This story contains acts of bondage, S & M, water sports, cock sucking, verbal degrading, ass eating, and hard anal sex. So, if this type of stuff offends you, then please don't read any further!


Camp Lejuene, North Carolina was and is your grade A typical Marine Corps base, with the exception of one individual, rightfully named, Sgt. Major Nick Adams. Without having to ask, with just one split second look, anyone who could barely see would know that the Sgt. Major was a lifer to the Corps. At the age of 41, he was still an icon for the entire base, as well as the Corps. His proven track record, not only in garrison, but in combat, gave him the respect that not even his title of Sgt. Major already provided. Standing 6'2" and weighing a profound 220 pounds, Nick Adams was built like a stone statute and had the looks to go with it.

His light brown hair was cut in the shape of a horseshoe and was graying from the trying times he had endured during his illustrated and illustrious career. His face was weathered from time and he by no means could ever be considered handsome, but if your eyes were the type to seek out those men who are real men, then Nick Adams would defiantly be your kind of man. His voice was slightly raspy from the years as a Drill Instructor and everyone knew his reputation from the many years he skillfully served in the Special Forces. For many of Marines, Sgt. Major Nick Adams was the usual topic for drunken conversations. The war stories had been altered slightly from their original series, but never the less, the Sgt. Major's career and achievements were things that others could only dream of or have nightmares about.

Nick had a thick chest and broad shoulders and was layered in a mass of hair giving him the nickname "Bear" only by his closest peers. Front to back, Nick had a thick wool coating of dark hair piping down his thick legs to the top of his toes. Even his jutting solid butt cheeks were covered in hair. To Nick, all the hair on his thick body was nothing he gave a second thought to. Still single, but never questioned, Sgt. Major Nick Adams had a personal secret that he figured he would carry with him to his grave. He was single for a reason, and not just any reason, but a good one. You see, even the best of the best can prefer the companionship of the same sex, and Sgt. Major Nick Adams preferred the sexual delight of men. Sure, he tried to have sex with a woman once, but he figured if he wanted fish, he'd just be better off to go to a restaurant and order it. He loved the feel of a cock, but because of his rank, it had been a long, long time since he had the luxury of groping another man's body.

But, with all do respect, having the title of Sgt. Major had its perks. Nick would take the time to visit the squad bays, especially during the evening hours so he could wander into the shower area and please his eyes full of naked young Marines. Nobody dared to question the Sgt. Major's visits to the shower area, in fact, it became almost a ritual that nobody gave a second thought to. Nick would secretly lick the inside of his mouth as he peered deeply onto rippling ass cheeks and swinging soft cocks. Once he got his fill, he would go to his house on base, tear out of his clothes and slap his beefy right hand on his 7 inches of uncut man meat and pound himself into a sperm shooting explosion.

Since he couldn't suck another man's cock, Nick would always shoot his wad of thick cream into the palm of his left hand and slurp down his own cream while dreaming of one of his young Marine's. while mentioning the length of Nick's uncut cock, I may as well mention that the length of his cock might appear normal, but the girth certainly is way above average. To Nick, he was born with it and grew up with it, so in his eyes, his cock appeared normal, but to an unsuspecting mouth or love hole, Nick's cock was almost as thick as a 20 ounce soda can. Nick had other kinks as well, but some of those kinks will be revealed when the time is right.

Night after night, Nick would walk through the barracks, always stopping at the showers to take in the breathtaking scenery of ass and cocks. But, as time grew, so did his desire to feel another man's body. He began spending a longer amount of time peering at the younger Marines as they soaped their delicious bodies. To his knowledge, not one single Marine suspected his true intentions or desires, so he pursued his perverted actions each evening.

This went on for about two months when he wandered into one of the barracks and saw a young Marine who would definitely be the object of his cock pounding frenzy a little later on. Nick introduced himself as the young Marine stood in front of his locker. The young Marine said his name is Josh. When the hands collided for the welcoming introduction, Nick felt a surge of electricity course throughout his body. He was peering into an evil beauty with eyes so blue no ocean, nor sky, could ever compare. Not even in his vivid fantasies could Nick have ever came up with such a pure creation of utmost natural heart stopping beauty. Nick studied Josh as Josh stood before him wearing just a t-shirt and Marine Corps white boxer's.

From head to toe, Nick visually photographed every square inch of Josh's tongue hardening body. His hair was a natural mix of blond and brown, giving it the appearance of absolute delight. Josh's eyebrows were the same color and somewhat thin. His eyelashes were long and curled upwards, clearing the way for his entrancing blue eyes to lock you into their clutches. The nose, ah yes, Josh's little button nose had three, maybe four, little freckles sparkling at the top of the bridge. His ears were small and they clung to the side of Josh's head like glue.

When Josh spoke, Nick could see that his teeth were absolutely perfect and was pure white. Two little dimples on the sides of his face impaled the silky looking flesh with Josh's every facial move. The little hair scattering along Josh's forearm was almost undetectable, giving Nick the impression that it was nothing more than peach fuzz. As Nick's eyes darted to Josh's visible legs, he could see that this young Marine was in shape, having thighs that were just right, not too muscular, but not too thin either. Only on Josh's shins could Nick see any hair, and from what he saw, the hair on his shins was the same as on his forearms, peach fuzz.

Nick figured Josh stood close to 5'7" and he couldn't have weighed no more than 150 pounds soaking wet. Nick did his best to will Josh's cock out of his boxer's, but at this time, there would be no such luck. Nick didn't even see a bulge that would give his mind the photo he so desired to pound his cock into a sperm shooting frenzy when he got home. But, he already knew that once he got home, Josh would certainly be the object of his perverse fantasy. Not just tonight, but the topic for may jack-off sessions to come!

Naturally, when nick got home, he wasted no time in jerking his meat while thinking of Josh. He still couldn't believe just how flat fuck gorgeous Josh is. As Nick sat in his chair he realized that Josh didn't even look old enough to be in the Corps. Instead of being a Marine, Josh looked like he just went into high school, looking as though he might be closer to 14 or 15 years of age.

The next morning, Nick had his secretary to pull Josh's file. Once he got Josh's file, he began fumbling through the paper work until he got to Josh's personal files. His brief inspection the night before was almost right. Josh is 5'8" and weighs 143 pounds. He is just 18 and Josh went to boot camp the day he turned 18. The more Nick read of Josh's file, the harder and more painful his cock grew. Josh is the only child and according to his charts, he has never been married and no girlfriend was listed.

For the next month, Nick went to Josh's barracks in hopes of seeing his young beauty naked in the shower, but each night, Josh had already showered and was walking around in his t-shirt and boxer's. Nick varied his times, but his timing was always off. No matter what time Nick walked into the barracks, Josh had already showered. Nick became absolutely frustrated, so one day, when all the troops were at the designated job assignments, Nick walked into Josh's barracks with the utmost evil intentions. He walked right up to Josh's bunk and hanging on the top post was Josh's laundry bag. Nick lifted the bag off the post, sat down on Josh's bunk and poured the dirty laundry onto the concrete floor.

His desires had frustrated him to the point that he just had to discover something, anything. One by one, he shuffled through Josh's dirty clothes. Nick picked up one of Josh's socks and raised it to his nose. Taking a deep breath, Nick consumed the aroma from the dirty sock. The sock itself may have been dirty, but the aroma sparkling up Nick's nose definitely was not dirty, nor foul. Nick, excited beyond any description, began using his right foot to assist his hands as they searched through the pile on the floor. There, right in front of his eyes was a pair of Josh's bundled up boxer shorts. Like a kid reaching for candy, Nick grabbed the garment, searched in vain for the cock opening, then turned the boxer's inside out.

His eyes searched for stains, but there were no stains of any sorts. Like a dog being taunted by a freshly cut chunk of steak, Nick began sniffing all over, especially the area where he knew Josh's butt hole had been. Just like Josh's sock, there was no foul aroma, just mind busting bliss. Once Nick got his fill of that boxer short, he stuffed the butt and cock area into his mouth and continued on with his search. There were four sets of boxer shorts and Nick took his time and searched each one with an utmost intricate inspection. No marks, no stains, and more so, no foul odor was ever present. Just like the one stuffed in his mouth, the only aroma that could be described was soap and possibly a faint hit of mild baby powder.

Day after day, night after night, Nick visited Josh's barracks, and with each case, never did his eyes fall onto his naked beauty's body, nor did his nostrils detect any foul aroma from Josh's boxer's, nor was the white material ever blemished by any other coloration. As his enduring perverseness lingered on, Nick became completely blind with lust. It was during his ritual jack-off session that he honestly began believing that Josh was immune to taking a shit, and even if that were possible, there was no way in hell Josh's shit could ever smell like shit, or at least, that's the way Nick believed it to be.

Nick wanted Josh so bad he could literally taste him, so one day while in his office, he created a position within his office quarters and decided that he would transfer Josh from his platoon to Nick's office, so that he could see Josh every single day. Not only see him, but time his opportunity to see the young Adonis naked in the shower. When the last of his signatures was on all the papers, Nick called in one of his staff into his office and ordered them to complete this assignment immediately.

In less than two hours, the knock on his office door sounded and when the door opened, Nick's eyes fell onto Josh's standing body. Nick spoke first,

"Come on in and have a seat!"

Josh did as instructed but he was clueless as to why the transfer. He sat down and shifted his body into the high leather back chair while looking straight into the combat weathered eyes of the legend everyone knew as the Sgt. Major. Nick cleared his throat, then with his raspy voice stated,

"You are probably wondering why I transferred you into my office, and rightfully so. I need someone I can trust who can be by my side and carry out my instructions to the letter. Don't get me wrong, I don't need a servant. I need a Marine! You'll see that this job is a cake job, and hopefully, you'll love doing it. Without a doubt, you'll find that the amount of time you spend here will be much less than the time you spend with duties being performed by your platoon. In other words, I am the most laid back mother fucker you'll ever meet. If you need time off for you and your girlfriend, just let me know, and I'll make it happen faster than you can lick your lips. So, what do you say?"

Josh was stunned by his offering of new duties. Not only was he looking at the Sgt. Major face to face, but all the accommodations hanging off the walls were just a bit more impressive for any young Marine's eyes to behold at any given time. Josh was nervous, but after all, he was honored that he was chosen for this assignment. Josh shifted his body into the chair and replied,

"Sir, it would be a great honor to serve you! I just hope I can live up to your standards sir!"

Nick breathed in the charming elegance of Josh's angelic voice, then smiled and replied,

"Great, but we got to get some things straight right off the bat. In my office or away from these ass kissing dick heads, just call me Nick. The other rule is that I work for a living, so please don't ever call me sir! I hate that fucking word, so, do we have a deal?"

Josh smiled melting Nick's heart in the mean time, then replied,


Nick could have sat in his chair soaking up Josh's eye twitching beauty all day, but he still had to get some work done. They talked a little more then Nick gave Josh his first duty. Though it was bull shit of a duty and could have been accomplished over the phone, Nick at least had his plan going into the right direction. When Josh got up to walk out of the office, Nick's eyes instinctively zeroed in on Josh's cock stiffening butt. Though it was covered by the camouflage bottom's, the material clung to the juicy cheeks like plastic holding a chunk of sweet chocolate. The two little mounds danced up and down with Josh's every step, forcing Nick's cock to pound heavily inside his own pants. Nick wished he could replace that thick seam of the pants that separated such two perfectly molded mounds.

When Josh left the office, Nick got busy. It wasn't paper work he needed to do, it was his large office bathroom he intended to modify. Like I mentioned earlier, when you have the title of Sgt. Major, you have plenty of perks to go along with it. Nick's private bathroom was created to his specifications. A large Jacuzzi tub had been installed, along with a French style shower. Three shower heads on either side and two on the back side, all operating by the use of one switch. Since it was a French style shower, there was no need for a shower door or curtain. You simply walked straight into it and press the button. The temperature was already set. The shower area was so large, that four, maybe five people could fit quite comfortably.

Nick's perversion and desire over Josh persuaded him to purchase some hidden camera equipment. Not only were the cameras small, but Nick spent the extra money to ensure that what he looked at was in color, not in black and white. The first camera he installed looked just like a clock you hang on a wall. In order to tell that that there was a camera hidden along the two marking the twelve position, you would literally have to use a magnifying glass to discover it. Not only was it a camera, but it was in fact a working, full functioning, clock.

Nick hung the camera/clock along the front wall that would allow him to see directly into the shower and drying off area. He ran the simple wire and hooked it up to his computer monitor. Once he did this, Nick inspected his installation by sitting at his desk and was now looking straight into his shower. Nick picked up the second spy camera that was a picture of a Marine holding his M-16. It was a rather large picture and the camera hidden inside the painting was installed on the Marine's right boot. Incredibly designed and nearly impossible to visually detect, Nick hung the picture behind the toilet giving it multiple views. By placing the picture/camera behind the toilet gave Nick the view he wanted. There was a large mirror directly in front of the toilet and by installing the picture/camera where he did, Nick could see his target if they stood up to take a piss, or sat down. The image reflecting off the mirror only added to the camera's angle.

Once that was done, Nick hooked up the wire and watched his entire bathroom while seated in his office chair, showing every angle in perfect color. The last item he purchased was a tiny microphone that once installed, he not only could see everything inside his bathroom, but he now could hear everything as well. This was nothing more than a counter clock that once plugged into an electrical outlet and the wire was attached to his monitor, then his bathroom now offered sound to go along with being live and in living color.

Nick was proud of his new setup in his bathroom and now he had to put his plan together to get Josh to either take a shower, bathe, or simply, just use the bathroom. Nick's cock was harder than steel and he wanted to take it out and jack himself into a delirious Josh busting spermicidal explosion, but decided that it was still too early in the day to try something like that. Oh by the way, before I forget, Nick could also tape whatever took place in his private bathroom as well. And that's precisely what he intended to do!

Sometime later, Josh returned back to Nick's office after completing his assignment. Nick had him sit down, then said,

"Thanks for handling that for me, I knew I could count on you! Oh, before I forget, since you are now officially part of my office, let me show you something!"

Nick got up out of his chair hoping Josh wouldn't notice the tenting bulge created from his thick erection, or in more of a devious way, he kind of hoped Josh would notice. Either way, Nick led Josh into his private bathroom and once inside, Nick said,

"From now on, this is our bathroom so feel free to use it anytime!"

Josh had never seen so much elegance at one time. The bathroom was huge and so was everything in it. He walked over to the Jacuzzi tub and silently imagined himself soaking in it. Then Josh walked straight into the shower and marveled at all the shower heads and pristine tile coating the walls. Josh even took the time to look at the toilet which looked more like a throne than what it really was used for. Josh walked in front of the double sinks and looked into the large ten foot mirror. He was in total awe of the beauty this bathroom possessed. Josh then looked at the Sgt. Major and almost chokingly whispered,

"Holy shit, dear mother of God, I really can use this bathroom?"

Nick placed his right hand on Josh's left shoulder, then quickly stated,

"Anytime, anytime you want to! You don't have to ask, just do it!"

The next few days led Nick to even more of a frustration state of being cause Josh not once used the bathroom. Nick had even gone so far as to sniff the chair he had Josh sit in every time he came into his office. Then on about the fourth day, everything Nick had dreamed of came into being. Josh was sitting in the chair in front of Nick, and this was around midday, and excitingly whispered,

"Nick, I think I am going to find out what the huge Jacuzzi tub is all about!"

What Josh didn't know was that Nick had already had his cock out and was slowly stroking it while admiring the young Marine's complex beauty. When Nick's ears captured Josh's words, he just about shot a load into the air. He had just enough sense left in his mind to reply,

"Go ahead, it's our bathroom!"

No sooner than Josh had his back turned to Nick, Nick immediately hit the button to activate his bathroom to fill his computer monitor. He watched in awe as Josh entered the bathroom and closed the door, but Nick also noticed Josh didn't lock it either. Josh activated the water and slowly began to undress, starting with his boots, socks, camouflage top, t-shirt, camouflage bottom's and then, finally, was standing at the side of the tub just in his boxer shorts. Nick could clearly see that there wasn't a shred of hair on Josh's chest, nor his six pack waving stomach area.

Josh had no clue he was being spied on, much less filmed as he stepped in front of the large mirror and rubbed his hands all over his smooth chest. Nick peered into the monitor to see Josh's pale pink tiny nipples harder than a piece of steel. Josh turned to his right side to inspect his back, giving Nick further advancements to drool all over himself in excitement. The hand sliding up and down the thick shaft increased in tempo as Nick's heart pounded as if wanting to leap right out of his heavy breathing chest.

The scene changed a bit when Josh sauntered over to the tub to shut off the water. With pure excitement and quite a bit of relief, Nick's eyes widened as Josh's thumbs hooked his boxer's and slid them down his smooth mouth watering legs, and off each foot, leaving them to rest in peace on the floor. Nick could see, for the first time, Josh's uncovered butt. Calling it just a butt would not give Josh's butt justice. A perfectly molded bubbly tear drop shaped of pure heavenly perfection is more like it. The thin line separating the two profound creamy colored globes had the sharpest crease Nick had ever laid eyes on.

With all anticipation running its course through Nick's veins, Josh dipped his right foot in first, then added his left foot. When Josh turned to his left to sit down in the large tub, Nick got the fastest glimpse of Josh's flaccid cock. The image was so fast, Nick couldn't make anything out. So, as the pervert he had become, he locked the photo in place, then magnified it to cover the entire monitor. Once Josh's flaccid cock came into view, Nick almost shot his load immediately. Just like the rest of Josh, his cock too was just as perfect. Even though nick had magnified the image to its maximum size, Nick figured Josh's soft cock extended from his perfect body a good inch or two. Josh's cock is cut and the entire chunk of precious meat looked more like the shape of a torpedo.

Nick also discovered Josh's pubic bush, or better yet, pubic patch. It was in the color of a blondish brown and in the perfect shape of a small V. Nick could barely see the visual appearance of Josh's left testicle. From the enlarged image, it looked like it had no hair anywhere on it. From Nick's view point, he figured the left nut to be equivalent to the size of a ping pong ball. Nick roamed through and froze different shots of Josh, coming to the conclusion that Josh's flaccid cock was just about as thick as an adult thumb.

When Nick got his fill of the freeze frames, he returned back to the live action taking place in his bathroom. Josh was enjoying the jets of water soothing his body and had his head leaning all the way back against the built in pillow. Nick's right hand was peeling away at his cock, stopping just short of blasting the mother load. Josh soaked for a rather long time and Nick had built up quite a painful load. His aching balls felt like they were on the verge of exploding, but Nick wanted to wait for a special sight with Josh showing him either his delicious looking ass or his mouth watering cock. Either scene would be to Nick's delight!

Josh cut the jets off, then pulled the plug for the water to drain. Yet, he still remained in the laying position. Nick's heart raced even faster, impatiently awaiting for Josh to stand up and give him some sort of sperm spewing view. Nick was so absorbed in praying for Josh to stand up, he almost didn't notice what Josh was doing, or what it looked like he was doing. Nick strained his eyes and discovered that it looked like Josh was jacking his cock with his right hand. Just from the shoulder movements was all that gave Nick his impression, but then he looked and saw the look of pure bliss dashing across Josh's gorgeous young face.

The very tip of his dazzling pink tongue slipped out of Josh's mouth and his head twisted and turned, and so did his body movement. Nick, however, was completely frustrated as to not being able to see such a wonder. He had one more spy camera but figured he didn't need it, and now was not the time to have second guessed his sheer stupidity. While beating himself to death for his obvious mistake, Josh must have finished cause he stood up, giving Nick a complete frontal shot of his absolutely perfect body.

Nick's eyes fell onto Josh's soft cock and realized that he had two perfectly and equaled sized balls, both in the shape of a ping pong ball. They were not low hangers, nor did they withdraw close to his cock. I guess you could call them medium hangers. Nick slipped closer to the monitor and began clicking on the shot at hand, locking them forever to the memory of his computer. As Josh toweled himself off, Nick peered at Josh's nut sac and couldn't find a single parcel of hair anywhere. Either Josh shaved his balls or he just didn't have any hair growth. Either way, Nick was more than pleased to see the five star delicacy.

When Josh turned around to dry his back, Nick shot his load when Josh placed his right foot on the edge of the tub, allowing Nick's perverted eyes to catch a shocking glimpse of the most perfect rosebud of a hole known to mankind. Those perfectly solid little mounds separated, revealing the crack of cracks. Totally void of hair and creamy in color, Nick became enchanted at staring at Josh's exposed butt hole. Calling it a butt hole is not right either! More like a nearly invisible speck perfectly centered with no offering close to being brown is more like it! Nick had seen babies assholes that were larger than Josh's and the longer he peered into this magical marvel, the more of his piping hot cream filled the palm of his left hand.

After Josh toweled himself dry, he reached into his camouflage top and pulled out a tooth brush. Still naked, he walked up to one of the sinks and began brushing his teeth. With each passionate stroke of the brush, Nick dipped his tongue into his own love juice pretending it to be that of Josh's. By the time Josh had finished brushing his teeth, Nick had cleaned the palm of his sperm coated hand completely clean, drinking every ounce of his huge load, tugging his thick cock back into the confinements of his shorts.

When Josh came out of the bathroom, he sat in the same chair he always sat in. Still dazed at the scene of Josh and his perfect nude form, Nick decided to dwell a bit into Josh's personal life. Nick cleared his throat and asked,

"So Josh, what about a girlfriend?"

Josh quickly announced,

"Don't have one!"

Nick forced out a chuckle, then fired back,

"Come on now, you can tell me. I know you got some Philly in town servicing your every want and desire."

Josh smiled his heart stealing smile, then responded,

"Nope, aint got one!"

His southern draw resounded clearly into both of Nick's ears. His voice, his dialect, and his beauty was more than enough to stop any war known to the planet earth.

Pushing the matter a bit further, Nick said,

"With your looks and that perfectly molded body, I simply can't imagine some woman not wanting to suck you dry, shit, going a bit farther, tongue fucking your ass!"

Josh's smile never left his face as he slung his head from right to left while saying,

"Nope, only in my dreams, but never in reality! Those girls go after guys who are big, not someone as scrawny as me!"

Nick wanted to say just drop your drawers and I'll suck you forever and a day, but he was smart enough not to push the issue. Thinking of precisely what to say, Nick managed to squeal out,

"Well, I'm sure you got tons of people dreaming about you every single night, but I wouldn't worry if I were you, those things will happen, all in due time!"

Once their conversation ended and Josh waltzed out of the office, Nick couldn't wait to install the camera directly over the large tub. After unpacking the spy camera, Nick quickly ran into his bathroom, standing on the edge of the tub, and clipped the nearly invisible camera to the vent. Once he had the camera in place, Nick sat on the edge of the tub and peered at the tiny camera which looked like it was nothing more than a speck of dust. Now, completely satisfied as to his new camera's position, Nick connected the wire and sat back in his chair to ensure that he would now get a perfect view of inside the tub.

The next day was kind of busy, but you can bet your high horses Nick was doing everything possible to toss subtle hints Josh's way to take a bath. It was closer to late in the day when Josh walked in and blurted out,

"Nick, I think I am going to soak in the tub! Do you have to use the bathroom first?"

Even if Nick would have had to have pissed like a race horse, there was no way he would say or do anything to delay what he had been wishing for, so without having to think, Nick said,

"No, go ahead and relax a bit!"

No sooner had Josh closed the bathroom door, Nick had the computer monitor on and the tapes rolling, as well as his thick cock growing harder by the minute in his right hand. Josh was standing at the side of the tub waiting for the water to fill completely naked. Other than what I had already described earlier, Josh didn't do anything to curtail any further description. Nick was slowly jacking his beefy cock while licking his lips at the most beautiful body his eyes had ever seen. With Josh's every move, his one inch flaccid cock danced before Nick's perverted eyes. Nick did manage to lock a photo in place revealing Josh's smaller than average piss slit, which was tightly sealed.

With the cameras doing their job, the audible system picked up a slight humming come from the angelic voice of Josh. This only heightened Nick already feverish state as his hand began slamming his thick meat up and down, stopping just short of shooting his large load. With the jets of water activated, Nick could not get a clear shot of Josh's lower body, but he got a perfect view of Josh's gorgeous face as his eyes were closed and his head was resting on the pillow. Every now and again, Josh would lick his lips causing Nick to pucker his own lips as to suck in Josh's thin cherry colored lips directly from the monitor.

After about twenty or so minutes, Josh cut off the powerful jets and all Nick could do was wait for the water to settle down to get a unblemished view of the young Marine's mouth watering cock. For Nick, the water didn't seem to want to calm down, but as time went on, Nick could clearly see just why there was still so many waves. Josh's right hand was holding his cock and was pumping it up and down. Nick's heart pounded furiously as he jacked his meat while peering heavily into the monitor watching Josh work his own prized meat. Within a few short seconds, Josh gave Nick a birds eye view of his spine tingling erection. Josh, still completely unaware of the cameras, arched his hips upwards causing his rock solid cock to leave the realm of the warm water.

Nick studied the perfectly shaped missile protruding out of the water, magnifying the shot, taking still photos in the process. Laying flat on his back with his head on the pillow, Josh's cock looked like it was at least 6 inches long with no arch or bend anywhere on the creamy colored shaft. Nick's eyes didn't even see a vein anywhere on Josh's rock solid slender cock, but he did see a pearl drop of pre cum bubbling at the entrance of Josh's piss slit. Josh's cock was definitely slender having the girth about the size of a handle of a screwdriver. But, irregardless of the slender sized object of pure perfection, Nick wanted to eat Josh's cock with an over heated passion.

Josh grabbed his cock with his right hand then used his left hand to swipe the bubble of pre cum from his cock and Nick almost collapsed out of his chair when he saw Josh suck his pre cum coated finger into his own mouth while letting out a very low, but definitely, audible moan. Josh began pounding his prized meat with a vengeance while dipping his left hand under his balls, giving Nick the impression that he was fingering his unbelievably tiny speck of an asshole.

Nick was already passed the boiling point fighting back the pressing urge to fire his load, but he wanted to see Josh's protein filled sweetness first. Just after he thought about Josh shooting his load, Nick's mouth was open and drooling as he witnessed a thick chunk of Josh's white cream fly from his tiny piss slit, striking Josh directly above his left eyebrow. A second, third, fourth, and fifth stream of sperm missiles struck Josh all over his face, but Josh was still working his cock fast and furiously. Low grunts and a steady moan ricochet inside Nick's pondering ears as Josh pounded the last drop of cum from his slowly deflating cock. Nick's own cock exploded his thick cream into the palm of his left hand and he was just about to raise his cum soaked hand to his mouth when he saw Josh use his left index finger and began scooping up the cream from his face, shoving his sperm coated finger into mouth.

The left hand of Josh was still doing whatever just under his hairless balls as he swiped the dripping cream from his face, shoving his finger in his mouth each time. As the sperm covered finger entered Josh's mouth, Josh let out a low moan and Nick began stabbing his own tongue into the sperm that formed a large puddle in the palm of his left hand. While Josh was moaning at tasting his own love juice, Nick was moaning eating his, pretending it to be that of Josh's.

Josh got out of the tub and began toweling off while Nick was busy watching the beauty and slurping up his thick cream. Once again, Josh gave Nick a full view of his spread ass as he toweled himself off. If Nick had not been head over heels in lust with Josh before, he sure was now more than ever. Upon closer inspection of Josh's almost transparent butt hole, Nick confirmed his sick perversion by persuading himself to believe that there was no humanly way possible that something so perfect, so precious, and so flat fuck gorgeous, could ever do anything so natural as to take a shit!

As the days passed, the two Marines spoke more openly. More so, Nick. Nick tossed out the subject of gays in the Corps., just to see Josh's reaction, but there was none. Nick even went so far as to subtly mention anal sex, and once again, Josh offered no reaction. Josh never once seemed to offer any signs of rejection or signs of disgust, but he also never gave Nick any clues as to his possible interests on those topics either.

One day when Josh was soaking in the tub, Nick decided to try something a bit different. He knew he had a pretty thick cock, but he wanted to see if Josh would pay any attention to it if he walked right in and took a piss. So, with that being said, Nick knocked on the door and informed Josh he had to pee. Josh didn't have any problem with Nick taking a piss, since he was safely tucked away inside the large tub. Nick left the cameras rolling as he walked right up to the toilet and hauled out his meat. With the utmost intentions, Nick stood slightly to the left side of the tub, allowing Josh a full view from the side to peer upon his pissing cock if he so desired. Nick was unable to really see whether or not Josh showed any signs of interests, so he pissed and pissed, willing his cock not to get hard.

Once Nick was done, he sat down at his desk and hit the replay button. He saw himself pissing and then he saw Josh's entrancing blue eyes burn a hole onto his pissing fat cock. Nick viewed the photos and saw that before he walked in, Josh's cock was softer than soft, but once Josh's eyes fell upon Nick's cock, Nick watched in slow motion as Josh's sleeping cock awoke and became rock hard. By viewing all of this, Nick now had some hope of one day, hopefully in the near future, of not having to watch the videos of Josh, but actually make super hot love to his eternal fantasy lover.

As each day passed, Josh took more and more advantage of the tub and shower. Each time, you could take it to the bank that Nick was sitting at his computer jacking his thick cock into a sperm gushing explosion. By now, Nick had studied every square inch of Josh's perfect eye teasing body. Through time, Nick realized that Josh was literally hairless, including the small tuft of light blondish brown hair collecting under each of Josh's armpits. Nick also noted that Josh's belly button wasn't really a belly button...more like a couple of tiny thin lines bunched up where a belly button was supposed to be. Nick had watched Josh take a piss numerous times, but never did Josh ever take a dump, leading Nick to convince himself that much further that Josh was incapable of doing such a thing.

Every day when Josh was either in the tub or the shower, Nick always came up with the excuse that he had to piss. Each time, Nick intentionally angled his body so that Josh could get an eyeful of his semi flaccid hairy thick meat. Just like in the case of the very first time Nick took a piss showing his cock to Josh, Josh always made sure his eyes darted on the pissing chunk of meat just a mere few feet from where he was. After Josh took his bath or shower, the two would always sit in Nick's office and talk. It was always Nick who subtly brought up the topic of gay sex. As the days passed, Nick became more and more pressing with gay topics. During these times, Josh always wore a smile on his gorgeous face and never once seemed to shrug away from any of the gay conversations.

Things took a different twist beginning on a Thursday morning. Nick was out of his office doing an inspection for one of the platoons, leaving Josh alone inside the office. Like all young Marine's, Josh wanted to see what it felt like to sit in the chair of a living legend, not to mention, a full blown Sgt. Major. So, realizing he was the only one in the office at that time, Josh plopped his butt down in Nick's chair and began dreaming of what it would be like if he really was in this position. Everything was going fine until his left foot hit the keyboard of Nick's computer.

The dark monitor began to light up with a Marine Corps screen saver slowly appearing. Naturally, curiosity got the best of Josh so he began playing with the mouse, clicking on various icons. He struck the icon labeled "bath" and almost flipped right out of the chair. He watched as he could clearly see every square inch inside the large bathroom. Not only did he see the bathroom, but when he searched a bit further, he was now watching himself getting undressed. The more Josh watched himself on the screen, the harder his cock grew. He was also a bit bewildered to discover that the Sgt. Major had been filming his every move. Josh clicked on each of the still photos and grew even more excited to see that there were photos of his cock, his ass, and his entire body, magnified for a clear and perfect inspection.

Then, while viewing the photos, Josh realized that Nick always managed to slip some type of conversation about gays in every day, after he had taken a bath or a shower. Now, everything seemed to be falling into place. Nick showing him his pissing thick cock, the gay talks, and the transfer to Nick's office! Sgt. Major Nick Adams is gay! Not only gay, but it was clearly obvious that he had a major crush on him as well. Josh clicked each and every photo and there were tons of him in various positions. Josh wasn't angry in the least, he was now excited beyond belief. During all of these times, Josh had thought that the Sgt. Major had discovered his sexual secret. That being, he is gay!

But Josh just wasn't gay, he preferred things on the not so ordinary side of things. He wasn't looking for a lover, he dreamed of finding a master! Up to present day, Josh had only sucked a few cocks and had experienced anal sex only twice. Both times, the guys were much older than himself and really didn't have bragging rights to their cock size, but then again, Josh was smart enough to realize he didn't have any bragging rights either. Now that he knew what the Sgt. Major was up to, Josh's cock lunged inside his pants with the utmost aching of erections. His eyes had seen the man's cock take a piss and saw all the hair poking out for his obvious pleasure. Now that he knew what the Sgt. Major wanted, Josh had to find away to let Nick know without spoiling Nick's bathroom spy games.

That same afternoon, Josh intentionally waited for Nick to arrive at his office before he went inside the bathroom. Knowing now what he didn't know, Josh planned on giving Nick and eyeful. Nick was seated in his chair, bathroom cameras activated with cock in hand, watching Josh slowly undress. Stark naked, Josh cut on the water to the tub, spreading his legs farther than usual. Nick's hand pumped his cock hard as his eyes burned a hole onto Josh's displayed speck of a love chute. Nick could also see Josh's medium ping pong sized hangers as they dangled freely between Josh's silky smooth legs.

When the tub filled, Josh reached over and shut off the handles, the stood straight up and turned around. Nick almost fainted when he saw the most eye pleasing sight his eyes had ever seen. Josh's cock was rock hard standing straight out from his perfect body with no noticeable arches or bend anywhere. Obviously, Josh's cock was in the shape of a perfect torpedo and Nick was foaming at the mouth to taste such a mouth watering treat. Josh walked over to the sink, turned around facing the toilet and used his right hand to grab the creamy shaft and slowly began to pump the organ up and down.

Josh was leaning against the counter with his back slightly arched backwards, spreading his legs wide in the mean time. His left hand began cupping his balls, pulling them down towards the floor while squeezing the sac for dear life. Nick was way beyond fascinated as he intently watched things as they began unfolding before his very watery eyes. His ears caught the faint moans as Josh increased his speed on his cock. Being in total awe, Nick pumped faster and harder on his throbbing chunk of thick muscle, keeping both eyes locked onto the monitor, on Josh.

Though Nick was blind with lust, he couldn't believe his eyes as he watched Josh yank his balls harder and harder, twisting and turning, then slapping the blue colored nuggets hard up against his thighs. Nick sensed that Josh must have been getting pretty close from the way he was acting and moaning and scooted up closer to the screen. Just when Nick thought Josh was about to unleash his thick white honey sweet nectar, Josh yanked both hands away from his cock and balls. Josh walked over to his camouflage top and pulled out his toothbrush container. Josh then returned back to the same position, but this time he hiked his right leg up, laying his heel on top of the counter. Before Nick's very eyes, he watched as Josh took the base of his toothbrush and slowly slip it into the depth of his ass, leaving just the bristles to breathe fresh air. Josh grabbed his cock with his right hand and used his left hand to pursue the tugging and yanking on his beautiful balls.

Nick's cock was spewing pre cum by the gallons at what all his eyes were now viewing. Josh pounded his meat while torturing his balls, riding his ass up and down on the counter, fucking his toothbrush in and out of his ass. Nick's eyes were glued to the screen as Josh's cock exploded. Just before his cock shot out the first wave of thick white cream, Josh angled his cock upwards, leaving his mouth wide open. The first few volleys landed on Josh's upper face, then Nick saw two or three globs fly directly into Josh's open and twisting mouth. The grunts grew louder and Nick couldn't believe the amount of sperm Josh could fire, but never the less, Nick was hammering his own meat as if tomorrow would never come.

With the last of his sperm sliding down his heavy breathing chest, Nick gasped as he saw a huge chunk of sperm gliding down the tip of Josh's nose, forming a thick line leading straight into his lovely angel's mouth. Josh pushed his tongue out and forced it upwards to lick the sliding load of cream. Josh then began scooping his cream from his chest and stomach and shoved his sperm coated fingers into his mouth while letting out the most gracious of moans. Nick was already shooting his own wad into his palm and his mind gave him the delicacy of actually believing his mouth watered at the divine taste of Josh's young Marine love cream.

With the last of Josh's thick sperm cleaned from his body, Nick watched as Josh slowly pulled the toothbrush from his ass. The next thing Josh did caused Nick's cock to remain rock solid. When the toothbrush was out of Josh's ass, Josh slipped the handle of the brush into his mouth, closed his eyes, and moaned an angelic chorus not equal to any symphony, never heard by any ears, but Nick's!

When the show was over, Josh teasingly entered the soothing water and activated the jets, and patiently awaited for Nick to come in to take his ritual piss. After about ten minutes, the light knock was at the door with Nick saying he had to pee. Nick walked up to the toilet, raised the lid and hauled out his thick hairy meat. Nick was trying to force his piss when Josh devilishly whispered,

"Hey Nick, how come you never take a bath in here?"

Nick was still holding his flopping meat, looked over at Josh, then replied,

"I do, sometimes."

The longer Josh stared at the hanging meat slumped over Nick's hand, the more bolder he became. Tossing fate to the side, Josh said,

"You know, this huge tub is big enough for two people to comfortably fit!"

Nick stared at the water in the toilet, then replied,

"Is that an offer?"

Without any hesitation, Josh fired back,

"Yeah, I guess!"

Nick pondered the idea for a mere second realizing this was his chance to at least be naked in the same room with his angelic Adonis. Wasting very little time, Nick quickly got undressed. Josh watched as he saw Nick pull off his white t-shirt and could not help to notice the mass of fur covering the man's solid upper body. When Nick slipped his pants off, Josh saw more fur. Now, Nick was completely naked and Josh was definitely absorbing the scenery with full intent. Josh saw Nick's thick low hanging balls covered in layers and layers of dark curly hair. Nick's thighs were the same, covered in a thick forest of fur. But, the hanging uncut meat with a foreskin covering Nick's cock head, slung way over the head and dangled a good two inches forming a seal at the very end.

For Josh, this was the first uncut cock he had ever seen in person, other than in magazines or a porn movie. And the hair, oh yeah, all that hair turned him on beyond any of his wildest dreams. You see, Josh for whatever the reason, is basically hairless. His body hair just wont grow! But, his true desire was men who had tons of body hair, which Nick definitely has, as well as his infatuation with men who are much older than himself, to which, Nick was certainly older. Even soft, Nick's cock was nearly twice as thick as his own meat when fully hard.

Josh's eyes traveled up the thick fur until his eyes rested on the rugged face peering down on him. The man looking down on him was a pure legend, a hero many times over, and one of the most decorated Marines in the history of the Corps. Not only was this man looking down on him, but he was bare ass naked as well!

Nick felt his cock begin to grow, so he cordially stepped into the rather hot water and fought the searing heat to sink his body into the tub. Once his body adjusted to the temperature, all he could do was stare into Josh's tempting blue eyes and admire this young Marine's entire breath taking beauty. And beauty, Josh most certainly was, and is!

Josh couldn't keep his eyes on all that fur and felt his cock grow even harder than before. Looking at the Sgt. Major's weathered face, Josh realized for the first time that real beauty that this man possessed. Nick was truly a man's man, not to be misjudged by anything remotely close to feminine. Josh considered himself lucky to just be in the man's presence, not to mention knowing that this very same man had a rather fond liking of him as well.

As the two sat there, both thinking of something to say, both noticed the others erection. Josh couldn't believe just how thick Nick's cock was. Even at full mass, Nick's foreskin hovered over the bulging helmet shaped head. Josh inadvertently licked his lips, then blurted out with the utmost of angelic tones,

"Nick, I need to tell you something, and it's kind of hard, so please bare with me."

Nick just nodded his head in agreement. Josh spoke,

"I know the policy of don't ask, don't tell, but you see, I am one of those people, you know, gay people. All of my life, I was protected by very protective parents, raised deep in the country. I've messed around before with other guys, but to be honest, that really didn't do anything for me. Sure it felt great, but I have a few fetishes most guys run away from, or simply refuse to understand. For me, the kinkier the better. Being totally honest, I've never had anyone do anything what I really would like to do, but who knows, maybe someday!"

Nick politely asked,

"I can't imagine anyone not wanting to service you from head to, what in heaven's name do you want that others shy away from?"

Josh smiled the smile that would melt any heart, then softly replied,

"I prefer guys who are men, not dainty men, but real men! Older is for me, much, much older. And, I like them with hair, lots of hair! I guess you can say I have a man fetish as well as a hair fetish. The other thing that's hard to find, or at least I haven't found it yet, is that I like to be dominated, totally dominated. Forced to do whatever! Slung around like some rag doll, completely being dominated to no end, yet loving as well. I guess what I am hoping to find in a man is just a dream, but that's me in a nut shell, so what about you Nick?"

Nick was still flushed with every word that his ears absorbed. Everything Josh had said is everything he always dreamed of. Not only of, but doing! Nick's voice cracked as he spoke,

"I'm pretty much the same as you, having to live in another man's image. I've been gay all my life, but I don't get to enjoy it like most guys. I see myself in the mirror every day and the man I look at has been through a shit load. From the scars of battle to growing old, I know I am not the kind of guy that can waltz into a bar and have my pick of any man. I have come to live with that, after all, this is the life I chose."

Nick's head was lowered to the water as if he had just degraded himself beyond hell's eternal fire. Josh felt the man's sorrow and possible shame, but he truly didn't see the same man as Nick did. In fact, what Josh saw in Nick was something not many men could ever see, or hope to ever have. This man had survived many battles, not only just for himself, but he was a front line Marine, and that's what his reputation was all about. If shit hit the fan, unlike many people with his rank, Nick was right there fighting in all the blood and guts with his troops. He didn't sit safely far away running the show, this man was leading the charge every single time, and Josh knew all of this to be defiantly true!

Josh cleared his shaking voice, then whispered,

"Nick, what you see in the mirror is not what other people see, or at least, not what I see. I see a man who would rather die then let one of his troops get hurt. You call them scars, I call them beauty marks. You say lines of age, I call them lines of life! And Nick, you are wrong about having your pick of any man. You can point, and anyone would be honored to service you beyond your most wicked of dreams. I know I would faster than a heartbeat!"

Nick looked up, straight into Josh's shiny blue eyes, reached out his right hand to cup Josh's chin, then with the softest his raspy voice would allow, said,

"I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you. First it was pure lust, but now, I simply can't get you out of my mind. I was so devious and deceptive that I installed hidden cameras all around this bathroom so I could permanently keep a record of your intoxicating beauty. I know I was wrong, but your overwhelming beauty forced me to do such a perverted act. Not in my lifetime would I have ever thought that I would be sitting in a tub, naked with you naked on the opposite end. If my life ended right now, it would truly be complete!"

Josh leaned over and caught Nick off guard by slamming his mouth directly onto Nick's. No sooner had Josh's tongue slithered inside of Nick's mouth, Nick could taste Josh's sweet honey lingering cum. Nick's tongue dove into Josh's mouth and rolled around like a kid on a playground. For Nick, this kiss, especially this type of kiss, was his first. His previous gay encounters curtailed a quick suck winding up with him wearing out the other guys ass. But, the tongue slithering around inside his mouth, mixed with Josh's passionate moans, was something Nick could never have dreamed of, more so, actually doing.

While their tongues locked into a mad passionate binding, Josh crawled up Nick's wet body until his butt cheeks clinched onto the thick uncut hunk of prime beef pressing firmly against his flesh. Nick felt his cock as it struggled against the silky flesh and the fiery soothing skin belonging to his dream lover. Nick's moans joined in on the symphony as his hands slid and caressed Josh's wet, but silky smooth, back. Never had his tongue felt the interior of such a beauty, nor had it ever been allowed to taste the fresh saliva from another man, especially someone so young as Josh.

Nick's large calloused hands slid further down Josh's backside until both rested, more like gripped, the silky smooth unblemished ass cheeks of Josh. Those delightful mounds of young Marine flesh were solid and the rigid muscles retaliated against Nick's pressing grip, convulsing harder as his fingers dug harder into the silky flesh. When Nick's right index finger struck Josh's hairless super tiny asshole, Josh groaned heavily, sending waves of vibrations trickling down Nick's saliva sucking throat. Nick teasingly pressed his finger hard up against the super tight chute entrance while Josh dug his fingers into the sides of Nick's head.

Their tightly sealed lips broke their embrace and Josh began showering Nick's manly face with loving and long kisses, crossed with long loving strokes of his snake like tongue. Josh's ass was literally jerking Nick's cock into oblivion as the young Marine taunted the thick foreskin covered beast with teasing strides up and down his crack. Josh moaned at the thickness of Nick's cock and knew that if ever that thick beast entered his ass, he wouldn't be able to shit right for a month. But, it was Nick who honestly believed that Josh couldn't take a shit anyways, so in the eyes of Nick, he couldn't wait to feel the fiery heat he knew existed deep within Josh's anal highway.

The two sucked on each others tongues like two children fighting over a lollipop. Josh planted his cherry colored lips on Nick's for a quick peck, then softly whispered,

"Nick, is there someplace we can go?"

Nick returned the quick kiss, then hoarsely replied,

"Yes, my house!"

Josh couldn't wait to get out of the tub and dry off, but Nick was too far gone to allow that to happen, so he grabbed Josh by the hips and basically ordered,

"Not yet! No, not yet! Fuck my mouth and fuck it hard!"

Josh was torn with the desire to leave the office and get fucked by a real man and the urging need to blow his load, so he obeyed the Sgt. Major's command and stepped closer until his cock was sliding along Nick's forehead.

Nick had sat up and began using his tongue as a wash cloth on Josh's smooth hairless balls, coursing over each one while growling at the sensation those balls were giving him. With one easy scoop, Nick sucked both of Josh's nuts into his mouth and began sucking like he had never sucked before, but kept his eyes turned upwards to see what reaction his heavy sucking was doing to Josh. Josh was holding onto the wall and was biting his lips and moaning out of pure luxury. Nick clamped down even harder on the delicate nuggets and Josh moaned louder while bucking his hips back and forth.

Once Nick was somewhat satisfied in tasting Josh's balls, he let them slip out of his mouth only to be replaced with his left hand. Just like he had seen Josh do, Nick grabbed Josh's balls, squeezing them tightly and began pulling them down sort of hard. Josh only moaned as his hips bucked faster and faster. The slender cock sliding up and down Nick's head felt like it was burning a hole harshly into him. With his tongue already in the attack position, Nick began licking at the base of Josh's straining boner, working his way up to the beloved piss slit which was oozing pre cum by the bucket load.

Working his way up to Josh's piss slit, Nick got his first taste of Josh's pre cum, and oh what a taste it was. The pure elegance of melted chocolate startled Nick's every taste buds, creating more of a monster than he already was. His mouth opened and the slender silky like steel rod slipped easily all the way into his mouth. Nick took his right index finger and smeared it harshly against the dot better known as Josh's asshole. Josh groaned heavily as his hips began driving faster and faster, back and forth, pile driving his cock in and out of Nick's slurping mouth.

Sensing the need for some type of lubricant, Nick reached over and rubbed his finger onto the bar of soap. Once his finger was coated with the soap, Nick reapplied his finger back up against Josh's asshole and forced it inside the young Marine with one stealth shove. Josh almost screamed as the thick finger crawled up inside his rectum, but the feeling Nick's hand was giving his balls, not to mention Nick's mouth, conquered the temporary pain of the sudden intrusion. With his finger deeply rooting inside Josh's ass, Nick knew right then that this boy had one hell of a tight ass. Just as predicted, Nick felt the fiery scorching heat of Josh's anal canal burn the flesh right off of his exploring finger, but Nick didn't care about that in the least. He didn't care if his finger had skin, nor did he care about the muscle clamping pressure Josh's ass was choking his finger with. He wanted to taste the load this gorgeous young Marine could offer!

It finally came to the point that Nick was yanking on Josh's balls while squeezing the living hell out of them, but it seemed the harder he yanked and the harder he squeezed, the more turned on Josh seemed to get. Nick's finger was digging away inside Josh's ass while Josh was doing as instructed, and that is, fucking Nick's mouth like a wild man. With each forward thrust, Josh could feel Nick's nose being crushed by his own pubic region. Josh pounded his meat hard and heavy into Nick's mouth while his balls were being lovingly torn out of the sockets and his ass being finger fucked like a runaway freight train.

Though Josh didn't want to, he just simply couldn't help it. His cock exploded a sperm fountain, shooting rapidly inside Nick's hungry mouth. Nick felt the first wave as it blasted the inside of his mouth, followed by numerous jets of steady thick cum. Josh never missed a beat as he pumped his sperm shooting cock in and out of Nick's mouth while Nick felt every anal muscle converge around his pile driving finger. Blast after heavy thick blast splashed into Nick's cock fucked face, and the more Josh shot, the more Nick wanted. Nick felt the puddle of sperm building in his mouth, but that didn't stop him from trapping the precious liquid so that he could cherish the honey taste while slowly sampling Josh's thick cream.

Like in every case, all good things must come to an end, so be that said, Josh's cock shot itself into a limp state. But, Nick sucked Josh's cock harder than ever, forcing his finger to hasten its already fast pace inside the young Marine's ass while increasing the pressure on Josh's bluer than blue nuts. Josh's body began shaking like a falling leaf as the somewhat tickling sensation of having his shriveled up cock being sucked on so aggressively. With Josh's limp cock still inside his mouth, Nick tasted Josh's cum for the first time. Just like he had dreamed of, the taste was absolutely divine, sending chills racing up and down his spine. The more Nick sipped on the precious life giving seed, the more he noticed that there wasn't a shred of salt taste to be discovered. Josh's cum was just thick and heavenly sweet, and that's all there was to it!

Nick sucked Josh's cock until the last remnants of Josh's addicting cum was safely tucked away somewhere inside his stomach. Then and only then did Nick allow Josh's sensitive cock to slip free from his mouth, but not until after Nick placed a few loving kisses on the lifeless beauty first. It was after the last kiss was placed on Josh's cock did Nick slide his literally slow cooked, muscle crushed, finger from Josh's ass. Then he allowed Josh's balls to breathe by removing his ball busting hand. Josh was flustered from head to toe as he leaned against the wall trying in vain to capture his breath.

Without a doubt, Josh felt his sore hole, but his balls felt better than ever. He looked down into the water and Nick's raging erection as it was looking straight up at him. Had it not been for all the foreskin, Josh would have been able to come eye to piss slit firsthand. While Josh was admiring the thick monster, Nick worked his body up until he was sitting on the very edge of the tub. Once Nick was in somewhat of a comfortable position, he grabbed Josh's left wrist with his right hand, then ordered,

"Show me what good little cock sucker you are! Suck the very thing that's going to stretch your tasty ass wide open!"

Josh loved the way he was being ordered and immediately sank to his knees, gripping the thick cock with both hands and began licking up and down the seven inch slightly veiny, but harder than steel, shaft. Josh worked his tongue and mouth up to the flap of skin dangling a good two inches from the angry skin covered knob. Parting his lips, Josh sucked the flapping skin into the oven restraints of his mouth, causing Nick to bellow out in more of a bear like growl. Finding the opening of the skin, Josh slipped his tongue inside and began the joyful task of slithering between the silky flesh to find its truer target.

Nick placed both hands around the back of Josh's head and gave him the hint to open up and swallow some man beef. Josh did just that as his tongue scooped up a massive amount of Nick's pre cum. Once the taste of Nick's pre cum entered Josh's mouth, Josh knew right then, he was hooked. Tossing caution into the wind, Josh struggled, but manage to swallow a good thick four or so inches into his overly cock stuffed mouth. Josh let his left hand reach down and cup the two hairy and low hanging giant nuggets. They felt heavy as hell as Josh rolled them around the palm of his extended open hand.

While Josh was choking on the thick meat inside his mouth, he felt around Nick's balls and came to realize that these hefty hangers had to be the same size as tangerines. They were huge and perfectly matched with the girth of the cock stretching the interior of his mouth, both perfectly covered in a thick forest of wet fur. Nick was helping Josh bob his head up and down on his cock, saying things like,

"Suck that cock bitch! Suck that mother fucker! Oh yeah, baby, suck daddy's cock!"

The more that Nick spoke, the more turned on Josh became and wanted nothing further than to please Nick like he had never been pleased before. Josh wanted to be degraded, dominated, forced to do anything, though be it, he was more than willing. Josh released the thick cock and slid his fingers into the thick forest spewing between Nick's legs. His fingers fought through the wet hair until his fingers found Nick's puckering asshole patiently waiting to greet his exploring fingers. Oh how he loved all that hair and Josh wanted to play with every square inch of the fur that coated Nick's thick body.

The more Josh touched, the more he wanted! His mouth ached from being filled with thick cock, but his mouth would just have to suffer cause he wanted to use his mouth, and only his mouth, to work Nick into a sperm erupting frenzy. And that's precisely what he did. When Nick grunted and squeezed the back of his head, the thick cock got even thicker and Josh knew that the time had come for his mouth to feel some real man juice. When the first sperm torpedo rocketed out of Nick's cock, it struck Josh in the back of the throat, almost forcing him backwards from so much velocity.

Josh hung in there and prepared himself for the powerful thick globs to explode inside his already overly stuffed mouth. Round after round, Nick fired sperm missiles with the greatest of power into Josh's mouth, and Josh moaned in delight as each powerful spurt shot like a bullet, striking everywhere inside his rapidly filling up mouth. Nick held Josh tightly onto his cock while Josh began toying with Nick's puckering pucker hole. Josh never skipped a beat with Nick's nuts either as he rolled each one into a sperm offering devotion.

Josh could easily tell that Nick's cream was not only hot, but it was thicker than thick and from the amount of sperm firing into his mouth, this man could fill up a dairy bottle. Josh had no choice but to start swallowing or the thick juice would begin salivating out of his mouth. The taste was pure, not bitter, nor overly salty, but just right. Josh began gulping down the thick seed while letting his noises echo onto Nick's still erupting cock.

As the last bit of Nick's thick cream departed his cock, then and only then did Josh use his right hand to slide the flesh back and gingerly lick the gaping piss slit still showing signs of more delicious sperm. Nick's cock head was too sensitive, but he knew a turnaround on fair play was justified, so he let Josh have his fun and lick the sensitive head and tingling piss slit. Nick's once rock solid bone, now slowly was deflating back to its flaccid state, but that didn't prevent Josh form molesting the creature with his tongue and mouth some more.

Nick just simply couldn't take Josh's tongue and mouth action anymore and forced Josh to stop. Josh looked like a whipped little boy who just had his favorite toy taken away from him for punishment. Nick grabbed Josh's face with the gentlest of touches and leaned forward until their lips sealed around one another. Now, they both tasted each others seed and was now tasting themselves as well.

As their kiss broke, Nick announced he had to pee, and that wasn't a deceitful act either. Nick thought his bladder would explode at any time now. He forced himself to stand and just before he started to step out of the tub, Josh spun around placing his back closer to where the drain is, opened up the tub's drain, then said,

"Feed me master, please!"

Josh had never done this before, but then again he had never been with such a real man before either. All of his closed eyes fantasies was standing directly in front of him and drinking someone's piss was something he had read about, watched on porn, but never really thought he could ever go through with it. The words just flowed from his mouth before his mind had time to catch up, but when Nick turned around and was holding that chunk of prime beef in his hand, Josh knew that he would soon be getting what he just had asked for...a mouthful of boiling hot man piss!

Never in a trillion years could any of his wildest fantasies prepared him for what was about to happen. Josh's eyes got wider as Nick inched his way up his seated body, straddling his frame with his large feet, holding such an impressive weapon in his right hand. As Nick got right up to Josh's face, he barked,

"Open your mouth wide, piss boy! You want daddy's piss, so take it like a good little boy!"

Josh closed his eyes in anticipation of the hot piss, but Nick harshly stated,

"Open your eyes! I want to see the look in your eyes as my piss floods your cock sucking, piss drinking, mouth!"

Josh did as instructed as his body shook feverishly. Nick positioned his soon to be pissing cock within a fraction of an inch from Josh's wide open mouth. Nick skinned back his foreskin giving Josh a close up view of the pink warrior like helmet that possessed a crown no king had ever worn.

Built beyond anticipation, Josh soon got what he asked for. Nick felt the warm rush of his hot piss as it literally exploded from his piss slit like an overdue volcano. The piping hot piss stream fired directly into Josh's open mouth, allowing some to force its way down his throat. Josh quickly gagged from the force and the slightly bitter taste, but the hot piss stream didn't let up, coating Josh's face with hot piss. Josh could vaguely hear the command,

Open your fucking mouth, my little bitch!"

Josh forced his pee tasting mouth wide open and more of the hot liquid rushed in and down his throat. Josh felt like he was about to throw up, but the pissing cock was relentless with its liquid assault. The faster he tried to force himself to swallow, the faster the piss flooded his mouth, making him to express a gargling sound. Just to endure Josh got a mouthful, Nick raised his cock and began pissing all over Josh's gorgeous face. Nick had never done this before, but if the truth be known, just like Josh, he had always wanted to.

When Nick saw the mouthful of piss disappear down Josh's throat, he aimed his cock back into Josh's mouth and delivered some more until his piss started to splash out of the young Marine's mouth. Josh forced the piss down his throat with deep gulps, and with each gulp, getting that much more excited to what he was actually doing, and to whom he was doing it with. Nick grunted and stained until only droplets of piss remained in which he rubbed his cock head along the lips of Josh's perfectly formed wide open circle of a mouth.

By the time the last bit of piss was sliding down his throat, Josh felt like he had just eaten himself causing his stomach to feel bloated. The other thing he noticed was that his cock was harder than a chunk of metal the entire time. That's when he told himself that drinking Nick's piss wasn't bad, not bad at all, in fact, Josh couldn't wait until Nick had to pee again, and use his mouth as a piss bucket.

Josh, with Nick's assistance, managed to stand on wobbly legs. Nick stepped out of the tub first, followed by Josh. They were both standing there with Josh's erection begging for attention. Now, it was Josh's turn having the need to empty his bladder. As he walked over to the toilet, Nick quickly asked,

"What are you fixing to do?"

Without looking, Josh replied,

"I need to pee!"

Nick lightly yelled,

"Wait, not there! Come here my gorgeous little bitch. It's your turn to quench daddy's thirst!"

Nick had already told himself, as well as honestly believed, that Josh's piss would taste something like hot lemonade. In his lust filled and perverted mind, Nick had convinced himself with an undying trust that Josh was incapable of offering any foul odor or any disgusting taste whatsoever.

Nick walked into the wide shower and sat down with his mouth already wide open. Josh loved the way Nick talked/belittled him, but more so, how Nick always wanted to do whatever was necessary to please him. Josh, still with an erection, walked into the shower and stood directly over Nick who was patiently waiting with his mouth stretched wide open. Josh forced his hard cock downwards until his cock head was almost inside Nick's mouth. Willing beyond all wills, Josh strained to force his bladder to unlock and his cock to grow soft. There was no doubt in Josh's mind he had to piss, but his hard cock fought against him the entire time he was straining.

Then, like a secret combination locked had been unlocked, Josh's still hard cock spewed the tiniest portion of his piss straight into Nick's mouth. As the little amount of piss slipped down Nick's throat, he moaned loudly as the taste of Josh's hot piss shook his body into a rapid successions of steady convulsions. It was far better than he could have ever imagined and the taste was something that was out of this world. Hot, super hot and according to Nick's taste buds, there was not a single shred of evidence indicating that what would soon come, would be bitter in the least. Josh's piss just tasted too good and Nick sat there craving for the rest to drown his throat.

Nick didn't have to wait too long as drop after drop began to spew out of Josh's slowly softening cock. With each drop, Nick moaned in feverish delight until the gates of Josh's bladder opened, gushing powerful jets of sweet hot piss straight into his wanting mouth. Nick kept his eyes gazing upwards to the beauty who was offering his delicious hot piss while keeping his throat open to swallow as much, if not all, of the unique and exciting fresh hot liquid straight from the most gorgeous guy any eyes could ever lay witness too.

Josh held onto the shower wall while aiming his pissing cock into Nick's mouth. It felt weird to piss into someone's mouth, but also, it felt erotically exciting as well. Josh pissed and pissed until only a few sprinkles remained here and there. Nick didn't gag once, instead, sunk his lips around Josh's crown of his cock head to ensure he captured every ounce of the heavenly tasting liquid. As the last trickle of piss exited Josh's cock, Nick started using his tongue to properly bathe Josh's cock. In not time, no time at all, Josh's cock grew angrily erect.

Without having to be told, Josh began pumping his meat furiously in and out of Nick's mouth, slamming his nuts extremely hard into Nick's chin. Nick's large hands draped Josh's bucking ass cheeks, forcing Josh to fuck Nick's face harder and harder with each and every flesh pounding thrust. While Nick's left hand found a home on Josh's ass cheeks, his right hand slipped between Josh's spread legs and began swatting Josh's balls with every thrust. Josh cried out as he felt the first thunderous blow land directly on his swinging nuts. Then the second, the third, followed in repetition with each thrust. The swats got heavier and so did Josh's moans.

Within two or three minutes, Josh's cock fired a pretty large volley of sperm rounds into Nick's well fucked mouth. Nick sucked and sucked while digging his fingers into Josh's ass cheeks and slapped away at the free swinging hairless nuggets with a vengeance. When the last drop of sperm left his rapidly deflating cock, then and only then, did Nick start the delicious task of swallowing the cream that Josh had just gave him. With each little gulp, Nick moaned ever so loudly as to the rich and vibrant taste of pure honey. With no sperm to swallow, Nick sucked desperately on Josh's cock begging for more, but Josh was too spent, or at least, for right now to offer anything else but his angelic moans.

Nick released, though be it reluctantly, Josh's cock and the two of them took a well needed shower. Both were anxious to leave the office and continue their sexual assault over at Nick's house. While taking their shower, neither mentioned what had just taken place, but both of their minds replayed everything as to just what had taken place. Josh peeked over at Nick who was washing his hair and looked at the semi hard thick cock that was swinging with Nick's every move. As Josh stared at the thick cock, he realized then that when the time came for him to feel that cock go up his ass, without a doubt, he would definitely feel every square thick inch of it, and then some.

As the two entered Nick's vehicle, both elevated to heightened sexual lust, Nick looked over at Josh, smiled, then hoarsely whispered,

"I can't thank you enough for having sex with me! You have been in my every thought since the moment these worn out eyes saw your beauty!"

Josh smiled back, then replied,

"It is I who should be giving all the thanks! Everything we've done so far has been more than I could have ever imagined in my dreams. When we get to your house, promise me you will do with me as you wish! Use me like I am a slut! Punish me as you see fit! Call me any name you wish! Just be yourself and let your sexual emotions run wild...I know mine will be!"

Josh had never been on this side of the base before and was stunned to see where Nick lived. They turned down a twisting dirt road and came upon a house sitting in front of some thick woods. Being who Nick was, he pretty much had his choice of base housing. Naturally, he picked the one house that was secluded and offered the utmost privacy. It was just a one story home, but it had four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Basically, being a base house, it was by no means a home you would ever see on television. It was about as plain as plain could get.

Nick pulled up into the drive and quickly placed his vehicle in park. Both Nick and Josh's hearts were pounding heavily in anticipation of things to come. Josh was petrified knowing that soon, his asshole would be stretched wider than ever before and the pain would be there to let him know as a reminder just how thick Nick's cock really is. No sooner had Nick opened the door when he spun around and stated,

"That's far enough sissy boy, get your fucking clothes off, NOW!"

Josh tore out of his clothes while Nick took his time to undress out of his own attire. Josh was standing in the corridor buck naked awaiting Nick's commands with a very throbbing erection twitching from excitement. Nick left Josh standing there as he walked down the hall. When Nick returned, he placed a thick studded leather collar around Josh's neck, then attached a long leather leash. Silently, Josh was craving for more. This was what he wanted. To be used and forced to do whatever. Degraded far beyond any human standards and treated like a slave with no rights to say or do anything.

Nick led Josh into the living room holding the leash, and once inside, Nick yanked the leash forcing Josh to literally fall over the backside of the sofa. Before Josh had a chance to catch himself, Nick had already grabbed Josh's right leg and placed it over the top of the sofa while kicking his left ankle to push it further outwards. Josh's hands were clutching onto the cushion of the sofa and before he knew what was happening, Nick was on his knees behind him using those large calloused hands to yank open his exposed ass cheeks.

Nick spread those lovely mounds wide apart and quickly began sliding his tongue up and down Josh's smooth silky ass crack. Faint moans stifled from Josh's lips as the wet tongue creased his crack, stabbing his hole in the process. Nick used his tongue to drill away at the tiny speck of a butt hole while digging his fingertips into Josh's creamy butt flesh. Nick, totally consumed, dug his thumbs into Josh's ass crack, near the young Marine's love hole, and forced the honey fresh cheeks to reveal what lays inside the tiniest asshole on the planet earth. The vision of pure pink unfolded before Nick's very eyes as his tongue slithered inside Josh's pink sweet aromatic tunnel.

Josh cried out as Nick's tongue fought to conquer the rights of his chute as it battled its way deeper and deeper up his canal, forcing his body to tremble like crazy. Nick's nose was digging into Josh's ass crack, inhaling the fresh soapy scent mixed with something like a mild baby powder aroma. Even his tongue tasted Josh's ass juice, and to Nick, it was the taste of all tastes. Not foul, or anything remotely close to it, instead, sweet and boiling hot. The deeper Nick's tongue entered Josh's chute, the more Josh's ass muscles attacked the slithering invader.

Nick felt the muscles coil around his tongue, sucking his anal intruding tongue deeper and harder into Josh's aphrodisiac like tunnel. Josh's moans sent goose bumps all over Nick's body as the precious sounds were sounds only angels could sing. The more Josh moaned, the more eager Nick was to properly dine on the young Marine's incredible ass. Nick ate Josh's ass until he thought his tongue was going to fall off.

Slipping his anal canal scooping tongue from Josh's ass, Nick grabbed the leash and yanked it rather hard, forcing Josh to follow without having the need to think. Nick looked down and saw Josh's straining erection with a fairly large pearl drop of pre cum spewing at the piss slit. Taking the leash into his right hand, Nick used about two feet of the leather leash and struck the top portion of Josh's cock. Once the leather strap attacked Josh's erection, Josh almost crumbled to his knees from the suddenness of the crack of the leather on his cock.

Two, three more heavy strikes of the leather leash fell upon Josh's cock and Nick bellowed,

"Don't you dare think you are going to cum without me telling you when to cum! Got that, sissy boy!"

Josh nodded his head, but apparently that wasn't what Nick had in mind, so he used the leash to land four sharp blows to Josh's throbbing cock. Nick didn't have to say anything else for Josh screamed out,


Even from the pain on his cock, Josh felt as though he was in heaven. Yeah, the leather leash on his cock hurt like a mother fucker, but in Josh's eyes, it hurt so awesomely good! Leading the way, Nick held the leash tight and forced Josh to follow him. Never having been in Nick's house before, Josh had no clue as to the layout of the home, but at this point, he honestly didn't care. His eyes locked on to the mass of fur leading the way.

When they entered one of the bedrooms, Josh's eyes lit up like a Roman candle. The room was emptied from all the normal bedroom accessories, but it was filled with Medieval looking punishment/pleasure devices. Nick led Josh up to a carpeted platform and once standing upon it, Nick used the leather cuffs to restrain each of Josh's wrists. Josh's arms were stretched way over his head, straight up from his shoulders. Once he was in place, Nick used the bottom restraints to restrain Josh's ankles. Now, Josh was standing there, completely helpless and his legs were stretched far beyond shoulder length apart. Nick stood up and placed a thickly padded blindfold over Josh's eyes leaving Josh to total darkness.

Josh's heart was racing faster than time, not from fear, but from the pleasures that will soon be reality. In his dreams, he had always wanted to be the object of someone's desire in a room just like this, and now he was. Nick's fetish is simple. He likes to use his toys to force men into submission, though up until now, he only used this room once with a willing stranger.

Taking his time, Nick placed a ball separator around each of Josh's balls, attaching the leather padded locking device around the very base of Josh's cock, then secured it rather tightly. Josh felt his balls being separated from the leather straps, forcing each delicate one to protrude from the sac, pushed away to either side. Josh's cock was harder now than ever before as the silky flesh strained against the ball separator for more room, but there was none.

Josh was unable to move when he felt something clamp down on his left nipple, then his right. It felt like metal biting away at the very tip of his nipples as if trying to pop them as if they were a pimple or something. The sharp pain shot through Josh's body like a jackknife, forcing his mouth to exhale wind and groans.

Nick reached into his bag of goodies and retrieved a small leather paddle about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It had a long handle, so Nick raised the weapon and brought it down sharply just above the bridge of Josh's erect cock. Josh groaned ever so loudly as the pain ricochet throughout his body. Then, Josh got a sickening feeling inside his stomach as Nick began to take turns striking each protruding testicle. The swats were rather light, but the feeling of something slap his balls gave Josh the quick impression that he would soon throw up. But, after the fourth swat, Josh felt something completely different. A feeling that he was finally free as his balls kept on sending sweet chimes to his brains and he inwardly didn't want Nick to stop doing whatever he was doing to his balls.

After some time, Nick stopped whipping Josh's balls, watching clearly the most beautiful cock act like a faucet and spew globs and globs of pre cum, forming a trail from Josh's piss slit to the carpeted platform. Seeing this, Nick knew Josh was enjoying the treatment and decided to further the young Marine's pleasure.

Grabbing a leather strap, Nick stepped in behind Josh, groped the boy's ass, then swung his right arm outwards, landing the leather strap sharply onto Josh's right butt cheek. Josh screamed with envy as the pain shot up his body, sending chills all over his back. Each sweet butt cheek was whipped into a frenzy, leaving the large red whelps to rise up on display. Nick took turns spanking Josh and eating his nectar tasting asshole out for a rather long time. Josh was just hanging there, dripping wet from his own sweat, mind racing far away from his restrained body.

Nick placed the leather strap onto the floor then knelt in front of Josh. Taking in the sweet sweaty aroma, Nick shoved his nostrils up against Josh's sweaty spread balls and began using his tongue to absorb the sweet sweat from each one with long loving strokes. Josh's restrained body quivered as Nick's tongue circled each nut, using his lips to suck on the varied colored protruding testicle. After licking and sucking each sweaty nut clean, Nick licked all around Josh's throbbing manhood, moaning as the honey tasting pre cum found its way inside his mouth.

Josh was besides himself with torment as the heat from Nick's breath slow cooked his aching cock. Nick licked all around Josh's cock head before allowing the tasty rod to sink all the way into his mouth. With the slowest of efforts, Nick bobbed his head back and forth, slithering his tongue all around the sweet tasting shaft. Josh could feel his cum boil, but he knew better than to unleash his thick load, so he fought against himself not to feed Nick his sperm.

When Nick felt Josh's cock go into convulsions, he used the fingers on his right hand to flip across Josh's bulging restrained nuggets, causing Josh to exhale from the stomach wrenching strikes on his balls. Between Nick's flicking of his balls and seemingly nut crushing grip, the feeling of having to shoot his load suddenly decided to go away, leaving Josh torn between the pressing need to shoot his wad, and the pleasure torturing his balls.

While Nick was sucking on Josh's cock, he applied a weight to the clasp of the ball spreader. Without being able to see, Josh felt his balls being literally pulled towards the floor. It hurt like hell, but it also hurt ever so good. It seemed that every time Josh took a breath, the object forcing his balls towards the floor got heavier and heavier. With the weight securely fastened, Nick focused on sucking Josh's cock with the slowest of torment while using his hands to grip and slap Josh's already bright red ass cheeks.

Each time Nick felt Josh's cock expand, he quickly slapped Josh's stretched and restrained balls. Josh was not only sweating profusely from the questionable pain, but he was pouring sweat from having his every fantasy come true as well. With each downward stroke of Nick's mouth, Nick's large hands got heavier and heavier on Josh's ass cheeks. With each slap, his balls began swaying from side to side from the object pulling on his balls. The more he moved, the harder they swayed, and the more pressure was seemingly being applied to each one.

Josh was to the point of pure unadulterated whimpers as the lips and mouth on his cock tormented him beyond any of his wildest expectations. Nick was in gay heaven as he continued to suck the flesh off the prettiest cock known to mankind, not to mention, the sweetest as well.

Though Nick certainly wasn't full of Josh, he felt it was best to untie Josh and reposition the young Marine in another way. Once Josh's hands were free, they felt like they too had weights applied to them. His arms felt extremely heavy as he felt Nick remove the ankle restraints, then give his leash a sharp tug. Nick helped Josh off the platform, still keeping the gorgeous hunk of young meat blindfolded, raising a glass of water up to his lips. Josh drank like a camel dying of thirst, feeling the weight of his balls being pulled hard and heavily towards the floor.

After he drank his fill of water, Josh followed the tug of the leash. Blinded in darkness, Josh carefully placed one foot in front of the other. With each cautious step, the object on his balls swung sharply, striking the inside of his thighs, adding even more pressure. Josh didn't speak, nor did Nick, but Nick had stopped and so did Josh. With the most loving of touches, Josh felt Nick's large hands roam his body while those two manly lips kissed his upper body with all the love in the world.

Blinded and following Nick's orders, Josh found himself bending over some form of a padded sawhorse. The padding felt soft and leathery up against his stomach as his wrists were secured to his ankles. Though Josh couldn't see exactly what it was he was bending over, just by the feel he thought that it must have been at least a foot wide. He was in a very awkward position, but yet, it was comfortable as well. His right wrist was secured to his right ankle, then his left wrist was secured to his left ankle. Once Nick finished securing Josh's wrists and ankles, Josh felt a thick piece of padded leather stretch across his back and levered down to secure him tightly into position.

Josh could still breath somewhat easily although his back was bound, preventing any form of his upper body from moving. Then Josh felt something cold attach itself to his left knee, then his right, forcing his legs to open wider, locking them securely into position. His cock and balls were forced behind him, aiming his cock straight towards the ground while separating his balls that much more, if that could ever be possible.

Then, Josh felt a thick and soft pad being applied to his forehead. If things couldn't get any worse for Josh, Josh's head was forced backwards and whatever the thing on his forehead was, it was now locked into position, causing his head to be restrained upwards, as well as slightly backwards. The only part of Josh he was able to move were his fingers and toes, everything else was locked down.

The silence of the room was eerie and so was Josh's new found position. The more he thought of his wicked position and all that was happening, the harder his erect cock throbbed with excitement. Nick's raspy voice cracked the silence causing a chill to raise every hair on his nearly hairless body,

"Suck my cock, you little fucking slut! Suck me like you want it or I'll shove the mother fucker down your throat!"

Josh's mouth was already open when he felt the thick skin covered head slide between his lips. Instinct of being a natural born cock sucker took over as Josh began sliding his tongue under the foreskin and stabbing at the pre cum gushing piss slit.

Josh knew Nick could have easily choked him with that thick cock, instead, only shoved about two or three inches into him with each thrust of his hairy hips. Nick cried out,

"Yeah that's it baby...Suck daddy's cock! Suck it pussy boy...Suck it like you want it!"

While Josh had no choice but to suck Nick's cock, Nick had a riding crop in his right hand and was now raising his hand to deliver some wallops to the young Marine's unaware ass cheeks. With the first sting of the crop, Josh whimpered loudly, but the thick cock riding in and out of his mouth stifled his cries.

As the crop struck his tender ass cheeks, Josh felt as though someone applied honey to his ass and freed a nest of killer bees who were now pissed off and stinging his ass with a sheer vengeance. Not only did he have a mouthful of cock and his ass was on pure fire, but his balls began swinging back and forth, forcing the already heavy weight to get that much more heavier.

Nick toyed with Josh's mouth by using his thick cock to slap him in the face, then shoved his hairy nuts onto Josh's tongue. Josh was electrified with this new venture as he soon discovered that he wanted to arch his ass towards the striking crop. His tongue went ballistic on Nick's balls and cock and he silently craved for Nick to fuck his face until his thick load wet his drying/thirsty throat.

Slap after slap coursed across Josh's ass cheeks, some landing directly on his crack and begging asshole. By the soft purrs Josh was making, Nick knew the boy loved every minute, and without mentioning, so did Nick. Nick pursued his oral attack on Josh, calling him names and degrading him beyond your wildest imaginations. But, Josh loved every second of all that was happening, and no matter what, silently prayed for more.

Nick fucked his cock in and out of Josh's mouth until he felt the need to choke the boy with his cum, but decided it best to hold off a bit longer. After all, there was still much to do! The thick cock fucking his mouth slipped out, forcing a popping sound as it exited Josh's mouth. Josh's tongue was stabbing at the air inwardly begging for more of Nick's appetizing cock. Nick walked in behind Josh and placed a small stool directly in behind Josh's bright red ass.

Now seated, Nick stabbed Josh's sweaty asshole with tongue, tasting the divine honey while embellishing in the natural sweet aroma of Josh's pure and perfect ass. All Josh could do was groan as the tongue entered his ass and was now churning away inside his anal canal. Nick used his hands to steadily grip and swat Josh's sweaty ass cheeks, creating more fire upon Josh's already tormented cheeks.

While Nick was eating Josh's ass and swatting his butt cheeks, Nick began stroking Josh's throbbing cock with his left hand. With each upwards stroke of his cock, the knuckles of Nick's hand struck his straining balls with a resounding thud. Between the weight, Nick's knuckles, and his built up sperm, Josh thought his balls were literally going to explode from his sac. Nick jacked on Josh's cock and each time he felt it expand, he let his hand fall from the pulsating slender hunk of pure prime beef.

Nick continued this form of sexual attack for a long, long time...preventing Josh from spewing his load and listening to the whimpers turn into cries. When Nick pulled his tongue out of his ass, Josh felt a ting of emptiness, but that soon was replaced by something else. Nick had pulled out a small vibrator and was now gently inserting the torpedo shaped object up Josh's retaliating canal. It was only four inches long, but from Josh's moans and groans, you would have thought it would have been 10 inches long and as wide as a traffic cone.

Once the vibrator was all the way up Josh's tight canal, Josh felt the straps being applied around his hips. Now, the vibrator was vibrating full force and was being locked inside his ass. It felt as though his entire body was being massaged from the inside out, but the burning sensation of having something invade his chamber was yet another matter.

With everything in place, Nick began hooking up the wires. Josh had no clue as to what would happen next, but he did know that he wasn't feeling Nick's hands any longer. Just the pleasure of the vibrator vibrating his ass into a burning frenzy was all he truly felt. Nick had picked up the small stool and placed it in front of Josh, then sat down, holding the controller in the palm of his left hand. Taking in the pure beauty of Josh and the way his mouth was twisting and contorting from all the pleasures his body was giving him, Nick stroked his thick cock with his right hand ever so slowly.

Nick hoarsely whispered,

"Are you a good boy? Do you want more from Daddy? Are you Daddy's little pussy boy?"

Josh was panting as the vibrator was doing the job inside his ass, and yelped,


Nick flicked the switch and Josh definitely felt the volts of current as they ripped through each nipple, cock, balls, and the vibrating vibrator hypnotizing his ass. Josh screamed,


Nick had leaned down to watch Josh's cock, and low and behold, it looked like it had gotten nearly twice as thick. Josh's cock was staining ever so impressively as the electricity arched its way through the entire shaft. Pre cum started spitting out of Josh's piss slit, crashing onto the ground.

Nick played with the controller, allowing Josh to settle down, then electrify him over and over again. By far, this was certainly not something Josh had ever fantasized about, but the longer the current of electricity scorched throughout his body, the more pleasing it had become. Nick got up and forced his cock into Josh's twisting mouth and Josh needed no order to start milking that thick uncut beauty.

Having to breathe from his nose, Josh sucked like a vacuum cleaner on the meaty thrusting cock diving in and out of his overly stuffed mouth. Nick taunted Josh's ears further,

"Yeah bitch, you nasty fucking whore, suck that cock! Suck that son-of-a-bitch like a good little cock sucker! Oh yeah, use your dirty mouth on Daddy's cock, boy! Soon, very soon, that very same cock is going to fuck your little ass and you're going to love it, you little faggot mother fucker!"

As usual, Josh loved every single degrading thing Nick said to him. By far, this was better than he had ever fantasized, or could have for that matter. Nick fucked Josh's mouth until he got dangerously close to shooting his thick load, yet had enough brain cells to pursue shocking Josh periodically. With each flick of the switch, Josh, still with his mouth full of cock, moaned heavily while grunting feverishly.

Needing to buy a little time for his sperm to settle back down, Nick got up from the stool and walked in behind Josh one more time. The beauty of the vibrator attached to his ass only added to the beauty the ass of all asses already possessed. Nick lit a candle and patiently waited while sitting cross legged on the floor, directly in behind Josh's spread ass. While waiting for the candle to do its thing, Nick began pushing the weight attached to Josh's nut, making it swing in mid air. Naturally, Josh began grunting as the weight swung back and forth adding more pressure to his already mesmerized balls.

Though be it his balls hurt, and hurt like hell, Josh was loving every minute of it. He had discovered when he was about 12 that he liked for his balls to be punished. Often times, instead of jacking his cock, he would grip his nuts and slap them himself until he blew his load. Now, his hands were tied down and his balls were certainly being worked over rather properly.

Nick slid his left hand under Josh until he got a firm hold of the boy's pre cum spitting cock and began to slowly jack it up and down. While doing this, Nick raised the lit candle directly under Josh's darkish blue balls and began gliding the fire within a fraction of an inch on his balls. Josh quickly felt the fire as it rolled from one ball to the other. Nick used his right big toe to flip the switch causing the electricity to fire up within Josh. Josh tried to arch his body from the current of electricity, but he was unable to move and his balls felt like they were being slow cooked over an open flame.

Nick took his time using the electricity, as well as the candle, keeping his degrading comments flowing like a raging waterfall. Josh knew where he was, but his mind seemed to be leaving his body, more like already departed. The flame highlighting his nuts, and the current ravishing his body, became all too welcome.

Each time Nick thought Josh was fixing to explode, he released Josh's cock. Nick soon rotated from cooking his balls to pouring the hot wax all over Josh's back and ass crack. Nick knew what he really wanted and he was hoping Josh was wanting the same thing, and that was, to be fucked!

Nick blew out the candle and slowly slipped the vibrator from Josh's anal canal. No sooner than he had retrieved the vibrator, Nick quickly dove his tongue deep and hard into Josh's delicious asshole and began aggressively tongue fucking the sweetness from within. While Nick was dining on Josh's asshole, he was preparing his cock for Josh's ass. Smearing globs of lube all over his cock, Nick worked the grease up and down on his thick shaft.

Josh was oblivious to anything but the pleasures raging throughout his quivering body. Nick pried Josh's asshole open and began spitting into the pink welcoming chamber. As Nick was struggling to get to his feet, he barked,

"Okay, my pussy ready to feel Daddy's cock in your ass?"

Josh's mind was still far from his body and Nick's words seemed like they were coming from somewhere off in the distance, but he choked on the words as he pleaded,

"Sir, Daddy's cock is too big for my little ass...please sir, can't weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

It was too late, Nick had already began the process of splitting his asshole entrance open to accommodate the beefy girth of his cock. Nick was overwhelmed at the superior tightness of Josh's ass, but that didn't stop him from shoving a good two or three inches into Josh's muscle convulsing oven like tunnel. Josh was screaming at the top of his lungs, but the words didn't seem to come together to even make a formidable sentence.

Nick had placed the controller on the beam to the left of Josh and while he was pushing his thick cock up the boy's cock crushing ass, he flipped the switch. Josh immediately began crying out as not only did his ass feel like it was on fire, but the added torment of the electricity heightened his already furious pain. Nick worked his cock in and out, keeping just about three inches from entering the boy's love tunnel.

Josh was on fire as he felt the massive thick meat tear into his ass farther and farther while the volts blistered away at every square inch of his bedazzled body. Needing both hands to reach its final destination, Nick switched the controller on auto pilot, allowing a surge of current to rip through Josh's body every twenty seconds for a period of five long seconds. Now, with both hands free, Nick gripped the inside of Josh's ass crack, near his asshole, and pried the juicy mounds outwards, allowing his cock to sink another inch or so into Josh's scorching hot oven.

With one last surge of energy, Nick ground his cock until his balls struck the top portion of Josh's weighted down balls. Josh was caught between gasping for air and crying out as he felt the thick meaty cock grind its way to its deepest realm inside his churning canal. Never had he ever felt so much pain in his young life as the pain of Nick's cock ripping through his ass. Nick held his cock in place, deeply impaling itself in the fiery hot depth of Josh's muscle coiling ass.

Nick bellowed,

"Tell Daddy how much you love his cock inside your ass!"

Josh, still choking on his tears, screamed,

"Sir, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwwww, I, I uhhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmmmmm, love it SIRRRRRRRRRR!"

Slowly, ever so slowly, Nick began to withdraw his cock until just the crown of his foreskin covered cock head appeared. Dazing at the anal ring locking his cock into its chamber, Nick swallowed hard at such a beautiful sight. Then, just as slow, Nick slipped his beefy cock all the way home.

In due time, Nick began plowing Josh's ass with the utmost of intensity. Josh was still in some pain from the beefy cock stretching his ass farther than he ever thought humanly possible, but between his swinging weighted down nuts, and the ripple of electricity blasting throughout his body, Josh was delirious with sexual bliss.

With each animalistic plunge of his thick cock, Nick used his right hand to pelt away at Josh's whelped and bright reddish blue ass cheeks. Nick was besides himself never ever having felt such a tight and fiery hot love canal such as the one his cock was being mind boggling crushed in now. Josh moaned and purred with each explosive thrust, feeling the thick uncut pile driver of pure prime beef blister his burning asshole.

Nick was blind with emotions as he fucked Josh's cock sucking asshole like he had never fucked anyone before. His loud and boastful grunts echoed in the chorus with Josh's soft angelic purrs adding to the excited and overheated symphony. Nick's hairy huge balls slapped angrily up against Josh's strangled, electrified, and weighted down nuts without showing any signs of remorse. Josh on the other hand, moaned as his balls felt Nick's smack them with each thrust, not only crashing into his balls, but slamming the air straight out of his lungs as well.

Josh began loving the feeling of having his asshole filled with such a manly and beautiful cock. He discovered that he could use his anal muscles to constrict around the anal pounding hunk of meat, causing him a new found sensation that was driving him absolutely mad with passion.

Nick slapped Josh's ass cheeks harder and harder while screaming,

"You like that my little bitch, don't you? Yeah, you're my pussy now boy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, yeah boy, take Daddy's cock bitch!"

Josh was loving every degrading minute of what all Nick was saying, as well as doing. Adding to his extreme pleasure was the fact that his raging erection was pressing up against the beam he was straddled over and it was slightly rubbing up and down giving him the feeling that he would soon shoot the load of his life. In less than a minute later, Josh screamed,

"Sir, I'm, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt, clooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssssssssse!"

Nick was not ready for Josh to blast his load, so he more than reluctant as ever, yanked his cock straight out of Josh's addictive asshole. Peering down onto his shiny rock hard cock only added to what Nick already truly believed. There was nothing on his cock but the shiny lubricant. Nick watched in amazement as Josh's asshole went from gaping open to rapidly sealing itself closed to give it that mere speck of an appearance once again.

Once that thick cock left his ass, Josh immediately felt like there was a major void inside his anal cavity. Josh, without thinking, cried out,

"Please sir, please fuck your boy's ass! Sir, please give your bad boy back his toy! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssssssssse SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"

While Josh was begging for Nick's cock, Nick had other plans, so he barked,

"I told you not to cum you cock sucking pussy of a faggot!"

As the last of his sentence was carried out, Nick had retrieved his wooden paddle with tiny holes drilled all over the rounded portion and slammed it harshly directly across both unsuspecting butt cheeks.

Josh didn't need to see what was being used on his ass for he felt the cold feeling of the wood and the sharp sting it was now offering. Not just a sting I might add, but the constant battering of the paddle Nick was rapidly applying. Smack after smack, Nick pelted Josh's ass, increasing the harshness with each and every strike. Not only was Nick spanking Josh, but he was yelling and screaming at Josh as well.

Josh was defenseless for all he could do was scream "Yes Sir" as Nick went crazy with the paddle on his ass. Every few seconds, the wave of electricity shot through Josh's body, intensifying his every being as his ass was now on fire. After several long ass paddling minutes, Nick placed the paddle on the floor and never once hesitated as he dropped to his knees and began tongue fucking Josh's powerful aromatic asshole once more. Josh thought his ass cheeks were set ablaze, but the feeling of Nick's tongue raking inside his anal canal sent him into an eternal mind shattering convulsion.

Nick was kind of thankful for the temporary break in the fucking action cause he felt he was getting close to busting his wad. With each scoop of his tongue, Nick moaned as the taste of the lubricant and Josh's unbelievable ass juice filtered down his throat, shocking his every taste bud on the way down. Like a hungry bear sucking a ball of honey, Nick sucked, nibbled, tongued, and slurped sloppily on Josh's super mouth watering tasty ass.

Showing no signs of what next was to happen, Nick forced himself up off his knees, grabbed the base of his thick cock and in one quick motion, slammed his cock all the way up Josh's asshole. Before Josh could moan or scream, Nick would pull his cock all the way out of Josh's asshole, peer into the gaping hole, then forcefully slam it all the way to its deepest depth. The sensation of this new technique retrained Josh's voice from even making a grunt sound, though be it, he definitely tried to.

Nick fucked Josh's asshole like this for about two to four minutes before he held his cock inside Josh's fiery hot oven and began pounding that sweet ass as if this was the last ass he would ever fuck ever again. Only the sickening sound of flesh pounding flesh could be heard as Nick scorched his cock in and out of Josh's convulsing ass, crashing his heavy hairy balls into Josh's aching nuts with the utmost of heaviest thuds.

Each time when Nick felt he was getting close, he varied his speed to prevent himself from shooting just yet. If Josh's mind hadn't escaped from his body prior to this point, it certainly left him now. The electricity tore through his body and the feeling of Nick's beefy cock as it pile drove his ass left Josh with the feeling of being in heaven. Every part of his stretched and restrained body hurt, but it hurt in ways that it was absolutely, positively, pleasingly pleasurable.

In time, Nick felt he couldn't hold back any longer, so he pulled his cock out of Josh's milking asshole, then quickly slammed his tongue deep inside the gaping hole before it had a chance to seal itself shut. While dining on Josh's super delicious hole, Nick began unbuckling the restraints on Josh's ankles. Once the ankles were freed, Nick began freeing Josh's wrists. Once Nick achieved freeing the restraints from Josh, he retrieved his tongue out of Josh's tasty addicting asshole.

Nick had to help Josh to stand and once Josh was on his feet, though very unsteady, Nick took the wires off of the nipple clamps, cock restraint, and ball spreader. The blindfold was still in place as Nick led Josh over to a make shift homemade type of bed. The mattress was nothing more than a thin piece of plastic type cushion as Nick pushed Josh onto the cushion, then placed Josh on his back.

Josh was still mindless and his body was nothing more than a soaking wet limp piece of noodle as Nick stretched Josh's arms over his head and began retraining them to the metal post sticking up at the ends of both corners. Josh was pure putty in Nick's hands as he lay there ever so peacefully with his mind hovering somewhere else in some peaceful place far away from the rest of his body.

Once Nick restrained Josh's wrists, he attached the padded cuff around his right ankle and hoisted Josh's leg up way over his head, forcing Josh's knee to grind into the thin plastic padding beyond his right ear, and attached it to the same post that his right hand was securely fastened to. After than, Nick repeated the process with Josh's left ankle and leg.

Nick was kneeling on the mattress between Josh's hiked up spread legs marveling at his work of beauty. Josh was on his back with both knees extended beyond his head and were impaling the thin mattress above and beyond his ears leaving Josh's wide open and completely exposed asshole to fend for itself. Keeping a close eye on the way Josh was heavily breathing, Nick gasped at the young Marine's intoxicating beauty one more time. Never in a million years could his imagination find himself with such a beauty as the beauty he is now with. Not only was Josh the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen, but Josh had the same sexual fetishes as he did. To Nick, this was all almost too unbelievable, but looking down at Josh's naked restrained body, he knew that this was really happening.

Unable to control his urge, Nick lowered his face towards the back of Josh's exposed right thigh and began whimpering as he slowly licked the streams of sweat rolling down Josh's legs. Licking both legs, nick slid off the bed and knelt down on Josh's left side and stuck his nose a fraction of an inch from Josh's stretched nearly hairless armpit. The smell was mixed of pure sweat and fresh soft scented soap. Either way, Nick found the aroma to be exciting and enrichingly intoxicating. After getting his lungs filled with Josh's heavenly aroma, Nick started using his tongue to swirl around inside the armpit causing Josh to scream in delight from the mixture of a tickling sensation crossed with absolute sheer delight.

Nick completely cleaned both armpits using just his tongue. Josh's breathing grew heavier as Nick quickly took off both nipple clamps at the same time. Josh swallowed a huge chunk of air as the blood rushed through his nipples, setting his body on fire, but before he could utter a word, Nick had his lips closed around Josh's right nipple while clamping down on it with his teeth, stabbing the very tip with his tongue.

Quickly, Nick took turns working on both sore nipples causing Josh to choke back on the urge to scream from pure bliss, as well as some weird form of pleasurable pain. Josh folded body shook like a massive earthquake as Nick took his loving time working one nipple, then the other. Nick loved the taste of Josh's sweaty flesh, not to mention the sensation of the young Marine's silky smooth skin tantalizing his slurping tongue as it slithered from puckered nipple to the other puckered nipple with an effortless glide.

Josh's fiery hot breath beat down on Nick as he snaked his tongue from the boy's chest to his throat, just above the break line of the leather collar. Nick sucked, bit, and nibbled all over Josh's sweet tasting neck before using his tongue to swab Josh's entire face clean from his sweet sweat. Driving his tongue deep into each ear, Nick made sure that every precious inch of Josh's gorgeous face was dried from his pouring sweat. Josh was writhing from total delirium from what all Nick was doing to him, and then some.

Nick ordered Josh to stick out his tongue, and once Josh's tongue stabbed at the burning air, Nick closed his lips around Josh's pink tongue and began milking the fresh saliva down his throat. Josh could feel the searing pressure of Nick's mouth as it sucked on his tongue, leaving Josh the impression that Nick was going to suck his tongue right out of his mouth. All Josh could do was purr and let out a steady stream of moans.

While Nick was sucking on Josh's tongue, his right hand locked itself onto Josh's pre cum soaked rock hard cock and started to stroke the lovely throbbing beauty with an effortless ease. With each downward stroke, the back of Nick's hand smashed hard up against Josh's swollen nuggets. Still restrained and widely separated, Josh's balls had turned a dark bluish color, all in which was precisely what Nick wanted to happen.

Josh's saliva drained tongue was released by Nick's milking lips, then Nick's swirling tongue slithered its way all the way down Josh's convulsing perfect body until it reached the little faint makings of the most perfect belly button on the planet. Nick devoured every droplet of Josh's sweat that had formed a puddle or a line everywhere visible on his contorted and restrained body.

The hand slowly churning his throbbing meat and smacking his tormented enlarged balls brought Josh dangerously close to a body bending orgasm, but Nick felt Josh's cock expand, so he immediately took his hand off of the soon to be sperm blasting cock. Tears rolled from the corners of the blindfolds as Josh prayed upon all prayers to be allowed to blow his wad. Never had he felt so much tormenting pressure from the need to relieve himself from his built up man seed. Even his brain hurt from wanting to shoot his load, for it hurt that bad!

Nick sensed that Josh's sperm had settled down so he used his tongue to scoop up all the pre cum that had dripped onto Josh's lower stomach, then stabbed at the line of pre cum spewing from Josh's piss slit, dangling towards his stomach. Nick groaned as the taste of such delicacy soothed his every being. Once all the delicious five star quality pre cum was cleaned from Josh's body, Nick swirled his tongue around the royal crown of Josh's cock head, causing Josh to literally scream as the tongue stabbing his sensitive cock sent chills all over his twisted and contorted body.

As if the devil himself took over Nick's hungry body, Nick sank his mouth all the way down on Josh's delicious cock. Josh cried out as the heat from within Nick's mouth scorched the flesh on his shaft, but his cries fell upon deaf ears. Nick slowly bobbed his mouth up and down on Josh's pre cum spitting cock while using the palm of his right hand to gingerly slap Josh's enlarged and angered balls.

Josh cried out as he felt his balls being spanked, but the heat on his cock overcame the pain on his balls. With each bob of Nick's head on Josh's tasty cock, Nick's ball slapping hand got harder and harder. As if his body was out of control and way beyond his own desires, Josh managed to scream,


Nick felt Josh's cock literally double in girth so he stopped slapping Josh's balls keeping his mouth bobbing up and down, but used his right hand to snatch hold of the boy's stretched sac just below the base of Josh's cock and slightly above both outstretched nuggets, and squeezed while pulling downward.

Nick loved the way Josh's balls felt in his hand, but Josh on the other hand, formed a perfect circle with his mouth as he felt his balls being choked and ripped from his body. Josh felt his sperm that had once began the needed task of working its way out of his body being blocked, forced to build up at some imaginary point somewhere inside his body. With one last smack of his lips, Nick kissed Josh's piss slit before yanking his mouth off the boy's mouth watering cock.

Keeping a strong hold on Josh's balls, squeezing and pulling the downwards, Nick reached up with his left hand and pulled the blindfold off of Josh, tossing it to the floor. Josh was torn with his balls telling him so many different things and the will to try and capture the light after being blind for such a long extended period of time. While Josh was whimpering and blinking furiously, Nick worked his hairy body in between Josh's hiked up legs, stroking his own throbbing cock while aiming it directly at Josh's tiny love chute.

Josh's vision was still blurry, but while his brain was focusing on his balls, Nick forced his cock into Josh's asshole, pushing it all the way up until he had no more cock to stuff inside Josh's boiling hot oven. Josh, though he couldn't see, felt every thick inch as it pile drove up his ass. Now, with his cock sunk as deep as it could go up Josh's ass, Nick held the boy's balls, but now he was pulling them upwards and away from Josh as if they were some type of fuck handle he was fixing to use.

Nick allowed very little time to pass before he began sliding his thick pole in and out of Josh's muscle constricting anal chamber. He started out kind of slow, but after a few short strokes, Nick's animal instincts took over and he began to power fuck his cock into Josh's mind boggling ass. As Nick power stroked his thick cock into Josh's ass, the balls being squeezed and tugged in his right hand now were being twisted as well.

Josh was cooing and screaming as each hard thrust forced the air right out of his lungs. It felt as though Nick's thick cock had battled its way passed his anal canal and was thrusting heavily inside his stomach, giving Josh the utmost of a profound chilling sensation. Nick fucked his cock hard and heavy into Josh calling him names in the process. Though Josh could hear every single word coming from Nick's degrading mouth, Josh was too far gone and was loving every single ball twisting, ass pounding second.

Nick was cussing, screaming, grunting, and moaning as he felt his sperm rattle his bucking body. Before he could help it, Nick thought that his piss slit had been ripped open as the first wave of his sperm tore from his cock and began pelting the interior walls of Josh's burning hot, muscle clamping anal canal. Josh screamed out as he too felt Nick's thick chunks of man seed power spray up his ass. Nick's mind went totally blank as he fucked his seed deep into Josh's ass, round after round, spurt after thick spurt.

With each power thrust, more thick seed flew from Nick's cock causing his body to grow weaker and weaker from loss of body fluid. With each thick spurt, Nick never knew he could shoot as much as he was now shooting. Volley after volley, Nick fired his sperm deep into Josh's ass while inadvertently yanking harder and harder onto Josh's already tortured balls. Josh could feel his stomach bloat from the man seed that was being deposited inside of him.

Finally, as if time had come to an end, Nick felt the last droplet of his thick seed leave his slowly deflating cock. He still humped his deflating cock as hard as his tired body would allow in and out of Josh's cream filled ass while doing his best to stare into the boy's entrancing eyes.

Having no more energy to fuck and knowing his cock was softer than soft, Nick slipped his cock out of Josh's ass, then released the boy's dark blue nuggets. Once Josh felt Nick's hand release his balls, they crashed between his legs like a cannon, sending a sickening feeling tingling inside his bloated stomach. Nick was on his knees, sitting on his ass, looking straight into the marvel which had just drained his cock. The hole was gaping, but it was quickly sealing itself back into the speck of a hole position. Offering his thanks, Nick leaned down and kissed Josh's asshole while using his tongue to lick around the rapidly closing orifice.

Nick slid off the make shift bed and almost fell from his weakened state. He forced his legs to walk directly to Josh's right side and he stood hovering over Josh while their eyes locked onto one another. Nick slowly sat on the spare few inches of the bed and rubbed the sides of Josh's face with the most loving of touches before lowering his panting mouth directly over Josh's heavy breathing mouth. Their kiss was long and passionate as they sucked deeply onto the others tongue while swabbing ever so passionately inside the realm of the others piping hot mouth.

As Nick forced his mouth off of Josh's, his main focus now was to suck Josh's cock until his tasty sperm flooded his throat. Nick turned around and straddled Josh's face, placing both knees slightly above Josh's head. Now, in a 69 position, Nick was more than prepared to do what he wanted to do, and that was drink straight from the fountain of youth.

Josh's eyes were locked directly onto Nick's spread ass cheeks, blinking wildly at the man's hairy asshole. As Nick was lowering his upper body so he could milk Josh's cock, Josh stabbed Nick's asshole suddenly with his tongue, causing Nick to arch his back in a mild protest. The tongue stabbing at his asshole, thickened itself out by flattening itself on his asshole and pressing ever so hard. Nick instinctively sat back up, thus allowing Josh more room to work on his ass with his tongue. Josh moaned as the hair tingled his tongue and the taste was mind bending rewarding. Josh swiped up and down Nick's hairy ass crack, toying with the thick forest of hair, while delicately rolling around on top of the hairy rose bud.

Josh dined on Nick's asshole for a short time until Nick took over and pushed his ass away from Josh's ass worshipping tongue. Nick lowered his body until Josh's throbbing cock slid easily all the way inside his milking mouth. Wanting something to do, Josh opened his mouth and sucked in on Nick's deflated cock, forcing the soft thick meat to slip inside of his mouth.

With Josh's cock safely bobbing away inside his mouth, Nick began using his fingertips to bounce on the outer edge of Josh's spread nuggets. In less than a minute, Nick felt Josh's cock expand and Josh knew his cum was getting ready to finally exit his body, but Nick pulled his mouth away too quickly and just in the nick of time. Josh was grunting profusely while sucking the thick soft cock inside his mouth, silently protesting Nick's actions.

Nick waited for a few seconds, then sucked Josh's cock back inside his mouth. This time, Nick pushed three fingers straight up Josh's upturned ass while holding onto the strap restraining Josh's swollen balls. Nick could feel his own sperm as it swam around his ass fucking fingers. Josh was moaning and grunting like crazy as he could feel his sperm boil like never before. When Nick felt Josh was within a fraction of an inch from spewing his explosive load, he increased his finger fucking to more of an ass pounding as he was timing Josh's explosion.

When Nick felt Josh's cock expand almost double in girth, and heard Josh muffle a cry, Nick quickly unsnapped the cock restraint and hurriedly yanked it off of Josh's soon to be sperm delivering cock. Josh was too far gone now as he felt the blood rush into his balls as his piss slit exploded and his mind went totally blank. The first sperm ball hit Nick straight in the back of his throat as if he had just placed the barrel of a piston in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The force of the sperm shooting out of Josh's cock was volcanic!

Josh's body bucked and convulsed as his cock unleashed the heaviest load of his life. Mixed with pain, the fact he was now being relieved, and his ass being finger fucked to death, Josh was completely blind with sexual euphoria. Nick wanted to capture all of Josh's sperm without swallowing, but quickly came to realize that the bubbling hot fluid was just too much to safely contain, so he forced himself to allow small portions to slide down his throat as he moaned loudly from the tasty delight soothing his hungry body.

Nick absolutely fell in love with Josh's sperm and that's all there is to it. The young Marine's sperm was thick and hot and had no traces of bitterness or salt. Just down right sweeter than a jar of honey! Nick swallowed and swallowed and Josh's cock kept on serving more and more.

Josh had never felt what he was feeling now with such a body bashing orgasm. He knew he needed to go, but even now, his cock was rapidly emptying his seed faster than his body could ever hope to catch up. Sperm volley after intense sperm volley, Josh's cock spewed its load into Nick's cum starving mouth. Just when Josh thought he was about to come down from his mind twisting orgasm, another burst of energy mixed with sperm erupted from his cock sending his body into yet another convulsing session.

Though Nick knew Josh had long since been sperm free, he continued to suck Josh's cock while relishing in the fact that Josh was going through an explosion of a dry orgasm. Josh instinctively tried to hump his finger filled ass into the air while feeling, only in his mind, his cum shooting violently from his cock. Nick sucked harder and harder while listening to his gorgeous young angel bellow angelically.

In a very short time, Nick could feel Josh's once convulsing body slow down and hear his breathing as it was harsh and rapid. Thinking that anytime now, the young man's cock would begin to deflate, Nick lovingly kept on sucking the tasty treat. Just like Nick knew, Josh's young cock began to soften inside his mouth. Josh's breathing was still a bit raspy, but it would soon return back to normal.

Just as Nick was fixing to let Josh's slowly deflating cock slip out of his mouth, Josh's body writhed into a massive convulsion. Josh screamed a muffled cry as Nick felt the first wave of yet another orgasm as it shot heavily into his mouth. Nick sucked on the softening piece of sweet meat until it was all the way inside his mouth, but soon realized that the hot sperm striking the back of his throat was actually hot piss. In Josh's bewildered mind, he was firing off another round of sperm, but in reality, his bladder was retaliating by sending his piss down Nick's throat.

But, you never would hear Nick complain about the hot piss as he swallowed relentlessly, drinking the nectar tasting piss as fast as it came out. Returning the favor, Nick already having the need to pee, let his cock unload his piss straight into Josh's unsuspecting mouth. Josh was somewhat shocked at first as the hot piss flooded his throat opening, but quickly picked up on things and began slurping down the piping hot liquid as fast as his throat would allow.

Now, both men were feeding the other his hot piss, but it was Josh who was still under the impression that he was shooting sperm, not piss. Nick's cock was feeding Josh a little too quickly for him to catch up so Nick's piss was rolling off of Josh's face and throat, soaking the make shift bed in the process. As for Nick, he didn't spill a drop and sucked and milked Josh's cock for all he was worth.

When everything was said and done, Nick's piss finished first, but Josh still lovingly sucked on the thick chunk of meat. With the last of Josh's piss down his throat, Nick made sure he sucked and licked Josh's cock completely clean. Nick released Josh's shriveled cock and forced himself off the bed. Once up, he began the tedious task of unhooking all the restraints. Josh's body was aching all over and his asshole felt totally empty and in dire need of Nick's thick cock to feel whole again.

With all the restraints now removed and Josh's legs were allowed to rest on the bed's thin cushion, Nick removed the collar from around Josh's neck. Both men smelled heavily of sweat and sex, but that didn't stop either of them from locking their lips around the others lips and sucking on each others tongue wildly. In the heat of passion, Nick lifted Josh up off the bed and was literally holding him up high off the floor. Josh draped his legs around Nick's massive hairy body and the two continued their tongue swapping kiss for a long, long time.

After they shared a shower and took turns bathing the other, both Nick and Josh were now resting in Nick's queen sized bed. Both were naked, and without a doubt, faced with sheer exhaustion. Nick's older eyes were warming Josh's beautiful naked body while his mind thought of the words he so desperately wanted to say. Being with Josh was far better than any of his wildest dreams and Nick certainly prayed and hoped that this night would not be the end of their wild escapades. While Nick was trying to find the words to say, Josh rolled onto his left side, arching his body up onto his right arm, looked Nick straight in the face and whispered,

"What we did tonight, I can't thank you enough! It was like my every dream came true! But, I have one more dream and only you can make it come true!"

Nick placed a soft kiss on Josh's lips, then hoarsely whispered,

"If I can ever make any of your dreams come true, I would do it faster than a heartbeat!"

Josh smiled his breathtaking smile while placing a tender soft kiss on Nick's lips, then hesitantly whispered,

"You, just you! I want to be your bitch forever and ever! You can use me however you see fit, only if you'll..."

Nick cut him off by slamming his tongue deep down Josh's throat. When Nick stopped tongue fucking Josh's throat, he held the sides of Josh's face, then as softly as his rugged voice would allow, whispered,

"You just fulfilled my every prayer and I love you more than life itself!"

They kissed for a long time before both rested on their backs to let their exhaustion force them into a deep sleep. Just as darkness was overtaking Josh's eyes, Nick grumbled,

"Good night...My little bitch!"