by: 70s CHILD


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October 14, 1978. One week before I was to leave for the States and home. Tom and I had been together a few times since the London trip. But now it was time for a party not to be believed. Earl, Pat, and David had planned the party at the pub we would all go on Saturdays.

Earl loaded us into his car and we drove the short distance to the outskirts of the village. As we entered, the locals who knew us well were there. The owners closed the pub and only invited guests were allowed inside. The first thing that hit me was a banner that read FAREWELL LEMONADE KID. Since I was the non-drinker of our group, only drinking lemonade, I achieved a nickname that was well deserved.

The restaurant was set and we had a wonderful dinner. I could not imagine the cost that this would have set my friends back. The drinks flowed, including ale and liquor, but I still stuck with my drink to the end. The owners laughed that I was too predictable, but I would always be remembered as the Lemonade Kid. The party went well into the night. I was presented with a few gifts, including a pen and pencil set, a pint mug, and a signed portrait of my friends that I grew close to during these two years. We said our good-byes to the owners who wished me well a have a safe trip.

As we left, I was ready to drive back since I was usually the only sober member of this group, but I was in for a surprise. Gary drove us to a local inn where there were two rooms for us. I then remembered the trip to the beach and knew then what was in store.

We got to the room and once inside, the time between closing the door and total nudity could be measured in nanoseconds.

"Okay Zook." Earl said. "It's your going away. Who do you want?"

Seeing the wonderful pieces of meat would make any person drool, but the one who deserved first dip was only Tom. Tom and I held and kissed forever. We were both hard and I wanted Tom in me one final time. I raised my legs and exposed my hole. I felt the wonderful hardness fill me and it sent shivers through me body. Tom slowly fucked me, driving me crazy. I wanted to explode all over, but Tom would not let me. He grabbed the base of my cock until it subsided. After almost an hour, Tom rammed deep in my hole one last time filling me. Still he would not allow me to cum.

Once Tom pulled off me, I pointed to Earl, who proceeded to ram his hot dick hard in and out of me. Tom would not allow me to shoot my seed and Earl deposited a second hot load into me.

The next person I picked was Gary, who slowly fucked me. But the only person I kissed was Tom, who still controlled my dick. Gary did pick up speed until he shot yet a third helping of cream into my ass.

As Gary got up, David replaced him. David would not last long, since he was running his hand along his hard shaft. In rapid succession, David entered my hole and dumped his load. He seemed embarrassed, but I nodded at him and smiled. But still Tom would not let me release.

Pat and his monster meat entered me and he fucked my ass for over an hour. I was so ready to shoot it hurt. Between Pat hitting my prostate and Tom preventing my shooting, I did not know if I was coming or going. Pat pulsated cream deep in my bowels and my ass was well worn.

I thought by now I would be able to shoot, but to no avail. Tom climbed on top of me and placed my dick at his hole. He still had my dick at the base and did not release it. All of a sudden, Earl grabbed my wrists and held them above my head. Gary grabbed my ankles and I could not move. Tom proceeded to ride my dick, stopping when I was close. He would jerk his dick and cum all over my chest and stomach twice. David and Pat lapped up the juices, teasing my nips and pits with their tongues. My insides felt as if they were turning upside down, not knowing what was happening. My balls felt as if the flow was shut off my a dam. Soon, after almost an hour and half, Tom allowed me to shoot. My brain shut down. I saw white and felt like my entire life was pouring out of me. If my love had not told me what happened, I would not have known. Everyone said it looked like Linda Blair from The Exorcist as I spasmed. Tom said the first volley hit him so hard, his own dick shot a third time. It seemed as if I was giving him all of my sperm, trying to impregnate him. After a few minutes, I finally calmed down and relaxed on the bed. My dick softened and plopped out of Tom.

They turned me over and began lapping my ass of the several loads that were deposited into my sperm bank. They then did the same with Tom's ass since it was flowing with the load that I deposited in it. After a while, we fell asleep in the beds between the two rooms and enjoyed a peaceful night.

As we rose in the morning, we went to have breakfast, then headed back for the base. As we arrived, I had started to pack the balance of what I had not shipped a few weeks earlier. I had my plane ticket to get home, after arriving at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. I had planned to fly to Denver, San Antonio, and Little Rock, before heading to Columbia.

The week flew by and before I knew it, Saturday arrived. I had washed all my clothes and set out my uniform that I would wear on the flight. All my friends gathered and we had a final meal together. As we got back to the barracks, the emotions that suddenly hit me flowed out. I began to cry, knowing these friends would be like no other. I would miss them dearly and hope to keep up with them.

My flight was at 8 pm and we had to arrive at 7 pm to check in and be ready to board. There were lots of people I had known in my time at RAF Mildenhall, but the friends I knew, especially Tom were more special. As we lined up to board, there were hugs and good-byes, but the longest hug I had was for Tom. I wished I could have stayed, but alas, no. I boarded and lucked out that I was able to sit next to a guy I knew from the motor pool. He was in their supply section and we got to know each other as friends. I knew he was heading to Arizona and he wanted to know how I could get close to home. All I told him was I was lucky I guess. We took off for the states and new adventures.

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