This is a work of fiction. None of the events or characters are real. This story should not be read by persons under the age of eighteen as this story has extreme sexuality and consists primarily of homosexual thought and content. There is no intention to belittle the U. S. Army, the Islamic religion, or the people of Afghanistan. Any attempt to misread the direction of this short story or to implicate Nifty Archives in any form of duplicitous act would be completely misguided. All content is the intellectual property of Thomas Wright (pseudonym of the author who wishes to remain anonymous). It is solely for the erotic entertainment of persons who enjoy this particular type of media.

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Blowing in the Wind

By Jazz (Thomas Wright)

The sky was tremendously red on the evening this story begins. No one really thought anything about it, except to remark how different and beautiful it was. Afghanistan was mostly desert anyway and the men in my platoon often wondered why the Afghani people would even want to live there. Our captain even told us that some of the land was so barren it resembled the surface of Mars in contour and layout.

We had come here after Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda groups blew up the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. The appreciative people that we had come to help were questionable allies themselves at first. Soon, however, after the timely removal of the religious extremists, the Taliban, trust developed between the Coalition forces and the many different tribes that were trying to exist as Afghanis.

I had never been overseas in my life. I remember that as departure approached, my mother confided in me that she never thought she would see me again. I , however, knew deep inside that I would return home unharmed. Many of the soldiers in my platoon did not share that view. Many were so negative about our lot that they kept alive a rumor that we would leave to go to Iraq after we were back in the states for only six months. No matter their opinion, whether like mine or opposite, I had grown to depend on these men; some might say my “band of brothers.”

All of us sat around many nights just shooting the shit. The particular night’s red sky brought wishes of being on the beach at home with their girlfriends or hitting golf balls until the sun went down. Some thought of the Grand Canyon, others the Painted Desert, and still others the panoramic view of the Pacific coast as the sun went down on America for the final time each night.

The sixteen men, including myself, had become so close that we knew each others’ likes and dislikes; what we ate at the last meal; when we took our last shit. We knew whose sister was hot and whose would put out. We had been determined to know each other so well that if something did happen to one of us, the rest would remember who we were and what we had lived for.

We had heard the stories of some of the men during World War II who would exclude new recruits from everything because they were afraid to get to know them. They didn’t want to spend their time mourning for someone who was to be only a shadow part of their life. They were afraid to get attached, fearing that close attachments would lead to emotional distress, which, of course, could lead to lack of decision on the battlefield.

My platoon was much different from that. The men I bunked with wanted to know for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason of all was that they knew if they died, fifteen other soldiers would bring back memories to their families and each would live on through those recollections. I don’t know why we were different than those soldiers of World War II. Maybe it was because modern society better understood the nature of the horrors of war or maybe we just approached death much differently. One thing is for sure, the men in that I shared this moment in time with had become close.

Sergeant Daniel Teal was a rather large man. He stood six foot five inches tall and was muscle bound. His curly blond hair accentuated the frame, which gave the man the appearance of a farm boy. Many had made the mistake in confusing him with a country bumpkin because of the look. The truth was, however, when he opened his mouth their opinion changed immediately. The sergeant was educated, well educated, having a master’s degree in criminology. His love for his craft was evident when he told us his plans for when he got out of the service. He had already been guaranteed a job with New York City’s finest and would bypass the normal track and take the test for detective immediately after graduating from the New York Police Academy.

Corporal Matthew Demorski had two little girls he would never shut up about. We didn’t care really if he talked for ever about them, although it sometimes got very monotonous. He never talked about his wife, just his two little girls. We found that extremely strange, but we gave the man the benefit of the doubt and left the subject of his wife alone. The main topic he was obsessive about was often what he planned to get his two little girls when he got out of the service.

I am Corporal Thomas Wright. Although I am the author of this little story, I am also third in command of our little platoon. My life has been spent at home until I joined the Army. Since, I have learned the ways of life and have found out that I no longer lived in Kansas anymore. Most of my ties from home, high school and the neighborhood have been severed. Even my girlfriend, Amilee, cheated on me last month and we mutually broke up. I don’t really care, however, because she is lonely. After all, I am over here with my new set of friends and my new relationships and she is stuck over there twiddling her thumbs. I would have probably done it myself, if she had gone off and left me while she went to college. If she is not the girl for me, oh well!

Of the rest of the platoon, most were privates or Private First Classes. There was Tony, Jack, Halburt, Jonas, Billy Bob, the kid we called Hormone, Whiskey Jack, Martin, Joey, Jo-Jo, Sammy, George, and finally, Prothrow. Prothrow had been wounded once and we thought he was going home, but we found out that he wasn’t hurt as bad as we thought and all he needed was a little bed rest. Three days after the bullet grazed his forehead, he rejoined us.

We were tight. There were several who were a little tighter than the captain would like, however, making the frightful sounds of grunting lovers late, late at night. We all simply avoided the issue and never questioned who it was. My attitude was simple: “Let them do whatever they wanted to themselves as long as they left me alone.” Even though I knew the sounds were from men, I became very turned on whenever I heard them. Although the idea of homosexuality had always been bizarre to me and I had that particular attitude about being left alone, the more it the sounds occurred the more they made me curious, very curious, indeed. I found out later that it made all of us curious.

The sergeant and I were returning from the captain’s latest briefing on the situation with the remaining Taliban soldiers in Kandahar and the extraordinary fight they were making. He was unusually jovial, smiling and talking about a friend in South Dakota that he went to college with. There was a soothing calm in his description of his friend that made me feel as if I had known him for many years.

“I will tell you that Freddy was as close to me as I had let any man ever be. Not even my father was that close,” the sergeant continued.

“You sound like you and he were more than just friends…that you were more like soul mates,” I commented casually. “Were you really that close? I have never had a male friend that I could share everything with.”

The sergeant stopped and eyed me carefully. “Its not like you make it sound,” he said gruffly.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, sarge. I mean, I would have loved to have someone I could tell my deepest and darkest secrets to, someone I could share little intimacies with.”

“What kind of intimacies?” he questioned cautiously.

“Oh, I don’t know. You know the kind that guys talk about when they are telling about their girlfriends or such…I guess that’s what I mean.

“Oh,” he said quietly. After a brief thoughtful pause he continued. “I thought you meant…intimacies, that men experience together.”

“Oh, now wait a minute, sarge. I would never accuse you of being queer or anything like that. I was simply meaning that there are things that guys share…secrets you know…”

“We shared those too, I guess.” His eyes were blazingly fixed on mine. There was searching in those deep blues and I felt rather disturbed. I couldn’t figure exactly what he was trying to tell me at first, but then it dawned on me. I had inadvertently stumbled on the man’s secret. The sergeant was gay. Imagine being hit by a ton of bricks and then multiply that feeling by one thousand and you might have gotten close to the impact I felt as realization suddenly washed over my mind. I am sure my face gave away my shock.

“Please keep my secret,” was all he said. We walked the rest of the way in silence. I imagined him making homosexual love to one of my bunk mates. I wondered if the sergeant was the source of those sounds at night. It hadn’t sounded like him, but who knows what a man sounds like in the throes of passion. When we reached the entrance to the tent where we were billeted, he threw me a look of pleading. When I nodded my agreement to keep quiet and shook his hand, he seemed relieved and pleased.

I lay in bed all night long, looking at the ceiling of the darkened canvas tent. I listened intently for those sounds I had heard before, but heard none. On one occasion as I imagined the sergeant with one of the others, I found myself with my cock in my hand gently stroking it. It was unconscious, of course, but it spooked me to no end to realize that I had become even more curious about what it would be like to make love to another man. I now had an object of fantasy, the sergeant.

I got out of bed early the next morning and was almost ready when the others began stirring. I had never been one for getting up early and some of the guys were quite astounded. Some began throwing the jokes around.

From that time on, I never said anything about the sergeant and never felt guilty about not divulging it. The military had declared a no ask, no tell rule for homosexuality, so I was not about to tell. I felt different around the sergeant, but not in a bad way. I sort of respected him even more realizing what he had to deal with on a day to day basis. The army was filled with testosterone laden young men whose thoughts were on getting back to their families and sweethearts. The women who were in the service, for the most part, made sure they didn’t make a mistake by getting knocked up. Most of them wouldn’t have anything to do with the enlisted men anyway, but every once in a while you would hear one of the soldiers bragging on the piece of ass he had gotten from one of the women. No one, however, would ever admit to getting a piece of male ass and that was for sure.

Around two weeks after our fateful walk, the sergeant approached me. I was walking the food waste from the mess tent to bury at the far end of the bivouac area. The sergeant came along and grabbed one side of the huge pot that the waste was in. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell anyone about my leanings,” he quietly said after we got out of hearing distance.

“It’s all right, sarge. I don’t believe in gossip and I sure don’t believe in an invasion of privacy.” And then I opened my mouth in the biggest lie I have ever told. “I have always wondered what it would be like sucking a cock or getting my ass drilled.” The truth was that until about three weeks before it had never entered my mind.

“You really want to know or are you just trying to fit in.”

“What do you mean?” I asked sort of surprised.

“Of this platoon’s sixteen guys, you, Whiskey Jack, and Hormone are the only heterosexuals here. Every one else smokes cock.”

To say that I was shocked would be a lie. I was suddenly flabbergasted to the point I stopped, slapped my hand on my forehead, and looked at the sergeant with open mouth and popping eyes.

“Is that hard to believe?” he asked softly.

“I am supposed to know all about you. I have been told stories to tell your families. Not one of you has mentioned that you were gay.”

“Does anyone really want someone to go tell their mother after their death and tell them, ‘Your son was really brave and he was one of the best cocksuckers among us’?”

“I understand your point completely. Thirteen of us are gay?”

“Well, not everyone is gay. Most of them are bisexual at least. I am probably the only dyed in the wool queer here. Corporal Demorski is close, but I will do anything, he will not. He loves to suck cock and even loves to fuck ass, but he will never take one up his ass. Until he does that, he will only be a wannabe. I, on the other hand, will do anything with anyone…that is male, of course. I tried it with a woman one time and I couldn’t come to climax. I stayed hard throughout the ordeal, but I realized then that I would never have a fulfilling experience with a woman.”

“Wright, have you ever….?

“Ever what, sarge?” I replied cautiously.

“Ever done anything sexually to another man?” he asked.

“Never, Sarge, never,” I said toning my voice to a whisper.

“You said you wondered what it would be like. Would you like to experience it so that you can truly make up your mind?” he asked again keeping his voice in a tone that was as calm as a smooth sea caressed by the slightest breeze.

“Me, sarge, I never really thought about it,” I replied meekly and feeling the tension rise.

“I am a little worried about you. You see, you know about me and I have told you about some of the others, so now I am kinda concerned that you forget about your promise to keep my secret.” The sergeant had never changed his expression and still mumbled almost imperceptibly.

“Sarge, you know I would never tell on you. I don’t believe in telling on anyone, especially those that are over me….I just don’t believe in it.”

“I’m still not sure, Wright, not sure at all…”

“Look sarge, I have wondered about it. Every since I found out you were gay…I mean…,” I said correcting my little white lie.

“Yeah, Wright?” he prodded.

“I have never done it. I don’t even know where to begin. I have had fantasies lately about it, but I have never even tried to approach anyone about it. I figure all guys think about it, but most never act on it. Am I right?” I asked looking the blond, blue eyed giant directly in those beautiful peepers.

“Wrong! More men try it out than don’t. I heard somewhere the figure is about eighty per cent.”

“You are just trying to convince me that is the way, so I’ll succumb to your little plan.” I paused momentarily. “I know how you work in other ways, sarge. You get us to believe that everyone else is concerned about something or everyone else has done something, simply to lead us on that there is validity in what you are trying to accomplish. All you want me to do is suck your dick.” My temper flared a little, but I remained under control.

“That would be nice,” he thought out loud. He looked around for a moment. Realizing that we were several hundred yards away from the nearest soldier and completely secluded by the fences of the dump area, he yanked down his zipper and released his very erect ten inch cock from his desert camos. “Its been aching for attention lately.”

I was enamored by the sheer size of his dick. I had never seen bigger erect dick on anyone. Actually, I had never seen an erect dick other than mine ever. The tip of his penis was like a small light bulb, the appliance kind like the ones that are in a refrigerator. The shaft was thick and lined with veins that stood out proudly underneath the looser skin covering the muscle mass. It jutted from his camouflaged fatigues like a proud flagpole would from just conquered ground. I sank to my knees feeling quite conquered myself.

I looked at it, confused with my feelings. I had never seen another man’s cock so close in anything other than pictures. Never in my life would I have imagined being in the position I was in at that moment, kneeling as if in worship to his idyllic phallus. His cock was straining to be touched, helped slightly by the pelvic thrust he was straining in my direction. I know I had fantasized about this moment many times, but the reality caused me to consider this moment a little more carefully. If I touched his cock, would I immediately become a fag? The images of Jimmy Jefferson, the high school queer, kept creeping into my mind. Would I be ridiculed like he was? I did not want to be different from the norm, but now days what was the norm? Would my mom and dad still love me after I did what I so wanted too? Then I realized that no one back home would know. I would not have to bring this image of me back to my mom and dad’s little house located in a suburb of Topeka.

I looked up at the sergeant as if waiting for an order. There he was, a giant in my eyes, thrusting his giant cock into my face, waiting patiently till I complied. There was still doubt in my mind, but my mind was reasoning a little better. There would be no way, unless I got killed that these guys would ever meet any of my family. My death would probably kill my moralistic Midwest raised parents and if it didn’t I was sure my rashness would. My brothers would never look at me again, but if I was dead what did it matter? I would have to be loved, no matter what the guys in my platoon came home telling. They would pity me and they would love me. Soon enough they would forget about my single indiscretion, my single moment of weakness as I succumbed to my masturbatory fantasies.

I looked up once again. The impatience had grown. I had to make my mind up. There had to be a decision. I blinked my eyes to clear them slightly. I don’t know if it was the dust or the emotions I was experiencing that caused my eyes to water, but they seemed to burn incessantly. Finally I shook my head in compliance and scooted closer to the prize. The sergeant took the cue.

“Touch it.” I did. I could feel him shiver in added anticipation.

“Kiss it.” I only had the slightest hesitation, but soon I planted a French kiss on the tip, long and lingering, my tongue slid deliciously round the glans and into the pee hole. I had wrapped my arms around his legs and it was a good thing I did, because his legs almost buckled from the new sensation. How did he know I would do this?

“Lick it.” I lifted it up and moved my head toward the underside all the way down to his testicles and then licked the length. I was completely his at that moment.

“Suck it.” I brought my head to the tip once again and soon he was slowly fucking my mouth with gentle thrusts. I knew I would not be able to take the whole thing, but at that point, I was a lost puppy. I was amazed at how good it felt in my mouth. It was intoxicating, the muskiness, the man sweat became the simplest pleasure.

I moved my mouth away when a felt a globule of something hit my tongue. Investigating the new sensation, I examined his cock head and saw that seminal fluid was leaking from his penis. I pulled from the base of his dick tightly forward and produced a droplet of seminal lubricant almost as big as the end of my little finger. Reaching out with the tip of my tongue, I gathered the clear fuck juice and slowly rolled it around in my mouth. It certainly was not unpleasant. I was only able to get about three inches of the massive member into my mouth. The two most impressionable things I would always remember about this first time was the smoothness of the head of his dick and the wonderful aroma that accompanied the experience.

“That’s it, baby. Suck it good. If you do it right I’ll return the favor later,” the sergeant groaned.

I was like a madman. I was trying to understand how to do right. I tried to imitate those porn actresses on the fuck movies I had seen at my best friend’s house. I moved my mouth up and down for a while and then changed and licked up the shaft. I continued for a few moments and then thrust his cock back and forth rapidly into my mouth using my tongue to soften the impact.

I felt him stiffen, his knees got really rigid. His breath got deeper and faster. The thrusting was purposeful and there was perhaps at least another three inches that had penetrated my oral orifice. Strong hands had grasped the back of my head and more of the giant dick was being force fed. The tears were streaming, I was gagging almost to the point of vomiting and I couldn’t seem to get my breath. Then it came; his giant member exploded and my mouth was filled with hot semen. He clenched himself six times, each time filling me up with more and more. I did not want to swallow, but with such a copious amount there was no way that it was avoidable. It was either swallow or drown in cum. Finally, I found myself drinking the man’s cum as if there were no tomorrow and when he tried to pull away, I continued to suck, pulling him to me to take him into me more. When I was thoroughly finished and had calmed down a bit, I realized I had an orgasm in my shorts and it had bled through onto the front of my fatigues. The feeling of his semen lingered on my lips and my mouth was dominated by the taste.

It was a rather different taste from anything I had ever had. The sperm tasted slightly salty. Much of it clung to the back of my throat, burning slightly for whatever reason. Its consistency was thick and gooey. All I wanted to do was lick my lips and swallow. My orgasm had brought the guilt and I needed to get the flavor sensation away from me somehow. The sergeant reached into his back pocket and produced a flask and offered it. I took it, opened the top, smelled that it was scotch, and then took a long pull on the opening. When the alcohol hit my mouth, I understood immediately why chefs have said for years that it was better to clean your pallet with alcohol than with water.

I really was beside myself. The guilt was massive, like a load suddenly put upon my shoulders with a tag for all to see that said, “New Queer, New Queer.” I looked down at the ground and caught my breath. There was no way one could have done what I had just accomplished without being out of breath, but the breathing was labored for another reason. I was crying. The sergeant picked up on the blubbering sound and tried to make me feel better.

“You know you are pretty good at that, soldier. I want you to do that to me again someday,” he said with a big grin on his face. “But first I will pay you back. Not now, because we have been away from the camp long enough, but tonight. We’ll slip out to the latrine about two tomorrow morning and I’ll give you the best blow job you have ever had.”

“I don’t think so, sergeant. I am afraid this is the one and only time I will participate in such.”

“We’ll see. I’ll get in touch with you about one thirty.” Then he left, left me there feeling sorry for myself.

He was right, though. After I had a chance to calm down and think about what had happened, I realized that I indeed wanted it to happen again. I didn’t care if he ever repaid me; all I knew is that I needed to suck his dick again. For some reason, I also began thinking about his cock in my ass. I had read so many stories about how a cock in the ass is so much more pleasurable than any other kind of sex a man can experience. Once a person gets use to it, the pleasure takes over and you feel no pain. I wondered, though, if I would be able to take such a large cock into my virgin ass.

True to his word, he came into the bivouac area and entered the tent about one thirty the next morning. He simply stood and looked at everyone and grunted. I looked up and realized he was looking right at me and when he caught my eye, he winked. I was glad all of the other men were asleep. It would have been extremely humiliating for him to have caught the attention of anyone else. He left and about five minutes later I got up to follow him.

“Where you going, Tommy?” a voice I recognized as Whiskey Jack questioned.

“Got to go drain the lizard and take a crap, man,” I whispered my reply.
“OK, if you need any help, just call,” he snickered.

The asshole didn’t realize that I already had help and soon he would be begging for help from the sergeant too. I figured that the sarge had plans to do everybody in the platoon before he was through. I didn’t realize what he really had in mind.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” the sergeant mocked as I rounded the latrine and found him at the side, waiting, leaning against the shack.

“I didn’t think I was, sarge, but I am intrigued. What did you do to me today, sarge? Did you put me under a spell or something?” I asked.

“Twerp, you just experienced what I consider the only sex a man need have, unless of course he plans to have children. Then you either got to fuck one of those females or you got to give ‘em your spunk in a cup. I just want to cum for you or any other man that’ll have me,” he said chuckling under his breath.

“Sarge, you don’t know how hard it is for me to do what I did today. I don’t think I can ever do it again.”

“You been thinkin’ ‘bout it since then, huh Wright?” he probed.

“It’s the only thing I have in my mind. I still feel your…thing in my mouth.”

“My COCK…say it,” he demanded, suddenly serious.

“Your …cock,” I repeated quietly. I was sunk. There was no way I would be able to deny this giant of a man, ever. If he told me to kneel and suck him at roll call, I would probably obey.

He knelt down in front of me and grabbed for my belt. In a quick moment, his practiced hands had stripped my uniform down to my ankles. My extremely hard dick was sticking straight out. He sighed an admiring sound and looked at it carefully, not touching it at all. The light from the field lamp he was using illuminated his face slightly and I could see the wonder in his expression.

Now I am not well endowed length wise, but I have great girth. My dick is as big around as his is, but shorter by three inches. That did not deter his examination, however, and soon one hand grasped it at its base, while the other gently cupped my balls. I had not had another person touch my genitals since I was a young child when my mother changed me and wiped me clean. It was almost too much for me to stand, so I immediately pulled his hand away.

The sergeant looked at me crazily and asked me, “what the fuck are you doing, Wright? Don’t you know that I was about to suck you crazy.”

“If you had, I would have cum immediately,” I replied. “Just your touch…”

“Well, fuck, aren’t you just great. Have you cum today at all?”

“Well, yeah. When I sucked you I had an intense orgasm and was so embarrassed when I had to walk into my quarters.”

“What did you do, jack off?” he asked again.

“No, I just came. I didn’t even touch myself.”

“You just came….whoa….now I realize what the fuck you are talking about. You were so turned on about the whole thing, you just fucking came. Shit! You’ve made my day.” The sergeant was happy about something, but I really couldn’t understand what he meant. Soon he was back to his task. Without using his hands at all, he gathered my cock into his mouth.

To describe the feeling is to describe the most electric feeling I have ever had. His mouth covered my dick and I lost it. My legs began shaking, then my body, and soon his mouth was filled with a load of my cum. I could tell he was aggravated when he pulled off and swallowed, but soon enough he smiled.

“I ain’t fuckin’ believin’ you; you came in under ten seconds. Wait till I tell the guys how much of a wimp you are, you fuckin’ bitch.” He got up off his knees and dusted himself with his hands really agitated, but when he looked me in the face there was a big smile. “I knew you’d get off on this shit. Smokin’ cock! You’ll be the best one in the unit soon enough. You got a task before you can have any more of me, though.”

Sadly, I replied, “What’s that sarge?”

“Its your responsibility to seduce Whiskey Jack. When you do that it leaves only one and I am gonna do him for sure.”

“I’m gonna do Whiskey Jack and you are going to do Hormone?” I asked confused a little bit.

“Yep! Those two are the only ones that haven’t had man sex yet, as far as I know anyway. Both of them are always braggin’ ‘bout how many chicks they fucked on R & R. They even seem to make a game out of it.”

“But sarge, I can’t seduce Whiskey Jack. I don’t know how.”

“Learn!” was all he said.

“Shit, shit, shit,” was all that came out of my mouth when he turned and walked into the darkness.

When I returned, it had only been a few minutes, about the time one would take to make a normal crap. Whiskey Jack was laying back watching me as I came in. I don’t know why, but when he saw that I had entered safely, he rolled over and appeared to go to sleep.

I didn’t know what to think. My life had been turned over in a single twenty four hour period. I had been seduced by the sergeant and had been told it was my job to seduce someone else. I didn’t really know if I truly liked any of the happenings of the day, but I did know that I had a perpetual hard on. I lay down on my bunk, covered myself, and tried to go to sleep. I concentrated too hard on the days activities and to try to get away from them I began formulating a plan to seduce Whiskey Jack.

My opportunity would come only two days later. Whiskey Jack and I were on latrine duty while everyone else was on patrol. Someone had to do it for sure and both of us would rather be in the safety of our camp than on patrol in hostile territory. Our work was quiet, our conversation relaxed, but there seemed to be a tenseness between us.

“I saw the sergeant give you a hand with the trash the other day,” he announced finally after some small talk.

“So…” I replied.

“You know he’s a fag don’t you?’

“So…” I came back again.

“Did he try something with you out there?”

“Yep,” I said honestly a little confused about where this conversation had come from.

“He tried it with me, too. One day about six weeks ago he told me to suck his dick. I told him if he didn’t leave me alone, I would report him. Shit, he got mad. What did he want you to do?”

This was gut check time. Was I going to be honest about everything or lie about it only to be found out later? I decided the best course of action was to tell the truth. “He didn’t just suggest me sucking his cock; he kind of forced it on me.”

“He forced you. You sucked his cock?” The expression on his face was not what I had expected. It was not the look of revulsion; it was the look of amazement.

“Yes and I swallowed his cum.”

“Are you queer too?” he asked still kind of in that amazed glaze sort of look.

“I don’t think so. I don’t even think of myself as bisexual. I am simply a heterosexual that had a homosexual experience. I don’t know if I will ever do anything like that again.”

“What was it like?” he asked suddenly taking me completely by surprise.

“Why do you ask?” I asked beginning to be a little suspicious.

There was sudden silence from my latrine partner. I knew exactly what he was going to say before he said it, but I had to probe, to ask questions that would help me set the trap I would need to carry out the sergeant’s request. I thought that perhaps he had been fantasizing about what he had missed out on by refusing the sergeant. He had even burned his bridges with the sarge, by threatening to report him. That certainly explained why the sergeant assigned me the task of seducing the good private first class.

“Well, I will not tell you anything else unless you are upfront and honest about anything you want to know. Why do you want to know what it was like?” I pointedly asked.

“I…I…I had been thinking about it since he propositioned me. It has been like a burning desire to find out what it was like…does that make me queer?”

“I don’t think so…I wondered what it was like even before the sergeant propositioned me. When I lay in bed at night and heard all of the sounds that appeared to be men grunting while making love, I wondered then what it would be like. Like I say, I don’t consider myself gay or anything close.”

“Would you do it again?” he asked probing.

“If the right circumstances occurred, probably,” I replied.

“What would be the right circumstances?” he questioned again.

“I don’t know…let’s see…well…” I hesitated for dramatic effect. Finally, I told him. “If you were to take your cock out right now and asked me to suck it, I probably would.”

“Are you serious?”

“I wouldn’t have said it if it weren’t so.”

He got a funny look on his face and then very softly said, “What if I wanted to suck you off?”

“Then I would let you…say the word.”

He paused several minutes then asked, “Is it safe here?”

“I don’t think so. We’ll have to go back to the tent after we have finished our work. It will give us about four hours before the platoon comes back. I wonder if the sergeant planned to put us together to see if we would do it to each other,” I said, knowing that had been the plan all along.

“Surely not! He would not have suspected me, would he?”

“No, but he would try to put us together to see if I would try to seduce you. Hmmm! We might use this to our advantage later on,” I said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?”

“I really didn’t appreciate the way the sergeant forced me to do those things, even if it turned out that I enjoyed it. He told me that only you, Hormone and I were solid heterosexuals in the platoon and that made the group loose and untrusting of the three of us.”

“I hear the men grunting in the night. Have you ever notice it, Jack?” I said using his given name and not the tagged nickname given to him after he had gotten drunk on sipping whiskey and made a fool out of himself.

“I thought they were snoring. You mean they were…doing queer stuff?”

“You and I are talking that shit. Do you really want to call it ‘queer’ stuff?” I asked scolding him slightly for using that vulgar term. I never liked it when they called Jimmy Jefferson that in high school and I certainly didn’t like referring to what I had done as being “queer.”

Jimmy loved to suck cock, however. He even got fifty cents each time he did it and as many cocks as he sucked in a day, he made enough spending money that he had more than most kids. Behind his back the guys in school ridiculed him, but when they were in the bathroom at break, they were lined up to get off. None of those kids realized that they were just as “queer” as Jimmy was. As a matter of fact, Jimmy married this nice looking model type fresh out of high school and I heard that his wife had already had a kid. Most of the guys that paid him money to suck them, will end up “dyed in the wool” homosexuals, because of their desire to have a guy suck them.

Jack looked hurt a little and I knew I had to soften the bruise to his ego. “You know Jack, it wasn’t that bad. There was little taste and it was very warm. The excitement was overwhelming and when he came, the taste of the cum wasn’t bad at all. If you want to experience it, I will be glad to do it with you, since I recently did it myself for the first time, you know. I think you’re a nice looking kid and it looks like you have a healthy package.”

“You’re not gonna tell anyone, are you?” he questioned.

“Why the hell would I do that? That would be spreading stuff about my private life and could get me thrown out of the army,” I countered.

“Oh, yeah,” he said resignedly. Jack really was a nice guy and I considered letting him off the hook, but I didn’t know if the sergeant would make my life miserable if I didn’t follow through. I decided, however, that if the sergeant gave me an order, I was going to make sure I followed it to the tee.

“You and I are about the same height. This should be rather fun. You don’t have a lot of body hair and neither do I. I have checked you out in the shower, before you ask. It will almost be like making love to a woman,” I said, giggling under my breath a little.

“Bullshit! I am pretty nervous about even telling you I was thinking this shit and here you go making fun of me. I know there is going to be a big difference, if I indeed go through with it.”

“Its OK if you don’t, Jack,” I lied, “but just remember you can try me anytime you want to. It doesn’t have to be today.”

I was horny as hell and I wanted to have time to thoroughly enjoy myself. If we didn’t get back to our quarters, the time would slip away on us. The longer I waited, the more chance he was, indeed, going to chicken out. I looked him up and down. Here was a tasty little morsel and I really didn’t want to lose the opportunity of breaking him into my new world. Maybe, I thought, we could become lovers and not have to worry about finding some whore. Anyway, wasn’t there a tradition of homosexuality in the ancient armies? I had heard that even Alexander the Great was bisexual. Even though I did not consider myself homosexual, I certainly was eager to keep the tradition alive.

“I really don’t know what to do,” Jack whined relentlessly. This hunk of a man was exactly what the doctor order and the hornier I got, I wanted to convince him even more.

Jack was five foot, eleven inches tall, the same height as I. On top of his head was sandy blond hair, cut high and tight as the military expected it. The eyes were just a shade out of deep sky blue, but tended to have a gray look, especially when he was tired. The body, cut, muscles firmly chiseled into an ultra masculine form. His chest was broad and it tapered nicely to his much smaller waste. I had noticed him in the shower many times, not necessarily because I had homosexual tendencies, but simply because this kid was an Adonis look alike. Oh, and I had seen his cock when he was in the shower. To say that I was envious is an understatement. That wonderful piece of flesh and muscle had to be almost as big as the sergeant’s, but what was so wonderful, it was uncut.

“Look, Jack, I am going back to our quarters. I am going to get naked and I am going to get under the covers of my bunk. If you are interested, you are welcome. We can do it with me sucking you, you sucking me, or we can suck each other. If you want to, we can try to fuck our asses, something that I have never done. I will pull out so that you do not have to swallow my cum, but I prefer now that you cum inside my mouth. I do swallow.”
“Whatever,” he said and walked away.

I did what I said. I was under my covers about five minutes when he decided to come in. There was a bashful shuffle to his step and while he walked he looked down at his feet as if contemplating the outcome. Slowly he moved and eventually sat down on the edge of the bunk. I could feel him shaking from the excitement of simply the prospect of doing something nastily horrific, yet terribly exhilarating. One thing I knew for sure is that I did not have time to ponder the outcome of my actions. One moment I was a homosexual virgin and the next, I was the amazing cum swallower of Khabul, Afghanistan.

“How do we do this?” he asked sheepishly.

“How does one make love to any human being? Let’s begin this with a kiss and see where that leads.”

“A kiss! Shit! All I want you to do is suck my dick.” I could tell he was getting a little agitated, but it was either my way or the highway. I wasn’t going to be dominated in this escapade; I was going to control my destiny and either experience him my way or I wasn’t going to have him at all.

“Kiss me like you would kiss your girlfriend, gently and sweetly. If you can kiss my mouth I know you will be able to suck my dick when and if the time comes.”

Anybody in that room, at that particular time, could see the resignation come upon his face. Whiskey Jack wanted me so bad that he was willing to treat me like a beautiful female. Clumsily turning toward me, he slowly brought his face down to mine. His action was so slow that I almost came in anticipation for what was about to happen. When his lips touched mine he kept his mouth closed. Try as I might, I could not get him to spread so I could get access to his tongue.

“Relax, make your lips supple and separate them so that I can kiss you like kissing is meant to be when two people are in this situation,” I coached.

“I didn’t realize this was going to come down to this,” he remarked tersely.

“I know you didn’t and neither did I until I decided I was going to get pleasure out of this and not unnecessary bullshit. Now, relax!”

There was a moment when I felt female, because when he brought his lips back to mine there was a gentleness that would make any woman wet with eagerness. I felt the opening and probed gently with my tongue. His mouth opened naturally and soon we were both beginning to get into it with fervor. My hands had unbuttoned his camo fatigue shirt and I brilliantly helped him get it off. I then moved to the base of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, pausing only to release my lips to allow the cotton fabric to escape. Our lips came together again as if it were the most natural thing on earth.

There was an intent in my plan to play with his body or to make out with him. It just came to me while we were deciding if we were going to do it. Since the first really serious touch, I was unable to keep my mouth and my hands from him. There wasn’t an inch of his chest that I did not caress. I found his nipples and gently pinched, eliciting my first moan of passion from my soon to be sexual partner. I found that soon he was mimicking my every move and his slightly calloused hands explored my upper body, pinched my nipples, cradled my head, and eventually worked down to my navel.

My hands moved lower, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I began to gently tug, expecting him to move his hips a little to allow me to pull them down. All of a sudden, he stood up and dropped the pants with a flourish. In those few measly seconds of being apart, I almost had separation anxiety. Standing in his skivvies, he grasped them by the waistband and yanked them to the floor. As he stepped out of them, he turned slightly away from me, but when he turned again, his beautiful, fully erect cock approached me at eye level. Jack was standing naked, his cock two inches in front of my face. It was a moment to die for. Suddenly, he sat down on the edge of the bunk, gathered me in his arms and began kissing me. I found I was no longer in control.

He peeled the wool blanket that was separating us back revealing what I had been hiding. My erection had made its own tent and it had almost been amusing. I had glanced at it only a second when we were separated and realized that what I had produced with the erotic stimuli, was the hardest erection I had ever experienced. When it was exposed to the air, I was taken back by how fast his mouth engulfed my engorged dick. Talk about being surprised. There was a little motion and soon he had swung his body over mine and his beautiful erection was again facing my mouth. I gobbled it in and soon, locked in our sixty-nine position, we were fucking each others mouths with total abandon.

This was a different feel than the sergeant. Being uncut provided more skin to pinch and pull. When his erection gained its maximum intensity, I felt the head of his dick sneak out from inside its hood. My tongue explored the inside of his foreskin and I tasted a headier, but not unpleasant taste, of his pre-cum seminal fluid leaking from his cock’s head. I grabbed his dick and gently pulled the skin back revealing the anatomy that I had gotten use to with the sergeant. When I licked his glans, he lurched and suddenly I knew that he was much more sensitive there than the sergeant or I ever could be, each of us being circumcised. I allowed the skin to fall back into its natural state and then got lost in erotic thought as I continued fellating his awesome prick.

The pace picked up a little and he really put the suction to my dick. Every once in a while he would bite or scrape me with his teeth, but it was not unendurable. I was really too wrapped up in the fact that I was taking almost his entire length into my mouth. I moved my mouth from his dick and moved down his shaft to his balls, putting first one and then two into my mouth. I felt the length of his cock on my chin and pulsing back and forth across my chest. The heat, smell, the pumping of his heart against mine, it was all to overwhelming.

All of a sudden he stopped. Yanking his cock from my mouth, he turned to face me. There was a gleam in his eyes as he jumped up, that totally took me unaware. Roughly, as if manhandling a sack of potatoes, he grabbed me and rolled me over. There was a moment of realization when I knew what he intended to do and I began to struggle, but to no avail. He was handling me like a rag doll, yanking on my hips to elevate them into the air. Helpless, I felt him spread my ass cheeks and then the funniest thing happened. I didn’t feel his cock thrust wildly into my anus. I didn’t feel tortuous pain rip through my being. I felt the wet ministrations of his tongue licking my asshole.

He cupped my balls with his left hand and reached around my leg and grabbed hold of my still engorged cock, beginning to masturbate me slowly as his tongue tried to dig deeper and deeper into my ass. The pace had slowed down considerably and I began to calm down. There was the realization that what he was doing would lead up to him butt fucking me, but I no longer cared. The pleasure I was experiencing at that moment was more intense than anything I had ever felt in my life.

I had to ask him when our lovemaking ended, where he learned to even consider what he now presented as a practiced art. I didn’t even care when I felt him insert a finger into my ass; I was enraptured. Could he have been playing me, I thought. Could I have been the one that was seduced? Was this a part of the sergeant’s test to see if I would go through the seduction? All I knew at that moment was I didn’t care. The extremely passionate position I found myself in was an erotic first for me. I didn’t know if I could even be considered bisexual anymore. I was quickly becoming a convert to homosexuality.

In those few minutes, I realized that this had not been a problem. Anything I had done with men to that point was so much less stressful than trying to finger Amilee Johansen after I got her drunk at my senior prom. Not to say anything about the first time we tried to fuck, unsuccessfully I might add. The approach with the sergeant and Whiskey Jack had been straight forward enough, with only the anxiety of trying something “unnatural” plaguing my mind. I had felt completely at ease, yet extremely turned on and wired to the whole prospect.

Whiskey Jack knelt up straight on his knees. My ass cheeks were still spread and soon I felt his cock head trying to find its way in. I was positioned with my ass in the air and my head turned sideways on my pillow. There was the release of one of my ass cheeks and I felt his monster poised at the entrance. Pressure; I bit my bottom lip to help make the pain in my ass lessen, but there really never was anything more than extreme pressure. The push came and there were slight, yet intense cramps as his cock slipped pass my sphincter. The passage was slow; he certainly seemed to know his way around an ass. Maybe, I thought, he had a female lover that he had tried anal sex with.

Whiskey Jack used his own natural seminal juices from his cock to lubricate with. I had heard as a perverted teenager that nothing was as slippery as seminal pre cum. The cock moved in a centimeter, out two; in two, out three; in three, out four and so on until finally he was buried to the hilt. The movement changed slightly and he began slowly pulling out as far as he could without pulling out all the way, and then he reversed, pushing in his entire length. The motion started slowly and then faster until he was fucking my ass as he would normally fuck a woman’s pussy. The friction warmed my ass in such a way that my prostrate gland was getting it on every push. I felt something dripping from my cock and found that I had a stream of pre cum that was dripping on the cot. Slightly uncomfortable, I took one of my fingers and caught as much as I could on it. I reached under and smeared the goo on my lovers cock and soon the burning subsided as the lubricant took effect.

I had never even dreamed as a kid, that something like this would or could ever happen to me. I knew the stories about some of the kids practicing on their friends’ asses so that when it came time to pleasure their girl friends they could do it with some sort of idea how it was going to feel. A little experience never hurt, right. None of them realized that they were as gay as little Jimmy Jefferson when they did it.

All I knew, for the moment, was that I had never felt anything so intense. I was looking forward to reciprocating. I wanted to feel my cock sliding in and out of Whiskey Jack’s or whoever’s ass. My head was swimming, my insides were churning, my prostrate was singing, my…. Shit, I came. I came all over my cot. Never in my life had I cum so much. The waves of pleasure hit and hit. Every fiber in my body was like an electric wire, sending the pleasurable messages one by one to my brain. I felt my knees buckle and I fell forward on my bed and lay limply while Whiskey Jack continued his assault on my ultimate privacy.

Then I felt him pull out. He turned me over, straddled my chest and then masturbated furiously until thick jets of spunk splashed me on my face. I opened my mouth and attempted to catch as much as I could so I could I could taste him and in a way swallow his soul. Two or three of the thick globules hit my tongue and I digested as much as I could. I thought I had cum buckets. Whiskey Jack simply came and came, grunting wildly, lurching forward until we were locked in a deep tongue kiss, his sperm and our saliva mixing together with total abandon.

As the passion subsided, we cuddled like two young lovers. His hands caressed my chest, rubbing his sperm into it as if he was applying sun screen. My body lay content, resting in complete exhaustion. Never in my life had I experienced anything like that. If the sergeant came into our quarters, I would thank him with all of my heart. This was amazing and I could place it into the top five happenings in my life.

“You are so amazing,” I whispered. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“I have done similar things to the girls I have dated. I love anal sex, but I will tell you something…”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I have never had a female ass more intense than what I just experience.”

“What are you saying?” I asked again.

“I guess this might be the start of a very special relationship. I really couldn’t believe I was sucking your dick. I was almost over the top when you began sucking me in the sixty nine we were doing. I had to stop, because I had wanted to fuck you anally from the start.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?” I continued with the inquisition.

“It would not have been as intense,” he answered softly. “You were the best lay I have ever had. Are you sure you are not gay?”

“I was going to ask you the same question.” We both started laughing.

“You know what?” I continued.

“What’s that?”

“I’m hard again.”

“Me too,” he mewed back.

“How much time do we have before the platoon is due back?” I asked seductively.

“About two and a half hours,” he replied with a wink.

“I think you and I are about to go on another exploration.”

“What is on your mind?” he asked grinning from ear to ear.

“I want your ass and then I want to drink your cum,” I said as I was grasping for his cock.

We made love for another hour and a half. We cleaned up the bed and our area during the next hour. When the platoon was due back, they didn’t show up. I became very concerned when two hours became eight. Whiskey Jack and I walked up to command and asked if they had heard from our platoon. The captain told us that they had been ambushed. Of the fourteen that went out on patrol, two were dead, four were traumatically wounded and probably would not survive and the rest were in debriefing, discussing what happened.

“Who were the ones who were killed?” I asked the captain shaking uncontrollably.

“Sergeant Teal and the one who I think you call Hormone.”

“How did they get killed sir?” Whiskey Jack asked trembling, tears streaming down his face..

“They had separated themselves from the others to do some reconnaissance, from what I understand. They were ambushed by approximately twenty baddies, who in the process stripped them of their clothes, cut their genitals from their bodies and stuff them in their mouths. Something strange, however...”

“What’s that, sir?” I asked trying to maintain a little composure.

“Hormone was Hispanic wasn’t he?” the captain questioned.

“Yes, sir, I believe he was,” Whiskey Jack replied.

“What is strange is that he had the Sergeant’s penis in his mouth and vice versa. None of us in command had ever heard of that before. Usually when they do shit like that they put the penis of the owner in the mouth. Some faggot in that group of baddies was playing a sick joke, I guess.”

“I guess so,” I said still upset, but with a wry grin building on my face. “ May we be dismissed, sir?”

“One thing I have to ask you two,”

“Sir?” we both responded.

“Why weren’t you with them? The sergeant liked to keep his platoon together.”

“The sergeant ordered us to stay and follow his directions explicitly.”

“…and those were?”

We both looked at each other for a long moment and finally I said, “he instructed us to have bunk duty.”

“You mean you were ordered to stay and wash the bed clothes of your platoon?”

“Something like that,” Whiskey Jack said. “We started by cleaning the latrines.”

“You were on housekeeping duties, then.” He said this as a statement as if he were preparing it for a report.

“Yes, sir,” we both replied.

“Very well, dismissed…If we need anything else from you, we will call.”

“Yes, sir.”

We left the building then found a quiet spot to talk about what had happened.

“I knew that something had happened. Oh, shit, the sergeant’s dead,” I cried.

“At least he died happy. He did get the final member of the platoon to suck his dick. You know, probably what happened is that the sarge used the reconnaissance mission as a diversion to seduce Hormone. Along came this group of Taliban insurgents and they saw what was going on. Homosexuality is totally against what these Islamic extremists believe in and they took it upon themselves to correct a mistake put here by the great evil, Satan. In their own sadistic way, they were trying to tell the people who found them what they were. It was the ultimate form of gay bashing. It only appeared to command to be extreme dismemberment, disgusting and horrible,” Whiskey Jack’s said.

“I hope the rest of the platoon is OK,” I commented as we turned toward the hospital. The rest of the platoon will go there when they finish their debriefing.

We got a new sergeant and a new corporal to replace Demorski, who was so wounded he was shipped back to the states. He finally got to see his girls, but he would experience their lives from the wheelchair of a paraplegic. The rest of the tour was uneventful. No one in the platoon questioned why we were ordered to stay in the camp that day. Most felt it was better that way that two more didn’t get put into harm’s way.

When we got back to the states, we did what we had pledged to do. We visited the families of our deceased and told them how they lived. Hormone was easy. There wasn’t much to say, except he died in the line of duty, following the orders of his sergeant to the fullest. We had a problem with the sergeant’s mother and father, however.

When we arrived to the sergeant’s home place, we found that they mother and father seemed not to be really affected by the death of their son. The military had not told them, of course, of the horrible way their son’s remains were found, but they did not seem to be despondent in any way.

“Mr. and Mrs. Teal, my name is Corporal Thomas Wright. This is Private First Class Jackson Turmon. We were in your son’s platoon in Afghanistan. It is so nice to finally meet the parents of the man who was such an influence on us.”

Mr. Teal was the first to speak, “I guess that queer sucked both of you too.”

“Sir?” we both exclaimed almost strangling at the off colored suggestion.

“He was a damned queer, you know. He didn’t deserve to live anyway. I should have put him out of his misery myself.” After he finished, he turned and went back inside. Jack and I were beside ourselves.

Mrs. Teal could see our reaction and spoke softly. “Did my son have a good life?”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded. “As best as any of us could. It is unfortunate that he is dead, but he is a hero ma’am.”

“A hero?” she asked bitterly. “Why do you say that? He never did anything, but cause us a lot of trouble. We haven’t seen him since he graduated from high school. My husband found him in bed with another young man on his graduation and half killed him. Daniel left and we haven’t seen him since.”

“I say that, ma’am, because he is a patriot. He died for his county. Whatever he did, however you saw him, doesn’t matter, because he did his duty and led men to victory.”

She looked at us, studying us. “Did he die happy?”

We both replied, almost in unison, “Yes ma’am.”

“Then I am happy. Please, go now. My husband is not a well man and I am afraid he might not take you too well.

We left and went on with our lives, always talking about the incident that fateful day. Jack and I moved in together. We are lovers and we have not had a moment where we didn’t find something new to help keep the passion alive. We have visitors from our old platoon and many times they stay over to share our passion. I work for a chemical plant on the Mississippi River. Jack works the lines for our local power company.

We continue to make endless passionate love to each other.