This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 5 Phoenix

by Donn Thomas

As promised Dick came through with a trip to Phoenix. Although it was not as I thought. Dick let me know that he was going home for a weekend and asked If I wanted to go to Phoenix for the weekend. I was anxious to see another city, and since he had made it sound so good I had been fantasizing about how good it would be.

The trip to Phoenix was 110 miles, 110 miles of desert with not very much between the two cities. We got into Dicks El Camino and headed out. I thought along the way about spending the weekend with Dick, in a platonic sort of way, with him showing me around and well, at least having transportation from one place to another. He never mentioned that it was not his intent to do that, his intent was to drop me off and pick me up on Sunday afternoon on his way back.

Dick was not sure if the bars in Phoenix would be as liberal in letting me in since I was underage, I am now 19, my nineteenth birthday had come about one month after I had arrived in Tucson. He told me of a bar that did not serve liquor, but instead had a juice bar and a big dance floor. He said that most of the kids go there that cant get into the bars. I thought that sounded like a good idea, but still the thought of dancing with another male bothered me. There was dancing at Jim's in Tucson, but I had always declined any offers to dance. Probably because I felt that I wasn't good enough, but mostly because I couldn't picture myself dancing with another guy.

Dick pulled into a parking lot with a row of stores and right in the middle was a storefront with no windows and over the door it said "Act III". "Here we are", he said. He didn't shut off the car, and I wondered why and asked "well, are you coming in too?", "No", he said, "I have to get going to my parents and I'll pick you up on Sunday". A feeling of nervousness came over me, I didn't know anyone in Phoenix and now he was just going to leave me here, not knowing my way around and right now feeling very alone. "It'll be O.K.", he said, "you will meet someone and find a place to stay, but if you don't, the Y.M.C.A. is a lot of fun." He drew me a map of how to get to the "Y", just in case I had to find a room, and also told me that he would meet me at a bar near there that he liked called "The 311 or 307" not quite sure what the name was now.

I grabbed my small suitcase and headed for the door, now there's something you don't see everyday, a kid coming to a bar already packed to go. I felt foolish standing at the door with my suitcase in hand and didn't know if I should go in or just go to the "Y" and get a room to unload it, (the suitcase that is). Against all better judgment, I went in. It was a Friday night about 7:00 p.m. and I opened the door, to the sounds of people talking. All the lights were on and there were three guys sitting at a table near the refreshment bar in the back. One came over to me and said, "We are not open yet, we open at 10:00, but your welcome to sit and wait if you want". I decided to wait, since I didn't bring a lot of money with me and if I could meet someone and save on the cost of a room, then It would mean more for having fun.

I sat off to the side, the bar was different than any bars that I had seen so far. There was a stage in the front that went the whole length of the front of the bar except for where the entrance was, a large dance floor and all around the dance floor were row seats like in a movie theater, all attached to each other. The bar seemed to be clearly just a dance bar, where people either danced or watched people dance. I guess that was going to be my role, a dance watcher. I noticed that the guy who told me that the bar was not open yet, was also watching me as he talked to the other two. Finally he asked if I wanted a coke or something, while I was waiting. "Yes, sure", I answered. He brought me a coke and sat down with me. I found out that this bar was owned by Jim and George who owned Jim's in Tucson. He also said that it would be wall to wall people when it opens at 10:00, since some of the bars in Phoenix are particular about age, the kids under 21 come here, many from Arizona State University.

I started telling him about how I came to Phoenix with a friend, but didn't know that I was being dropped off, which was the reason for the suitcase. He laughed and said that I could put it on the stage behind the curtain, and no one would bother it. "Did you just get into town now?", he asked, "yes", I replied, "so you haven't had a chance to freshen up", he added. I told him that I took a shower before I left but the ride had made me feel a little sweaty and said maybe I should go freshen up in the men's room before anyone got here. "I've got a better idea, I live out in back, and you could shower and change there if you want", he said, "thanks, O.K.", I said happy to know that at least I was going to feel clean when people got there.

We headed to his apartment which was out back and about a block down. When we got there he offered me a beer. It was hot so I took it, and sat to drink it before showering. He disappeared into the other room and came back with a towel for me and said that when I finished the beer I could just jump into the shower. "You should leave the door open, so the steam wont build up to bad", he said. I did as he said and gave him the empty bottle and headed off to the shower. I thought that him saying to leave the door open was so he could watch, so I tried everything I could to stay out of sight. I went into the bathroom and shut and locked the door and used the facilities, and then undressed and wrapped the towel around me and opened the door again. I went over to the shower and got in and closed the curtain, then took off the towel and started the water. I thought I had a perfect plan, never was I naked in front of him. I don't mind being naked in front of people but I thought he was playing a game and It was my duty to win. I didn't. Almost as soon as the water was started, the curtain was pushed aside and there he stood naked as a jay bird asking if he could join me since he had to get ready for the night too. Yeah right. I moved aside and let him come in too, and almost immediately he started soaping me down. Strange way to get ready, wash someone else. He was very good, he had a very gentle and messaging touch. He turned my back to the wall and started rubbing the hot soapy water all over my cock and balls and reaching through to wash my ass. I just leaned back and closed my eyes and let it happen. The feeling was so good, my cock now was pulsating as he slowly stroked it with his soapy hand while letting the other gently rubbing my balls and butt hole. As the soap washed away, he got down on his knees in the shower and replaced his hand with his mouth, my cock filled his mouth and my balls filled his hands, it felt so good. He started down on my balls while slowly stroking my cock, sucking in each one separately and then underneath and licking my ass, I spread my legs and slid down on the wall a little to give him more access. As he rimmed me and stroked me I could feel the churning in my balls as I got ready to shoot its hot load. He stopped rimming me and put a finger in my ass moving it in and out slowly as he went down on my cock again. There was not stopping it, cum was making its explosive exit from me to him. I always loved the first blow job of the weekend, there seemed to be so much cum built up even though during the week I took matters in hand. He pushed my cock in his mouth so as I looked down, I could only see his face buried in my pubic hairs and while he kept his head still and I pumped a hot load down his throat. He stood up and gave me a quick kiss and then got out of the shower, "that was strange", I thought, although I was relieved, he wasn't someone that I would see in a bar and think "I gotta have that", he was probably late 30's or possibly early 40's. He told me when I got out of the shower, that one of the guys that was sitting in the bar with him was his lover, but they had an open relationship and are free to go with anyone they want, another blow to the sanctity of gay marriage. We both got dressed and sat and talked for a while having another beer. The second one was starting to loosen me up a bit. Guess I should start thinking about eating something besides cock on weekends. We finished the beers and it was a little after 10:00. "The bar should be full by now", he said, "ready to head back?" "Yes", I said. He took me in the back door so I wouldn't have to pay the cover and I put my suitcase back behind the curtain.

The bar was pretty full when we got back, seems that a line starts forming around 9:30, since it allows in the people that would be rejected for age in other places and was only open Friday-Sunday nights. I stood near the dance floor watching when I caught sight of this guy dancing. I couldn't keep my eyes off him, he was dressed in white pants and a dress shirt, which was unbuttoned and hanging out, exposing a very smooth chest. His name was Brian, but he didnt seem to notice me watching him, he just kept dancing, I never even caught one glance from him. He danced a few dances and then headed off to the bar to get a coke or something. I figured since he didn't look back he wasn't interested and started to look for someone else to cruise. I was checking out the dance floor and Brian tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to dance. Arrggg, I didn't dance. "I don't really know how to dance", I said, "O.K., would you like to sit and talk, I could use a rest anyway?", he asked. We went to the back row of seats and sat down and started talking, he was from a small town in Arizona and came in for the weekend with some friends. He was 17 and didn't have a lover. HOORAY!!, a single guy. To this day, every time I hear "Hooked On A Feeling" I think of him, when I first saw him dancing to it in his white bellbottoms and white shirt.

We sat there for a while talking and our knees touched and there was electricity, yeah I got that "had to have him feeling". I must have looked like one of those kids on a first date in a movie theater, trying to figure a way to touch him. Finally, I just put my hand on his leg and he leaned and kissed me, which led to another and another, letting our tongues intertwine and search each others mouth as if we were going to find a new place in there. We were both pretty aroused and I asked him how long the bar stayed open. "I think it was open until about 3, but not sure", he replied. Well it was only midnight and I was ready to leave, with Brian of course. I asked him where he was staying, and he told me a motel and also that he was with three friends and that the four of them were sharing two beds. This wouldn't work, I was going to have to get a room. "Would you want to spend the night with me?", I asked, he kissed me again and just smiled and said "yes".

We left the bar and got a cab, "Y.M.C.A", I told the driver. Brian looked at me and laughed and said, "Is that were your staying?", "Not yet", I replied, "but we will be". Now I never stayed in a "Y" before so I didn't know that there was only one person to a room. Good thing Brian did, and that he had been here before, to pull this off. I went up to the desk and got a room while Brian went into the men's room, he came out of the men's room while the guy was taking care of me and didn't notice him go around the corner. The guy got finished checking me in and pointed in the direction of where Brian had disappeared. I walked around the corner and Brian was standing there out of sight. A buzzer went off and we both went through the door to go to the room. "Wont they catch you when you leave?", I asked, "No, they only check people coming in", he replied.

Brian and I arrived at the room and I, never having stayed at a "Y" before couldn't believe how small the room was. Just big enough for a small bed. I somehow had a picture in my mind of a motel room. Brian asked, "want to see what's fun here?", "sure", I replied. "O.K., since I'm all sweaty from dancing, lets go take a shower", he said. Now wait, I'm just noticing that there isn't a shower in the room, or even a bathroom. I followed his lead and we got undressed and wrapped towels around us and headed off to the showers. The shower was a big room with shower heads going all around it like in a school gym. "Watch", he said as he turned on a shower and removed his towel and got under, and I did the same. As soon as the water started and we were all soaped up, guys started suddenly appearing in towels to take a shower. Soon almost all the shower heads were being used. Seems that they wait to hear the water running and then go hunting. We were through taking showers and headed back to the room, "guess you can't get any privacy here", I said, "I don't think people want it here", he replied.

Upon entering the room, I turned and locked the door and when I turned around, Brian was lying on the bed naked with only the light coming in through the window, he was beautiful. I took off my towel and went over and got on top of him kissing him, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth and then sucking the saliva off his when he put his in mine. We kissed for a long time, it seemed, and I wasn't anxious to stop. Just kissing this boy seemed so satisfying. He started pushing his hardened cock against mine and I took it as a signal that he was ready to explore a little further than kissing and I started licking his neck and slowly moving down his chest, stopping to gently nibble and suck on each hairless nipple. I pushed his arms up over his head and licked down the under side of one licking through his arm pit and then over to the other, stopping at each nipple on the way. Then down his side, he let out a gentle moan, and I knew he was being pleased. I had almost wished that he hadn't taken a shower, but dismissed it and kept going further and further down, running my tongue in little circles across his stomach to his navel where I stopped to explore. He was very smooth, there wasn't a trail of hair from his navel to his jewels, and I loved the smoothness of him. I licked down in small circles to his pubic region and licked through the hairs like a cat giving a good grooming. I then went around his cock, down the side and buried my face deep beside his tightening balls. Heading down his thigh I spread his legs and ran my tongue down his inner thigh, lifting his leg up and coming back up the back of it from the back of his knees. I lifted his other leg and pushed them to his chest, he gave no resistance. I licked his balls, taking them in one at a time and gently sucking on them and then under them. When I licked under his balls, his head started to thrash from side to side and his hands went to my shoulders to pull me in deeper. I turned him over and climbed on his back. I ran my tongue along his hairline, barely touching him with it, this sent chills through him and he started to move his ass up and down against my throbbing cock. I slid down and again ran little circles with my tongue slowly down his back. I reached his ass with my tongue and slowly went through it stopping to give him a rimming like I never gave anyone. He was gyrating wildly pushing his ass trying to get me deeper. I spread his legs and licked the back of his balls and then down one leg and back up the other. I knelt up and turned him over, his cock was bouncing up and down throbbing and a trail of pre-cum streamed to his belly and glistened in the light coming in through the window. Now I go for the kill, something someone taught me that I had only tried once before. I lifted his legs up and wet my cock with saliva then slowly pushed it in his saliva moistened ass. I pulled him up so that he was sitting on my cock with his legs wrapped around my waist and kissed him deeply. I then pulled his torso as high in my lap as I could and laid him back. With my cock inserted in his ass, I bent and took his pulsating cock in my mouth. "OHHHHH", he let out. I slowly started a slow rhythm in and out of his ass that felt like a fire pit it was so hot, and staying in rhythm with that moved my mouth up and down on his cock. He started to shake and toss his head about, and I felt his cock harden and lengthen in my mouth as mine did the same in his ass, I started to shoot hot cum into his ass while he in turn filled my mouth. This surely was the best sex I have had so far.

We woke at the crack of noon, and repeated the whole scene from the night before, then headed for the showers. I took the room for two nights, so we didn't have to be anyplace. Since we didn't want to take to many chances on Brian getting caught in the room with me, he waited in the room and I went out and got some Chinese take out. We ate and stayed in bed all day until it was time to go out again. He said that he wanted me to dance with him, and I explained that I didn't. He seemed a little bothered by it, but said I probably would when it felt right.

We arrived at the bar again, and he met up with his friends who laid into him about not calling all day, but that was over quick and he was dancing with them and coming back over with me in-between dances. Then he came over and told me that his friends were going back home after they left the bar, instead of staying the night again and that he would have to go with them. I didn't know what to say, tears actually came to my eyes. I didn't want it to end. I asked him if he could talk them into staying but he said that they had run out of money. I asked if there was another way, he said not unless he took a bus back home. I offered to pay for the ticket and he agreed, he lived right near Phoenix so it was just a couple of bucks, and I would get to spend another night with him. His friends didn't like the idea of him staying but went along with it. They left shortly after midnight and we did the same and headed back to sneak in the "Y" again. Well it worked again and we both spent a beautiful evening together again.

I was starting to feel that I didn't want for this to end, when it came time for him to leave, this time both our eyes filled up with tears and I knew he felt the same way. I gave him my address to write to me, since he didn't get to come into Phoenix unless his friends did, so he couldn't say when he would get back. When the bus drove away I really felt as though I lost my best friend or worse. Tears came down my face and I thought I would never see him again.

I went back to the "Y" and got my stuff together and headed off to "The 311" to wait for Dick to take me back to Tucson. I ended up getting there first and sat in a booth having a coke and thinking about the weekend. Dick came in and brought a beer over to the table and sat down. "What's the matter with you, your eyes are all red?", he asked. I told him about the weekend, and he said, "you just cant fall in love with every trick you have", very coldly. But I did fall in love, or at least I thought I did.

To Be Continued...

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