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Around Labor Day weekend, Tom and I decided to go to Bristol for the weekend, but decided to have friends come with us. I talked with Pat to see if he wanted to come along. He said he would and hoped that there would be more fun. He also suggested that we have some others come with us. I asked who and he mentioned a guy who transferred in right after the Fourth of July - August Low.

August was oriental who was so very good looking. I had met him a few days after he arrived. He was assigned to the hospital detachment. His face was smooth and just the look he had got me hard instantly. He stood 6'1" and weighed 175 pounds. The black hair that crowned his head was straight and his eyes were the greenest I had ever seen. They looked like emeralds. I had never seen him naked, but I saw that he had some build to him with the t-shirts he wore.

I ran into Raymond Earl Cardinal and Gary Barrows and asked if they wanted to come. They said that they would, but wanted to know who else was coming. I told them and they liked the selection. I told him that I would get 3 rooms booked at a motel and we made plans on when we would leave that Friday. Earl had the only car and Bristol was about 90 minutes away. I went to the base travel agency and found a place that was reasonable and from the brochure was not too bad. I booked the rooms and told everyone about it. They laughed that compared to the barracks, it could be 3 stars.

Let me describe Earl and Gary. Earl is a man who was the nicest guy anyone could meet. I called him the gentle giant, since he stood 6'5" and 245 pounds. He was 35 and a staff sergeant in the refueling section. He would take us to the local pub or to Cambridge so we could have fun. Earl was extremely fun at the pub. He would polish off 4 pints of ale and become very friendly. He was strong, so when he would come up to you, he would hug you hard and your bones could feel like they are breaking. Sweet man with a heart of gold and personality to match. Gary was a nice guy, but a pain in the ass sometimes. He is a Mormon and would proselyte to the masses. If he did not do that, his personality was a great one. He stood 6'3" and weighed 195 pounds. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was a funny guy. I used to go to his room and we would talk on his bed. He would press his feet against me, which made me think he was gay or at least bi. Earl was one that I thought was straight, since he had a girlfriend with kids. But this weekend was a surprise to us.

We met that Friday in the late afternoon and loaded our bags in Earl's trunk. We climbed in the car and it was crowded to say the least. We got settled and drove all the way to Bristol. We finally got there, found the motel, and checked in. We got to the rooms and looked at them. It was not the greatest place, but at least it was clean. Tom and I bunked in one room, Pat and August in the room next to us, and Earl and Gary in the room next to theirs.

Tom and I got undressed and climbed into bed. We kissed each other and caressed our bodies, feeling the wonderful flesh. I had reached down and began to lightly finger Tom's ass. It made him shudder and rake his nails against my back. He let out a small moan and hoped that no one could hear us. I worked on his hole again and I heard a huge moan.

"You need to keep it down." I said to Tom. "They might hear you next door."

"That wasn't me." Tom said.

We heard the moan and it came from Pat's room. We stopped and listened and heard August's voice coming from next door.

"Oh God." he said. "That is so wonderful. How did you learn that?"

"Let's say a couple of friends opened up my eyes." Pat responded.

Tom and I started to smile, then began to panic. What if Pat tells August about us and what we do? We could be arrested and court-martialed. We continued to listen and heard both of them moan in unison. Tom and I smiled at each other, knowing what was going on in the next room.

We continued kissing and caressing. I moved down on Tom, licking him slowly down his chest and stomach. I worked down to his legs and feet. Tom being ticklish, began to laugh loudly. I had to let him calm down. I worked my way up again until I was at his balls. I licked them slowly, letting him feel my tongue work on his hairy sac. I licked the space between his balls and ass, which elicited a moan from my love.

I worked my way up and swallowed his dick to the base. This caused him to shoot up in bed. I bobbed my head up and down faster, feeling him swell in my mouth. I knew what I wanted and it was not for him to shoot in my mouth.

I grabbed the base of his dick and had him relax. I then straddled Tom and sat straight down. This was the first time I did this and knew I had made a mistake. The pain seared through my body. I had to relax and let the soreness subside in my rectum. A few minutes later, I start to slowly move up and down on Tom's ass. He stroked my dick as I worked his with my ass. I leaned down and I kissed him with excitement. As my ass worked, Tom worked is dick into my ass. I knew he was close to shooting and I wanted him to load my ass. A few minutes later I could feel his dick swell larger that it had been. I sat on his thighs and felt him push deep in my ass. I felt him unload his dick in my ass, sending me over the top. My dick shot out its load all over Tom's face, chest, and stomach. As we finally relaxed and I collapsed on him, I melded my cum between us and glued us together. We fell asleep like that, holding on to each other.

We awoke the next morning and got a quick shower to meet everyone for breakfast. I kissed Tom after the shower and then we dressed. I wore a pair of shorts and pull over shirt. Tom put on a t-shirt and shorts. We went next door and heard Pat and August scurry around the room. Tom and I knew that they must have fallen asleep in the same bed. Tom waited for them to answer the door and I knocked on Gary and Earl's room. All I heard was Gary answering the door with a quick retort.

"It's too early." he called out. "I want some more sleep."

"Gary, we're going to breakfast." I said to him. "Get Earl up and meet us in 15 minutes."

I could hear Earl cussing that he needed more time. I just laughed. Earl was not a morning person, but he would be ready when you asked him. I left their door and went back to Tom. I saw the door open slightly and August answered.

"Hi guys." he said with a slight grin. "We just got up. How long do you want to wait?"

"Well I told Gary and Earl to be ready in 15 minutes." I said to them. "Hey let us in so we can wait."

"Um, we're not dressed." August said nervously. "Can't you wait in your room?"

"Sure we can." Tom said. "But from what we heard last night there was more fun here."

August could not believe he was found out. He thought they were quiet, but with the look on our faces, he knew that they were busted. He opened the door and Pat was on the bed naked. We turned and found August in the same condition. I looked at his body and loved what I saw. His chest was not overly muscled, but had very good definition to it. I looked down and saw a hard 6" dick that was uncut. Tom and I looked at him and smiled.

"Well you boys need to get ready." I said to them. "I wanted us to have a nice day at the beach. And from what we heard, you did have a running start."

They had gotten ready and there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Gary and Earl waiting for us. We found a small restaurant and ate breakfast. We talked about work and wanting to go home soon. Earl was the exception. He loved to travel Europe and he usually brought various items back with him. We finally got out plans in gear. We decided to go to the beach until lunch and then explore Bristol. We did have some trouble finding room on the beach, but we found a small place and stretched out. We put suntan oil on our bodies and laid down to get a tan. Here we were, 6 military men in our prime and physically fit. We got attention from the women and a number of men from the beach crowd. I know we were all happy that we had that kind of aura to attract people. We basked in the sun, getting some nice tans. As lunch arrived, we got our stuff and moved to the motel. We got to the rooms and put our stuff away. We met for lunch and had a some fun about what we saw on the beach. Gary mentioned he saw a teen that kept looking at them. The boy was rubbing his crotch and licking his lips. We smiled and Earl laughed out loud.

"Well did you want to jump him?" Earl said with a laugh. "If he was that hot, you should have."

We could not believe what we heard, but laughed with Earl. Here was a guy we knew had to be straighter than an arrow. Could we have been wrong? We finished lunch and went into Bristol. We explored some stores that we found interesting. I found a gift store that sold tourist gifts. My mom loved to collect spoons, so I found one that had Bristol on the handle. I also went into a record store and found an album that had a song that I liked by David Soul. (For those who did not realize it, David Soul was a big recording star in England during the 1970s.) We continued to sight see until we got close to dinner time. We had found a restaurant in town that we wanted to try. We dressed appropriately and left to eat. As we dined, I sat next to August and reached over to caress his leg. His body shivered slightly, but he never moved his leg. He actually moved it closer to me. We talked as if nothing happened and we had fun. I looked at Tom and nodded slightly to August and he smiled knowingly. We got up and left the eatery and strolled back to the motel.

We decided to go into my room and we sat around and talked just about anything. I decided to test what Earl meant when he said about the teen on the beach.

"So tell me Earl, would you have jumped the teen?" I asked, smiling as if I were joking. "I mean if he was teasing you with his body?"

"Fuck yeah." Earl said to us. I would have loved to slip that boy in bed and fuck his hot ass. And suck his hot dick too."

We all looked at him and our jaws probably made us look like large mouthed bass. I then had to smile and finally had to say something.

"Well Big Earl." I started. "How about showing us how you would handle the situation."

I began rubbing my dick and Tom looked at me as if I was nuts. We all knew Earl's reputation of strength and temper when angered. What happened next shocked us all. Earl came over and unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard 6" into to full view of the others. He dropped to his knees and sucked my dick into his mouth. He knew what he was doing and I knew that he probably had lots of practice. His masterful manipulation on my dick made me squirm in the chair. At this point everyone shucked their clothes and everyone sprung wood quickly. I looked around and saw the hard dicks that wanted to be put into any hole available. The two dicks I had not seen hard were Gary's or Earl's. I looked at Gary and I saw he sported a very impressive 8.5" dick that was quite thick. I pulled out of Earl's mouth.

"Hey let's join everyone else." I said to him.

I shucked my clothes quickly and was followed by Earl. I saw his dick hard and it was an impressive uncut 7" and very thick. I looked at everyone and we decided to draw straws, winner gets to decided who would do what. As the straws were drawn, I won and it was my decision that I would get everyone's dick tonight. I got up on the bed and got on all fours.

"Tom, I want you first baby." I told him. "Show them how to make my ass wonderful. August, get in front so I can have that wonderful dick in my mouth."

Tom loosened my hole and slid his dick in my ass slowly. August knelt in front of my face and fed me his dick. I could taste his precum on my tongue and I loved it. Tom's dick worked wonders on my ass and I squeezed his loved muscle. I knew this would send him over the top, which it did. He shoved his dick deep in my ass and bellowed like a bull. He put load after load in me. As Tom pulled out, I released August from my mouth.

"August, get behind me and shove that hot egg roll in my ass." I ordered him. "Earl get that hot dick over here."

August was scared as he stated he never fucked anyone before. We showed him how to work into my ass and move with me. We got into a steady rhythm and I then swallowed Earl's meat into my throat. Earl loved the feel of my throat on his dick. His precum oozed down into my stomach. August began to fuck like a pro and I knew that he was ready to unload. I squeezed my ass hard on his dick and he threw his head back and whimpered. His dick unloaded so much cum, it flowed down on my legs and onto the bed. August fell back on the bed in total exhaustion. I released Earl from my mouth.

"Okay, now Earl, let's see how well you can fuck." I said to him. "Gary get that hot dick over here now."

Earl slid his dick hard into my ass. I groaned hard and pushed back on his dick. I then swallowed Gary into my mouth and tickled his head with my tongue. I took his dick into my mouth and masterfully manipulated it. Earl rammed his dick in and out of my ass, pulling my hips to him. He knew how to fuck and he loved doing it. What he did not expect was what I did with my ass. I squeezed my ass hard and tight on his dick. This pushed him to the point of no return. I felt his dick swell in my ass thicker than it was. He shot a bountiful load of cum in my ass, which also flowed from my ass. Earl pulled out my ass and I had Gary replace him.

"Okay Pat, let me have that foot-long." I told him.

Gary moved his 8.5" in my ass and I felt his balls against me. I took 8" of Pat in my mouth. I swallowed him and moved on and off his dick until I finally got 10" in me. I tasted his precum that flowed like a fountain into my mouth. I swallowed it as I worked his dick. Gary fucked my ass, but being a virgin, was not ready to prolong his stay. I felt him swell and shoot a nice load in me.

I fell on my back and lifted my legs. I looked at everyone so they could see my well used and filled hole.

"Okay, now everyone who fucked will suck some cum out of my hole." I told them. "Taste what you gave me."

All four that fucked me so far licked up some of their hot seed. I looked at Tom who fingered some out of my ass and fed it to me. I licked it like a starving man. I motioned for Pat to get between my legs. I felt his dick slide into me and his balls slapped my ass. He began to plow my ass with great precision in and out of my ass. I loved the feeling of his long pole in my ass. He moved and kept hitting my prostrate. I kept pressuring his dick with my ass muscles, which made his breathing ragged and I knew he was ready to shoot hard and long. I gave it one last squeeze and Pat roared like a lion in heat and released his load into me. I felt his load dump into me and it seemed to go into my stomach. Pat finally softened and removed himself. I then felt four guys licking and sucking my dick until I released my load all over my body. I felt one tongue on my body and it belonged to my man - Tom.

After we were spent, we realized that this little group became a solid unit. We knew we had to spend time together for as much as possible.

The rest of the weekend was a long suck and fuck fest. It turns out that August was a bigger cum hog compared to me. He wanted to be fucked twice by everyone. I loved the feeling of his ass on my dick and we all loved to enjoy his hot bubble butt. But no one was left out for one fuck to each other. As Monday afternoon arrived, we left with sadness knowing that our get togethers will be few and far between. We made a pact that whenever we could, we would have fun together. As we approached the base, we felt a new resurgence of our duty to our government and wanted to be with each other no matter what.

NOTE: I appreciate the emails that I have received in the last week. I have received them from other military personnel and they felt the same pangs of love with their compatriots. I love hearing from these people especially as we all have something in common. I will say this, I love hearing from all people and they way they tell me how they liked the stories. I still want to hear from you at I will answer them as soon as possible.