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A few weeks after Tom and I had found each other, we decided that we should get away for the weekend. Now London is a little over 70 miles from Mildenhall and could be reached by train in an hour.

Tom and I planned a weekend and went to the base travel center. This was a little building just outside the gate that military personnel and their families could book hotel rooms, train and plane reservations, and other necessary travel business. Tom and I went through the door and a young man in his mid 20s greeted us. We explained that we needed to get 2 round trip tickets to London on the train and a hotel room with 2 beds, so as to put off any suspicion. We gave our names and the young Brit that was working made the reservations for us to leave Friday afternoon around 6 pm, where we would arrive in London close to 7 pm. We then paid for the train tickets and left. As we departed, I noticed the young man smile and wink in our direction.

As we headed back to the barracks, we decided to pack our bags and have them ready for Friday night. The executive officer was a very cool female captain. The only way someone in the squadron could not get away for a weekend was to be placed on base restriction or that person violated barracks visitation. (We were one of the first bases that allowed females to come to the barracks rooms.) I knew the captain from performing with her in a base production of Mame. We told the captain where we would be staying, just in case of enemy attack. (Hey we were still fighting communism then.)

Friday arrived and some of the guys asked what I was doing that weekend and I said that I would be going to London for my first visit. One of my friends, David said have fun. I just smiled and said I sure will. I finished work at 4:30 pm and headed back to the barracks, which was a quick 5 minute walk. I went and changed my clothes and waited for Tom. We had placed our bags in my room and I had them ready when Tom walked through the barracks door. He headed upstairs, changed, and headed for the taxi stand which was across from the infirmary. We got in and headed for the train station. 5 minutes later we were standing at the platform and waited for the train, which arrived a few minutes later. We boarded and found our compartment. We decided to splurge on this, which would allow us privacy.

As the train departed, we sat back and I had to talk to Tom. We had talked about being careful not getting caught, but we really never discussed our feelings.

"Tom, I need to tell you that I love you." I began. "You are a special person and a very special friend. I know I am gay and that I love men. You are the person I could spend my life with and I hope that you feel the same."

Tom looked at me wide-eyed and sat back. I thought he was angry at me because he never said a word for almost 5 minutes. I then saw a tear in his eye and he leaned forward.

"Ed, I love you too." he replied finally. "You have to realize the you are special to me, but I have to be honest with myself, I do love my girlfriend back home. She is wonderful and we hope to be married. Please don't be mad at me about this. I knew I should have told you about her before, but I didn't know how you would take it."

I smiled at him and held his hand in mine.

"If you're talking about Patricia, I knew." I said with a smile and tears in my eyes. "I know that you love her, but I was hoping. I want you to know that if you want to break this off, I understand. It will be hard, but we are friends first and foremost."

We were crying and holding each other tight. We had the shades pulled tight and we let our emotions flow. We then heard a knock on the door.

"Tickets please." the conductor shouted through the door.

We wiped our eyes and I opened the door. The conductor was a middle aged man and he eyed us with suspicion. We gave him the tickets and he punched them and left. I then locked the door again and sat next to Tom.

"Ed, I want you to know that you will always be in my heart." Tom said. "You have awakened in me a side that I thought was wrong. You proved that men can love and be loved by each other."

"Tom, just remember that." I said to him. "I want you to be happy and if Patricia will be that special one, I want to be at the wedding."

We held each other for the rest of the trip and arrived at the London station at 6:50 pm. We got our bags and headed for the underground. (For those non-Brits, that's the subway system.) We asked the girl at the counter which train to catch to get to our hotel and she told us. She winked at me and I know I blushed several shades of red. Tom said I could have stopped traffic I was that embarrassed. We got the train and arrived at our destination and appeared on the street. We found the hotel and checked in.

It was a quaint little hotel and it was amazing how nice it was for the price we were paying. I thought it would be what I affectionately call a "Pay-and-lay" motel. The clerk who checked us in told us there would be a problem. The double room that we booked wasn't there. Someone stayed over and all they had was a single room with a double bed. He offered it to us at a discount and we agreed. He thanked us and gave us the key. We went up the lift (elevator) to the 4th floor and found our room. It was a small room with a nice double bed and its own bath. Tom and I laughed and put our bags down and decided to get something to eat and go to bed.

We went back down and asked the clerk where we could get a bite to eat and recommended a place around the corner. We went there and had burgers and chips (fries). Anyone who has never had a hamburger in England, let me tell you it's a cardiologist's dream. Greasy and fatty. I don't think that the Brits ever considered the ongoing cholesterol problem in the world. We finished and headed back to the hotel.

We got to the room and decided to take a bath together. This was one of the old fashioned tubs and it was nice and roomy. I drew the bath and we stripped down. We had seen each other so many time, we began to re-explore ourselves over again. I got in the tub and Tom got between my legs with his back to me. I pulled him close and held him. He felt my hairy chest against is back and he just nestles there. I felt his chest and I caressed his body. His arms, back, stomach, and his wonderful dick. We both became very hard and knew that we had to get to bed. We washed each other off, especially our dicks. I worked my hand to Tom's ass and made sure he was clean there. He followed suit and did the same to me. I knew then and there we would move to a new level.

We got out and dried ourselves off and climbed in bed. We kissed passionately and feeling each other all over. Tom then started to lick my neck. He worked on my earlobes which drove me wild. He worked to my nips and go them hard and pointy. He continued to tongue bathe me and worked to my crotch. He didn't work on them though. He lifted my legs and exposed my dark virginal territory. He spread my cheeks and saw the pink pucker and hair that surrounded it. His tongue cautiously touched the pucker. His tongue moved away after he felt the shiver that ran through my body. He did it again, but more forcefully. His tongue ran all over my hole, which caused my body to thrash all over the bed. Tom then shoved his tongue deep in the hole and my central body region came off the bed. I looked like I was going through electro-shock treatment. And that's what it felt like. Electricity ran through my body and my entire being was loving every minute of it. Tom got my ass wet and hot for what was going to happen. He finally stopped and got some Vaseline from his bag. He opened it and spread it liberally on his dick and around my ass. I felt him push a finger in and my first reaction was to clamp down hard. As the pain subsided I relaxed and he pushed his index finger all the way in my hole. I moaned like I was a bitch in heat. He pushed a 2nd finger in and this caused me to thrash all over again. He pushed a 3rd in and the pain was unbearable. He knew it and he removed his fingers and kissed me. He then put my legs over his shoulders and put his dick head at my hole and stayed there for a minute.

"I won't do this if you don't want me too." Tom said looking in my eyes. "Tell me to stop and I will."

I looked at him and just nodded. He pushed the head of his dick in my hole and my body tensed in pain. Tom felt it and stopped quickly. He feared that I was hurt permanently.

"I'll pull out." he said to me.

I just shook my head no. We stayed there for a few minutes, though it seemed like an eternity. I finally felt the pain subside and let Tom push more of his love into me. He would stop every inch or two, allowing me to adjust to his wonderful cock. Finally he was in and we rested for a minute. He began to slide his dick in and out of my ass. I felt like I was on a ride of my life and enjoying the hot meat filling me. I felt his balls slapping my ass. Tom leaned in and kissed me with a passion I never felt before. I moved my legs down and wrapped them around his waist. I loved pulling him deeper into my being and knowing that his seed would make us one, if only for a short while. He picked up speed and I knew that he would be shooting his seed in me.

"I'm going to cum soon." Tom said looking in my eyes. "Do you want me to pull out?"

"Fuck no." I said. "Fuck me love. I'm yours and I want all of you in me. Fill me with your love."

Tom's motion sped up until I heard him moan with a guttural sound that only animals make. I felt his dick expand in my ass and felt the first shot hit deep in my ass, but something more. It hit my prostrate, which threw me over the edge. I began to shoot load after load all over the two of us. Tom's cum coated my rectal wall and he finally collapsed on me, pressing my cum between us.

What I couldn't understand was how was I able to cum without either one of us touching my dick. I just felt his cum hit something and I was scared. I should at this point out that when I was a child, I was rather naïve. Tom saw my panic and asked what was the problem. I told him my fear and Tom did laugh. I was beginning to get angry, but he told me that the prostrate was the part of the body that controls sexual release in a man. He apologized for laughing, but he said that he could not believe that I would not know that. Well even going through sex ed in California and biology in high school, it's not something people talk about in public. Especially good Catholic boys who are taught that sex is dirty. Let's face it, Catholics invented the guilt complex, though Jewish mothers use it more effectively.

I looked in Tom's eyes and kissed him. I didn't want him to pull out of me, but he got soft and it eased out. He then licked the cum off my stomach and chest, which got me hard again. I did the same to him and Tom got hard also. I was hoping he would fuck me again, but he then lifted his legs to his chest and exposed his hole. I saw the hairy pucker and I lowered myself and began to lick the hole. I tasted the soap from the bath and the musky smell of sweat. It was an aphrodisiac to me and I dove to tongue fuck that hole. I speared his hole and Tom let out a yelp. My tongue dug deep and he loved the feeling on his hole.

"Fuck me you stud." Tom cried out to me. "Fuck me like the whore that I am."

I didn't know what I did, but Tom begged to be fucked. I got the Vaseline and coated my dick and his ass. Like he did to me, I pushed a finger in and he pushed back. I then went for two and he squeezed my fingers. I started to wiggle them in his ass and he just twitched. I tried for a third but he just wanted to be fucked.

I pulled my fingers out, put his legs on my shoulders, and put the dick head at his hole. I pushed in and Tom all of a sudden pushed back on my dick. I was surprised and saw the look of ecstasy in his eyes. Being a virgin in matters of fucking, I took it at an awkward pace until Tom stopped me.

"Just follow my lead." he said. "Push in."

As I did, he pushed out. As I pulled out, Tom pulled back just to the head. I pushed in and we developed a rhythm. The feeling of his velvet ass on my dick made me see stars. I didn't know what to think. Tom began moaning and thrashing. I panicked and stopped. I thought I was hurting him. He told me that I was hitting his prostrate on every stroke. All he asked was am I sure I never fucked before and I told him no. I continued on and felt his legs wrap around me like I did him. He was pulling me in further and further. I loved the feeling of him and I knew I was getting close.

"Tom, I'm getting close." I looked at him. "Do you want me to pull out?"

"Ed I want to feel that cum in my ass." he just said.

I sped up and felt my balls pull up. As I was about to release my load in his ass, I felt a shot hit my chin. Tom's dick was spewing hot white juice all over me and him. The first load that I released sent me into a reality plane that I never knew existed. My brain froze and my body stiffened. I saw stars and the universe. I felt I was one with the spiritual beings all over. I never felt my cum pushing out after the first load. What seemed like infinity, I found myself on Tom and wondering who I was and where I was. Tom was caressing my sweat covered body and holding me.

"Oh man." I started. "That was awesome. I couldn't believe that it was so intense."

"It is and it's better with one that you love." Tom replied.

We fell asleep in each others arms and awoke to a new day and new beginning of life.

The rest of our stay in London was so much fun. We went sight seeing and visited placed that I could only dream about. We met a map salesman on the street. He was a nice old man who gave us advise about pickpockets and conmen who say they take your picture. Tom and I made sure we kept our wallets in our front pockets and bought a map from the nice man. BTW, for those who have never heard, people say Brits are rude to Americans. For those who say that, kiss my ass. Just about every Brit I met while I was there was nice and went out of their way to be helpful.

Tom and I went to Piccadilly Circle and was approached by some Piccadilly boys. For those who don't know what I mean, these are teenage boys who are homeless or come from an uncaring family and sell themselves for money to get drugs or a place to stay. One boy who caught our eye was a kid who looked 14 and he approached us. He offered himself to us but we told him he was underage and we could go to prison. He said he was 16, which was the legal age. He said we could fuck him for 10 pounds. We were going to give him the money and go our merry way, but he said he wanted a place to sleep. I am a softy for people at that age. It was the way we were raised as kids. We took him back to the hotel and snuck him in the room. The kid was only 5'3" and maybe weighed 100 pounds soaking wet and holding a brick wall. We showed him where the bathroom was and said he should get a bath. As he bathed Tom and I looked at each other.

"What are we going to do with this kid?" Tom asked. "He's cute but he's a hooker."

"I know and he's probably conning us." I said. "But I was raised to give people the benefit of the doubt."

We heard the tub drain and he came out in just a towel.

"My name is Bruce." the kid told us.

"I'm Ed and this is Tom." I said to him.

"Your Yanks ain't ya?" he asked us.

"Yes we are." Tom told him. "We're in the military. We need to know if you are fucking with us or not."

Bruce looked at us and got scared. He wanted to run and we looked at him.

"Sit on the bed." I told him. "You will tell us the truth to some questions or let's say you're in a world of shit."

The kid sat on the bed, looked at the floor, started to cry. He thought that these guys in front of him were going to kill him.

"First, how old are you kid?" Tom asked. "And tell us the truth."

"12 years old." he said crying.

"Oh shit, this boy is definitely underage." Tom said, looking at me.

"Why did you lie to us?" I asked the kid.

"I thought you wouldn't give me any money or a place to stay." Bruce said crying.

"Where's your parents?" I asked.

Me mum's dead." the boy said. "Me dad kicked me out of the `ouse when he found me sucking a mate's dick. `E called me a poofer and hit me. `E told me never to come back."

"How long have you been on the street?" Tom said, finally calming down.

"A couple of months." the kid replied. "Some of the boys taught me to make money selling me self. They say Americans love to fuck little boys like me."

I looked at Tom and wondered what to do next. I couldn't turn him away and Tom looked at me if we should let him spend the night. I just nodded and we turned to Bruce.

"Listen, we'll let you spend the night here." I told him. "But you better understand we don't rape little boys. Now we have to get up early in the morning, so you will be leaving with us in the morning when we check out."

"Are you guys poofers too?" Bruce asked point blank. "I mean 2 guys and one bed." He gave a smile.

"Well I am gay, if that's what you want to know." I told him. "Tom is bisexual and we are lovers."

At that point Bruce got up and shed his towel. Before us was a beautiful boy with a hard 4" dick that was uncut. He had no hair except on his head. He had blonde hair and green eyes. He turned around and showed us his well used hole. He turned his head and winked.

"You guys can have this for being so nice." Bruce said with a wicked smile on his lips.

I turned to Tom and we moved to the door. I pulled out my wallet and gave him all my money except for a 10 pound note. I said for him to put it in a safety deposit box at the front desk and come back up. Tom was shaking his head, but his dick gave him away. He was hard on the way out the door.

I moved over to Bruce and stood in front of him. He looked up sheepishly and saw the tent in my pants. He began to stroke my dick through my pants. He began to pull down my zipper and fondle with my dick that were trapped in my tight whites. He began to undo my belt and pants when Tom walked through the door. He saw what was happening and moved to the boy. Bruce saw his tented pants and undid his pants and lowered them to the floor. Tom and I leaned to each other and kissed passionately. Bruce dropped my pants to the floor and began to suck my dick for a little while, then moved to Tom's dick. We took our shirts off and we all were on the bed. Tom and I were on our backs and Bruce was sucking away, licking our shafts and playing with our balls. This boy was quite experienced and knew what he was doing. He was deep throating the both of us like it was nothing. He then stopped.

"Please fuck my hole." Bruce looked at us. "I need your dicks in me."

Tom and I looked at each other and laughed. This was one horny little kid.

"Who do you want to fuck you first?" I asked him.

He took my hand and lifted my body up. He was strong for a 12 year old. He then pulled me around and had our dicks meet. We told him to get the bag on the dresser, which he did. I pulled out the Vaseline and two condoms. I put one on Tom and he put the other on me. We greased our poles and the boys hole. We just thought he was going to move from one to another like he was sucking us. Boy were we wrong. He placed the dicks together and sat on both of them. He had a strange expression on his face, not quite pleasure, but not quite pain. He lowered himself on us and it felt like Tom and I were one. Bruce began to fuck our poles long and hard. The intenseness on our cocks was unbelievable. This kid was a hot boy and knew how to fuck. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I felt Tom's dick begin to swell and I was a nanosecond behind him. Our dicks began to fill the condoms and we felt Bruce's ass tighten and he began to shoot all over us. As we finished our climatic episode, we all fell on the bed.

"Bruce, tell me what are you going to do?" I asked.

"Live the best I can." Bruce said laying on my chest.

I turned so he was between us and we all held each other close. We fell asleep and spent a night of warmth together. As we woke up, we found Bruce gone, with a note on the dresser.

Thanks for helping me.

I guess I'm a little bitch.

Thanks for the money.

Tom and I looked at each other and then checked our wallets. We found he never touched the money in them and we smiled. We packed our bags and checked out of the room to make our train. We got our money out of the safety deposit box and went to the underground. We got to the train station and got settled in our compartment. We drew the shades and kissed and made love all the way back to Mildenhall. Tom's dick in my ass felt wonderful and I knew that no matter what, Tom would be my true first love. We got back to the base and dumped our bags and got some chow. We smiled about the weekend and wanted another as soon as we can.

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