by: 70s CHILD


NOTE: The following story is a fantasy, however the people mentioned are real, though their names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope that you enjoy it and please comment to

I was lucky for my first duty assignment to be in England after basic training and technical school. Though I grew up an Air Force brat, we were not lucky enough to be overseas. When I saw my first duty assignment was RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk County, I was amazed. I was assigned to the 513th Supply Squadron and arrived on October 1976.

Originally I was assigned to the research department, which was the perfect area. It was small with 4 military personnel and 3 civilians. For those who never was in the military, the United States government does hire locals for civilian jobs. These were very nice people to work with and I learned quite a bit from them. However, the person I became very close with was a guy named Tom Berringer. Tom was the clerk for the executive officer.

Tom and I shared the same birth date, September 18th, though he was a year older than I am. We also shared the same tastes in music, movies, and were huge Peanuts fans. This was great for us since the Supply Squadron was also known as the Snoopy Squadron (that is a long story). Tom and I would be in each other's rooms listening to music or just talking.

You are probably asking yourself, what do these two guys look like. Well Tom was 5'8" and weighed 170 pounds. He had brown hair and the grayest eyes you could ever see. One could melt in them. Tom was not muscular but had a nice build. He also had a hairy chest. I, the time, had brown hair and baby blue eyes. I am 6' and was 175 pounds. I also have a very hairy chest and a good build. Tom was 20 at the time we first met, which if you do the math, I was 19. As the saying goes, we were both young, not too dumb, and full of cum.

One day Tom and I were listening to ABBA and kicking back. Tom had a room to himself. Guess it was a perk of being squadron clerk. Tom was laying back wearing just a pair of boxers and his legs were spread wide. I was able to see his dick clearly and I began to get hard. I was just wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Tom noticed that I was staring at him and he began to lick his lips and smiling. I saw this and became very embarrassed. I lowered my eyes, hoping he would not say anything to embarrass me. What happened shocked me, but made me happy.

Tom came over and put his right hand on my chin and lifted my head. Our eyes met and I could see the love in his eyes. He leaned down and we kissed lightly. There was chill that ran through my body and I could feel the chill that ran through Tom's body. Tom lifted me by my hand and we faced each other. I caressed Tom's chest and lightly played with his nipples. He shuddered and moaned lightly. He reached over and pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it on the chair I was sitting on. Tom then played with my nips and I felt like I was struck by electricity. I could not get over the feeling. Tom then reached for my hard dick and began to stroke it and I felt I would shoot right then and there. I then tentatively touched his dick and it was already half hard. When I began stroking, it reached its full length. I then put my thumbs in the elastic of his boxers and lowered them. His dick popped out. It was 6" and a little thicker than mine and uncut. I saw the drop of precum on the end and I removed it with my finger and tasted it. Tom then undid my shorts and dropped them and my briefs that I was wearing. My hard 6" was so hard, it smacked me on my stomach.

We then laid on his bed and began kissing with a passion I had never known. Our tongues rolled and dueled in each others mouths. We both caressed and explored our bodies. Tom pushed me on my back and began to lick my chest. He sucked my nips and got them hard. My dick was oozing precum all over my stomach and created a small puddle. Tom licked down and licked the precum off my stomach. He moved down and sucked around my dick and worked on my balls. He sucked them and played with them. He was driving me crazy. He moved up and took my dick in his mouth and swallowed 3". He worked his mouth up and down on my dick and took me all the way down. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I loved what Tom was doing to my dick. It sent chills throughout my body and I knew I was closed to shooting my load. I looked and Tom was working my dick long and hard.

"I'm gonna shoot." I told Tom, just so he wouldn't get my cum in his mouth.

Tom just kept working my dick. My balls were pulling up tight and I felt like my dick was pulling my entire being with it.


I shot load after load into Tom's mouth, which he swallowed without spilling a single drop. My body finally relaxed and my dick softened slightly. Tom moved up and kissed me and I was able to taste my own cum. I then moved Tom on his back and I began to kiss him hard. I could feel his dick pouring precum out onto his stomach. I licked down and played with his nips. All Tom did was thrash on the bed. I felt like I was riding a bull at a rodeo. I moved down and lapped up the precum on his stomach and loved the taste of him. He thrashed up and his dick hit my chin. I worked down and sucked his huge balls. Just then he let out a moan that I thought would bring the entire barracks to the room. I moved up and worked 3" of his dick. I heard him suck air in and was worried the wouldn't exhale.

"OH SHIT" was what Tom shouted.

I began working on his dick and licked all over his shaft. Tom put his hands on the back of my head. He guided my face on his dick and he moaned in passion. I could feel his balls tighten up and I knew that he was ready to shoot his load. I wanted his jism in my mouth and I felt the first volley hit the back of my mouth.


His cum flew into my mouth and I felt some seep out of my mouth. I swallowed and loved the taste of the man juice. I knew that Tom was a special friend and I wanted more of him.

As I got off him, we laid side by side holding each other and kissing.

"We have to be careful." Tom said to me. "You know we can be court-martialed if we're caught."

"I know." I told him. "All I know is that you're so special to me. I know we should do this again."

He kissed me and held me. We fell asleep in each others arms.

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SPECIAL NOTE: Tom, if you read this, I hope that you like it. You are a special friend to me.