The following story is fiction, but probably based upon some true facts. The story is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the fine men and women who serve in uniform, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young men and women who make up today's military. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that men and women who present with a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle can, should, and someday will be allowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending the nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Freedom for all, Hooah!

All rights reserved. This story is copyrighted and is not to be reproduced without the express written permission of the author. This story is sexually explicit, so, if you are not of legal age or are offended by this type of writing do not read any further. This story contains almost 2k words, so the reader may want to print it out to read and enjoy the story

College Brothers

Sucking his cock seemed so natural yet such an unnatural act for the former Marine. The two men lay on their sides in the big bed nursing each other's cocks savoring every moment of the experience. The former Marine's partner had such a beautiful penis, so big and beautiful. Noah had been admiring his partner's penis for the past week, since the two began rooming together. Actually, Noah had seen it years earlier, but paid it no real attention. Then for some unknown reason, as Jeremey walked from the shower into the bedroom that day, Noah blurted out that he would enjoy sucking Jeremy's cock. The next thing Noah knew the two were in bed turned opposite each other exploring, examining, and smoking each other's poles. For more than an hour the two laid on the bed together not speaking a word orally stimulating each other to a full state of arousal. Noah couldn't believe it, he was sucking his nineteen year old brother's cock and his younger brother was returning the favor.

About a month before this incident Noah had been released from the Marines after serving two tours in Iraq; his time in the military was up, he was finally free, or as free as one can be. Of course, Noah was still assigned to the reserves, but his active time was up, and he had decided to enroll in college under the GI Bill. At the big homecoming celebration in August, the weekend after he was released, the family kept asking Noah what he was going to do with his life. After his father toasted his son's safe return and there were yells for a short speech Noah announced his plans to go to college. After all the congratulations concluded Noah's younger brother, the baby of the family, spoke up inviting Noah to join him at the university he was attending.

Noah's brother was beginning his second year at the university and also worked in the admissions office. Noah received a call from Jeremy two weeks before the school semester began, telling him to get his ass to the university. Jeremy told Noah he had pulled a few strings and gotten him registered for the semester on probationary status; however, Noah did have to take an English and Math placement test. The SAT requirement had been waived and Jeremy told Noah that some of the military time might count towards college credits. Then the last thing that Jeremy told his older brother was that he could bunk with him until he found his own place. Noah said his good byes, strapped his duffle to the back of the motorcycle, and headed south for the more than three hundred miles trip towards the university.

After the long ride Noah arrived and began his quest for his little brother's apartment. Noah decided to call to make sure his brother was home. Noah let the phone ring approximately fifteen times before giving up. With no answer and Noah getting hungry he looked around for a fast food outlet. There was a Denny's directly across from the gas station were Noah had filled up his bike and made the call to his brother, so he decided to go across and get a club sandwich. Noah ordered his meal and while waiting began reflecting on his life. Although his family had not been particularly close during the years he was growing up things were a little better now. Noah had returned home something of a hero.

The spacing between the four children in the family was about four years for each child. Noah's older brother was almost nine years older; his sister was five years older, he was over four years older than Jeremy, and Henry was the youngest, he had just turned sixteen. Jeremy was never a rough and tumble athletic individual like Noah; he was more of a geek, a good looking geek, but none the less a geek. Noah and Henry were the more athletic types in the family. Due to the spacing the brothers and sister rally had nothing much in common except parent's.

Both Noah's parents were working middle class; his mother worked at a local department store, and his father worked as a mechanic for a local auto dealership. Jeremy was the first in the family to attend college. Now after four years as a Marine it was Noah's turn to get a college degree. Noah had no idea about a major. He figured he would take general education courses until he decided on a major. Jeremy had made some suggestions about immediate courses and a couple possible majors. But the first thing was to locate Jeremy and get settled in with his younger brother. Finishing his sandwich and coffee Noah tried again to call his brother. Again, no answer, so Noah decided to stay put and enjoy another cup of coffee.

As Noah sat sipping his second cup of coffee looking out the window of the Denny's he felt blessed that he could sit in a restaurant without an assault rifle at the ready, not worry about a car blowing up outside, or a person in the restaurant detonating a suicide bomb. He counted his blessing that he had safely returned to America after two tours in Iraq; a place where he had seen so much death and destruction, a place where American warriors were no longer welcome. He did miss his buddies from the Marine Corps, but he was sure he would make new friends at the college. However, he didn't feel that he would ever be as close to others as he was during his time in the Corps.

The two brothers continued slurping each other's schlongs; Noah couldn't get enough of his younger brother's juicy joint. Hurried thoughts were processing through Noah's head. He didn't know what to do; he felt an explosive orgasm on the horizon. The two had not discussed anything prior they just threw themselves into the moment and began sucking each other with reckless abandon. Noah wasn't sure whether his brother swallowed or not; he wasn't sure he wanted to swallow a load of cum. Noah felt the fuse growing shorter, but couldn't bring himself to pull out of his brother's mouth. Then, bang bang, there were two almost simultaneous explosions; round after round of cum bullets were being pumped out of each brother's penis filling the other's mouths with spooge.

The two continued nursing the other's cock draining it dry. Finally, due to sensitive the two brothers broke free and turned around facing each other on the bed. They lay there facing each other in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, Jeremy spoke, "That was one of the most intense blow job I have ever had in my life, Bro."

"Thanks, same here."

"What made you ask to suck me off?" The younger brother quizzed, "You know, the big bad Marine and all I sure would have never expected anything like that form you."

"I dunno. I just kept seeing you parade around this past week without any clothes on and couldn't resist the temptation."

"You don't know how many times I've masturbated thinking about a sexual scenario involving the two of us, Bro," the younger brother replied.


"Yep, every since I can remember I've wanted you, Bro," Jeremy said, "You have no idea how many times I wanted to crawl into bed with you when you were home on leave and suck your dick and have you fuck me."

"Wow, what stopped you?"

"I guess because you were bigger, a Marine, and I didn't want to get beat up."

"Jeremy, I would never beat you up, no matter what."

The two lay there holding each other looking into each other's eyes, and then suddenly Jeremy rolled over on top of Noah and began kissing him. Noah opened his mouth accepting his brother's tongue. The two made out for about an hour; Jeremy kissing all over Noah's face, ears, and neck. They realized that they were getting hard again and Jeremy whispered into Noah's ear, "I want you. I want you inside me."

Noah had never participated in any type of anal sex, even as a kid when he was exploring and experimenting with a few friends. He had no idea of what to expect or how to do it, but he was up for a new experience with his brother.

"You'll have to tell me what to do because I've never fucked another guy or been fucked."

"I've been doin it since I was ten years old, so you let me teach you how. You may never want to do it again or you'll never want to quit," Jeremy said with a smile.

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