by: 70s CHILD


NOTE: The following story is a fantasy, however the people mentioned are real, though their names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope that you enjoy it and please comment to

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As we flew into New Jersey, it was almost midnight and we were to go through customs. Now I had been up for almost 20 hours. I had never been able to sleep on a plane. We went through customs and I had 8 hours to kill in the airport, since my flight from Philadelphia was not until 0830 hours. I watched television and tried to find things to do.

I finally headed to Philadelphia, so I could go to Denver. I had planned a trip to Denver, San Antonio, and Little Rock. My reasoning was to enjoy the bases that I had been to for basic training and tech school. Little Rock was the exception because I had friends that I made in England, who were at my former base on a TDY.

As we flew from Philadelphia, I stopped briefly in Chicago to change planes. This did allow me to call my uncle and his family while I was there. We got on the next plane and winged to Denver with a surprise on our arrival - snowstorm. We flew into heavy snowfall and, even though I had lived in snow, I had never flown in it. But we landed safely and I got a cab to Lowry AFB. I got to VAQ (visiting airmen's quarters) and got myself situated in my room. I did get something to eat and relaxed. Since I had been up for over 39 hours, I finally laid down and slept until 0800. I got up and explored the base for three days. Well with the snow, it was hard to do anything except look and use the base facilities.

Three days later I was on my way to San Antonio and Lackland AFB (or Happy Valley). As I arrived, I went to the base and stayed at VAQ again. I went to the squadron area when I was in basic training two years earlier. There was a mini-commissary and it also had a pinball machine which I began to play. After a few minutes, a recruit came up to me, but he was out of uniform. We began talking and played some games.

"Hi, my name is Ed." I said to him.

"Jason." he replied.

After several games, we headed back to my room. We sat and I found out his story. He was being discharged due to flat feet. How he passed the physical I do not know, but now he would be out on a medical.

"So where have you been?" he asked.

"I just got back from England." I told him.

"So what is it like to go overseas?" he queried.

I told what England and Europe was like. I described the people and how they treated Americans. I said that it was great and that I made great friends with the people I worked with at Mildenhall. As I remembered Tom, my dick came to life. Jason noticed this and smiled. I tried to change the topic.

"So did you want to stay in the Air Force?" I asked.

"Not really." he said. "I would have opted out because I'm not military material."

For those who did not know, when I was in the Air Force, one was able to opt out after five days if the military was not for them. Most TIs would say that you used drugs, especially LSD.

"How come?" I asked him.

"You see, I'm gay." Jason replied, smiling at me.

I gulped as I saw him approached me. He had a monstrous bulge pushing out. Now Jason was cute. He was only 5'6" and maybe 140 pounds. From what I could tell, he seemed to be blonde, but it is hard to tell with basic training cuts, and steel gray eyes. He leaned in and began kissing me hard. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth. We tangled on the bed and I felt his hard cock pushing against me. We broke and I looked at him.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Come on." he said. "You're harder than anything and it wasn't from a girl."

We began taking our clothes off and he was hot for my chest. He loved hairy men, especially running his fingers through it. As we removed our pants and briefs, my jaw dropped. I saw a hard 9" beer can thick rod on Jason. Against his frame it looked truly unnatural. My 6" seemed small, but I knew he would want it. We climbed into a 69 position and I began to move onto the rod. It stretched my mouth to fullness and I tasted his sweet nectar on my tongue. His huge balls danced in my hand. Jason swallowed my rod whole and began fingering my ass. I returned the favor by running my middle finger into his hole, causing him to squirm. The more I pushed, the more nectar flowed into my mouth. The one thing I knew was that I wanted that dick in me. I reached over to the nightstand and got a bottle of hand lotion that I picked up. I began to apply the lotion to Jason's cock. His head jerked up, scraping his teeth on my rod. He saw I was putting the lotion on him. I then handed the bottle to him and he swathed my hole with lotion. I lifted my legs to my chest and exposing my hole. Jason put the massive dick to me and pushed into my being. A mixture of pain and ecstasy sweep through my body. The pain caused my muscles to tighten around his cock. Jason began to play with my nipples and I then relaxed. He began to move slowly in and out until I felt his huge nut sac on my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me. Jason leaned in and kissed me as his battering ram plowed my ass. I never felt as hard in my life as he fucked my hole. I wanted more of him in me and continued to pull him into me. We fondled and fucked for almost an hour until I felt him expand in my ass. I saw his eyes roll back and felt him shudder and emit a grunt. I felt the first shot pound into me, hitting my prostate, which caused me to shoot without touching my rod. We shot load after load until we both passed out. After 30 minutes, I woke up and felt an emptiness. Jason was still on me and began to stir. I kissed him and stroked his back.

"So how do you feel?" I asked.

"That was so hot." he replied. "I never knew that was going to be like that."

"You're a virgin?" I asked in disbelief.

"Was." he said, shaking his head.

Jason explained he came from a small town in Nebraska. He said there was maybe 200 people who lived there and he lived on a farm with his parents and two sisters. Jason continued that his parents were very conservative and staunch Baptists. His sisters were older than he was and he felt out of place. His school was the proverbial little red school. Jason said he knew he was gay, but dated a girl from his church, but she was a show piece. The good thing was she was so virginal, she did not believe in kissing unless married. Jason knew he had to get out of there and saw the opportunity when a recruiter came to his school. He immediately signed up and was on his way to San Antonio. When he arrived, he realized his mistake, knowing he was not military material. As he went through his physical, the doctors finally noticed his feet and gave him a medical discharge. He was getting his final paperwork to leave and said his bus would be departing the next day. Jason said he was not going back to Nebraska, but heading to New York.

We laid in bed for another hour, stroking each other and bringing ourselves to full hardness. I was ready to take that monster again until Jason shocked me with his statement.

"Let me feel you in me." he said, with a longing look on his face.

"Are you sure?" I responded. "It'll hurt."

"I have to know what it feels like." he replied.

I had him lay on his stomach and looked at his smooth ass. I put a pillow under his pelvis and spread his cheeks. I figured if we were going to do this, I would give him the full treatment. I began tickling his rosebud with my tongue. I felt his entire body shake with the first touch of my tongue. I bathed the sweet, musky hole and began to prod in further. Jason opened wide and I began to tongue fuck him. This elicited moans of pleasure and I made sure his orifice was nice and moist. I took some lotion and applied it to his hole and inserted my finger again. Jason pushed back until I had my entire finger was in his ass. I began to play with the major button. Jason began to buck and moan loudly. I then inserted a second finger and this brought a more intense response from him. By the time I had three fingers fucking his ass, I knew this boy was a future cock slut. I then applied more lotion to his rectum and on my hard, leaking pole. I put the head to his manpussy and pushed, but was met with some resistance.

"Push like you're taking a dump." I said.

Jason did and the head popped in, causing Jason pain. He was so tight that when his muscles clamped, it felt as if my cock was going to be severed. I did not move a muscle, fearing I would lose my most important appendage. After several minutes, Jason began to relax and I pushed slowly into his canal. I would stop so he could adjust to me. I began to slowly pull back then push forward, moving my dick into Jason until my entire dick was in him. I began kissing his neck and tonguing his ear, which drove Jason crazy. I began to slowly to move in and out of his ass, making sure to grind deep into him. Jason began to buck violently, as if he were cumming. I began fucking him harder. I pulled him to his knees and grabbed his hips, forcing him to take my dick.

"Fuck me harder." he cried out. "Fuck me!"

As I rammed harder and harder, I knew I would be shooting my load soon. I knew that I wanted to make him cum with me. I reached for his dick and felt it slick with cum. Jason had shot and was still hard. I stroked his hot 9" and fucked him until I felt his dick swell again. As his first volley erupted, my dick blew its cork at the same time. We both came until I finally collapsed on Jason. We kissed and held each other for about an hour until Jason had to head back to his barracks. As he dressed I gave him my address and told him to write me. We kissed for a while and he left. We did correspond for quite a while. He did get to New York, then to Los Angeles. He did utilize his main asset in porn movies. The last I saw him was at his funeral after he died of AIDS. His parents disowned him and the only people were his friends that accepted him for who he was. I still remember what a sweet guy he was who deserved wonderful people in his life.

The next day I went to visit my sister's godparents and family. The last time I saw them was when I was six and we moved to California. I do remember their three boys when we stayed a week with them. They were 10, 8, and 5 when I was 6 and now they were very good looking guys.

I was picked up and went to their house. We had dinner and chatted about what was happening at home. I told them about my brother going in the Navy and their goddaughter graduating from high school. They told me what was happening with them and Larry wanted to show me around town. Larry was the youngest of the three boys and we headed to San Antonio. We pulled into a parking lot and he showed me to a door. As he opened it, I saw a bar and hear a jukebox blaring disco music. As we went to the bar we ordered a couple of beers. I finally noticed it was a gay bar. There were only guys in the establishment, some dancing, some kissing, and I saw a couple stroking each other discreetly. There were a couple of Larry's friends there and they came over. We shook hands as Larry made the introductions.

"Ed, this is Brian and this is Calvin." he said. "Guys this is a friend of my family Ed."

Now I better describe this trio. Larry stood 5'10" and weighed 175 pounds on a nice muscular frame. Brian stood 6'5" and was 250 pounds of solid beef. Calvin, who was black, stood 6'3" and was 165 pounds. I learned they were in the same class and learned about each other. They said they would get together on the weekends and learned to be themselves. All three were going to college and get together at the bar several times during the week.

"So this is the asshole that made you late." Brian said, assuming I would not retaliate.

The one thing I need to explain about myself is I was an outstanding student in school and I learned about pressure points on the body. The one big mistake was Brian stood with is legs apart, so one swift kick brought him to his knees quickly. Before anyone could move, I was on his back and pushing my thumbs behind his ears, just above the jaw. (FYI: This does work, so if you can drop someone with a low blow, try it. The will cry like a baby.) Brian began to yell in pain and tried to stand up, but the more he tried, the more pressure I applied.

"Now bitch, who's an asshole?" I demanded.

Brian was in tears and wanted to get up, but I wanted to hear him say that he was an asshole. I repeated my statement using more pressure. Brian did not want to say it, but I was totally unrelenting. Larry and Calvin tried to pull me off, but I held fast.

"Back off." I said. "This mother is gonna say it or he's gonna wish he had."

Brian finally relented knowing I was not going to let him up until he said he was an asshole. It turned out Brian was a submissive slut who loved pain. As I let him up, he glared at me, but his cock told a different story. He was leaking so much precum that it created a huge stain on his jeans.

"So what are we gonna do?" I asked.

We left and headed to Calvin and Brian's apartment. As we got in, Larry and Calvin headed for the bed in Calvin's room. Brian and I sat in the living room to talk. I could see his face was a mix of emotions. Everyone seemed to fear him but I was the few who would not take his attitude.

"So what do you do?" he asked me.

"I'm in the Air Force." I replied. "I'm just on leave between duty stations. I'm heading home."

"Where's that?" he queried.

"South Carolina." I said. "My family is in Columbia, but I'm heading to Shaw AFB."

"Tell me, why did you react the way you did?" he asked.

"Well let's say in my family, no one ever called me names." I replied. "I'm the oldest and I held respect in my family."

We could hear Calvin and Larry bouncing the bed. I knew Larry was truly getting fucked hard and he loved it. Brian was a nice guy so I leaned in and began to kiss him. He felt my forcefulness and responded by opening his mouth to me. Our tongues dueled and out dicks pressed against our jeans. Brian led me to his room and we undressed. This was a very well-built and hairy guy. Brian told me the kids used to call him Bigfoot because of the hair on him. He did not feel bad when he saw the hair on my body. Though I was not as hairy as he was, I am quite hairy all over. As we finally dropped our briefs, Brian put his hands in front of him. I looked at him with curiosity and he finally put his hands at his side revealing a 3.5" hard cock. I just smiled as I dropped in front of him and swallowed him. Within 30 seconds he spurted a nice, sweet load into my mouth. After Brian finally stopped he collapsed on his bed and cried. I laid beside him and asked what was the matter.

"No one ever did that." he sobbed. "I've been teased about my dick and felt so puny. That's why I built my body to fight people."

I held him softly and he returned my kisses. He began to lick down my body, bathing me in spit. I loved how he made me feel and worked around my rod and nut sac. When he enveloped my 6", I was squirming all over the bed. Brian turned and I saw his hot, steamy, hairy hole, and I dove in with gusto. My tongue pried into his chute and I tongue-fucked him long, knowing he wanted to be fucked. Brian got off me and got on all fours, as he wiggled his ass. I placed my dick at his hole and pushed in all the way into his body. I began to move in and out of Brian, who manipulated his hole quite well. I reached around and found his nipples and played with them hard. Brian seemed to enjoy it. With his moving his ass, I was ready to unload my seed deep in him.

"Cream in my pussy." he said, begging.

The feeling was welling up from my balls through my rod. Brian was a very willing cum slut and wanted me to unload heavily into him. The more I tweaked and twisted is nipples, the more he squeezed my rod with his ass muscles. My mind exploded, as well as my cock, which released a torrent of cum deep into Brian's bowels. My mind went blank and by the time I became aware of my surroundings, Brian was on his side and looking at me smiling.

I noticed my rode was nice and clean. I also noticed Brian's face looked like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I also noticed a hard dick leaking precum all over a hairy groin, so I decided to give Brian a real treat. I rolled him on his back and kissed him with a passion. I then worked down his body, lightly biting his nips, which caused Brian to shudder with excitement. I moved down to lick around his dick and balls, finally lapping around them. I engulfed his dick and teased him with tender swirls of my tongue. As he approached a climax, I moved my mouth off and squeezed the base until he eased down. I then moved up and sat down on his rod. Though he was not big, he was somewhat thick. I moved up and down slowly on Brian, who churned as if he were in a psychotic fit. I realized that I was literally his first piece of ass. I rode his dick slowly and leaned in to play with his nipples. I pulled and twisted them, making Brian to squirm. I guess I played too much be I felt his rod swell and erupted a huge load into me. Brian growled and groaned as he bucked up into me. As he finally calmed down, we heard clapping at the door. Larry and Calvin were standing there in all their glory.

"Well Brian, how was it?" Calvin asked smiling.

"Awesome!" the big man exclaimed.

"Are you sure you felt him?" Larry said with a smirk.

"About as well as I would feel you." I said, beginning to laugh.

Calvin and Brian laughed along, but Larry looked really pissed off. I pulled him on the bed and began to suck his cock hard. He reacted quickly in my mouth and I pulled off him. Larry was only 5" and rather thin. I pulled his foreskin over the head several times with my tongue. Larry squirmed quite a bit with my oral copulation. I rammed two fingers in his ass, feeling the huge load Calvin had deposited earlier. I felt a tongue bathe my ass, licking the load that Brian deposited. Just as quickly I felt a huge dick pierce my hole. I felt the pain fill my body, then suddenly the pleasure filled my being. I lifted my head and looked at Brian. He smiled and held up all ten fingers, then one. I was being fucked by a hard 11" black rod and he knew what he was doing. I resumed my mouth work on Larry while I was getting royally fucked hard. My dick was hard and leaking all over the bed until I felt Brian's mouth on my rod. All four of us were sweating and the sex permeated the room. As I worked on Larry dick and massaging his prostate, he was in overdrive. I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat and more followed as I tried to drink it quickly. Right after Larry shot, I began to unload into Brian's mouth and he drank it down like a thirsty man in the desert. When I started to cum, my ass tightened hard on Calvin's anaconda. This caused him to blast a huge load that oozed out of my ass. We finally collapsed and Brian had to get himself from under Calvin and me. Brian saw the cum oozing from my lips and ass and he lapped it up. My fingers were still covered in Calvin's load from earlier, so I put them to Larry's mouth and he licked them clean. I kissed Brian again with passion and knew I would miss him. I finally had to get dressed.

"Well guys, time for me to go back to the base." I said. "I have an early flight for Arkansas."

Larry dressed and we went back to his parents' house. His parents wanted to know where we were and I told them that Larry showed me around and we met a couple of his friends. We went to their place and just talked for a while. Larry's dad drove me back to the base and just wanted me to say hi to my family. I told him I would and went back to my room. I still hear from all three of the guys and went to visit them a while back. Larry met a girl and got married. He had 3 boys and a girl, but his feelings made him realize he was gay and got a divorce. His children loved their father and they did not care that he was gay. This actually helped his youngest son who turned out to be gay. Larry found a lover who he still lives with in Houston. Calvin and Brian are still together after all these years. Brian is still a bottom, but Calvin also loves to feel the dick that Brian sports. Brian is still a magnificent specimen as he keeps his body up, however the hair on his head decided to head south. He deserved true love and still has it.

I took a shower and went to bed after setting out my clothes for the morning. I went to sleep and arose early to get the cab for the airport. I flew into Little Rock, Arkansas and headed to the VAQ for a two night stay. I proceeded to find my friends there. I found the base directory and called Vickie at home. With luck she was home and she told me how to get to her house on the base. I got there in a few minutes and knocked on her door. Vickie answered, we hugged, and she brought me into the living room. We sat down and got caught up with what was happening.

"Well where's Don?" I asked her.

She got a sad look on her face and shook her head..

"He's not the same person you know." she said. "He's gotten in with a bad bunch."

She explained that when they got back from the TDY, Don met a guy who had transferred in from the Lowry AFB supply tech school. The guy was bad news from the start and got Don involved in some things he could go to prison. Vickie asked if I could talk with Don and I said sure. Vickie's husband came in and we shook hands. Vickie told him that she was going to take me to the barracks to see Don. All her husband said to me was to be careful. We chatted on the way saying that I was heading home. We pulled up to the barracks and I got out. Vickie invited me over for dinner that night and I accepted.

I went to Don's room and knocked on the door. He answered the door and he looked like hell. When I first met him, he stood 6'2" and weighed 190 pounds with a good build. The man I saw before me was a shell of my friend. Don's eyes were red and he had lost quite a bit of weight. He saw me and grunted for me to come in his room.

"What's up Don?" I asked, trying to me nonchalant.

He just grunted and sat on his bunk. He was wearing just a pair of boxers and looked like he was stoned. I sat in a chair and could not believe what was before me. I did smell the odor of pot and wondered what the hell he had gotten into and what I could do to help.

"So big man, what you been doing?" I asked.

"Not much." he replied.

"So what's this punk look?" I said, trying to be funny.

"Suppose Vickie talked with you." he said.

"Yeah, because she's worried." I replied. "And after seeing your ass, so am I. Damn boy, you want to get busted for drugs?"

"Who gives a shit?" Don asked. "I really don't give a fuck."

"Man what happened?" I asked in reply. "Just tell me why you're like this."

Don explained when they got back, he met a guy named Mike Wilson. It seemed that Mike introduced Don to marijuana and proceeded to rape Don the first time they were stoned. Don's main problem was he loved being fucked, but felt so worthless because he felt it was wrong being gay. After a while, he moved onto other drugs including heroin. He just wanted to end it all, but was afraid to die. He did not want to be gay, but could not hide his feelings. He said that Mike basically pimped him out to some friends for drugs. I just looked into Don's eyes with some pity.

"Listen, there's nothing wrong being gay." I said. "But here is something wrong with being used and abused."

"Well what the fuck I'm supposed to do?" he asked woefully.

"When is the son-of-a-bitch gonna be here?" I asked.

"In a couple of hours." Don responded.

My mind worked quickly. I figured that if anything, the moron would be carrying, so I set it up. I went down the hall and called the security police to tell them about a possible drug buy in three hours. I then called Vickie to pick us up and we dropped Don off at my room. I then went to a local drug store and got a pair of latex gloves. I went back to Don's room and waited. Not know who this guy was, I was lucky to find a baseball bat in his room. I heard a knock on the door and I stood behind the door. I opened the door and a medium built red-head walked into the room the darkened room. I had not turned on the lights and the blinds were drawn.

"Don?" he queried.

I slammed the door and popped his leg with the bat. He crumpled to the ground, yelling in pain. I straddled his body and pushed the bat into the sternum. I glared down at him, really wanting to beat the fuck out of him.

"Are you Mike Wilson?" I asked in a threatening tone.

"You the fuck are you?" he retorted in pain. "You broke my leg."

"No, just bruised it." I said. "And I'm you're worse nightmare."

I checked his pockets and sure enough I found a bag of white powder and a knife. I shoved the powder back in his pocket and then a foot on his chest.

"Let me introduce myself." I said. "I'm the avenging angel and I'm here to set things right."

I pulled his ass up by his hair and threw him on the bed. I yanked his pants and briefs off and exposed his ass.

"You think it's so fun raping someone." I said vehemently. "Payback is now, so get ready for the fun."

"You ain't gonna fuck me." he said.

"Fine." I said. "It's either my dick or this bat, fat end first."

"You wouldn't." he said in fear.

I put the bat at his ass and shoved it against his hole. His hole did not open, but his head slammed against the wall. I tried again, with the same results. Realizing that the police would be there soon I decided to let him lay there as he was. I found some socks and tied him to the bed and left the room minutes before the cops arrived. I went back to my room and found Don sleeping on my bed. I decided to let him sleep for a while. An hour later he woke up with a dazed and confused look on his face. He saw me and wondered how he got there.

"Let's say your problem is over." I said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Mr. Wilson is gonna enjoy his vacation." I said. "I hear he likes Kansas."

"What?" he exclaimed. "I need him."

Don lunged at me and I side-stepped him. I grabbed is arm and twisted it behind his back. I let him struggle until he realized he was not getting up. Don settled down and I released him.

"Listen dipshit." I said. "You don't need that mother's drugs to get through this."

"But I'm gay and how am I supposed to live with that?" he said.

"Listen Don, what do you think I deal with everyday?" I replied. "I'm gay and I know that it's tough. But drugs don't help.

Don looked at me with stunned eyes. He shook his head in true disbelief. Tears flowed down his face and I held him tight. I would not let him go until he felt better. I stroked his hair and back so he would know I was there for him. For almost an hour Don cried until he just fell asleep in my arms. A sudden knock at the door jarred me out of the state of consciousness I was in. I laid Don on my bed and opened the door and saw Vickie standing there.

"Hey come in Vickie." I said.

She sat down and saw Don sleeping on my bed. I changed my shirt and we headed out, after I left a note for Don. We got in here car, went to her house, and sat down for dinner.

"Okay what happened?" she asked.

I proceeded to explain most of the situation, but not all of it because her 3-year-old son was sitting there. After dinner we sat and chatted until Vickie's husband put their child to bed and I then explained the entire situation. I told Vickie that Don needed help and perhaps a medical discharge for help outside the military. I just did not want Don to do anything drastic. The one thing I did say was that Vickie would need to be a witness for Don, that he was not in the room when I decided to become the lone vigilante. The way I figured was that what they did not know, they could not lie about. I knew Vickie would not say anything about what I said.

Vickie took me back to VAQ and I said I would call her the next day. As I entered my room, I found Don still sleeping, so I softly rolled him over and I undressed to my briefs. I climbed in beside Don and settled down to sleep. Around 0100 hours I found Don's cock hard against my ass and his arm around me. Don was stroking my chest and kissed the back of my neck. I turned and saw Don staring at me.

"Why did you do this for me?" he asked.

"Simply for one reason." I replied. "We're friends and no one but no one ever fucks with my family and friends."

"You're so special." Don said. "I don't deserve a friend like you."

"You need to do something." I said. "Get yourself clean and keep straight, for lack of a better term."

I kissed him gently on the lips and held him. We held on to each other for a long, long time until he whispered in my ear.

"I want to make love to you." he said softly.

I began kissing down his body, slowly working on his nips and working my hand on his rod. Don was oozing precum and I knew he was hot. I lowered his pants and saw a hard, uncut 6.5" cock wanting attention. Don had a ball sac that wanted release and I planned that. I turned so my hole was at his mouth. Don, who had been a bottom, had never rimmed anyone before. His tongue tentatively flicked across my rosebud and he dove in for the feast. I proceeded to work on his rod to get him nice and ready for my hole. My fingers danced on his fuzz-covered scrotum, making Don writhe with delight. He lathered my ass with spit until I knew I was ready for his pole. I turned, straddled his body, and slowly lowered my ass on him. I think this shot his system into overload as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. I slowly moved up and down, moving my ass muscles on his dick and making him buck up into my rectal canal. I knew he was not going to last long, but I made it pleasurable. After a few minutes I felt his dick expand and explode in my ass. The load poured out like pent-up emotions just wanting release. He finally settled down, opened his eyes, and the look was saying thank you.

I was hard and was ready to just utilize my hand until Don pulled me off his hardening dick and swallowed me whole while on his back. I proceeded to fuck his mouth and his tongue bathed my cock so wonderfully. He used a lot of pressure on my dick until I was ready to blow. The first volley shot deep into his stomach. Several other loads follow without him spilling a drop. My dick softened and I needed to piss badly. I mentioned this to Don, who had not released my dick. The first reaction was disgust and amazement. What did that asshole do to my friend? Several times I said no and tried to pull off, but he refused to let go. Finally the urge to go too great and I released a huge stream of golden liquid into his mouth. To my shock and surprise, Don drank every drop and did not spill any. I finally stopped and collapsed. I kissed Don, tasting the slight salty flavor of piss and cum on his tongue. We finally fell asleep and awoke at 0700 hours. Don took a shower and dressed, then I followed.

"Don you better head to work." I mentioned.

"I am and thanks for everything." he responded.

"What are friends for?" I said smiling.

Don left and the buzz of the drug bust in his room got around the base quickly. As he got back, the security police were waiting to talk to him about Mike. They asked if he knew the guy, if he bought drugs from him, and how or who did what to him when they found him. Don answered truthfully and was arrested for drug possession. But since he did know who attacked Mike, he truthfully said he was visiting a friend and gave my name and room number at VAQ. I got a knock on my door and three security police and a member of OSI were standing there. They entered and sat down, which I followed suit.

"Are you A1C Edward Sookikian?" the OSI agent asked.

"Yes." I responded.

"Do you know a A1C Donald Peterson?" the agent asked.

"Sure." I replied. "He's a friend that I knew in England. Why?"

"Well there was a drug dealer found in his room." he stated. "His pants were pulled down along with his briefs. He claimed someone attacked him with a baseball bat and tried to shove the same bat up his rectum."

"Is Don a suspect?" I asked, so innocently.

"Yes, but he said he was with you." the agent said. "Is that true?"

"We were together until 1800 hours." I said. "I went to dinner with another friend, but Don stayed here until I got back."

"Did you go to his room at all?" he asked.

"Yep." I told him. "I went there to surprise him and I woke him up. We came here and talked until dinner time. He was asleep when I got back."

"Are you willing to make a statement?" the agent asked.

"Sure." I stated. "When do you want to make it?"

"We'll contact you." he said.

"So you know, I leave tomorrow for South Carolina." I said.

He decided to make the statement so we headed to his office. We arrived and he brought in an airman who took the statement. I repeated everything that I said to him in my room and he had it typed up for my signature. I signed it and he asked if I would wait a minute. The agent left and I sat there looking in a mirror. Well I had seen enough cop shows to know that it was a two-way mirror and I smiled as I sat there. They had Mike Wilson looking at me, but since they did not have a PA system all he could tell them that he was not sure if it was me. They escorted him to the stockade and the agent came back to tell me that I could leave. I headed out and met with Vickie for lunch. We talked and I explained the Don needed to get help and we both knew that would not happen in the Air Force. We did know that he would be discharged and that he needed to get into rehab.

I went to my room and packed for the next day. I went to the stockade to see if I could see Don one last time. I explained to the NCOIC and he allowed me to see Don. We sat and said our good-byes. I told him my address was with Vickie and that he could get it from her. Don did tell me that they were talking a general discharge under less than honorable conditions if he would testify against Mike Wilson. He said he would so that he could have closure. I just said to tell them everything so that bastard would get his and Don could get on with his life. All Don said was thanks for everything and I said keep in touch.

I never heard from Don since we last talked. I did get a letter a few months later from Vickie, who had gotten a letter from Don's parents. They told Vickie that Don went to Los Angeles and was found dead in a run-down apartment with a needle in his arm. I was so mad I punched out a mirror. What a waste.

I left to call home and tell my dad I would be in the next night. He said they would be there to meet me. I went back to my room and relaxed. I fell asleep and before I realized it, the time was 0900 hours. I showered, dressed, and grabbed my bag to get to the plane. I got a cab and got the airport in an hour. I got on the plane and flew to Atlanta, where I had a four hour layover. I did finally get into Columbia about 1830 hours where my dad surprised my mother with my arrival. I walked through the terminal door and was literally mugged by my mother. She nearly broke my glasses and would not let go until my dad pulled her off me. We went to get my flight bag and got in the van.

"So how was your trip?" my mom asked.

"Nothing exciting happened." I said with a slight grin on my face.

NOTE: I am sorry it has taken so long to post this chapter. My finger is still broken and trying to type is a real pain in the ass. One part of this story is that AIDS is still prevalent in our society. Too many people have died from diseases because of this virus. In the seventies there were no worries about protection, but now it is more imperative that we protect ourselves, not just gay but straight as well. Please make sure that what ever you do, be safe. Enough preaching now. I do love to get emails from the readers. If you have any responses, good or bad, please write me at When you write, please tell me which story you are enjoying. With 7 stories in Nifty, I need to know which ones to work further. I hope that you enjoy the future chapters.