by: 70s CHILD


NOTE: The following story is a fantasy, however the people mentioned are real, though their names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope that you enjoy it and please comment to I also have 3 other stories in Nifty.

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September 18th. The anniversary of my birth. I would be spending my 20th birthday in England, but this one would be special. Though it was supposed to be a surprise, my friends would be taking me out to dinner and a small party. I got wind of it and smiled on what was to happen.

Earl knocked on my door and I was dressed casually. He looked me over and smiled.

"Zook, I want to take you to the pub with Tom for a small toast." the big man told me.

"Sure Earl." I replied. "At least you remembered my birthday. Let's head out."

We met Tom at the front of the barracks. We could hear the jukebox playing in the snack bar. We had the only snack bar in the barracks. Guess it is what is called privilege of being Supply. We climbed in Earl's car and drove to the pub. Now I knew that none of us had eaten, so I was prepared to eat at the pub. We arrived and entered this pub. The pub itself was a small establishment that we would go to every other weekend to relax. The locals knew us well and enjoyed us being there. I had the unusual nickname of "The Lemonade Kid" since I was the only one who usually never drank alcohol. The owner saw us and greeted us with enthusiasm.

"Well Happy Birthday Kid." he said with a big smile. "How old are you today?"

"20 years of insanity." I told everyone in the pub, which was very busy.

I was congratulated by many of the regulars, who had lived through World War II and appreciated Americans. They loved to talk to me since I was very interested in history and they would tell me their times through the war. I loved these people because of their warmth to us and not just for our money into the economy. Tom then turned to Earl and me.

"I'm getting hungry." he said. "I forgot to eat this evening. How about having dinner here?"

Earl and I nodded in agreement and asked the owner for a table in the restaurant. He showed us to the dining area and I saw 9 friends there waiting for us.

"Happy Birthday Zook." they all yelled.

Everyone in the pub began singing Happy Birthday to You and He's a Jolly Good Fellow. We sat down and I was at one end. Everyone began to harass me unmercifully about getting old, but I reminded them that they were all older than me. They all brought me presents, which is what I did not expect. We ordered dinner and as usual I drank lemonade. I was ribbed about it, with Earl saying I should be drinking something a bit harder. We ate dinner and the owner brought us all a glass of champagne on the house. I was toasted several times and I thanked everyone for their friendship. I opened my presents and got some clothes and records. I loved everything my buddies gave me and I thanked them. The only thing I noticed was that I did not get a gift from Tom or August. We stayed at the pub until just after midnight and I had to drive home. Earl had 2 boots of ale and he was pretty much out of it. (Just so you know, the boot is a glass one he picked up in Germany that holds 2.5 pints of ale each time.) We pulled into the barracks parking lot and helped Earl upstairs.

We went our separate ways and decided to head to bed. I went into my room and noticed my roommate was missing. Timmy was from Arkansas and was extremely obnoxious. One other thing was the boy was also very unhygienic. He was moved from several room until he landed in mine. I thought everyone was kidding me about him until I got caught down wind from him. At least this weekend he was gone and I was going to relax. I heard a knock at my door and there stood Tom and August. I smiled at them and gave them mocking disappointment.

"So where's my presents you two?" I asked them with forlorn eyes.

"We are here for your pleasure." Tom said.

We took off our t-shirts and briefs and climbed into my bed. I was going to be a fuck sandwich and I was the filling. I began to kiss Tom first, then August. They began to move down my chest and each took a nipple in their mouths. These close friends of mine were driving me crazy. I was moaning softly, so not to wake the barracks. They continued down to my navel and chewed lightly on the hair on my torso. I loved the feelings they were giving me and wanted more. They worked down to my cock and balls. August swallowed my dick entirely and Tom was sucking and licking my balls.

I then wanted to taste hot male pussy. August bared his hole to me and I began to lick around the hole, teasing it very gently. August moved his ass to me and I shoved my tongue deep in his hole. In the mean time, I felt Tom's tongue on my hole and he began to tongue fuck me long. I loved the feeling and knew he was ready to fill me with his loving rod. I leaned in and put August's legs over my shoulders and pushed my 6" into his love canal. His ass swallowed my dick completely and I held it there. Tom was behind me and moved his dick deep in my ass and I knew that this was going to be a hot fuck.

Tom stayed still as I slowly fucked August and myself at the same time. As I would pull out of August's hot hole, I would then impale myself on Tom. I was so intense on the fucking that I knew that it had to end. I could feel Tom's balls tightening and so were mine. August was pulling on his rod and he finally shot off like a Roman candle. Once his ass tightened around me, I shot load after load hard. My ass then sent Tom to release in my ass. I knew that the love that we shared was great and we always loved to be together.

August finally lowered his legs and Tom and I began to clean him off completely. There wasn't a drop of his love juice on his body. He rose and told us he was going to head to bed. We kissed him deeply and let him leave finally.

I then pulled Tom to me and kissed him long. I then reached under the bed and pulled out a gift.

"Happy Birthday Love." I told him. "You thought I would have forgotten. Happy big 21."

Tom looked at me stunned. He mentioned that he wanted his birthday to be forgotten, but I couldn't since our birthdays were the same. I had to get him a wonderful gift. He unwrapped his gift and saw a smaller box, which he opened it. I had gotten him a ID bracelet which I had engraved. It just said `Tom my love'. Since no one knew that I had gotten it for him, no one would know what the message meant. Tom kissed me and held me. He began to cry and I held him to me. I knew that we had to have one last time together for our birthdays.

"So sir." I began to say with my best Southern drawl. "What will be your pleasure?"

I began to bat my eyes at him and he just pushed me on the bed. He began to devour my dick all the way to the base. He got me hard in seconds and turned so his ass was at my mouth. I spread his cheeks and tongue fucked him hard. I finished on his ass and he turned around. He positioned himself over my dick and sat down hard. It caused me to yelp in pain. I had never had that happen and I had to have Tom slow down. He began to ride my pole slowly and leaned in to kiss me. His hands caressed my chest. I caressed his chest and dick. We knew that we couldn't last long and we know we wanted each other. I could feel Tom's dick expand and his balls rode to the heavens. He unleashed a load of cum that covered my face and chest. The feel of his ass and cum on me sent my dick into discharge mode. I pushed my dick deep and the white fluid rushed out of me and into my love. We finally fell in an exhausted heap with Tom on me. His cum glued us together and we fell asleep just like that.

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