The following story is fiction, but probably based upon some true facts. The story is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the fine men and women who serve in uniform, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young men and women who make up today's military. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that men and women who present with a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle can, should, and someday will be allowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending the nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Freedom for all, Hooah!

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College Brothers

Chapter II

The two brothers lay back on the bed wet with sweat and totally spent; they had just finished sucking each other off, and were leisurely discussing the topic of fucking each other. With all the talk about anal sex Noah was getting hard again and fast becoming overwhelmed by it all when Jeremy suddenly rolled over on top of his older brother and began to kiss him. Noah opened his mouth eagerly accepting his brother's tongue. Jeremy was kissing all over Noah's face, ears, and neck while the two ground their hard bodies together moaning with desire. The two naked bodies flailed around on the bed making out for about an hour until Jeremy finally whispered provocatively into Noah's ear, "I want you. I want you inside me."

Noah had never engaged in anal sex before. He had fantasized about it on occasions, but never with his little brother. Those fantasies dated back to his elementary school days, but Noah had never acted upon those dreams. They were simply dreams that accompanied masturbation. In fact, Noah had not experienced any type sex with another man other than some mutual masturbation as a youngster, but he had just found out that his brother had been having real sex with another male since he was a youngster. Noah needed to find out from Jeremey who the beast was that had been buggering him as a boy. Noah's initial thoughts were of his younger brother being molested and butt banged by some pedophile.

Noah gently pushed his younger brother off him and asked, "So, how long have you been having anal intercourse, and who introduced you to it?" The older brother demanded to know, trying not to sound too authoritarian or overprotective.

"I've been doin it since I was eleven years old with Duane."

"Um, you mean Duane Straight the neighborhood kid from church and Boy Scouts?" Noah said with a little frustration and hesitation.

"Yeah, so why you so upset Bro?"

"You know, Duane is older than you and he's been a family friend for years. I guess it sounds to me as though he took advantage of my little brother."

"Kinda like you're doing now?" Jeremy replied with a little laugh. "He's just two years older than me and he didn't force me to do anything with him that I didn't want to do; besides, it just kinda happened one night while we were campin. I was ten and he was twelve and even then he never penetrated me; that came later. You know, that first time was kinda like jackin off `cept it was a lot better. He put his dick in my butt crack and started rubbin back and forth till he jizzed in my ass crack," Jeremy said.

"That sounds way cool, why don't you show me what you're talkin bout."

Jeremey ordered his older brother to roll over on his stomach. Noah rolled over onto his stomach sandwiching his hard dick against his stomach and the mattress. Jeremy was sporting a huge hard-on again as he admired his older brother's back side with its well-sculpted ass. He dearly wanted to drop down and eat his brother's ass out and then fuck him senseless, but that would have to wait. Jeremy got the olive oil and began to drizzle a goodly amount onto his Brother's back and buns. Sitting between Noah's legs Jeremy began rubbing the oil into his brother's bare ass crack. Just the feeling of Jeremy massaging the warm lubricant into his ass crack was a tremendous turn-on for Noah. Jeremy fingers stroking the lube into Noah's awaiting ass was so titillating. The tenderness of Jeremy's touch was bringing sounds of sexual desire from Noah.

For Jeremy the sight of his older brother's well-defined back and up turned ass had him fully aroused. He immediately wanted to lay his nine inch weenie in between his brother's beautiful buns and begin moving back and forth simulating intercourse, but that would have to wait. Jeremy still had much more foreplay in mind before actually getting down to business doing his brother's butt crack.

Jeremy grabbed an extra pillow and coaxed Noah rise up so he could slide the pillow beneath Noah's mid section raising his ass up to a more desirable position. Once the pillow was in place Jeremy proceeded to tenderly massage Noah's back down to his buns, and then every once in a while he'd drag his finger tip delicately across his brother's pink pucker. Each time Jeremy touched Noah's asshole his brother would moan loudly and quiver with anticipation. Jeremy knew that what he was doing was having the desired positive affect as his brother would let out those cooing sounds every time he touched his sensitive asshole.

The younger brother was totally enjoying the moment and having time of his life making the big bad Marine whimper with want and expectation. The scene was much like the first time Jeremy and Duane had engaged in the act years ago. The main difference was that Jeremy had learned so much in those years, and this time he was using olive oil. For Jeremy that first time with Duane had been a dry uncomfortable experience because Duane used spit and it dried out far too quickly. Jeremy took hold of his man meat and began massaging it with some of the olive oil, and then he began lightly rubbing the big crimson head across Noah's pink pucker. He knew that eventually he would fuck his older brother's quivering asshole, but not this time.

This time he wanted to tantalize Noah. Jeremy wanted to hear his older brother moan and groan begging to have his asshole filled with nine inches of circumcised cock. However, before he went any farther Jeremy wanted to fill his own ass with his four by five inches of rubber phallic plug. Jeremy enjoyed inserting the flesh colored butt plug into his ass and many times would fall asleep with it in or even attend classes with the phallic plug in place. While using one hand to knead his brother's buns he was using the other to lubricate his own asshole. Once fully lubed Jeremy then inserted the stimulating butt plug into his ass hole; it popped in causing a slight whimper of pain. However, after the plug popped into place the initial feelings of discomfort quickly turn into pangs of pleasure.

The head of phallic plug would rub against his prostate stimulating it as he moved back and forth. Jeremy continued rubbing the oil onto his brother back and shoulders and occasionally he would reach around and tweak one of Noah's nipples. He quickly found out that his brother's nipples were as sensitive as his asshole. Finally, he laid his nine inch monster to rest in the crack of his brother's ass leaning forward with his chest and torso covering his brother's well oiled back. Once in position he slowly began working the monster man meat back and fourth in his brother's ass crack. The sensual feeling of Jeremy riding his brother's butt crack was bringing sounds wanton desire from Noah.

As Noah moaned with pleasure he secretly wished his brother's big boner that was sliding back and fourth in his ass crack would inadvertently slip into his asshole. He assumed that it might be painful, but was ready to accept the pain that he knew would turn into pleasure. Noah kept moaning saying how much he wanted Jeremy's big bone in his ass. Jeremy was softly whispering into his brother's ear how much he wanted to enter him and then ravage him like he had Duane on so many occasions. Jeremy, unlike some, was a person who liked anal sex both ways: top and bottom. That is what set Duane apart from other men Jeremy had met and had sex with; Duane enjoyed anal sex both ways too.

Jeremy's memories were flooding back a few years to the good times with Duane. Both boys totally enjoyed fucking and getting fucked by each other. The boys couldn't wait for weekends and sometimes stole off during mid week to consummate sex. Then when Duane graduated from high school those days tapered off as Duane prepared to leave for college. They would get together when Duane came home for spring and winter breaks, but it wasn't the same. Jeremy tried other men, but that wasn't the same either. Duane and Jeremy had developed a special sexual bond during the growing years.

The back and fourth movement was heating up as Jeremy hastened the strokes of his schlong riding in his brother's ass crack. Both boys were breathing hard and dripping with sweat. Jeremy sensed his tool thickening ready to explode. He arose from his position covering his brother's back grasping his penis he began hand fucking his monster meat. He exploded violently in three huge ropes of white spooge across his brother's back and then dribbled the remaining cum onto Noah's ass crack.

Once he shot his powerful load Jeremy quickly rolled his brother over devouring his dick until Noah exploded in rapid fire succession filling Jeremy's mouth with tasty ejaculate. The two lay there holding each other looking into each other's eyes; once again totally spent drenched in olive oil and sweat. Finally, Noah spoke, "Wow that was so fucking incredible!"

"So, you really liked it?" Jeremy asked with a smirk.

Almost breathless Noah said, "I've never experienced anything like that before. You must have pumped a quart of cum onto my back."

Jeremy laughed at this older brother. The two continued to lay on the bed delirious and exhausted from two sessions of torrid sex that afternoon. The bed sheets were wet and covered with olive oil. The two knew they needed to take showers, but they were savoring the moment. Finally, Noah said, "It's time to get up and shower and go get something to eat; I'm famished."

"Sounds good, who's treat tonight?" Jeremy asked with a sly smirk.

"You know I'm buying why'd you ask."

As the two got up and headed for the bathroom Noah asked, "Will I ever get to feel that monster inside me," as he playfully touched his younger brother's limp penis.

"Oh I think that can be arranged," Jeremy replied with a wink and a smile.

Noah had never participated in any type of anal sex, even as a kid when he was exploring and experimenting with a few friends. All they had done was mutual masturbation and circle jerks. He had no idea of what to expect or how to do it, but he was up for a new experience with his brother. And like his brother, Noah wanted to experience it both ways.

As the two stood in the shower letting the water caress their bodies Noah said, "You'll have to teach me what to do because I've never fucked another guy or been fucked."

"Oh it'll be my pleasure Bro. I want to take it slow and easy at first. This project will be one of the best college courses you ever take. But I must warn you that you may never want to do it again or you'll never want to quit," Jeremy said with a broad smile.

"Sounds great, I can't wait."

"Oh, remind me after we eat I've got to stop at the drug store to pickup a couple of items if were going to do anal.

The two finished bathing, exited the shower, dried off, and dressed for dinner.



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