This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 8 Acid, Another First Time

by Donn Thomas

My Roommate, who’s name escapes me at the moment started going into a long dissertation about how acid opens the mind and enables you to see things as they really are, not really what I meant by asking him what it was like. I told him that I was going out that night and asked if it would be good to try some and go out bar hoping. He told me that as long as I kept it in my head that what I was seeing or experiencing was the acid and that I didn’t let it freak me out, I should be fine. I asked him if he would sell me some and he said that the only ones he had were three-day acid tabs. He also explained to me that for my first time I shouldn’t take one of those, at least not a whole one, telling me that you slip in and out of trips for three days. Now I don’t know if there ever was such a thing as three-day acid or not, since nobody I’ve ever talked to has ever heard of them. He offered me a piece of one and grabbed a razor blade and cut one in thirds and gave me a third of a tablet about the size of a saccharin tablet. I looked at it and said “I don’t see how something this small can do very much”, he just smiled and said “remember whatever you see, just relax and enjoy it”.

I placed the tablet on a table next to my bunk and headed off to the showers to get ready to go out. I was always willing and had no fear at that time of trying something new. Even though I had only smoked grass, I figured it would be something like the high from that and didn’t give it a second thought.

After the shower, I went back to my room and took the acid, got dressed in some tight jeans (as usual) and a t-shirt and headed out to catch the last bus into town. I never took the bus before and still not wanting people to know where I was going I asked the driver which way he was going into town, “down Speedway to Stone and straight into downtown”, he told me. That was great, I could just get off a block before the bar and nobody would see where I was going.

I don’t remember anything from that bus ride, except at the end of the line when the bus driver was shaking me as I was staring out the window, asking if I was alright. “Uhh Yeah, where are we?”, I asked. “End of the line, downtown” he said. We were still on Stone Street but a lot further than the bar. “OK”, I replied and got off the bus. The bus driver mumbled something about hippies, but I didn’t care I just had to find my way back to Jim’s Bar.

After a long walk down Stone St. which seemed to take days but was in actuality about 10 or 12 blocks, along which I think I stopped and stared in every store window and was amazed at the things I was seeing. Things were changing colors, shapes and some stuff just looking like it was melting. Well if you never tried acid you might not understand but to me that day it was the most fantastic thing I’d come across. I am not endorsing anyone taking it as I would have then, from what I hear the stuff they sell now is laced with so many chemicals you never know what your taking. Then it was pure, and I was stupid.

I finally made it to the bar and saw my friend Franks motorcycle out front and was happy to see that someone else my age was going to be there, the older guys that were usually there early didn’t approve of me being stoned. I walked in and spotted frank doing his usual loud camp routine with the guys at the bar and just walked up to him quietly and stared at him. He looked at my eyes and said “my god girl, your pupils are like basketballs” I just laughed and told him what happened. Well, Frank was not into drugs at all but just told me that I had better be careful of what I was experimenting with. He also told me that if I needed to that I could go to his apartment, which was only one block from the bar. After that he just teased me about being so stoned, as I was finding better things to do like watching the jukebox change colors and noticing things about the black light posters that I had never noticed before. As usual the after work guys bought me a few cokes and that kept my mouth from the worst dryness I had ever experienced.

Frank was leaving and asked me to come outside with him for a minute. I followed him outside and he then became very serious and told me again to be careful and to use his apartment if I had to get away from the bar. He wasn’t going home but I knew where the key was hidden. Just about then I noticed a Native American boy sitting on the curb across the street watching us. I mentioned him to Frank and he looked and said “much to young for me but looks perfect for you, maybe you should check him out and you can use the spare bed if you want.

It seemed to be a strange place for a young boy to be sitting, there was nothing across the street from the bar but a parking lot and there were no cars in it, so after frank rode off I walked over and started talking to him. He was 16, three years younger than myself and was from a reservation outside of Tucson. It was the first time I ever met a Native American and was very attracted to him. He had shoulder length jet black hair and a beautiful smile that seemed extra white against his tan complexion, and very dark eyes, almost black. Wearing hip-hugger bellbottom jeans and an open shirt exposing his very smooth well toned chest and stomach. I wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, but asked him why he was sitting there all alone. He told me that he met a guy the last time he came into town and the guy went into that bar while he waited outside for him and that he had a good time with him that day and was waiting to see if he would see him again. This happened about six months prior and I told him that there were only two guys and the bartender in there. I then asked him if he knew it was a Gay Bar, to which he answered “yes”. Great, I thought, now I can make my move. I think that the acid was really hindering me now. I wanted to make a move but just kept making small talk about senseless things. He started to laugh and I asked what was funny, starting to laugh myself. “You’re stoned”, he said. I didn’t think he had noticed but said he knew as soon as I came over that I was messed up. “Yeah”, I replied, but didn’t tell him on what, not knowing what his feelings were on drugs. “When do you have to go back home?”, I asked. He told me that he had to be back that day and could only stay until the last bus back, which was in about 3 hours. “Want to go over to my friend’s apartment?” I asked him. He asked where and I pointed to it just up the street and he jumped up from the curb and said “Yes!”, as if very eager. I got up and off we headed up the street.

He told me that he doesn’t know anyone Gay on the reservation and that he hasn’t had any fun since the last time he was here, which for me 6 months without it would have seemed like an eternity. We arrived at the apartment, which was an efficiency apartment. It had two chairs with a tv in the middle and two twin beds. I headed over to the one that I knew Frank didn’t use and sat down. He immediately came over to me and started kissing me, and pushing me back on the bed. This kid is wild, I was thinking, he has got to be the horniest little fucker that I had been with. He got on top of me and kept kissing me, and dry humping me. I reached down and could feel his hardon through his pants and grabbed and was rubbing it. Although I was very turned on by him, I wasn’t getting hard. “Fucking acid”, I thought, nobody told me about this! Even though I was only getting semi-hard, I was still very into this boy and we started ripping each other’s clothes off. It was late afternoon and the curtains were pulled shut and just a little light filtered in making him look more beautiful than outside, I was mesmerized by his pretty face. He kept trying to kiss me while forcing my legs open and humping his cock between them. He reached down and grabbed my cock and asked why it was not hard. I said it must be the drugs and he just went back to kissing me hard and deep. I was only worried that he seemed to be spreading my legs and in a position where I thought he wanted to fuck me and I had this thing about not letting anyone fuck me unless I loved them. Well, that was not what he was trying to do, he slid down me licking every inch of my chest and stomach and went back and stuck his tongue in my armpit, which no one had done before. “Yech”, he pulled back, “deodorant”!, “Could you wash it off”, “yes”, I said and went into the bathroom and washed it off and came back to the bed. He immediately pushed my arms up over my head and started licking my armpits, I am very ticklish there but it didn’t tickle, instead it sent shivers of delight through my whole body. I don’t know who it was who taught this kid this stuff but I was loving it. He went down from there licking my sides and across my stomach, tonguing my navel on the way down to my pubic area where he licked all through the hairs and around my balls then sucking on my balls when finally my cock started to rise, “haliluja”, I thought, “its going to work”. He started sucking on my cock like he was never going to have another one. I was in ecstasy between the sex and the drugs it was like being in another world. Im glad that my roommate only gave me a little piece of the acid tab, I cant imagine if I had taken the whole thing, I probably wouldn’t have had the facilities to be here right now. He was spreading my legs with his knees as he was licking and sucking on my balls and I was fighting to keep them together, sort of my way of saying no to that. He then asked “please turn over”, I told him I didn’t want to get fucked, “I’m not going to fuck you”, he said, and at that I turned over.

He got on my back turning my head to kiss him then with little circles he went across my cheeks to the back of my neck sending shivers up and down my back. I was paralyzed as he made little licks and circles down my spine to the top of the crack of my ass. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and it seemed like a pause then he started blowing air at my open ass. He started at the top of my crack and ran his tongue all the way down, just lightly touching the hole until he was licking the back of my balls. I pushed my ass up for more, the sensations were overtaking me and I didn’t want him to stop. He did that about three or four more times and then plunged his tongue up my asshole, a tongue that felt like the longest, widest tongue I had ever felt up there. He was probing and sucking with it and then he put in a finger and worked it around and started licking and sucking on my hole again. He kept doing that, driving me up a wall. All of a sudden, probably from the tongue going in and out and the finger I felt a terrible feeling like I was going to explode with all the air that was being forced up there. I jumped from the bed and ran into the bathroom, turning on the water and flushing the toilet at the same time to muffle any noise that he might hear, feeling terribly embarrassed. I never had an attack of gas during sex before. I came back out and laid on my back and apologized. He didn’t say a word just turned me over and started again. Needless to say he had me rock hard. Then he said “don’t cum, ok”? “I wont”, I answered not even knowing if I could. He said he wanted to eat my ass a lot more first. I was not going to stop him :)

He must have eaten my ass for a half hour before he turned me over and started sucking on my balls and cock again, and that’s when I found out that I could cum. I started to get the feeling and told him I was almost ready to cum. He started sucking harder. I reached for his shoulders and spread my legs more in an effort to get deeper in his mouth and all of a sudden the build up of juices started to flow and I was cumming in his mouth for what seemed like the most I had ever cum before in my life. He sucked it all up every drop and swallowed it and I had to pull his head off of my cock as I was thrashing from it being so sensitive after cumming. He then got on top of me and moved up to my face with his crotch and I started sucking on his balls. He was being so aggressive in what he wanted to do that it was really the first time I had gotten near them since we started. While sucking on his balls I reached for his cock and it felt different it was hard but the skin felt different, I looked at it and he was un-circumcised. This was the first one for me! I was now like a kid with a new toy sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head and licking the head every time it was exposed. Then I slid the foreskin all the way over the head and stuck the tip of my tongue under it and licked all around the head while holding the foreskin over it. This seemed to drive him up a wall. I then slid down so my head was between his legs and pulled him down so he was sitting on my face and stuck my tongue up his sweet, hairless butthole. He loved it and pushed his ass harder against my face as I licked and fingered his beautiful tight hole. I would have loved to fuck it but kept on licking until he pulled away and pushed his cock towards my mouth. I pushed the foreskin back and forth with my lips while licking the head of his dark tan cock that was throbbing and getting harder by the second. I reached for his balls and gently rubbed them and felt them pull up and he started pumping 6 months of cum in my mouth, which I eagerly sucked up and let it fill my mouth. His cum tasted so good I wanted to savour it before swallowing it. He pulled his cock from my mouth and came closer to kiss again. I motioned to him with my finger and then swallowed his load that I was holding in my mouth, not wanting to let it go. We kissed and then held each other laying there when I noticed the clock and asked what time he had to catch his bus, he looked at the clock and said that he had to go now or he would miss it. We got dressed and headed to the corner to catch his bus and I waited with him until it came. I put my arm around him and shook his hand (public hugs were not accepted yet), and watched as the bus drove away.

I never saw him again and always wondered what happened to him. I would have loved to spend a lot more time with him and have wanted to be with another Native American ever since, but never have.

I headed back to Frank’s to take a shower and head off to the bar for the night, after all it was Saturday night and the night was still young, and for that matter so was I.

To Be Continued...

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