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As Tom and I grew even closer, we talked about others who we thought were cute and would not mind joining us. We had talked about a 3-way with someone in the barracks. We mentioned David, who we both thought was very cute, but decided against that since he was so straight and conservative, he would make Archie Bunker look like a left-winged liberal. We talked about some others until we mentioned Daniel Patrick. Now at Mildenhall, we did not have our own base hospital. We just had an infirmary and it was staffed technically from Lakenheath, which was five miles from us. The dental and medical personnel were living in the supply barracks. We became very close to those people and they in turn were close to us.

Daniel Patrick was a very hot guy. He stood 5'11" and weighed 165 pounds. He was not muscular, but had a very toned body. He had black hair and the grayest eyes you could ever see. He seemed to be peering into your soul. I had seen him in the showers and he had just a few strands of hair on his chest and a nice treasure trail that led to the biggest dick I had ever seen. Soft, it was about 6" and thick. I had never seen it hard, but my dick would have loved to seen it in full glory. I mentioned this to Tom and he grew hard at the mention of this. He had seen Pat in the showers too and would have loved to get him in bed.

So we decided to set our plan into action. It was close to the Fourth of July and that year it was on a Saturday. The base had planned a fair and cookout for the entire base and the surrounding community. There were rides, games, and food for everyone to have a good time. The only thing that could not take place that we expect in the United States was there was to be no fireworks. I learned soon after arriving, the local village was made up of a number of citizens who lived through World War II. If we had an alert, we could not sound an alarm because it could be heard for miles and panic the locals. Fireworks were another matter since 1) it was illegal to let off fireworks in England; and 2) it also would panic the locals. But the fair was fun and most of the guys from the barracks went.

Now Pat and I had become very good friends and wrestling buddies. We always tried to prove which one of us was the craziest, but all the guys in the barracks claim it was me. Pat, Tom, and I spent the day together. Now none of us were drinkers per se, so we went to the barracks and crashed in Tom's room. We put on some ABBA (I know, how gay of us) and just listened. It was a relaxing time with Tom and me on his bed and Pat in the chair by the desk. We were wearing t-shirts. Tom and I were wearing jeans, while Pat was wearing shorts. Pat was sitting with his legs wide open, so Tom and I just looked up his pants leg and we noticed he did not wear any underwear that day. We smiled at each other and our dicks began to tent our jeans. I began licking my lips and gently caressed my dick. Tom followed suit and Pat, who just was listening with his eyes closed, opened his lids and saw us stroking our dicks through our pants. His eyes went wide, not believing what he was seeing. Pat could not take his eyes off our crotches and he began to get hard himself. His dick began to snake down his short legs and the head came out of the short leg. I had to guess that the cock that was coming into view was at least 11 or maybe 12" long.

I got up, moved over to Pat, and began to kiss him. He leaned back and could not believe I was that crazy, to kiss him in front of another man. He thought that we would be court-martialed and sent to Leavenworth. Tom moved over and began kissing Pat deeply. I reached down and touched the mammoth meat. It was long and thick, warm to the touch. Tom and I pulled Pat off the chair and led him to the bed. We removed his t-shirt and his shorts in quick time. Pat was leaking precum all over the bed, which Tom and I began to lick up. We then stripped down and Pat looked at our dicks.

"I-I've never done this before." Pat said to us. "I don't know if I can."

"Don't worry." I said to him. "We won't have you do anything that you don't want."

At that point Tom and I moved to either side of him and began to kiss him passionately. I caressed his hair, which was thick and wonderful in my fingers. We both began tonguing his ears, which drove him crazy. He was moaning like he would cum without anyone touching him. We tongued down his neck, then his pits. We licked the sweat from him and delighted in the smell of his musky scent. We then moved to his nips and we licked and sucked them until they were hard and pointed like two little mountain peaks. We continued down to his stomach and licked all over his abs. We unleashed a beast as his moaning and body moved all over the bed. We licked down and worked on his legs. His thighs and calves were bathed in our saliva. We sucked on his toes and licked his feet. Pat was extremely ticklish and was laughing uncontrollably with our ministrations. We moved back up and I began licking the precum of the large head, while Tom worked on his huge cum-filled balls. I swallowed the foot long dick 6" before I began to gag a bit. I licked the shaft, forcing more precum out of his cock. I continued working his dick in my mouth until I took 9" of it. I wanted the entire thing, but knew this would take time. I nudged Tom and we shifted positions, where I was sucking on the huge balls and Tom was sucking on the wonderful schlong. Pat could not stand much more of the work we did to him.

I finally moved up and lifted my legs so Tom could get to my hole. He shoved his tongue deep in my ass, which caused me to throw my body up on the bed. Tom was magnificent with his tongue on me. Tom always said I was the best kiss he ever met, but his tongue was hot on my ass. Pat was amazed that someone would put his tongue in someone's ass and that someone loved a tongue in his ass. He looked at the pleasure on my face and wondered what was next. Tom removed his tongue and went to his locker and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. He put some on his fingers and moved 2 into my ass. I moaned loudly and felt his fingers move in and out of my ass. I squeezed on his fingers and loved the feeling. Pat continued to look in amazement, not realizing there could be pleasure in being finger fucked. He then put a third in my ass and I just jolted hard on my back and squeezed hard on his fingers. Tom fucked me with his fingers and I looked at Pat. I saw the quizzical look on his face, not knowing what to expect next.

"Pat, I want you in my ass." I told him. "I want you to fuck me, make love to me."

"I can't do that." he said to me. "I know I can't."

"Once you feel that ass on your dick." Tom said to Pat. "You will want it more and more."

As Tom took his fingers out of my ass, he then greased up Pat's dick with the Vaseline. I lifted my legs to my head and Tom guided Pat's dick to my ass. He placed it at the hole and Pat felt the warmth on his dick head. He proceeded to try and get the head in my hole, but the girth was so large, I resisted. Tom came to me and kissed me and tweaked my nips hard. This caused my muscles to jerk and the head of Pat's cock went in my hole. The pain was severe and the burning in my ass was hotter than a stoked furnace. Tom told Pat not to move until I was used to his dick in my ass. Pat stayed still until I was ready for him. I nodded my head and Tom told him to move slowly and stop when I felt pain. This happened a couple of times, but he finally hit bottom in my ass. His dick hit my prostrate, which caused my dick to jerk and my ass to clench. Pat felt my ass tighten on his dick and he just yelled he wanted to shoot. Just then I felt the first volley of cum in my ass and I just lurched up. Pat just kept cumming what seemed like an eternity. The cum was seeping out of my ass as there was so much. It ran down my ass onto the bed. Pat was finally spent and fell on me totally exhausted. I lifted his head and kissed him softly and felt his tongue invade my mouth.

Being we were young, Pat never got soft totally, but he eased out of my ass. I never felt so empty like that. He was careful about removing his dick so not to hurt me.

"That was so hot." he said to us. "I didn't think anything like that was possible."

"Well now it's my turn now." Tom said to him. "I have to have some of that dick."

Pat decided that he would try to rim Tom's beautiful ass. I lifted Tom's legs and Pat moved down. He smelled the musky scent of the hole and tentatively stuck his tongue to the hole. It winked at him and he moved back. Seeing nothing wrong, he moved down further and licked all around the hole. Tom's hole opened for him and Pat moved it deep in his ass. Tom was thrashing so hard that one of his legs slipped out of my hand and hit Pat on the back. We began to laugh at Pat's look, but reassured him that it was an accident. Tom told him that he had a hot tongue.

"Fuck me now!" Tom demanded of our new love. "I want you in me."

I slicked up Pat's dick again, then guided it to Tom's hole. I reminded him to do to Tom as he did to me. Tom felt the head enter his hole and he clamped down hard on Pat. Pat yelped thinking his dick was going to be severed, but Tom finally relaxed and he felt his dick ease further in the hole. I then moved behind Pat and spread his cheeks.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Pat asked nervously.

"Don't worry." I told him. "You will love it."

I put my tongue to his pucker and tasted the scent of man in him. I licked around the hole and Pat began to push back on my tongue. His hole opened to me and my tongue moved deep into him. He loved the feeling and his ass squeezed on my tongue. I moved on his hole and tongue fucked his ass long and deep. He then moved into Tom's ass further and I followed him into the depths. Pat then did something I did not think he was ready for yet.

"Fuck my ass." he said to me. "Put your dick in my ass."

I greased my pole and put it at his hole. I gently pushed and the head went into him. Pat clenched hard and I stopped so he can adapt to the new invader. I moved when he loosened and I pushed further in a little at a time until he had my entire dick in his ass. Tom in the mean time received all of Pat's dick in him and filled him to no end. Pat pulled back which caused me to move. Pat then began fucking Tom's ass and I stayed where I was, so as he pushed into Tom, he was off my dick. As he pulled back, my dick rammed deep in his ass. I let him set his pace and felt the wonderful tight virgin ass on my dick. He continued for almost 30 minutes and the feeling was wonderful. I knew we were both close to shooting as I felt Pat's ass was tightening and his breathing was erratic. He thrust forward and I followed at this point. I felt his ass tighten hard on my dick which caused me to shoot load after load into his ass. His load was just as copious if not more that filled and overflowed Tom's ass. All three of us were bathed in sweat and as Pat and I collapsed on Tom, we noticed that he had not released his load.

Pat decided to complete the cycle and licked the precum off Tom's dick head. He loved the taste and began to swallow the dick that before him. The bobbing of his head on that dick had me eat his ass out. I took my load out of him and he continued to suck the dick of my love. Tom bucked up against him and released his load in Pat's mouth. Pat was not ready for it and as he moved off, Tom's cum splashed his face and hair. We all collapsed on the bed. Tom and I licked the cum of Pat's body and we laid there holding each other. Pat was in the middle with Tom on his left and me on the right. We kissed and held each other.

"Pat you must realized that we wanted you." I told him. "We have been together for a while now and wanted someone we thought was hot and loving. That's how we chose you."

Pat could not believe what he was hearing. He could not think that two guys would want him as a lover.

"I never had a girlfriend in school." he told us. "I thought I was nerdy and a loser. You have made me feel loved. I want you guys too."

We fell asleep in each others' arms. I awoke feeling Pat on my dick. I saw Tom open his eyes and moved on Pat's dick. I turned and moved on Tom's dick and we moved on each other until the cum just jumped out of us into the waiting mouths. We held onto our cum and traded the sperm with each other so that we had all of us in each of our mouths.

"I want this to continue forever." Pat said to us.

We just held him and told him he was part of us now and forever.

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