and was loving it so much my head was spinning. He spread my legs and I tightened them thinking that he was going to try to fuck me, I wasn't ready for that. He said "relax", I said "I don't want to get fucked", he said "that's not what I do, you will like this". Not knowing what he was going to do, I relaxed and let him. He spread my legs and lifted my balls and started licking underneath them. I was clawing the bed, before I realized what was happening or how I might have been disgusted by it, his tongue was up my ass and I was to weak to move. I started pulling at his head to stop him I was afraid that I was going to cum just from that. He asked if I wanted to 69, I said "never have, but yes, I want to" he positioned himself on his side and started sucking me, and I him. He stopped sucking and pressed his face between my legs and got to my ass again, this time I did the same, surprised that it was turning me on, instead of grossing me out. I felt it building up and pulled away and said I was going to cum, he covered my cock with his lips and sucked the whole thing down his throat, I tried to do the same but choked and came back up. I shot another load deep into his throat and almost at the same time he shot in my mouth. I actually was more happy about it being my first time doing this than excited about him cumming in my mouth.

We leaned back both breathing hard and he reached over and grabbed a towel, and handed it to me asking if I wanted to spit it out. "Cant", I said, "I swallowed it". "My, you sure learn quick", he said, "are you sure you never did this before?", "yes", I said, "I just did what you did, didn't know what else to do". We hugged and laid there for a while kissing and talking.

While we were talking he mentioned that he had a roommate, again, stupid question no. 2. "Does he know?", I asked. He sort of just chuckled and said "yes, he is my lover". Lover, now what does that mean, I asked myself, that they fuck? I told you I knew nothing of gay life. We laid there quiet after he said that for a few minutes and then he asked, "would you like to meet him?, I'm sure he would like you". "Sure", I answered. "He will be home from work in a few hours, would you like me to take you back to the base to change clothes, and maybe we will take you out with us to the bar tonight". I reminded him that I probably couldn't get into the bars, "this one you can", he said.

He drove me back to the base, and I changed and showered while he waited in my dorm room for me. I guess If I knew any better, I would have thought that risky, but nothing happened, and we were on our way back to his house, this time with a change of clothes to stay the night.

Ed, his lover, got home shortly after we did, and seemed equally as nice and happy to meet me. When Jim told me that he would like me though, I wasn't really prepared for what happened.

Jim and Ed said that they were going to take a shower and that I could wait in the bedroom since I had just had one. I laid on their bed and turned on the tv It was not long before they both came into the room with just towels wrapped around them. I thought that they were going to get dressed but, again I was wrong. Jim got on the bed and started to undress me again, and while he started undoing my pants, Ed was taking off my boots.

I was laying there on my back and Jim started sucking me again, he stopped and then Ed started and Jim got over my chest and put his cock in my mouth. I started sucking on him and he pulled his cock out and positioned his balls over my mouth so I started sucking on them, slowly he made it clear that he wanted to be rimmed, I now knew this term from the last time. I did and then he slid down my chest and Ed guided my cock which was wet from him sucking it, up Jim's ass, which was wet from me. MY FIRST FUCK!!! , and it felt great. Ed started kissing Jim while I was fucking him and then got in front of him on my chest, I sucked Ed off while I was fucking Jim. This was just to unreal for me to believe, I shot into Jim, and Ed into me, while Jim jerked off on Ed who was in front of him on my chest. We all slumped into a heap. I was just in another world, my first time having sex and already I was with two guys and had sex three times.

Ed told us to relax that he was going to take a quick rinse off and asked if I was hungry. I remembered that I hadn't eaten all day and it was dinner time and said "starved". He said we should take a shower when he was through rinsing off and that he would have some supper for us when we got out.

Another first, I got in the shower with Jim and he started kissing and soaping me up, and that old thing with no conscience stood at attention again. Jim got down on his knees and started sucking me, after a few minutes. I came again. Jim stood up and kissed me and said "boy your loaded aren't you?", I don't know what I said, but, I remember being embarrassed and asking him if he wanted me to suck him again, he said "no", that he couldn't do it again.

We dried off and went to the kitchen in just towels, Ed was fixing sandwiches, still in his towel. I remember thinking that I was sure going to enjoy this sort of thing. I had a few sandwiches and they commented on my appetite, but then I hadn't eaten all day and just came 4 times that afternoon.... so far.

After eating we all went into the living room and Ed fixed us all a drink. We talked for a while, sort of getting to know each other, and I asked if they went to college. They both laughed and asked how old I thought they were. "22-23?", I guessed. Again they laughed and told me that they were both 30. This didn't really bother me, but I did ask them if they knew anybody gay that was my age. This seemed to bother them, although I didn't mean to hurt their feelings. They told me that most of their friends were closer to their age than mine and that most gays my age were trouble. Confused I asked why. Ed said that I shouldn't trust gay guys my age, that most of them just want your money and might even turn me in as being gay to the Air Force. He scared me sufficiently. Of course being as naive as I was, I didn't recognize that they were trying to scare me, since they had promised to take me to a gay bar that night.

To Be Continued...

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