This is an actual account of my coming out and beyond. I have changed the names in most cases but some are the same first names and last names have been omitted. If you don’t like male to male sex stories, don’t read it, if you do enjoy… If you have any comments and especially if you feel that the person being described is “you” let me know, I’d be glad to email you back.

The Air Force Experience

Chapter 9 The Holidays

by Donn Thomas

It was that time of year now and my first holidays spent away from home. I was having so much fun with my new lifestyle that being away from home was not an issue, but now it's getting close to Christmas, a time of family and friends. I wanted to go home but we only had four days off for Christmas and there was a mileage restriction on us, we could only go so far from the base. My parents decided to send me to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with My Aunt and Uncle and two cousins instead of spending it by myself, and sent me round trip airline tickets.

I started talking about the trip with my friends and everyone seemed to think that I was so lucky to be spending it in L.A. instead of here in Tucson, that I started to get excited about it, but a little apprehensive at the same time. My cousins were straight. Since L.A. was one of the Gay Mecca's, it would probably be like being a child in a candy shop and not allowed to have any. I had a plan.. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!

I bought one of those Bob Damron address books that they sold at the bar and started checking off all the bars that I had been to and looking up where I lived in Connecticut. I was surprised to find that I had been missing out on many places to go before I joined the Air Force. But right now I had to find places in L.A. OH MY GOD!!!!! Could a city have that many bars? I couldn't believe that there were so many. It seemed like all I would have to do is go to Santa Monica Blvd, and I would be in Gay heaven!

I was supposed to arrive on December 24th and told my aunt that I would call them when I got in to L.A. International so they wouldn't have to wait for me if I was late. She said she didn't mind but would wait for the call.

December 23rd, I left Tucson for Los Angeles, one day earlier than I had told her. Somehow I guess my parents didn't convey the information about the flight to my Aunt and Uncle, to my relief they left that up to me.

L.A. international was a huge airport, nothing like Tucson or Phoenix at the time. You could get lost in here, I thought as I walked around looking for a place to change out of my uniform. I found a men's room and went into a stall to change and it started already. I went in the handicapped stall, because there is a sink in there and I wanted to freshen up after the flight and before I headed into the bars. I was stripped down to my boxers when I noticed movement in the next stall. I could see the person's shadow on the floor and what looked like rapid movement of one arm and the shadow kept leaning forward. I looked down and caught a fast glimpse of someone looking under the stall! This was not like a quiet men's room somewhere in the back of a store and there were many people. I was not about to get caught at Christmas time and spend the holiday in jail for having sex there. But..... why not tease a little? And who knows, maybe he is cute and I could get a ride to the bars or something.

I took it real slow washing up at the sink in just a pair of socks and my boxers and just watched the shadow movement out of the corner of my eye, trying to pretend I didn't notice I was being watched. Then after my face and hands were washed and dried I turned my back to the person and took off my boxers. Now I was standing naked in the stall and he was watching and that arm movement was really going. I had to stay with my back to him since I was getting hard knowing that I was being watched and didn't want him to see yet. I grabbed a paper towel and wet it in the sink and then proceeded to give myself a "whores" bath, you know, pits crotch and asshole. First my pits, then I reached in my bag for more deodorant and put that on. Every time I bent over to get something out of my bag I could see a little movement. I wet another paper towel and still facing away from him spread my legs and reached through so he could see that I was rubbing it all over my balls. Then I went for the kill, I grabbed a tee shirt and covered my cock with it and turned and faced the mirror. My cock was hard as a rock then and it was a sideways view for him. Then I lifted the shirt as if I was checking it for wrinkles or something and boinnng, there it was for him pointing skyward and throbbing. I'm not sure if he knew what I was doing or thought I was oblivious to him watching but I started rubbing my cock and he really starting moving. Before long I was jacking off over the sink and shot into the sink, then I heard scuffling as he pulled up his jeans and left in a hurry, oh well might as well finish cleaning up and find a way into town.

I stuffed my bags into one of those lockers at the airport and went out to look for a cab I had already checked the address book and told the cabbie what block to go to. I’m not sure what I thought California looked like but, I just kept looking out the window of the cab and thinking it was nothing exciting. I guess I was thinking that it should look more like Manhattan. Cities out west seemed, at the time, to be more spread out and smaller buildings, rather than in the east where the cities were smaller in land area, but reached the sky with their buildings.

As the cabbie went down Santa Monica Blvd, it looked different more like a city, small buildings but more like a city. “Where do you want me to drop you?”, he asked, I had been watching the numbers on buildings and said “Anywhere here would be fine thanks”. I got out and started to explore.

There were guys leaning against store fronts, that seemed to take notice and I of them too, but they would then look away, all seemed to be dressed the same way too, jeans and tight white tee-shirts. I had the same thing on, tight 501 jeans, white tee-shirt, also tight and black boots, tattoos and military haircut. I spotted one of the bars on the list and went in, surprisingly there were a lot of people inside, not like in Arizona at this time of day. The people inside were dressed different than the guys hanging around outside too. Not sure how to put it but different, more bell bottoms and shirts rather than tee-shirts. Not knowing what I could get away with I figured I would order a beer, and that if I got kicked out of here for being underage, there were plenty of other places to go.

I walked over to the bar, much more confidently then I had done when I first started going out. Looked for an empty place and waited for the bar tender while he talked with someone, didn’t want to seem anxious or nervous. He stopped and came over, “what’ll it be?” he asked. I ordered a beer and he just reached down and opened one, but before letting go of it asked for my I.D. I showed him my military I.D., he looked at it and asked for a drivers licence and then I knew I was going to get kicked out. I gave him my Connecticut drivers licence and he looked at it for a min and then handed it back to me. Don’t know why, maybe he wasn’t good at math or something but he just gave me the beer. I handed him the money and he asked how business was outside. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, and asked “business?”. “Are you hustling?” he asked. “No”, I said and was a little surprised and sort of flattered at the same time that he thought I would be charging for sex. He winked and said “You just have that look”, and walked back to his friends at the bar.

Now I understood what those guys outside were doing. This is the first time since I’ve been “out”, that I saw a big city, and I heard about hustlers but don’t think I’ve ever seen one. They just look like the type of guys that I liked, cute but masculine. This wasn’t good, I was dressed as if I was asking for money. I figured that if I just cruised someone maybe they would get the right idea and know I wasn’t just waiting for someone to pick me up and pay me. One thing was good about this bar, no dance floor. Since I still didn’t dance, it was great that nobody was going to ask.

Just about when I was finishing my beer and thinking about going somewhere else, a guy walked in the bar and was looking around. I wouldn’t have taken notice of him, but for the cards in his hand and he was just looking everyone over strangely. He looked at me and came over and handed me a card. I looked at it and it was an address and phone number, I just looked back at him with a puzzled look and he said “party tonight, if you would like to go”. “Don’t understand”, I said. “Speak English?” he asked. “Yes, I don’t mean that, why did you give one to me and not to anyone else, just seems strange, that’s all” He laughed and said, “I work for someone that gives parties, he is very wealthy and sends me out to the bars to invite people, a certain type, age etc., and you fit the description, that’s all”. “If you want to go”, he continued, “Just be at that address at the time on the card and I’m sure you will have a good time, there will be plenty of food and lots to drink”. “OK, I said, “Thanks”. He walked around the bar for a while and then left. I looked at the bartender who smiled and gave me a “thumbs up” as if I had won a prize or something. I guess people knew what the guy was doing. I put down my beer bottle and put up a tip and started to leave, the bar tender asked “are you going to go?” “Don’t know”, I said, “I’ll take it if you don’t want it”, he said with a laugh. “Nah, I’m going to think about it first”, and with that I left the bar to check out the guys outside on the street.

I walked out of the bar and it was now starting to get dark, the streets were alive with lights cars and people, it reminded me a little of Boston without the cold, but with a strange twist. There seemed to be a lot of young guys hanging around waiting for someone to make an offer but I just walked past them wondering what their lives were like. I just couldn’t imagine making a living from having sex. I know it sounds to good to be true, just have fun and get paid for it, but I imagined that they must have to sleep with a lot of people that they didn’t really want to and have to pretend to be really into them in order to get a decent pay. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the card that I was given in the bar and looked at the time it said “10:00 p.m. until ?” Well I had all night and was very curious but still feeling a little unsettled about it. At least when I was invited to a party before, I knew who was throwing it.

It was now about 7:00 pm and maybe if I had another drink and oh yeah food, I remembered I haven’t eaten since this morning. Maybe I should get something before drinking anymore. I know that I only had one beer but I don’t really hold my liquor well. The first time I got drunk was when I was in Tech school and woke up with a tattoo. The scene repeated itself the next night. So I now had two tattoos to remind me of my first two times under the influence.

I walked along looking for a place to get a burger and some coffee, I always loved coffee. I spotted a restaurant across the street and made my way over to it. I walked in and someone showed me to a table after I told them I didn’t want to sit at the counter. The girl took my order and came back right away with the coffee. I lit a cigarette and looked around at the people, the majority being male and in groups, some of them acting pretty camp. I guessed that most of them were having something to eat before hitting the bars for the night, but I still had to think about going to some strangers house and to a party where I wouldn’t know anyone including the host. I was pretty nervous about it and excited at the same time.

The waitress brought the burger and I dived into it, I guess I was pretty hungry. About half way through the burger I was interrupted, “Excuse me” the waitress said, “Would you mind if someone shared your table?” and continued, “We have no more seats at the counter and all the booths are full and if you don’t mind I can seat another single party with you.” I shrugged my shoulders and said “No, I don’t mind”, “Thanks” she said and motioned someone over to the table. A guy came over and asked “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “No, I just don’t like sitting at the counter, but I don’t mind someone sitting with me”. “Great” he said and gave the waitress his order. “Are you military?” he asked, “yes” I said. “Thought so, you just had that look, was either that or a hustler” he laughed and so did I. “No”, I said “but you are the second one today that thought that”. “Well, you dress the part, but you don’t look hardened enough”. Wasn’t sure what he meant so I just shrugged it off. He was decent looking and early twenties, I guessed, but I’m not good at guessing anyway. Probably someone that I might cruise, if I hadn’t been thinking about the party. “You look like something is on your mind” he said. “Yeah, I got invited to a party tonight and I’m not sure about going” “Oh?” he said. “Well, I don’t know the person having the party or anyone that’s going” I told him. “How did you get invited?” he asked. I told him and he seemed to know about these parties but had never been invited to one. “Go” he said “from what I’ve heard about these parties, you will probably enjoy it”. I showed him the address and asked if he knew where it was. He told me it was quite a ways and that I should get a cab to get there. He finished his sandwich and left and I wasn’t sure now, how far is “quite a ways” and should I leave now? I left a tip and got up to pay for my burger and then headed for the men’s room. Wish I had a shower but I guess another wash up in a men’s room will do.

I finished washing up a little and headed out to the street, wondering if I should get a cab now or wait a little, I decided to wait a little bit and get another drink. I went back to the bar I was in before, knowing that they served me once so I would try again. I started to walk in the door and a big guy said “I.D.?” “shit”, I thought while pulling my licence out of my wallet. I handed it to him and he glanced at it for a second and handed it back. I couldn’t help but wonder why they even checked if they were just going to let me in. The bar was pretty packed and I had to make my way through a heavy crowd to get to the bar. I went over to the bar and ordered a beer and leaned against the wall drinking it. I noticed a few people looking my way but no one approached me, maybe it was true, maybe I did look like I was looking for pay, Oh well, I thought. I finished the beer and went to put the bottle on the bar and the bartender handed me another, I went to get some more money and he said “Someone bought this one for you”, “Who?” I asked. He just smiled and turned and went back to work. It made me think that it was from him so I just yelled “Thank him for me” and drank the beer followed by two more. I was starting to feel a slight buzz and noticed that it was 9 pm and maybe I should get a cab and get to the party, after all I wasn’t sure how far “quite a ways” was and I always liked being on time.

I got in the cab and my head was buzzing from the beers and told the driver the address. He started off and it seemed like we were there in minutes but it was actually 20. He stopped and let me out and I paid him and he drove off. I stood there looking at this beautiful house, but a little apprehensive about going to the door, first the fear of the unknown and second I was 40 minutes. early. Figuring that I wasn’t going to just stand here for 40 minutes I made my way up to the door and rang the bell. The guy who gave me the card answered and said “My you’re early”. “Sorry” I said, “I wasn’t sure how far it was and didn’t want to be late”. “Well come on in” he said. I thought that he must have been getting ready too, since he answered the door in a towel and a Santa Claus hat, but then he handed me a towel and said “give me your clothes and I’ll put them away for you” Now I had never been to a party where they asked for your clothes, sometimes at parties your clothes came off, but I never started out that way. I took my wallet out of my pocket and started to undress, “Don’t worry about your wallet” he said “I stay here until everyone has arrived and then the room will be locked, it will be safe”. A little apprehensively I gave him the wallet and he put it in the bag he was folding my clothes into. I asked him if there was a bathroom that I could wash up in, since I was going to a party in a towel I wanted to be clean. He laughed and said “sure take a shower if you will feel more comfortable” and pointed me in the direction of the bathroom.

Well I would feel more comfortable, so I did take a shower, It felt good after walking around all day. I came out of the bathroom and could see him giving someone else a towel and walked over to them, “Which way do I go?” I asked. “The end of the hallway there is a big room, just go in there, that’s where the party is going to be”. I followed his directions and in a house this size you really do need directions. I entered the room thinking that there would be a lot of people there and there was no one. There was a bar, where you could mix your own drinks and a large table of food and in the centre of the room a table surrounded by pillows on the floor. On the table was a large hookah (a large water pipe, with many tubes coming off it so that many people could smoke at once). Just following me into the room was another guy he was my age or maybe younger about the same build and also with short hair. “Hi”, I said, “Hi, strange isn’t it? He asked. “Been here before?” he asked. “No”, I said. “You’ll have fun, just relax” he said. I didn’t know I looked that nervous, but I guess I did. He walked over to the liquor and made a drink and I followed, “want me to make you one too”, he asked, “sure, thanks” He did and handed it to me, I tasted it and I guess I winced. “To strong?” he asked. “A little but its ok” I answered. “It’s just rum and coke” he said. “No, It’s ok” I assured him. “Come on, sit with me by the pipe” he said and again I followed.

We sat there talking and laying on the pillows for a few minutes and others started coming in all dressed in towels and all very hot. I was starting to wonder how I got in this group, but didn’t care. As others started coming in they all got drinks and sat on the floor on the pillows, some sitting and some laying down. I was sitting looking and talking and I felt a hand on my leg, as it moved slowly up and down, I started to get hard. The guy that I was with took a hit off the water pipe and handed me the tube and I took one as well. My head was spinning from the beers, the rum and now the smoke. No introductions were made, just a lot of bodies that were all about the same height, colouring and everything and because of the guy I first talked to I was next to him right in the middle of it. He laid back and I ran my fingers down his smooth chest. He was already hard and so was I. I moved to his crotch and licked the length of his cock and could smell the mild musty odour that turned me on so much. At the same time the hand that was on my leg turned into a tongue making its way up the back of my thighs and spreading my legs I gave access for the tongue to lick and suck on my balls from behind. I started thinking “My first orgy!!, Fantastic” As I was sucking slowly on my new friends cock and balls I felt more tongues on my body, my feet, my armpits, it was like heaven! I saw something out of the corner of my eye that seemed very out of place. It was the guy in the towel and Santa hat, pushing a wheelchair with a man in it, into the room he pushed him to the bar and faced him towards the orgy and left him there. Then he took off his towel and joined the party. I guess everyone was here, and at final count I was told that there were forty-two people who came to that party, all in their teens and I kept thinking I glad I didn’t wait one more year I’d probably be to old to get invited. At 19 I was one of the older ones there, and some of them looked considerably younger than me. I started sucking the first guy again and he said “stop, I don’t want to cum yet” so I did and started kissing him, at the same time I was being worked over good as one was sucking my cock and anther was sucking on my balls and asshole. “Just lay back next to me” he said “What?” I said, “just lay back and enjoy it” I laid back and looked and him and he gave me a little kiss and saw or should I say felt what he meant. I looked down to see people licking all over him and myself, it was great! I closed my eyes for a second and then felt a tongue at my lips, I parted them thinking it was him and kissed him deeply searching his mouth with my tongue. I opened my eyes and realized it was not him, but a boy who looked like he was about 15 or so. I wasn’t sure but I wasn’t going to ask, he was beautiful. I just kept kissing him until he stopped and repositioned himself with his knees on each side of my head and hard cock above my face. I lifted my head and took his engorged cock in my mouth tasting his pre-cum and sinking the shaft into my throat as he started pumping my face. Not wanting him to cum right away I stopped and started licking his smooth balls and buried my face underneath them to probe deeper and send shivers up his spine. I could see his head moving from side to side and knew he was enjoying it as much or more than I was and kept probing deeper with my tongue as he spread wider to give me access. He was so smooth and I wanted his cum, but sometimes people in groups stop just before Cumming, I guess to make the party last longer but if he was anything like me Cumming the first time didn’t stop anything. I took his cock in my mouth and buried it until the small amount of pubic hairs were tickling my nose, he moaned loudly and I kept sliding it in and out to the hilt until I felt his balls tighten and his cock swell like it would explode and he shot a gusher of cum into my mouth and slid his cock all the way in my mouth so that the sensitive head would not be a reason to pull out. He kept shooting gusher after gusher almost choking me but I kept swallowing the thick sweet juices of his body. When he finished he slumped over and kissed me in a way that I knew he appreciated his first climax for the night.

I always liked oral sex better than fucking or getting fucked and having wild but gentle sex of course if someone wanted to be fucked, who was I to say no. But this party was different I didn’t see any fucking, which seemed strange. I asked my new friend lying next to me if he wanted to get another drink and he said “yes” he was about ready for a rest, he also was holding off from Cumming. We went over to the bar and made some drinks and I asked him about the obvious lack of fucking. “Don’t do it” he said, “but, why?” I asked. “See the guy in the wheelchair, the one hosting the party?” “Yes”, I answered, “he likes to watch and what he wants to see is oral sex between young guys, if he had his way none of us would even have pubic hair yet, and if you start fucking someone or let someone fuck you, the guy with the Santa hat will ask you to stop or you will have to leave, and you will not be invited anymore” he told me. “Great!, I can suck all I want and not worry about someone trying to turn me over, well not to fuck me anyway” I said, “very nice arrangement” I thought to myself.

As the night went on I came three times and had enough cum in my belly to last me a week, sounds a little gross, I guess I never think of it that way but… I went out into the hallway where there was a clock to check the time and was amazed to see that it was 5:00 am and I really needed to get back to the airport. I explained to the Santa guy that I had to get back and he offered me another shower and said “Go over to John and thank him for the party, he would like that”, “Oh yeah” I said, “I almost forgot” I went over to John and thanked him and he smiled and touched my now limp cock and said “Thank you too, you put on quite a show” I was a little embarrassed, I guess I didn’t really think of it as a show but that’s what it was I guess. After we talked a few minutes, during which he didn’t stop stroking my now semi-hard cock he said I was invited back anytime. I was now hard from his stroking and he was pulling it closer I got in front of him and let my cock enter his mouth, he took it all the way in and out many times while rubbing my balls, but then he stopped. “It would probably take you to long after tonight” , he said and I agreed. “Well have a shower and a safe trip, wherever you’re going” he said, and at that I gave him a kiss on the cheek and left for a shower.

Before going into the shower I called a cab and asked that he come in about a half hour to let me have time to take a shower and after an uneventful shower by myself I left the house and got in the cab that was waiting and headed back to the airport, again  taking in all the sights that I could see on the way and thinking that California was a nice place to visit, but I didn’t think that I would want to live here.

I called my Aunt from the airport, pretending to have gotten in during the night and said that I didn’t want to wake every one so I slept on a bench and waited for morning.  Yeah, got yelled at for that haha.  The rest of the holiday went by without any gay incidents, presents were shipped from home from my parents and some from my relatives, my cousin, who had this really hot mustang took me out cruising the strip and my other (female) cousin took me to knots berry farm.  All in all a pretty tiring time for me, but it was fun and probably a once in a lifetime experience, which as I look back on it now it was.

To Be Continued...

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