This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 6 Phoenix and The Ice Capades

by Donn Thomas

I wanted to get back to Phoenix and hopefully run into Brian again. I waited until the next weekend and right after work I hitchhiked to Phoenix. It didn't take very long to get there, after all one good ride and you can be there in an hour and a half. I'm not sure how long it took me but I know that I left shortly after work and got there early enough to get a room at the 'Y' with plenty of time to get to the bar.

I got ready and left for the bar, It was packed, as usual for a Friday night. I was not really interested in who was there though. I only looked for one person, the one that made me feel so special the week before. The one that drove me to hitchhike 110 miles to see him again and spend all the money I had to get a room, when I didn't even know if I would see him again. As I sat and stared at the door watching everyone that came in and avoiding conversations with anyone, my heart sunk deeper and deeper as he didn't show. It was now after midnight and I knew he wouldn't be coming in. There was no place else that he could have gone he was younger than I was and so this was the only place.

I waited another hour and then headed back to the 'Y', there was no sense sitting there listening to pounding music and watching the door. When I got back to the 'Y', I walked to my room and noticed that everyone leaves their door open here. Something I didn't notice the week before. I headed for the shower, empty just like the week before, until I turned on the water. In they came, in all shapes and ages. I just finished my shower wrapped the towel around me and headed back to my room. I got into the room and sat on the side of my bed for a second. My door was ajar and there was a knock at it. I went to the door and was pleased at the young man that was standing there in his towel. I recognized him from the shower, where I just left. I opened the door and said "Hi", "Hi", he replied, "mind if I come in?" Well, this didn't happen before, maybe because there was two of us and we never left the door ajar. "Sure", I said "come on in", we talked for a few minuets when I found out that he was an Ice Skater for the Western division of the Ice Capades, and that all the men in the show were staying at the "Y", who would've thought!

I guess I found it so interesting that I had met, to me, a celebrity or more of a celebrity than I had ever met before, that Brian sort of drifted out of mind for the time being. Or maybe it was teenage infatuation with Brian after all because when he pulled me close to him and kissed me there were no thoughts of anyone else. He had a very toned body, probably from all that skating and wrapped in only a towel he looked great to me. I slipped one hand up his towel, while kissing him, that was starting to rise away from his body as mine was. He laid me back on the small, cot sized "Y" bed and we kissed and fondled each other as the towels loosened and fell from our bodies. He lifted up and knelt with knees on both sides of my chest and rubbed his cock on my face as I tried to lick it. I opened my mouth and he slipped it in as I licked the glistening drop of pre-cum from the head and took it as far as I could into my mouth. He slowly pumped it in and out and stared as if he loved watching his cock go in and out of my mouth. I couldn't keep my eyes off his stomach muscles, as they bulged and receded with each pump. All of a sudden he pulled out and grabbed his cock with a death grip, through his head back and said "God stopped it just in time, I don't want to cum yet!" This was fine with me as I didn't get started yet. He slid down my chest licking and sucking on my nipples then following a straight trail to my pubic hair and cock. He took me in his mouth and I was back in heaven again. I reached down and ran my hands over his hard shoulders and back and then attempted to turn sidewards without him stopping. He saw that I wanted to suck him again and without taking my cock from his mouth, turned his body and knelt over me in a 69 position with his cock and balls dangling over my face. Since he had already reached the point of almost no return once, I went for the balls, sucking them one at a time into my mouth then both, then underneath them burying my face in his ass. I started to feel my own juices start to flow and took his cock into my mouth, we both went into spasms his cock got harder in my mouth and I knew it was going to shoot, and so was I. I always try to shoot at the same time when doing this but I was starting and he was only seeming like he was going to. I shot into his mouth, he pushed my cock in deeper and sucked it for all it was worth getting every last drop, when all of a sudden my mouth filled with cum, I reached around and inserted a tip of my finger into his ass to increase his feeling, he let my cock fall from his mouth and just hugged me tight burying his face in my crotch and moaning.

We sat quiet for a moment, I lit a cigarette and offered him one, "thanks", he said and we sat and had the proverbial after sex smoke. I thought how this felt different, I enjoyed the sex and really liked the way he was built, but I'm not falling in love. Could it be that I still loved Brian? Did I love Brian? I was confused. "What are your plans for the rest of the night?", he asked, "Just to keep you here and have as much sex as possible", I answered. He smiled and said "Well you got yourself a roommate then". We did it again after a while and then again in the morning, each time as good as the last.

He had to leave in the morning for practice and said that there was a show that night but he would be back after the show and that he and the rest of the guys were going out and invited me to go with him. I was going there anyway, just didn't mention that to him, or why, and accepted. I don't remember what I did that day, probably slept a lot from being up most of the night. But he did show up after his show and said that he was going to take a shower and then head to the Act III. I grabbed my towel and started to get ready too. I got to the showers and there were 6 or 7 guys with him all built great and all talking about the show. He introduced me and told them that I would be going with them to the bar. What?, are all the guys in the Ice Capades gay?, I thought. Well with some of the looks I got when being introduced, I could pretty safely assume that they were.

The rest of the weekend went pretty much the same, I didn't see Brian and spent it up all night and sleeping all day until Sunday and headed back for Tucson. Now I didn't mention the Skater's name and I won't mention anyone's name that might be recognized in this story, there are a few that I will hint at, and you will probably know who I mean, but my intent is not to tell their story but rather mine, and don't feel I have the right to mention anybody that might not want to be mentioned.

To Be Continued...

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