This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 2 First Night at the Bars

by Donn Thomas

As we sat there I started to wonder if we were ever going to go out, like they said we would. I guess I was getting anxious to see what a gay bar actually was. I couldn't imagine a whole bar full of people like me. I mean, when I said I was a virgin, well to me I was. I had never done anything to another guy or ever been in bed with one, for sex that is. Up until today I wondered why I was the only young gay person, or queer as I knew it. There were always the older men at the Y.M.C.A. bathroom that had been sucking me since I was 14 and stumbled on to it. And there were other things earlier on in my life but not worth mentioning.

We sat and listened to the stereo and talked some, mostly I sat and listened as they talked about other people that they knew, I was totally fascinated by the whole thing. Then Ed asked "have you ever seen a drag?" Well now I guess this was stupid answer number 3, "yes", I said, "I went to Connecticut Dragway a few times". They seemed to think that my answer was pretty funny, although I didn't have the slightest idea why. Ed explained to me that a drag was a man that dressed as a woman, and said that there was a bar in town where they put on shows. "I don't think that I would like that", I said. Then they talked about where they were going to take me and Jim suggested The Congress Hotel Bar saying that he told someone that they would be there tonight anyway. Ed said "ok".

We got into Jim's car and headed off to the bar, I was fairly excited, but refrained from asking "are we there yet", every five minutes. We arrived at a dumpy looking old hotel,. hence the name of the bar. I followed them in and it was very dark and almost empty. Looking around at the few people that were in there it confirmed my suspicions that I was the only young gay person though. There were two older men sitting at the bar and two or three sitting at a large table in the back corner, so all toll, a total of 9 people including the bartender and the three of us. There was no music and a t.v. was on with a ball game on it. Actually this bar looked no different than any bar I'd ever seen. Of course that was not many, there was a bar near my house when I was growing up near the beach where you could see in the windows.

Jim and Ed headed right for the back table saying hi to the bartender and the two guys at the bar and I followed. The two at the bar turned around in their seats and smiled at me and said hi, I mumbled hi back to them. I was really fairly scared. Jim and Ed hugged the guys at the table and then introduced me to them, they all seemed to talk and joke and keep looking at me and something would be said, but most of the time I wasn't quite sure of what they were talking about.

After about an hour of just sitting there drinking a coke, the game had ended and the t.v. had been replace by a jukebox with some woman singing "Big Spender", I had become pretty bored, and hoped that being gay didn't mean I had to like this music that they were playing and singing along to. Ed saw that I didn't seem to be having a good time and suggested we go to the Black Door Bar. I sort of perked up and asked what that was. Jim said "Its that drag bar you said you wouldn't like". Ed said "Its just comedy and singing, you might enjoy it", I said "OK", thinking anything had to be better than this, and we said good-bye to the guys at that bar and headed off to the other one.

The Black Door was not far , as I remember, seemed like we just drove around the corner and there it was, although I don't think anyone would even know that it was there, I remember just a black door in a brick wall, nothing very special that would pull people in from the street. We went inside and it was fairly crowded and full of smoke. I smoked too, so that really didn't bother me. Then this woman put her hand on my shoulder and turned me around and said "Hi, what's your name?". Jim said something to her and they laughed and we went to the bar, this time sitting right at the bar. Nobody seemed to care that I wasn't old enough, except that they didn't give me liquor, just cokes. When we sat at the bar Ed said "that was a guy who asked you your name, you know?", my mouth must have hit the floor. I really thought it was a woman. I said "wow, they are really good at this", they laughed at me again. We watched the show and I was fairly impressed at how these guys really looked like women.... except when they talked.

After the show was over, some people got up and left, Jim just ordered more drinks for us. Ed, who actually was the more fun and seemed to be the happier of the two, said "he said that he wanted to meet people his age, why don't we take him to Jim's". Jim's just happened to be the name of another bar in Tucson. Well Jim didn't like or didn't seem to like that idea at all for some reason. They were giving each other the pros and cons of going there when Jim said "O.K. but you'll see". I had no idea what that meant.

We got to the parking lot of Jim's and Ed said "I have a suggestion for you", "what?", I asked, "the chain your wearing, switch it to the other ankle", now let me explain here. I had seen someone in the airport with boots on and a chain around his ankle, looked like a biker, anyway, I thought at the time that it looked pretty cool, and started wearing one myself, it was just a dog choke chain, seemed harmless to me. Ed explained that I was wearing it on my right ankle, and people would think that I was looking to get fucked. That was all I needed, the chain went to my left ankle. Ed said that there were a lot of people looking at me in the other bar, something that I didn't notice, being to fascinated with the show. I said "why me", Ed replied, "well look at you, you're obviously in the service, your wearing skin tight white Levi's that show an impressive basket a tight white T-shirt which makes you stand out in the dark of the bar and in great shape, he also said the tattoo's didn't hurt either. I got two at tech school. "Thanks", I said wondering where the hell this basket was that I was showing. That was explained later that night.

We walked in the small bar and it looked like a wall of people, Aretha Franklin was belting out "RESPECT" on the juke box, and the crowd looked more like college students. There was a table in the front right by the door and a guy got up from it and yelled to Jim and Ed and invited them to sit with him. I told them I had to go to the men's room. Jim pointed to a door in the back of the bar. I started the longest walk of my life. As I walked down the center isle of the bar it seemed like every head in the place turned and looked at me, they probably didn't, and was more my paranoia but I just focused on that door and walked straight for it, I remember being fairly terrified. I used the urinal and then turned around not noticing that someone else came in behind me and jumped. He chuckled and said "sorry didn't mean to scare you", I just smiled at him and walked out.

Walking back to the table was just as bad as to the men's room and I was glad when I got there, I sat across from the guy who invited us to sit with him. As I sat down and was introduced to Keith, I just starred, into his eyes. Keith was 22, and went to the University of Arizona and had the most beautiful smile that never left his face as he talked to me. Jim (the owner of Jim's, not the one who brought me there), came up to the table and asked to see my id. Ed said, "he's 18, we wont let him drink", Jim said "OK but if I see any liquor at all in front of him he's out", actually he seemed sort of gruff, but he wasn't, he was only protecting his interests and later on was always friendly to me. After Jim went away, Jim (the Jim with me, sorry if this is confusing), Ed and Keith started talking, they really seemed to be having a great time when all of a sudden I felt something on my leg. Keith had slipped off his shoe and ran it up my leg and put his foot right against my crotch. Instant hard-on and he knew it.

After a while of rubbing my crotch, I pulled my chair in closer to the table and put my hand on his leg running it up his pants just sort of rubbing the hairs on his legs. Jim excused himself to go to the men's room and Ed went to get more drinks. Keith leaned over and asked if I was going home with Jim and Ed tonight. I said "I think I'm supposed to". I wanted to be with him though and it showed. Keith asked "If its aright with them, would you go with me tonight?" Well you know I jumped at that. Keith said "OK when they come back, you go to the men's room and I'll fix it up we are good friends, they shouldn't mind". Jim and Ed came back to the table and I excused myself to go to the men's room again, this time not as scared as before. When I got back to the table, Keith said that they had left, now even though Keith was there I felt very bad and figured that they got mad. Keith assured me that they were not mad, but figured they would leave us alone, I later found out that Ed wasn't mad but Jim was extremely pissed.

Keith suggested that we go too since it was almost closing time anyway, I followed like a puppy. I guess here is the part that every gay guy goes through. I was starting to think I was in love with him. Nothing had happened yet but he was just so nice and his eyes were so soft. I think the love thing was supposed to happen with Jim or Ed, according to most you fall in love with your first. Maybe because they were lovers and subconsciously I didn't feel that I would fit into this arrangement, I don't know but, I didn't get the feeling until I was getting into Keith's car.

We got to Keith's apartment, it was a small one room apartment with a mattress on the floor in the corner. He lit some candles instead of turning on the lights, and I sat on the mattress and lit a cigarette. He sat down and said he had something I might like better than the cigarette. I smiled thinking he meant sex. He said why don't we get undressed first and that he would put on some music. He put on some music and came over to the bed, as it was, and sat down with a small box in his hands. I was sitting naked and thinking that he would just jump into it like Jim did. He opened the box and pulled a plastic bag out and rolled a joint. I knew what it was but had never tried it before. He lit it and passed it to me, I took a hit like I would have done with a regular cigarette and gagged. "Slow", he said "take the smoke in slow and hold it as long as you can". I did as he said, and for the life of me didn't see why people liked this stuff, it smelled bad and wasn't doing anything. We finished it and he lit another, he looked different now, sort of glowing, cant explain it, but he became the only thing in the room, everything else was obliterated. The music got better, I was feeling this tingle all over my body, he laid me back and kissed me for a long time then started working his tongue all over my body, down my chest, over my thighs, turning me over and from the back of my knees worked his way back up. It was like no other feeling I could think of. I was so relaxed that I wasn't thinking sex anymore, just pleasing him. I rolled over on top of him and proceeded to mimic his moves on me. It was completely oral, but, he didn't suck my cock and I didn't suck his we made love to them. It was slow and beautiful, not fast and animal like. Instead of it ending fast like with Jim and Ed he managed to make it last a long time, stopping when he felt I was ready. Then after what seemed like hours, we got into 69 position and exploded in each others mouths at the same time. I thought I would never stop it just kept flowing out of me. I never had a climax like that.

We both stayed in place after the climax and kept sucking and licking until we were both completely soft. Keith asked if I had to be back at the base the next day and I said no not until Sunday night but it didn't matter what time. He asked me if I liked the music he was playing, saying that he had just bought the album. I told him that I really didn't like "soul" music, but this one seemed different, especially after smoking the joint. He laughed and said "thats not really soul music, it was "Janis Joplin", I started to wonder if I was ever going to get any answers to Gay people's questions right. He then asked if I wanted to go swimming with him the next day at a friends house. "I don't have swimming trunks though", I replied, "you wont need one", he said, and we fell asleep in each others arms.

To Be Continued...

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