by: 70s CHILD


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August 20, 1978. A date that would change my life. I was told that my orders for my new duty station were ready, so I headed over to collect them. The airman that was sitting there asked what I wanted. I told him my name and that my orders were supposed to be there. He found them and I had looked at them intently. SHAW AFB. I began to dance in the office and the clerk thought I was crazy.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he asked.

"See where it says I'm going." I replied.

He glanced and nodded.

"I'm going home." I said. "What a fucking break."

Now for those who are not familiar with South Carolina, Shaw AFB is located just outside Sumter, South Carolina. It is a fighter base and I had lived there when my dad was stationed there only 6 years earlier. We moved to Columbia, which is only 45 miles from the front gate. So you can imagine what I was feeling when I saw the orders.

I ran back to work and showed everyone where I was headed. Everyone said that I was a lucky fuck and wanted to know who I knew to get such orders. I had fun and was being an idiot the entire day. I finally ran into Tom and showed him my orders. A gloom came over his face and I noticed it right away. Since it was close to 5:00 pm, we left and headed to the mess hall for dinner. We ran into Earl and Pat and all of us had dinner. We all headed back to the barracks and went to Earl's room to just run our mouths. Earl said he knew that there was going to be one big blow out for my going away. I began to laugh and said that we just need to enjoy the last 2 months before I left. Tom's face didn't brighten, so I asked Pat and Earl that I would see them later.

"What's the matter, babe?" I asked him, looking deep in his eyes.

"I don't want you to go." he said, beginning to cry. "I knew this time would come, but I can't deal with it. Get out of here."

I went over and began to hug him tight. I felt the same pain that he was just then. I knew that I would miss Tom with all my might. We have been together for almost a year and the pain that we would be parted was coming too soon. The military puts you where they want, not where you want to be. I began to kiss Tom with passion I never knew before. His kiss showed power and lust that I could feel flow through me. We began to undress and caressed our bodies as we progressed. I licked his body all over, not missing a single spot. I caressed his nips and making them hard. Tom's 6" was hard and pouring precum like it was a downpour. I swallowed his dick entirely and pulled the precum into my mouth, swallowing it as if I were a man dying of thirst. I reached down and began to finger his pucker slowly, hitting his prostrate over and over and being fed more precum. Tom was writhing on his bed like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. He seemed to have a demon and I was bringing it out of him. He grabbed my head all of a sudden and shoved his dick all the way and unleashed a torrent of cum into my mouth that surprised me. The first load almost choked me as it hit into my throat and since I wasn't ready for it began to cough. I pulled back and was able to catch the rest of his liquid love and savored it.

As Tom eased from his ecstasy, he looked in my eyes and I saw the look of remorse on how he was treating me. I just held him and telling him that no matter what, he will always be part of me and I of him. With that he raised his legs and exposed his hairy pucker to me. I dove in with a lust that I knew that needed to be quenched and Tom was going to give it to me. I rimmed his hole, which caused him to squirm intently. I shoved my tongue deep in his hole and fucked his hole with my taste buds.

"Fuck me please." he said to me. "I need you in me."

I placed his legs over my shoulders and my dick at his hole. I slowly entered and began melting into his ass. I felt his warmth and it surged through my dick to my own being. I loved the feeling of my love and began to slowly fuck his ass. His legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me further into him. Our beings became one as I continued to move in and out of his wonderful hole. We kissed longingly and his dick rubbed between us. Tom became hard again and oozed his precum. I loved the feeling and his ass worked wonders on my dick. I knew that I was close to shooting. I was sweating and it dripped all over Tom and it meshed between us. My breathing became labored and I was ready to unload inot his hole. I finally pushed deep in his ass and let loose with a flood of white love.


I cried out with my head thrown back.

I felt myself become part of Tom and he gladly accepted it. I finally felt my cum subside and disintegrated onto Tom. I knew that Tom wanted to become part of me. I popped out of Tom's ass and let him raise off the bed. I raised my ass off the bed and Tom got behind me. He licked my hole so wet that I thought he unleased a fire hose in me. He then began to penetrate my ass. Tom grabbed my hips and began to fuck me with a desire of a wildman. He forced his dick in and out of my ass. He rammed me and began to spank my ass hard. He continued this for over 30 minutes until he just rammed in my ass and released his load. He pulled me close as he released and bit my shoulder.

"AAAAAAHHHHH SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!" I began to cry out. "Tom what's gotten in you?"

As Tom finally calmed down, he began to cry seeing what he was doing. He couldn't believe he was hurting me. As he softened and moved out of my ass, I pulled him to me.

"Hush now baby." I told him. "You didn't hurt me much. You were just so intense. I love you and nothing will change that."

We just cuddled close and slept until noon the next day. We knew that Saturday was a day we needed to get away and enjoy the time we would have together. We made love continually over the next 2 months until the time I had to leave. My friends planned a going away party that was not to be forgotten for a long, long time.

NOTE: I have enjoyed the emails that I have received from all those who have been reading the stories. I plan to add on to this, but the venues will change after Chapter 7. Oh and yes I did go to Shaw AFB and yes I am from Columbia SC. As per the dance, yes I was that crazy that day. But it was also a sad time when I knew I would have to leave the men who were the dearest friends I would know in my life. If you have any comments or suggestions about any story that I have posted on Nifty, please email them to