Blue Angels

It was back in the day when only men were allowed to fly for the Navy. Now I'm not saying it is right or wrong. That' just the way it was. It did however make for some very interesting times.

The story I'm about to tell you is very hush hush and people will tell you it' not true. But this come from a very reliable source. ME!

There is a lot of elite forces in the United States military. Green Barrette, Air Borne, Marine Reckon, Navy Seals. Of the best known around the world is the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels have wowed crowds all over the world for years. The look and precision of their flying is second to none. I have seen air teams from around the world, I have even seen the Thunder Birds. The USAF' Air Team. None can touch the Blue Angels.

But there is more to the story than most people get to see. You wonder how they get to be that good. You wonder how do that many people get that precise. Let me tell you about some of it.

There are a lot of people on the team you never see. From the officers that watch the show and critique it. To the maintenance crew. There are far more people than the six pilots you see.

The first day we all got together was a most memorable day. The pilots are handed picked by the retiring crew. The rest of the team is picked by Fitness Reports and Evaluations.

When the new crew took over, we (the maintenance crew) went to the barracks to stow all our gear. Put all out uniforms in out lockers and made out bunks. We were almost done putting everything away when a announcement came over the 1MC (intercom) All personal suit up and report to the gym for the daily workout. We all thought "daily workout, what is up with that". So we all threw on some shorts and a T-shirt and headed for the gym. When we got there was the BOSS. The Boss is the Commander of the Air Wing. Everyone does everything he says. He said here is why we are here. We are here to be the best Blue Angel team in the history of the Team. Now I know everyone says that when they take over. I mean it! He said everyday after we practice we will all come together and work out. Every last person, everyday. NO EXCEPTIONS! Everyone will wear the same uniform and everyone will be held accountable for the overall performance of the team. We will start today. Everyone strip down to nothing. We all kinda looked at each other not really knowing what was going on. He said "I SAID STRIP"! We all sat down took off our shoes, socks, T-shirt then our shorts. We all stood there in our skivvies wondering what was next. Boss turned around and said what are you guys scared of? Haven't you seen naked guys before? I said strip. So that was it. We all dropped out skivvies and there we were. 65 guys buck naked looking at each other. Some of us were wondering what' next? Are we gonna work out naked? Just then a guy came out of the office with a large bag. In it was what we were gonna wear when we worked out. They handed us a blue and gold reversible shirt, a pair of navy blue shorts, a jock strap, a pair of champion ankle socks and a towel. We were told to go into town and buy a pair of shoes that fit. They were already picked out we just had to get the right size. Now there was 65 guys that wore exactly the same thing. EXACTLY!

We went through one of the most intensive workout I have ever been through. We worked everything. All through it he would yell things out. If you can't do it here, you can't do it out there. And If you are tired here what is it going to be like after 100 shows? So we worked and worked. The gym started to smell of men sweating. The windows started to fog up. And still we worked. Officers and enlisted working together like I have never seen before. And after about 3 hours the Boss said hit the showers. A sye of relief. 65 guys headed for the locker room.

When we got to the locker room we were all in front of out lockers and you could hear the Boss talking. "Men stand at attention". We all stood there not moving a muscle. "Men I am going to ask you to do something some of you might not want to. But let me tell you right now there is a reason for it and you will do it. To be a team you have to trust everyone and hate no one. You have to be willing to do what is best for the team. Anything less won't do. What I want you to do is form a circle with all your team mates". We wondered what he had in mind. We all formed the circle and the Boss came down and joined us. He said I want each man to reach to the guy next to him and pull his penis out". We were shocked some of the guys looked appalled. The Boss said "trust me". Once you had your dick in another guys hand you can trust him with anything". I was very strange to think of what was going on, but in a strange way it did make sense. so one by one all the guys reached over and put his hand down inside the guys pants. The Boss said "Don't be shy we are all in this together. Some have large dicks and some have small. Some may like this and some won't. But we are all doing this like it or not".

So here I was with my hand down another guys shorts and one other guys holding onto my penis. After about 5 minutes of getting used to it the guys all settled down. The shock kinda wore off and it wasn't so awkward. Now the Boss said "okay guy make your partner happy". We all knew what he meant so we started to masturbate each other. I don't know about you but a 65 man circle jerk was kinda sexy to me so I started to get into it. At first some of the guys were a little awkward, but after a few minutes you could see guys thrusting their hips and getting into it. After about more minutes you could tell some guys were getting close. I thought this might be kinda messy so I asked the Boss if maybe it would be better to undress everybody. He asked the team what they thought and we all agreed it would be easier naked. So starting with the Boss one by one we disrobed each other. The Boss knelt down in front of a 3rd class petty officer and pulled his shorts off. There was one of the stiffest dicks I have ever seen. To think your Commander had his hand in your pants and now was stripping you naked. As he lifted his feet so the Boss could get the shorts off you could see a wet spot forming on the pouch of his jock. Next the Boss went for his jock. He asked the Kid "What do you think, would you like me to stop?" The Kid could not talk, but you could tell he wanted to continue. The Boss rubbed his erect penis through his jock and the Kids knees started to buckle. The Boss said "whoa sailor, you okay". He said "Sorry Sir but this is kinda new to me". The Boss said brace your self on my shoulders while I finish. The Kid put his hands on his shoulders and you could tell he was really concentrating on standing. The Boss reached a finger under the waste band of the Kids jock, ran it inside to the other side of his body and started to pull it down. Underneath that jock was a beautiful specimen of a human penis. Nothing in great proportions just a real nice piece of meat. The head was large and defined, the shaft was about 5" and a lot thicker than a D battery. This all came together to top off one of the nicest scrotums I every saw. His testicles hung inside his sack like a swing from a tree. They swayed back and forth as the Boss brushed them to get him undressed.

By now the rest of the guys were ready to get on with the exercise. They figured if the Boss could do this to a Enlisted Kid then it must be okay.
The guys one at a time started to kneel before the guy next to him and undress them. To watch a man kneel before another man and undress him is something special. And I started to get this overwhelming feeling that we could do anything. One by one the guys were stripped down to nothing. One by one all the shorts and jock straps came off and with it came the shame and embarrasment. All of a sudden we were done and there was 65 naked guys standing in a circle. All with a major erection pointing across to the other side.

Now the Boss said "okay men, you've done it to yourself many of times now it' time to share what you have learned with your fellow sailor. Reach over and take his penis in your hand and show him that he can trust you and you would do anything for him. Slowly all the guys started to masturbate the guy to his left. Again it was a little awkward but once they were into it. They were into it!

After 5 minutes guys started to ejaculate one after another. Now that is a sight to see. 65 guys one after shooting there load into the middle of the circle. Now some of the guys didn't want others to see, but they kinda liked see there teammates shoot a load.

When the last guy finished the Boss said "okay boys hit the showers". All the guys filed into the showers. Nothing was said. The guys were getting used to the idea of what they just did. That night at dinner not to much was said. We all kinda ate and headed off to out rooms. Nobody wanted to talk about what happened but one thing they didn't think about was what was going to happen tomorrow.

They next day was a bitch. We worked on the flight line and man was it hot. The maintenance crew busted their ass working on the planes and getting their show routine down. Towards the last hour of work it again got real quiet. It was almost time to work out. We all headed for the locker room and got dressed into the specified uniform including the jock strap. You could tell that even with the guys we had some of them had never worn a jock. As surprising as that might be it was true. The guy next to me didn't understand what a jock was for. He kinda hit it and said "This doesn't stop any impact at all". I said "a jock is not to protect you from impact, it is to hold your testicles close to your body out of harms way. A cup is to protect you from impact". I told him I would explain it later.

Off we headed to the weight room and had another kick ass workout. And again in the locker room the Boss said "Okay boys, you know the drill". This time it went a lot faster. The guys knew what was coming and got it over with. After all the guys shot their load they headed off to the showers and then to dinner.

After about a week of this it got to be something to look foward to. Every guy knew that no matter how bad a day he had, no matter how bad he screwed up, he would get a little relief at the end of the day.

I don't know if all the guys liked what we did. I don't know if they apporved. But we all did it for the team. We did what we had to trust each other with everything. some of the guys you could tell wanted to try more. Once you touched another guys penis it makes you wonder what else is there. You start to think of doing other things. If we could perform flawless shows sharing our most private parts, what else is possible.

The season went on and we did set new standards for a Blue Angel team. We got a chance to perform for many groups around the world the Angels never performed for before. We went places I have never been and it was a great year. By the end of it I had held ever guys penis in my hand. I felt every guy shoot a load on my hand and I saw the look in his eyes when he was lost in the grasp of the almighty orgasm.

the next time you see a team out there. Look at them close. See if they are as good as your Boys in Blue. Inevitibly you will see that they are not. Now you know why.

If you get a chance feel free to read part II to this. I was going to include it on this but it is a whole different thing. It explains what happened to the guy that didn't know the difference between a jock and a cup. He by the way was the other Opposing solo pilot. Him and I ended up being closer than any two people I have ever known. Closer than brothers, closer than any other friends I have met. But that is a story all in itself.

Happy reading. See ya soon....