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NOTE: The following story is a fantasy, however the people mentioned are real, though their names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope that you enjoy it and please comment to

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As Saturday arrived, we decided to head back to London and the little hotel we stayed in our first weekend together. Again we boarded British Rail and arrived at Victoria Station an hour later. We ascended to the street and walked the few blocks to the quaint place we found. The desk clerk recognized us and gave us a smile.

"Well gents." he said. "Good to see you again. Same room?"

We nodded and signed in, got the key, and went to the third floor. We opened the door and remembered the first weekend we spent together. After we closed the door behind us, I pulled Tom to me and began kissing him passionately. Our tongues entwined in our mouths. As we broke, we began pulling clothes off our bodies, throwing them anywhere and loving our bodies. I caressed the sweet chest of the man I loved, feeling the hair slipping through my fingers. Tom did the same, while playing with my nipples. I let out a deep moan, then moved forward, forcing Tom on the bed and me right on top. We held each other as if never to let go.

The pain of losing each other was more than either of us could bear. Tears were flowing from out eyes. How could one give up the person he had loved for over a year? The heart felt it was being torn out of my body.

"Tom, my love." I said through the tears. "I'm going to miss you so very much. I wish there was another way."

"I know." he replied, crying unmercifully. "I wish I could go with you. You're my love."

"Let's make today special." I said.

With that, Tom climbed on me and began kissing and licking me all over. He sucked on my nips until they were hard and extremely erect. My dick responded in the same manner as I poured precum all over the both of us. Tom licked down my chest, nibbling on the hair that covered my torso. As he proceeded down, he avoided my dick and balls. He moved down my right leg until he got to my feet. As Tom licked my insole, I began to laugh, as I am extremely ticklish. He then moved to my right foot and climbed up my right leg. Once he reached my groin, Tom flicked his tongue over my balls causing me to moan. Tom then engulfed my dick down to the hair and balls. He moved his head up and down my dick, stopping every so often to just tease the head. This man knew how to drive me crazy.

He turned around and moved his hole to my face. I spread the hot bubble butt and exposed the hairy, brown hole and rammed my tongue deep into his ass. Tom shot up at the intrusion as I tongue-fucked him. Tom sat on my face, which caused difficulty in breathing, but he loved the tongue in him. After several minutes of bathing the hole, Tom moved around and grabbed my cock. He placed it at the entrance and sat directly down. His ass gripped my dick hard and slammed my groin. The pain shot through my body with great intensity.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH SSSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!" I yelled out. "Fuck Tom, take it easy."

I reached up and caressed his chest slowly. Tom began to slowly rise and lower himself on my cock, seemingly to draw the love out of me. I began to stroke his dick, but he stopped me quickly.

"I want to try something." he said. "Don't jack me."

He continued to ride my member with a ferocity and lust that it drove us both crazy. Tom's dick seemed to get harder and leaked precum all over me. Sweat poured off our bodies, mingling with our love. I pinched and played with Tom's nips, causing him to move in a frenzy. I felt Tom ready to cum, but not for what was about to happen. As Tom was ready to unload, he forced my dick all the way in and his ass clamped tight. We both climaxed at the same time. My body rammed upward, releasing my load hard and long. Tom's first volley shot over my head and hit the wall, without us touching it. Each release after that hit my face, neck, chest, stomach, and groin. My load seemed to fill Tom's hot love canal and oozed out, down to my balls and legs. After several minutes, Tom collapsed on me, gluing our bodies together, kissing me and holding onto each other.

"Tom, I will always love you." I said, caressing the hair on his head. "I don't know what I'll do without you."

"I know." he said. "You have opened my world and I want you to be with me."

"You will be in my heart always." I replied.

We continued to hold each other, knowing that we would soon have to leave for the real world. This room was our sanctuary, our own little oasis from what people deemed unacceptable. It was also the place where loved flowed and we would never forget it.

I felt Tom stir and wanted to feel his love in me. I moved down and began to swallow his hot flesh tube, tasting his sweet precum. As I did this, I moved so my ass was at his mouth. Tom began tongue my hole slowly, running it around my hole. My hole opened and his tongue dove in and out, making me squirm, and leaking precum. We continued for almost 20 minutes until I felt the time was right. I laid on my back and put my legs to my shoulders. Tom put the wonderful joystick at my hole and pushed in deep. I gasped at the intrusion and felt the fullness of my lover. Tom began to slowly move in and out of my hole and making love. I wrapped my legs around his torso and pulled him further into my love chute. It seemed to have his dick pushed me to complete ecstasy. The sweat poured off us in torrent streams, soaking the sheets, while we kissed passionately. Our lovemaking lasted over an hour until we could hold no longer. Tom's body stiffened as he impaled me on his spike. I felt the first shot release deep in my body, feeling his love. This caused my dick to shoot without being touched and my eyes rolling back in their sockets. We continued to unload until Tom finally collapsed on me. We laid there in exhaustion and holding on what seemed to be an eternity.

We rose off the bed and took a bath together. We sat as Tom was between my legs and leaning against my back. I held him tight, feeling him snuggle against my chest and stomach.

"Tom, I need to ask you." I began. "Do you still love Patricia? I know that when we first met, you said you wanted to marry her. Do you still feel the same?"

"I do love her." he replied. "But I love you too. It seems I have two sides. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"I do." I said. "You are going to go home after you get out of the Air Force and marry her. But now you will be a better lover knowing how to take as well as give. And remember, I love you forever and I know you love me."

We sat in the tub thinking that life would be incomplete without each other and knew that was the it was supposed to be. We got out of the tub, dried off, and dressed to get a bite to eat. We sat and talked how in just a year we awoken passions that could never die, just lie dormant.

We finished eating, went back to the hotel, and got fresh sheets from the desk clerk and make love one more time that Saturday. Tom wanted me to fuck him on all fours and spank him while doing that. I refused at first, telling him I loved him and did not want to hurt him. But he said he wanted to try this, so I reluctantly agreed. As Tom got on his hands and knees, I spread his cheeks and put my hard cock in his hole hard. Tom jerked under the feeling and pushed back all of a sudden. I began to fuck him hard, slapping his ass on each stroke. He begged for more, telling me to make him my bitch. My mind was wondering what brought this on, but I continued. I made him beg me to fuck him, calling him my little bitch, cocksucker, and just using terms that I could think. This seemed to spur him on and wanting more. I turned his ass very red until I knew we were ready to shoot hard. I grabbed his hip sockets and pistoned in and out of him. I reached for his dick and pulled on him hard. After a few strokes, Tom pulled up and roared as wave upon wave of hot cum flowed out of his balls. Once his ass clamped shut, my dick reacted in overdrive and filled his wonderful hole with pure man juice. As our cum subsided oozing, we collapsed with me on top, with me on tope holding Tom close, feeling my dick still in his ass. I caressed him until we both fell asleep.

The sun rose and we saw that it was almost 9 am. We knew our train would be heading back to Mildenhall at noon. We showered quickly, but in silence. What could we say to each other that has not been said? We dressed and grabbed our bags. We left the hotel and found a place to have a quick breakfast, then left for the train station. We boarded and went to our compartment. We had not talked all day and I finally had to break the silence.

"Tom, remember this." I said. "I love you and always will. I can't imagine my life without you and I want you that you will always be in my heart."

Tom's eyes filled with tears and I just held him. The conductor got our tickets and left with a suspicious eye. I just gave him a nasty look that made Tom smile a little. I was happy to see at least a little sunshine in his face again.

"Ed, I love you." Tom said to me. "I am going to miss you terribly, but we must move on. Just do me one favor."

"What?" I asked.

"Don't hop into bed with the first guy you meet." he said in return.

"Hey, after you, it's all downhill." I said smiling.

He punched me in the ribs with his elbow and I just laughed. We talked all the way back to the base. We ran into Earl, Pat, and David, who invited us to Cambridge for dinner. We left and discussed the going away party at the pub the week before my departure.

NOTE: I have enjoyed the emails that I have received from all those who have been reading the stories. Many people who are serving in Iraq have been writing me. Please keep these people in your prayers that they come back safely to their loved ones. Also, please keep Andrew in your prayers. He does have several medical problems and is a great person. He is my muse for Night of the Strippers and I want him to be here for a long time. If you have any comments or suggestions about any story that I have posted on Nifty, please email them to