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For a month I spent time at home and got to see everyone including my grandparents. But all good things must come to an end and I had to report to Shaw AFB and my dad drove me there. As we passed through the main gate, I got directions to the 682nd ASOC Squadron, upon which we drove there.

"You're way out of the way." my dad said.

"That's the truth." I responded. "When we were here before, at least you were on the base."

We laughed and my dad pulled up to the outer gate where the squadron was. I saw a series of deuce-and-a-half (2.5 ton trucks), trailers, pick-ups, and jeeps. I saw a senior airman and asked where the admin building was. He pointed to a quonset hut next to the fenced area and I went there. I entered and identified myself, upon which I met MSgt. Thomas Cook, who was the squadron first sergeant. I handed him my paperwork and we went to his office. My dad sat down after I introduced him. MSgt. Cook explained the unit's function as the telecommunications for the aircraft and support units in the field. Most of the personnel were in electronics, with some mechanics for the trucks, and four supply people. MSgt. Cook, picked up his phone and called the supply office. A few minutes later a knock came at the door and a black male entered with sergeant stripes on his sleeves.

"Gregory Johnson." the first sergeant said. "Ed Sookikian."

We shook hands and MSgt. Cook said he wanted Sgt. Johnson to introduce me to the supply unit. He handed me a key to my barracks room and Greg and I left. I introduced Greg to my dad, got my bags from the van, and said good-bye to my father. I followed Greg to the first building in the fenced area and I met four of the mechanics. We went through an entrance and there were two desks, a door as you face forward, and a doorway to the left. We turned left and I met SSgt. Buddy Fowler and MSgt. Richard Brown. Buddy was about 30, short and stock. He was a very funny and nice guy who made people laugh, though if you crossed him, watch out. MSgt. Brown was a lifer who had one problem, he loved to drink during lunch and sleep the afternoon away. I was a given a quick tour and an idea of my job, which caused me to laugh. For two years I got calls in supply, now I was on the calling end. I was also given the job to update manuals when they come in and keep account of our monies. Somehow I have an aptitude towards numbers and I usually had the job in England to account for every squadrons' accounts at the end of the fiscal year. Here was easier - one squadron and spend the monies before September 30th.

After the tour, Greg drove me over to the barracks and I found my room. Greg explained that I did not have to report for a week, since my week would be filled with in-processing. He headed back to work and I unpacked my belongings, then called to have my stuff delivered to the barracks. Once that was finished, I went to find the mess hall. What I did not expect was that I would be paying for meals. Shaw AFB was one of the first bases to try this as an experiment. After I processed in, I readied myself for work.

I learned the routine. Our schedule was usually from 0700-1700 hours, with some exceptions. We would order supplies, signed for them, and made sure they got to where they had to be. Occasionally, we were required to deliver RT units to the shops for repairs. Another part of my job was to schedule our squadron's personnel for a week long supply school, so that they would have the basics of supply.

In April 1979, I was scheduled with Greg to go to Fort Bragg, NC for a TDY. We went with 10 others from our squadron to support the two reserve units from New York State. Now my personal opinion is that weekend warriors have no idea what the military is unless they were on full-time active duty for 4 years prior becoming a reservists. That's why I think George W. Bush is a pussy for opting for National Guard duty during Vietnam. My dad was in the military during Vietnam, so what makes Bush better than the people I knew growing up. Okay enough preaching and editorials. We arrived at Bragg on a Sunday and we set up our tent, and the comm guys began stringing lines for the phones, including on to our tent.

The army began setting up almost afterwards and I just happened to wander around when they were doing this. I met Tim Brooks, a corporal, and Mac Williams, the mess sergeant. I offered to help set up and we became friends. Tim was 6'2" and weighed about 175 pounds. He had brown hair and the hottest brown eyes. I found out he was 19, so we were close in age. Mac was about 35, 5'10", a solid 165 pounds, blonde hair, and steely gray eyes. A couple of hotties, but I know better than to try something with them. They thanked me and made sure our guys got the best food as their people were going to get: steak, chicken, etc. The reservists basically subsisted on K-rations. We also met our reserve unit from White Plains that was to be the supply unit. Greg and I set them up and basically ran their supply. We were next to the communications tent for easy access.

One night I decided to wander around and I passed the mess area and I heard some noise. Well since it was well after dinner, I decided to investigate. The noise was coming from one of the tents and I recognized the sound - hot heavy sex.

"Oh yeah fuck me!!" I heard Tim say.

"Yeah baby." Mac's voice resounded. "Take this dick."

I got hard immediately and slipped the flap open quietly. I saw by the light of a lantern Tim on his back and his legs pulled back. I saw Mac pushing his pole in and out of the hot hole on the cot. I was rubbing my cock through my pants and knew it was not or never.

"Is this a private party?" I asked wryly. "Or can anyone join in?"

Tim and Mac looked like two deer in the headlights. They froze and wondered what to do. I approached and smiled. They saw the bulge of my 6" and began to relax.

"So guys, can we make this a threesome?" I asked as I removed my shirt.

I saw Tim's hard uncut dick at its full 7", not too thick, but not too skinny. Mac pulled out of Tim's smooth hole and revealed a very thick 7" cut dick. I laid my three biggest fingers across the top of the dick and it still extended on both sides by .5". These two soldiers stripped me down, then Mac ordered Tim on his knees. He slipped his dick in the hole and Tim pulled me to his mouth and the teen soldier swallowed my cock all the way. I began to face fuck him, while Mac deep-dicked the ass. I leaned in and began kissing Mac. The groans and moans were muffled and we kept going until I could not hold back and I blasted several loads of cum into Tim's mouth. Mac followed almost immediately as he unloaded 10 shots of man cream into Tim. Tim had released my dick and Mac pulled out. Tim laid on his back and I got to see both men finally. Mac had thick hair on his chest and arms. He also had an eagle on his right arm and he was solidly built. Tim was very smooth, except around his dick and a treasure trail from his navel.

"So how long have you guys been together?" I asked.

"Since Tim arrived in the unit two years ago." Mac said. "He's one hot guy and I guess you can say we're in love. So what about you?"

I told them about England and my week coming home. I also noticed Tim had not cum so I decided to enjoy fresh meat. I hovered my ass at Mac and spread my cheeks. Mac reamed my ass with great relish and I loved the feeling of his hot tongue in me. Tim looked with the assumption that Mac was going to fuck me. After Mac finished, I spread my legs wide to straddle the cot. Mac grabbed Tim's cock and guided me to it. I lowered myself slowly so Tim could enjoy it. The look of surprise crossed is face and I smiled when my ass bottomed out. Obviously Tim had been a bottom all his gay life, so this was a treat. I began to slowly fuck his pole which caused him to moan loudly. Mac took care of that by stuffing his rod in Tim's mouth. Mac also swallowed my cock entirely and allowed my motion to fuck his mouth and for me to be fucked. For almost half-an-hour, I loved the feeling, but all good things must come to a climatic end. Tim was the first as he spewed hot jizz deep into my bowels. I followed close behind with a nice load into Mac's mouth and Tim was rewarded with Mac's protein drink. I slipped off Tim's softening dick and I began to dress.

"Come back tomorrow night." Tim said.

"I will." I responded. "But I have some night shifts while I'm here."

We kissed as I headed back to my tent. I slipped in quietly and everyone was asleep except Greg.

"Where the fuck were you?" he asked.

"Just walking around." I said.

"For 2 hours?" Greg questioned.

"I ran into a couple of guys from the mess tent." I replied. "We talked a little while."

"You got the duty in the morning." Greg said. "And that asshole supply sergeant said don't be late."

"Fuck him." I said.

I fell asleep and woke up at 0600. I went to the shower tent, got ready for the day, and headed to the supply tent. I walked in and MSgt. Andrews was there. I met the man briefly and he said that only his reserve unit was to get any of their K-rations. I told him no problem. He left and I sat in this tent getting bored out of my mind. I did bring some books, but you can only read only so many. We had a radio, but in the woods, the reception was only so-so. The days passed without any major incidents, but a couple of minor ones.

The first one involved the phones. As I mentioned, we had a field phone in our tent. Well the fort's commander came out for an inspection and he was checking where the lines went. Well the phone rang in our tent and one of the comm guys answered it.

"Abortion clinic." he said. "You make `em, we scrap `em. No fetus can beat us."

Well all the guys in the tent were listening intently to this conversation. Barry, the guy who answered the phone, got ugly then.

"Who the fuck is this?" he asked angrily.

He then almost went white and slammed the receiver down. We looked at each other and wondered what was going on. Barry finally recovered, then began to laugh.

"That was a general on the phone." he said. "I just cussed out a general."

We panicked because we were expecting the MPs to be storming in the tent, but Barry was still laughing. Well no Mps came and a few hours later, Mike, who was operating the board, came in and looked at Barry.

"Listen asshole." Mike said. "The general is looking for the idiot who cussed at him."

"But he doesn't know where the line leads does he." Barry responded.

"No, but he's bringing some guys out tomorrow to see where the line leads." Mike said.

"So we disconnect the line." Barry said, which he did.

In less than an hour, the phone was down and the line secured. We were ready to kill Barry, but kind of admired his chutzpah too.

The next incident involved a reserve captain, me, and the K-rations. As I explained the White Plains group did not like the other reservists. So one afternoon the captain came in and demanded 6 boxes of K-rations. I asked which unit he was with. When he said he was not with the White Plains unit, I refused. He ordered me to issue them and I said to see the master sergeant from White Plains about the K-rations.

"Are you refusing to issue them?" he asked very snotty.

"Yes Captain, I am." I responded.

"You will call me sir." he ordered.

"Actually, it's my option." I said and quoted the regulations on how to address an officer.

"Who's your commanding officer?" he asked.

"Lt. Colonel Glenn." I replied. "682nd ASOC Shaw AFB. Wanna talk with him?"

I took the asshole over to the communications tent and Barry was working. I had him patch a call to the squadron and I got my commander on the line. I explained the situation and Lt. Colonel Glenn asked to speak to the captain. I handed the phone to the asshole and from the gist of the conversation, regular Air Force was giving the reservist the riot act in no uncertain terms. He handed the phone back to me.

"Ed, just follow the orders you're given." Lt. Colonel Glenn said.

"Yes sir." I responded and ended the call.

I went back to the supply tent and the captain became a very humble person.

"How am I supposed to feed my men?" he asked.

"Like I said find the MSgt. who is in charge here and get his okay." I responded. "Good day Captain."

Now Tim, Mac, and I got together almost every night with the exception of the three nights when I had the night shift. I did get Mac's thick slab of meat in my ass, and I might say it was a full load. I had been fucked before, but this was one huge cock.

On the last night, we got together and there was not one hole that was not filled on anyone's body. Mac even received Tim's dick in his ass for the first time. We were full and happy when we parted. I still hear from these guys. Tim stayed in for eight years and Mac retired after 20. They moved to upstate New York where they still live together. They actually adopted a 16 year old who is gay and they came down to Charleston. Though Mac developed a slight paunch and Tim lost some hair, they were still hot. Their son, Jason, is a good kid, and I hear from him on how he's doing in school.

The remainder of my Air Force service was very uneventful. I went on one other TDY to Florida that had two events that were funny when I think about them.

The first involved a field hospital. The day before, we were playing football and as I went up for a pass. The ball bent my fingers back and at the time I did not think about them. My fingers turned black and blue over night and so I went on sick call the following morning. When I got there, half the staff was in hysterics. It seemed that during the night stupidity took a turn to the funny. There was a MP patrolling with his dog. Now the army at this time taught its K-9 corps that when the dog was released, it went for the groin area. The dog would clamp down hard enough to immobilize but not to do damage. Also it would not release until the handler told the dog to do so. Well a moron wandered up to the MP and chatted with him. All of a sudden the idiot slammed the butt of his M-16 into the side of the head of the MP. Well when the MP hit the ground, the dog lunged. Three guys found them a few hours later, MP still out and the dog was still attached to the soldier's groin. When I arrived at the hospital tent, the MP was still out and the fool sounded like the Fly. For all you movie buffs, I am referring to the 1958 version with Vincent Price.

"Help Me!!" the dim-witted soldier was whimpering. "Heeelp Meeee!"

Even in my pain, I was laughing myself sick. It was a sight to see with the doctors trying to revive the MP and the guy with a dog attached to him. I was x-rayed and splinted, then went back to the squadron where I relayed that I saw.

The other incident involved a trip to get boxed lunches at midnight. I was assigned to the third shift during the TDY. We got 4 boxed lunches and the truck arrived at midnight. I went to retrieve them and as soon as my hands were full, some guy popped up and stuck the muzzle of an M-16 in my left nostril, which did not feel good...DUH!

"Who are you?" he demanded.

I gave my name, rank, and serial number, which did not placate this guy.

"What are you doing here?" he said.

"What do you think asshole?" I responded, with false bravado.

The guy in the truck then pulled a pistol and pointed it at the other guy with the M-16. What do you expect during war games?

"Okay guys." I said. "Let's calm down."

"Put down your weapon." the driver said.

"He doesn't know the password." the M-16 holder said.

"You never asked." the driver and I said simultaneously.

I gave the password and the soldier finally lowered his weapon. I just glared at him and returned to the comm truck.

My last three months was on honor guard duty. Shaw AFB had a permanent guard unit which each squadron sent someone for six weeks or more. We did funerals, parades, and other ceremonies as needed. We did learn the manual of arms and fancy drills. We also did crash recovery duty. There was one hot guy named Chris who I did get lucky with on a road trip. We went to Asheville, NC for a funeral Super Bowl weekend. We stayed at the Holiday Inn that Sunday. Chris and I were roommates. Chris was 6'4" and 170 pounds. Though he was not bulky, he had nice definition. We got to the room and we got settled in to watch the Super Bowl - Steelers v. Rams. Chris stripped to take a shower and he had a smooth chest. He dropped his briefs and showed a nice ass with minimal hair. I saw the pucker wink at me and it was all I could not to jump the guy. I knew Chris had a girlfriend but there was trouble between them. Chris took a quick shower and came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He took off the towel and his uncut cock popped out. Chris put on a some briefs and laid on his bed. I took a cold shower, which for January was stupid, but my cock was standing tall. I finished and walked out with a towel around me. Chris was on the phone and he was visibly upset. I tried not to listen and got dressed in a pair of briefs and shorts. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes until I heard the phone slam. I jerked up and Chris had his head lowered.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing." he responded.

"Chris, it's easier to talk with someone." I told him.

"Pam broke up with me." he said with venom in his voice.

"She said she wanted a real man." Chris said.

"Huh?" I asked. "What does she think you are, a flat chested woman?"

Chris could not speak. He was afraid of what anyone would say about his inability to rise to the occasion. I looked at him intently and we sat the several minutes with an awkward silence. I finally said something that helped.

"Listen, I will act like a priest." I said. "Nothing leaves this room, okay? Besides, I'm the oldest of five kids and my brothers and sisters have told me things my parents still don't know."

"Okay." he said quietly after several minutes. "I think I'm a fucking faggot."

"What makes you think that?" I asked incredulously.

"I only get hard thinking about guys." Chris said. "I don't know why."

"Probably because you're just wondering." I said. "You haven't had sex with a guy have you?"

"NO!!" he said emphatically. "They would kick me out."

"Chris, what we say stays here. Right?" I said.

"Yeah." he said. "Why?"

"Because I'm gay." I told him.

I proceeded to tell him about England and Fort Bragg, but omitted names to protect friends. It was none of his business no matter what happened to me.

"No fucking way!" he responded.

"Chris, we can try something." I said. "I test your belief of your sexuality. If you truly enjoy it, your gay. If it's because of some fantasy, then you're not or you're just bisexual."

"How do you propose this?" Chris asked.

I moved to his bed and pushed him back. I yanked his briefs down and began to fondle his dick. Chris began to get hard fast. He had a nice 6.5" cock and his foreskin covered just part of the head. I swallowed the sweet dick and elicited a moan from him. I moved up and down on his cock for several minutes. I licked his balls, which were low hanging and large. I sucked on them one at a time and enjoyed it. I stopped and got a bottle of hand lotion from my bag. I looked at the contented look on Chris' face.

"So what do you think?" I asked.

"Shit Pam never did that." he responded. "Now what?"

"This." I said as I applied lotion to his dick and my ass.

The cold caught him by surprise, but his dick softened minutely. I removed my shorts and briefs and my hard 6" sprung out. I then straddled his body and put his cock at my hole. I slowly slid on the pole and allowed Chris to feel the tightness and warmth of a man's ass. Chris moaned and thrashed on the bed.

"God!" he cried out. "That's so hot!"

I began to slowly ride his cock. As I rode it, Chris pushed more of his body into me. I leaned down and began to play with his nips and Chris moaned and bucked under me. I then tried to kiss him, but he refused.

"What the hell are you doing?" he said disbelievingly.

"Well I tried to prove a point." I said. "You're not gay. You maybe bi, but definitely not gay."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yep." I replied. "You won't kiss. You probably won't suck a dick and definitely won't be fucked, right?"

"Definitely won't be fucked." he said. "But I'll try to suck your cock."

"Chris, you don't have to." I told him.

"I want to try." he said.

"Okay." I said. "But first."

I rode his dick hard and Chris loved the feeling of the man's hole. I know he was close because his breathing was short and sporadic. His eyes clamped shut and his head shot back hard.


His dick blew his huge load deep into my bowels. His eyes opened, but there was a zombie-like quality to them. I enjoyed the feeling in my ass and Chris finally came down from his climatic high. His dick softened in my ass and I got off. I then licked the last of the cum off his cock. Chris looked at me with a weak smile and I was ready to get up. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down.

"I owe you this." he said and licked the tip of my dick. He tasted my precum and was not put off. Chris began to lick around the head, then the shaft. He tentatively put the head in his mouth. His teeth began to scrape and I stopped him.

"Try and put your lips over your teeth." I said. "And take it slowly."

Chris did as I said and took it slowly. He began to slowly to take my dick and actually got to the bush. He kept working on my dick and became quite good at it. I was getting close, so I warned him.

"Chris, I'm gonna shoot." I said.

I think Chris wanted to see what cum tasted like so as my first volley hit his throat, he gagged. He pulled off my cock disgorged all over my body. As the last drops came out, I began to relax. Chris began to lick the jizz off my body. He did like the taste, but I guess the initial shock of the blast of cum scared him. When Chris finished he reclined beside me.

"I guess you're right." he said. "I'm definitely bi. But this stays here."

"Like I said, what was said and done here stays here." I said. "And if you want to get together we can."

"We'll see." Chris said. "And thanks."

We watched the Super Bowl and performed the funeral. My last three months were fun doing honor guard detail. Chris and I did get together a few more times and he became a better cocksucker. Chris calls every so often and he told me that he does get together with other guys, but did get married. I took my two months of leave that I accrued and processed out of the Air Force. Though it was fun and I think of it fondly, I had to move on with my life. I took my GI Bill and got my degree in education. Most of the guys I knew were and still are the best friends I ever knew. I hope that people who go into the military get to know people as friends, no matter what branch of the military you go into.


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