This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 7 Tom & Roger

by Donn Thomas

A lot has happened in the first few months of "coming out", but there is a lot more. Usually when I tell people of things in the past that happened to me they think that I have been through a lot or have been many places. I guess I have but it probably seems more interesting to someone else.

As always I headed out to the bar early after work on Friday, I used to like to make a few stops on the way like Himmel park, where I might be able to meet someone for a quicky before going to the bar or just for the fun of hitchhiking and meeting people that way. I didn't really know it but Speedway Blvd was known for people that cruised for hitchhikers. I usually started at the airbase end and it wasn't as prevalent there. Looking for hitchhikers usually happened around the University end.

Well this day no one seemed to be in the park, so after waiting around for a little while I started on the rest of the trip to Jim's Bar. It was still daylight when I got there (as usual), and it was the regular after work group of people there. Nobody that I would consider going with but friendly people that I had a few laughs with when they were in the bar. Most times I wouldn't have to pay for my cokes and got a lot of practice in playing pool before the bar filled up.

Although it was now turning to winter in Arizona, I hardly noticed the change but it was getting close to the holidays. My first Thanksgiving away from home and the turkey that I had was served up in the chow hall, not that it was all bad I liked chow hall food, but, it was not home. Well I wasn't going to let the holidays depress me, I figured that I would just spend them here alone. That night I ran into an unexpected person at the bar, it was Tom, from the pool party in the foothills during the summer.

I got a tap on the shoulder and turned around thinking it was someone I knew, and what a surprise, I had thought about him a few times since we met but really never expected to see him again since Keith said that he didn't go to the bars. "Hi Tom", I blurted out and gave him a hug. "I was wondering if you would remember me", he answered. Well it seems that every-so-often Tom goes on a quest to find someone to have a three way with him and Roger. Good choice, sending Tom, the better looking of the two. Not that Roger was any slouch, he was about the same height and build as Tom, and blonde but his face didn’t have that chiseled perfection that Tom's had. Tom told me why he was out that night and I didn't want to seem anxious to be the one, so I just smiled and told him I hope he found something. "How about you?", he asked, "me?", I said. He laughed and said "Yes, you, I'll give you a ride back to the base tomorrow morning, or if you don't have to be right back, you could spend the day with us". I guess I don't have to tell you, what my answer was. Tom made a call to Roger and off we went.

We arrived at Tom and Roger's house an average size ranch type house in Tucson and I guess it shocked me to see a Christmas Tree in the living room. I don't know why, maybe because of the weather seeming like summer to me or maybe because I sort of blocked holiday images out of my mind because it was my first one that I was going to spend alone. I stopped and stared at it, my eyes welling up with tears. Tom turned around and looked at me and I think realized what was going on. "First one away from home?" he asked. I just shook my head yes and turned away from it and forced a smile and said "Let's not talk about it and have a good time". Right about then Roger came into the living room, looking real nice in a pair of Levi's and a t-shirt. "Hi Roger", I said. He said "Hi!" like he was genuinely happy to see me and gave me a hug and kiss. "I have the bedroom all ready for you" he said. "Why don't you make us some drinks and we can sit for a minute on the couch first", Tom requested. "Ok", Roger said as he disappeared into what I assumed was the kitchen.

We went over and sat on the couch, I strategically placed myself in the middle of the couch. I really liked being the third person in a three way and loved getting the attention of two guys at once. Tom sat next to me and reached for a gold cigarette box on the coffee table. He opened it and offered one to me. I looked in the box as I reached forward expecting a cigarette and to my surprise they were not cigarettes, but rather a whole box of joints all pre-rolled. "Thanks!" I said and took one, I lit it, inhaled deeply and went to pass it to Tom, but by now he was lighting another one. He smiled and said "There is enough to go around you don't have to pass it" Roger came back in the room with three glasses that looked like he had gotten us three glasses of gingerale. I took one and tasted it, strange taste, "what is it" I asked, "just a white wine, would you prefer something else?" he replied. "No, this is good" I answered. My first taste of wine, I really didn't like the first taste, but as I sipped it tasted better and ended up having another. We all smoked a whole joint each and then all of a sudden I noticed we were all just sitting there quiet, not talking just off on our own little mental trips. Tom took my hand, I didn't even notice him standing up "come on", he said. I looked around and said "where is Roger?", "he is in the bedroom waiting for us", Tom laughed. "Whoa, I'm fucked up", I said, Tom just laughed and we stumbled off into the bedroom.

We got into the bedroom and Roger had lit candles around the room, giving just enough light to see but still leaving it dark, the air in the room was filled with the smell of incense, like one of the head shops downtown. Incase any of you don't know what a head shop is, it was before it was illegal to sell drug paraphanalia, there were hippy shops that sold huka's, roach clips, papers, and other assorted hippy items. Tom turned me around and pushed me on the bed, I landed and looked up to see the two of them undressing and just watched as they slowly (or so it seemed) took off everything. Tom was very smooth, tan and toned, except for a few hairs on his chest right in the middle. He also was the larger of the two. Roger was tanned and very smooth not quite as toned as Tom but slim and not hard on the eyes at all. Roger lifted my t-shirt over my head as Tom was taking off my boots and jeans. He unzipped my jeans and I popped up to attention. He started licking the length of my shaft as he was pulling down my jeans then followed the jeans down with his tongue over my thighs and calves, then when they were off he made his way back up. Roger was kneeing on the bed with my head between his thighs. I tilted my head back and started licking and sucking on his balls. He then leaned over me in 69 position and started sucking on me as Tom was licking around and under my balls. The thing that I liked about smoking first is that I was able to withstand this for a longer period, without it I would probably be about ready to shoot by now. My head was buzzing from the grass and sex, when all of a sudden I felt lube being put on my cock, I knew what was going to happen next, just wondered who it was for, but I didn’t care, I just let it happen. Before I knew it Tom had my cock up his ass and was kissing Roger, while Roger had his cock in my mouth. Tom was riding me very slowly, all the way in and then almost all the way out, I was hoping that he didn't mis-judge and let it pop out. I just slowly licked and sucked on Roger, tasting his pre-cum and then licking his balls and ass while more built up. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and a gusher shoot into Toms hot and hard ass. I was disappointed that I didn’t last longer but then it was only the first cum shot. I knew I had more! They changed positions over me and Roger was now pushing my still hard dick into his saliva filled hole, while Tom put his cock to my mouth. Now here is the one that I really wanted. Tom bent forward and started sucking Roger as I fucked him. The feeling was starting up again and also in Tom as he shot a huge load down my throat still sucking on Roger, at about the same time I unloaded again into Roger, who rode me a little rougher than Tom, but maybe that helped me to the second time. I started to go limp and it popped out of Rogers tight hole, he then moved up closer and started kissing Tom again and I took advantage of his hard cock throbbing in my face and slid my mouth on it trying to get it in as far as I could when all of a sudden I felt it get harder and Roger gave out a moan and shot his load down my waiting throat. The both laid down one on either side of me and we kissed for a few mins, both of them taking turns kissing me and then we fell asleep me still in the same position I started in and one of them with his arm around me and the other holding my soft dick in his hand.

I woke up late that morning and was alone in the bed. I could hear Tom and Roger in the kitchen talking and the noise of coffee cups being stirred. I got up slipped on my pants and went out there. The both greeted me with a "good morning", with evil grins on their faces. Tom told me that there was an extra robe in the bedroom for me and that I could take a shower and clean up while he got me some breakfast. I'm not much of a talker before coffee so I just said "OK" and started looking for the robe, no I'm not evil in the morning just don't talk much and stumble around. I headed into the shower and was immediately joined by Roger. "Toms the cook in this family, so I figured I would help you, is that ok?" "Sure!, I perked up and smiled. "Ok, then why don't you just relax and I'll wash you". I did as I was told and just stood there while he soaped me all over with a little extra attention to my hardening cock. He kissed me deeply while soaping my cock back and forth until I started to feel the cum welling in my balls. "I'm going to cum if you don’t stop that" I said. "Just let it happen", he replied and kept going. I threw my head back and it started to shoot out all over Roger who rubbed it around on his stomach a little and then let it rinse off in the shower. "What about you?" I asked, "don’t worry about me I had mine in the shower with Tom this morning as he started to turn off the water and handed me a towel. "See you in the kitchen", he said. I just stood there and watched as he dried off and put on his robe again, sighed and dried off and left to meet them in the kitchen.

I sat at the table and sipped the coffee provided for me and just sat back and said "You guys are really great!", They told me that they had talked about having a three way with me ever since we met at the pool, but just never got out to actually do it, which was funny since I had thought about them too, mostly Tom. I told them that I would come over anytime they wanted. Tom smiled and said "well I know were to find you now". Noticing how pale I was compared to them they asked if I wanted to lay out on the roof with them and get some sun. I told them I had nothing to wear and Roger said that I could use a pair of his speedo's. Well four hours and a lot of talking later, Tom looked at me and said "oh my god you're going to be burnt, we had better stop" I looked down at my chest and was still white with some blotches of red but it didn’t seem to me that the sun was doing much. Tom told me to go into the shower and rinse off in cool water. I did it and turned beet red, except the small spot occupied by the speedo. "Does it hurt" he asked, I just shrugged and said "no" he said that I looked better with some color but that I was going to be sore tonight. I have had bad burns before and was really used to it so it didn’t bother me.

As Tom promised he offered me a ride back to the base, which I took, and on the way told me that he had talked to Roger about when I first saw the Christmas tree, and he and Roger agreed that if I wanted to spend Christmas eve and day with them it was ok. I reached over and grabbed his hand and squeezed it. My eyes filled up again. He gave me a piece of paper with his number on it as he dropped me off at my barracks and told me to call and let them know about Christmas, I thanked him and told him I would and headed into the barracks.

I went into my room and stripped off my clothes and laid on my bunk with just a pair of Air Force issue white boxers. I had fallen asleep and was awakened by my roommate coming in. "Holy Shit" he said, "what happened to you?" "Just got a little sun", I answered. "A little?, you're so colorful, I'd love to see you on acid", he laughed. "Speaking of acid (LSD)", I said, "what's it like?"

To Be Continued...

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